Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List [Season 6]

All the DPS Characters are ranked in our Overwatch 2 DPS guide.

In Overwatch 2, choosing the appropriate DPS is essential to get a victory in every game. Your team relies on you to accumulate kill streaks after you select the “Damage” position. We will thus assist you in locating the DPS character you should try to use as your primary today. Here is our Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List of the top damage or DPS characters to choose from right now.

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Key Highlights
  • Out of the total of 37 characters spread across DPS, Tank, and Support roles, Overwatch 2 offers 17 dedicated DPS units to its players. 
  • Since DPS category characters have a rather offense+defense oriented role in Overwatch 2, their ranking is done after carefully considering each unit’s attack versatility and shielding ability. 

  • Overwatch 2 DPS characters that perform exceptionally well in competitive battles are Soldier: 76, Genji, Sojourn, and Tracer. They will quickly eliminate opponents at the right time. 

  • Overwatch 2 DPS characters who aren’t as reliable as the top units of the tier list include Symmetra and Bastion
  • With lower-ranked heroes, you will, though, be able to sweep a couple of knockouts, the possibility is pretty nonrecurring, and you should rely on the powerhouses only. 

Before we begin let’s have a quick look at the comparison between the DPS Heroes in Overwatch 2:

CharactersWeaponsAbilitiesUltimate Ability
Soldier: 76Heavy Pulse RifleSprint, Biotic Field, Helix RocketsTactical Visor
GenjiShurikenDeflect, Swift StrikeDragonblade
SojournRailgunPower Slide, Disruptor ShotOverclock
TracerPulse PistolBlink, RecallPulse Bomb
CassidyPeacekeeperCombat Roll, magnetic GrenadeDeadeye
SombraMachine PistolTranslocator, Stealth, HackEMP
MeiEndothermic BlasterCryo-freeze, Ice WallBlizzard
ReaperHellfire ShotgunShadow Step, Wraith FormDeath Blossom
EchoTri-ShotSticky Bombs, Flight, Focusing BeamDuplicate
AsheThe ViperCoach Gun, DynamiteB.O.B
JunkratFrag LauncherConcussion Mine, Steel TrapRip-Trap
TorbjörnRivet Gun, Forge HammerDeploy Turret, OverloadMolten Core
PharahRocket LauncherJump Jet, Concussive BlastBarrage
HanzoStorm BowStorm Arrows, Sonic Arrow, LungeDragonstrike
WidowmakerWidow's KissGrappling Hook, Venom MineInfra-Sight
SymmetraPhoton ProjectorSentry Turret, TeleporterPhoton Barrier
BastionConfiguration: Assault, Configuration: ReconA-36 Tactical Grenade, ReconfigureConfiguration-Artillery

While damage and elimination stats for tanks and supports might be quite high, DPS characters, when played correctly, will decimate opponent teams. It includes the most characters in it and is the most well-liked position in Overwatch.

Everyone may discover a Damage character here that suits them because there is a wide selection available. Depending on how you play and how well you understand a character’s abilities, you can think some heroes are better than others. We anticipate that several heroes will move up in the DPS Tier List quite soon as a result of buffs and nerfs.

But even so, we consider Genji & Tracer to be the top two DPS characters in Overwatch 2. With that out of the way, here is our tier list of all the DPS heroes in the game.

Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List Ranking Table
TiersDPS Heroes
S-Tier Soldier: 76, Genji, Sojourn, Tracer
A-TierCassidy, Sombra, Mei, Reaper, Echo, Ashe
B-TierJunkrat, Torbjörn, Pharah, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Symmetra


Overwatch 2 DPS S-Tier

The Overwatch 2 DPS characters of the S-Tier List are quite powerful. Any of the following DPS Characters may be used by an experienced player to eliminate opponents one at a time and intimidate the opposing side.


A close-quarters skirmishing hero with a focus on speed and single-target damage, Tracer. Because of her agility and potent single-target damage, she excels at targeting important targets with little risk. She is at the top of the S-Tier of our DPS Tier List since she excels at dishing out damage.

WeaponsPulse Pistol
AbilitiesBlink, Recall
Ultimate AbilityPulse Bomb: Throw a powerful sticky explosives on enemies

With the help of Blink, Tracer can move fast across a battlefield and outflank her opponents, inflict damage on them, and then flee before they can react.

Pulse Pistols

Effect TypeHItscan
  • Per Bullet: 1.5 – 5.5 dmg
  • Per Shot: 3 – 11 dmg
Falloff Range13 – 20 meters
Spread Angle3.6 degrees max
No. Of Pellets2 bullets/shot
Rate Of Fire (ROF)20 shots/sec
Ammo Usage
  • 2 rounds/0.048 secs
  • 0.96 secs for 40 rounds
  • Recovery: 0.22 secs
Reload Speed1 sec

Tracer’s hallmark firearms are the Pulse Pistols. She shoots these close-quarters guns at a clip of 20 bullets per second while holding one in each hand. These pistols have a maximum damage output of 5 at close range, which drops to 1.8 at extended ranges.


Effect TypeMovement
Max Range7.5 meters
AmmoCharges: 3
DurationRecovery For Reuse: 0.1 secs
CooldownPer Charge: 3 secs

Blink, Tracer’s primary mobility ability, enables her to cover ground quickly. A maximum of three charges may be stored in Blink, which can then be utilized all at once if necessary. Charges are continually replenishing in combat and have a 3-second recharge for each one.


Effect TypeMovement
Healing Highest Value HP Returned In 3 secs
  • Rewinding: 0.91 secs
  • Rewind Time: 3 secs back
Cooldown12 secs

The tracer may travel back in time for up to three seconds when she uses Recall. The recall will return Tracer to her previous location and bring her HP back to her greatest level from the previous three seconds.

Pulse Bomb

TypeUltimate Ability
Effect Type
  • Arcing Projectile
  • Area Of Effect
  • Stick: 5 dmg
  • Enemy Explosion: 70 – 350 dmg
  • Self Explosion: 35 – 175 dmg
Projectile Speed15 m/s
Area Of EffectExplosion Radius: 5 meter
Casting Time
  • Throw: 0.144 secs
  • Recovery: 0.192 secs
Duration1 sec 
Ultimate Cost1,260 points

Pulse Bomb is Tracer’s Ultimate Ability. When used, She will launch a huge bomb that can cling to any object or foe. The bomb will detonate after a short wait of 1 second, dealing up to 350 damage to an adversary who is directly trapped.


Sojourn may be a challenging character to control since her railgun has a highly skilled ceiling and a lot of force concentrated in its secondary fire. The more precisely the player can aim, the more powerful they will be with it.

AbilitiesPower Slide, Disruptor Shot
Ultimate AbilityOverclock: Railgun energy auto-charge for a short duration 


Primary Fire
TypeWeapon – Primary Fire
Effect TypeProjectile
Damage9 dmg/shot
Projectile Speed160 m/s
Rate Of Fire (ROF)14 rounds/sec
Ammo Usage1
Reload Speed1.2 secs
Secondary Fire
TypeWeapon – Secondary Fire
Effect TypeHitscan
Damage30 – 130 dmg
Falloff Range40 – 60 meters
Area Of Effect0.1 meters (Scales With Energy)
Casting TimeRecovery: 0.6 secs

The Railgun, which Sojourn uses as her main weapon, has a 14-projectile rapid-fire rate. Each of these bullets will strike the enemy and do 9 damage while also producing energy. The energy produced by the Railgun can be used by Sojourn in the Second Firing Mode. The Railgun can fire 45 rounds and reloads in 1.2 seconds.

Power Slide

Effect TypeMovement
Move Speed
  • Horizontal: 14.30 m/s
Max Range16 meters
Cooldown7 secs

Power Slide is a strong movement skill that enables Sojourn to transition into a slide that can be stopped in its tracks by leaping. She will be sent into the air at a great height by the Power Slide’s leap, which will provide her the opportunity to move about and launch strikes from unexpected angles.

Disruptor Shot

Effect Type
  • Projectile
  • Area Of Effect
  • 60 dmg/sec
  • Total Dmg: 210
Projectile Speed30 m/s
Max Range30 meters
Area Of Effect5 meters
Duration4 secs
Cooldown15 secs

Sojourn’s Disruptor Shot gives her the ability to both harm and ensnares her enemies. When used, Sojourn launches the Disruptor Shot that has a 4-second duration, deals up to 210 damage in an AoE attack, slows targets inside the radius, and deals a maximum of 210 damage.


TypeUltimate Ability
Rate Of Fire Full Charge: 1 sec
Casting TimeRecovery: 0.75 secs
Duration8 secs
Ultimate Cost2,100 points

Overclock is Sojourn’s Ultimate Ability. When utilized, Overclock overclocks Sojourn’s Railgun, enabling it to create energy independence for nine seconds. Every 1.2 seconds, Overclock may fully recharge the Railgun’s energy meter, making it simple and quick to employ her Second Firing Mode.


Genji is one of the most mobile and adaptable flankers among all the heroes, with some of the greatest movement possibilities. He may be quite effective at the range but is best at mid-range where he can employ his speed and Shurikens.

AbilitiesDeflect, Swift Strike
Ultimate AbilityDragonblade: Unsheathe a deadly melee weapon

Genji’s Cyber-Agility gives him a tough target and makes it simple for him to move across the area. He can effectively attack, flee from, or travel between targets thanks to Swift Strike.

Cyber Agility

TypePassive Ability
Effect TypeMovement
Move SpeedVertical: 7.8 m/s
Duration1 sec

Genji is a cyber ninja, and as such, he is incredibly agile. He gains Cyber Agility as a result, enabling him to double leap and scale walls. Extreme mobility can be utilized to travel between targets, avoid being shot at, or simply startle adversaries by approaching from unexpected angles.


Primary Fire
TypeWeapon – Primary Fire
Effect TypeProjectile
  • 3 round burst
  • Per Shuriken: 27 dmg
Spread AnglePinpoint
Projectile Speed60 m/s
Area Of EffectShuriken Radius: 0.1 meters
Rate Of Fire (ROF)3 shurikens/0.88 secs
Reload Time1.5 secs
Secondary Fire
TypeWeapon – Secondary Fire
Effect TypeProjectile
  • 3 round burst
  • Per Shuriken: 27 dmg
Spread Angle9 degrees
Projectile Speed60 m/s
Area Of EffectShuriken Radius: 0.1 meters 
Rate Of Fire3 shurikens/0.68 secs
Ammo Usage 3
Reload Time1.5 secs

Genji has several Shurikens at his disposal because he is a ninja. Genji will hurl a Shuriken at his adversaries in the main fire mode. It functions as a projectile as a thrown weapon. He can store up to 30 shurikens at once, but when his supply runs out, he must manually or automatically refill for 1.5 seconds.

Swift Strike

Effect Type
  • Melee
  • Movement
Damage50 dmg
Move Speed50 m/s
Duration0.3 secs
Cooldown8 secs

Genji will rush forward and attack his adversaries with his katana for 50 damage when utilizing the Swift Strike ability. He can use this power again right away if he uses it to defeat an adversary. He may be able to dispatch several adversaries with little health as a result swiftly.


Area Of EffectRadius: 1 meter
  • Min Duration: 0.27 secs
  • Max Duration: 2 secs
  • Recovery: 0.192 secs
Cooldown8 secs

Deflect is a defensive skill that Genji may use to great effect against his adversaries. Any shots that hit him from the front are going to be reflected at the adversary while this ability is used.


TypeUltimate Ability
Effect TypeMelee
Damage110 dmg
Move Speed+30%
Max Range5 meters
Rate Of Fire (ROF)1 swing/0.9 secs
Casting Time1 sec
  • Transformation: 6 secs
  • Active Hitbox: 0.048 secs
Ultimate Cost1,932 points

Genji may use Dragonblade, his Ultimate Ability, to unleash a gigantic blade known as the Dragonblade. It is his katana, and with each swipe, it is capable of inflicting a catastrophic 110 damage.

Soldier: 76

Soldier 76 is a DPS character with a lot of versatility. He can move swiftly across the battlefield, do both steady and burst damage at every range, and use his Icon-ability to boost both himself and his squad.

WeaponsHeavy Pulse Rifle 
AbilitiesSprint, Biotic Field, Helix Rockets
Ultimate AbilityTactical Visor: Aim your weapon at target in view

Heavy Pulse Rifle

Effect TypeHitscan
Damage5.7 – 19 dmg
Falloff Range30 – 50 meters
Rate Of Fire
  • 9 rounds/sec
  • Recovery: 0.22 secs
Ammo 30
Reload Time1.5 secs

The Heavy Pulse Rifle, which serves as Soldier: 76’s emblematic weapon, is a precise and dependable hitscan weapon. This eliminates the need for players to consider projectiles, making it incredibly reliable to attack quick or flying targets like Pharah and Mercy.

Helix Rockets

The Helix Rockets, the Heavy Pulse Rifle’s secondary firing mode, can deal tremendous damage to opponents inside their field of impact. When activated, Soldier: 76 will launch the rockets in a burst, causing 120 damage on contact and up to 80 damage within a 3-meter radius.


Soldier: 76 now has access to Sprint, a simple way to move more quickly. Soldier: 76’s mobility speed is increased by 50% when Sprint is activated. The period continues as long as he advances without making any more movements.

Biotic Field

Soldier: 76 deploys a biotic emitter when he uses Biotic Field, which heals 35 HP to him and any allies within a 4.5-meter radius. He can sustain himself more than most other DPS heroes thanks to this ability, and he may even use it to aid his team’s support.

Tactical Visor

Tactical Visor is Soldier: 76’s Ultimate Ability. When employed, it enables him to latch on to his adversaries successfully. Soldier: 76 will be capable of hitting those nearest to his sights with precise accuracy. If any targets escape his sight, he can easily find the next one nearest to him and take care of them.


Overwatch 2 DPS A-Tier

The A-Tier DPS Characters from our Tier List should be your first choice because they are also incredible at damaging and have effective attacks and flanking properties.


Echo is a versatile hero that can blend into various settings and situations, as implied by her profession. She is at the Top of the A-Tier of our Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List because is an all-rounder. She may burst through opposing shields to clear the way for her squad to see, ambush the backline, pelt opponents from above, or dive alongside her tanks.

AbilitiesSticky Bombs, Flight, Focusing Beam
Ultimate AbilityDuplicate: Becoming a duplicate of the targeted enemy hero


Holding the jump button enables Echo’s passive ability to glide while falling. It will delay her descent and give her more time to orient herself before engaging in combat.


The Tri-Shot is Echo’s go-to firearm. The weapon shoots three bullets simultaneously in a triangle pattern, just as it would sound, and may provide significant damage at a medium range. Since it fires many projectiles, it’s crucial to land them all on the target to harm it as much as possible.

Sticky Bombs

When utilizing Sticky Explosives, Echo launches a barrage of bombs that attach to targets and explode after a brief delay. These explosives may be extremely lethal, dealing 25 damage on each explosion and 5 damage upon hit.


Echo not only can glide when holding a jump, but she also has a little amount of flying. When this is employed, she briefly launches forward before the player has full control over her.

Focusing Beam

An extremely potent ability that may swiftly dispatch foes is Focusing Beam. It’s because Focusing Beam deals significantly more damage when players have less than 50% health, even if it deals 50 damage per second over 2 seconds.


The Duplicate Ability is Echo’s Ultimate Ability and the source of her name. This skill has undergone some adjustments in Overwatch 2. Echo is used to duplicate an opponent hero’s whole life when casting Duplicate on them.


Reaper is a quick flanker and among the game’s most lethal characters up close. His Hellfire Shotguns can even melt Tanks like Roadhog. One of the best invulnerability techniques in the game is Wraith Form, which Reaper may utilize to flee or pursue his adversaries owing to his accelerated speed and quick reload.

WeaponsHellfire Shotgun
AbilitiesShadow Step, Wraith Form
Ultimate AbilityDeath Blossom: Firing Hellfire Shotgun by spinning in a circle, destroying all nearby enemies

The Reaping

Reaper recovers 35% of the damage he deals to his foes as health, whether it comes from shotguns, combat, or even environmental impacts. It is a result of his kit’s passive The Reaping.

Hellfire Shotguns

The Hellfire Shotguns, Reaper’s main weapon of choice, have a lethal punch when used up close. Reaper uses these devastating weapons in his trademark dual-wielding technique, causing 5.4 damage for every pellet that strikes an opponent and ejecting 20 pellets per shot.

Wraith Form

It might be dangerous to be in close quarters, but Reaper possesses Wraith Form to assist him to get away. He has 50% faster movement speed and becomes invulnerable when he enters Wraith Form.

Shadow Step

One of Reaper’s skills is getting close to opponents. With Shadow Step, he can complete this task even more quickly. Reaper has an effective range and may teleport immediately to any location when activated.

Death Blossom

Death Blossom, Reaper’s Ultimate Ability, turns him into a swirling whirlwind of death. Reaper will swiftly spin in a circle while shooting his Hellfire Shotguns in all directions when in use.


Mei is an adept one-on-one combatant. In most confrontations, the Endothermic Blaster’s slowing effect will give her the upper hand. When utilized properly, Icicle causes significant damage, making them dangerous from close and far away.

WeaponsEndothermic Blaster
AbilitiesCryo-freeze, Ice Wall
Ultimate AbilityBlizzard: Launches weather control droze to freeze enemies in a wide area

Due to its ability to obstruct an adversary’s view or divide some of the foes from others, Ice Wall may be utilized to trap or deceive an enemy.

Endothermic Blaster

The Endothermic Blaster, Mei’s primary weapon of assault, has undergone several modifications for Overwatch 2. The weapon is mostly used to create stacks that eventually force the adversary to become fully frozen. This weapon no longer can freeze foes in Overwatch 2.

Instead, its primary firing mechanism fires a quick burst of cold in the direction of targets, damaging them and slowing them by 50%. Before, the slow would increase to 50% before actually freezing, and now it’ll always be 50% upon contact.


Mei has a skill called Cryo-Freeze that can let her stay alive for a long time. When activated, it will instantaneously surround her in ice, rendering her immune to damage. Additionally, it reverses all adverse effects and recovers 50 HP per second.

Ice Wall

Ice Wall may be used to create an ice wall up to 20 yards in front of the user. In Overwatch 2, this skill’s range was decreased to 20 from 35 meters, while the wall’s HP was decreased from 400 to 250.


Blizzard, Mei’s ultimate strike, does damage to all-around targets while also slowing or freezing them. When activated, she launches a drone that modifies the weather for 4.25 seconds in a certain region.


Sombra is an effective infiltrator thanks to her stealth and crippling assaults. Her EMP gives her the advantage against several attackers at once, and her hacking may destabilize her enemies, making them simpler to eliminate. Sombra is difficult to find because of her ability to dislocate and disguise herself.

WeaponsMachine Pistol 
AbilitiesTranslocator, Stealth, Hack
Ultimate AbilityEMP: deals 40% of damage of all nearby enemies’ health, hacking them and destroying barriers around you


For Overwatch 2, Sombra’s passive talent, Opportunist, was altered. Previously, she could see past barriers to critically wounded foes with this skill. She was able to accomplish the task by moving swiftly across to enemies with low HP as a result.

Machine Pistol

The Machine Pistol is Sombra’s go-to weapon, a compact SMG with a hitscan that can inflict damage swiftly at close ranges. Even while the weapon’s lethality does decrease between 15 and 35 meters, at close range it can do 7 damage every round at a startling 20 shots per second.


Sombra’s trademark ability, Hack, has the power to alter any battle significantly. For 1.75 seconds after Sombra hacks a player, they are unable to utilize their skills.


Stealth, a pillar of Sombra’s skills, enables her to conceal herself from opponent sight. Sombra will become cloaked after casting stealth, which requires a lengthy channeling phase.


With this power, Sombra may launch a Translocator missile that would fall in the location she chooses. She will immediately transport back to the spot where the Translocator was installed if she utilizes this power once more.


Sombra’s Ultimate Ability, the EMP, can be quite problematic for the opposing team when unleashed. All opponents within a 15-meter range of an EMP used by Sombra will be compromised. They will sustain greater damage from Sombra and her friends as a result.


A strong mechanical understanding is necessary to play Ashe well. When the player employs her ADS (aim-down-sight) alternative fire, the Viper, her long-range weapon, is incredibly potent.

The hazardous and adaptable ability of dynamite may be used to threaten areas (such as constricting passageways and chokepoints) and cause respectable damage within its radius while also applying a damage-over-time debuff.

The Viper

In Overwatch 2, Ashe’s go-to weapon is the Viper. This repeater uses a lever action and, in the proper hands, can cause significant damage helping Ashe with her ranking in the DPS Tier List. There are two firing modes on the cannon. The weapon shoots significantly more quickly but does less damage in hip-firing mode.


Ashe uses a load of explosives to deliver a punch in the traditional cowgirl style. When activated, Ashe will toss the explosives with the fuse ignited. The dynamite will detonate after a predetermined amount of time, damaging any targets it hits.

Coach Gun

Players may rapidly blast adversaries with the Coach Gun, which is essentially simply a shotgun Ashe has with her at all times. Similar to Lucio‘s Soundwave, players will blow their target backward with each shot of the Coach Gun.


B.O.B. is the name of Ashe’s Ultimate Ability, which calls her sidekick B.O.B. to go do her business and support her in battle. When activated, B.O.B. will leap into Ashe’s path, run in that way, and then jump back up again.


Cassidy is among the greatest duelists in the game, as befits a gunslinger. He can stun practically everyone he comes in contact with a Flashbang and then uses his Peacekeeper to dispatch them quickly.

AbilitiesCombat Roll, magnetic Grenade 
Ultimate AbilityDeadeye: Face off against your enemies 

His primary weapon’s precise hitscan feature also qualifies him for medium-range combat against moving opponents like Genji and Pharah.


The Peacekeeper is Cassidy’s trademark revolver. This weapon only has a small magazine (6 bullets), but it has a lot of punch.

Combat Roll

His famous Combat Roll skill in Overwatch 2 may have seen Cassidy’s greatest progress. He can dive in the direction he is traveling when a player performs Combat Roll.

Magnetic Grenade

Flashbang will be replaced by Magnetic Grenade for Cassidy in Overwatch 2. It lacks Flashbang’s stopping capability, but it compensates for this with burst damage.


In Overwatch 2, Deadeye, Cassidy’s ultimate ability, has also experienced some modifications. Cassidy is known for standing motionless and taking his time to line shots up while employing this iconic skill.



The B-Tier DPS Characters in our Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List are rather good even if they are extremely basic, and they may benefit you and your squad.


Widowmaker‘s main danger is frequently another, stronger Widowmaker on the other side because she is rather poor in close-quarters combat and immobile when scoped.

WeaponsWidow’s Kiss
AbilitiesGrappling Hook, Venom Mine
Ultimate AbilityInfra-Sight: Gives your team a view of the enemy’s location that pierces through walls and different obstacles on the map

Since her sole true mobility is Grappling Hook, which may have a long throwing time and leaves her very susceptible to another attack, she is frequently forced to play far from the target where she is safer.

Widow’s Kiss

Widowmaker attacks her enemies from a distance with her go-to sniper weapon, the Widow’s Kiss. The weapon has two distinct firing modes and can easily swap between them.

Grappling Hook

Widowmaker can use her Grappling Hook to increase her mobility. When used, Widowmaker launches a grappling hook toward a surface and starts to drag herself there.

Venom Mine

The effectiveness of Widowmaker depends heavily on her ability to keep herself safe when perched up high on the sniper’s perch. The Venom Mine is one of her tools for making sure of this. When Widowmaker is employed, a Venom Mine is laid down and then armed on almost any surface.


Infrasight, Widowmaker’s Ultimate Power, enables her to detect the thermal radiation of her adversaries. Widowmaker can see her adversaries through walls when she uses infra-sight. Not only does she know where they are, but she also knows how much Health they still have.


Hanzo is a proficient area denial and team utility sniper with a medium range. He is a more covert sniper than Widowmaker because of the relatively quiet and difficult-to-see quality of his arrows, allowing him to kill and then flee before his adversaries see him.

WeaponsStorm Bow
AbilitiesStorm Arrows, Sonic Arrow, Lunge
Ultimate AbilityDragonstrike: Launch Dragon Spirit that devastates enemies it passes through 

Wall Climb

Since he can scale walls to have a superior viewpoint, Hanzo is a particularly effective sniper. Hanzo may climb on walls by leaping at them when he activates this passive ability.

Lunge/Double Jump

Hanzo can double leap in addition to being able to climb walls. The player may click the jump button once more to lunge while in mid-jump. This enables Hanzo to jump higher and further than other heroes, as well as change direction mid-jump, which is useful for dodging enemy fire.

Storm Bow

The Storm Bow is the main weapon used by Hanzo. The longer the player keeps the bow charged, the more potent it becomes. Although it has endless ammunition, it must be reloaded and recharged after each shot.

Sonic Arrow

The Sonic Arrow when shot will explode after impacting a surface or enemy. When this occurs, it will discharge a sonar-like gadget that will show targets in an area around the arrow’s landing spot that is 9 meters in diameter.

Storm Arrows

The only aspect of Hanzo that was altered in Overwatch 2 was his use of Storm Arrows. Damage from this ability has decreased from 70 to 65. Hanzo can shoot his next five arrows immediately after using Storm Arrows.


The name of Hanzo’s Ultimate Power is Dragonstrike. When activated, Hanzo will unleash a powerful arrow that can smash through walls or other barriers. The arrow will be surrounded by a pair of dragons that will circle it and cause tremendous damage to any enemies nearby the dragon’s core.


Pharah is a DPS character with amazing aerial mobility, but she has significant limitations while she stays on the ground. Her rocket launcher does splash damage immediately upon impact and does not experience damage falloff, therefore it may provide exceptional damage.

WeaponsRocket Launcher 
AbilitiesJump Jet, Concussive Blast 
Ultimate AbilityBarrage: Launch continuous volley of mini-rockets

Pharah is launched into the air at a great height by the Jump Jet, allowing her to position herself for attacks at an angle or flee from peril.

Hover Jets

Having the ability to fly in the air is one of the key appeals of playing a hero like Pharah. Pharah can hover air while pressing the jump button thanks to the hover jets. Pharah’s ability to go a certain height is, however, limited by the quantity of gasoline she has left in the tank, which she must monitor.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher, Pharah’s preferred weapon, fires exploding missiles at her enemies that do damage in a surrounding area. Depending on how near the blast was to the target, these rockets may inflict up to 80 splash damage in addition to 120 damage on a hit.

Jump Jet

Jump Jets may swiftly launch players 11.55 meters into the air if they desire to go high. In addition to giving Pharah a greater view of the fight, it also allows her to gain the upper hand or just flee if she wants to leave right away.

Concussive Blast

Concussive Blast gives Pharah a backup in case an adversary does come too near. This ability’s damage just received a modification, causing 30 damage additional to throwing the target back.


Barrage is Pharah’s Ultimate Ability. When activated, Pharah will launch an enormous barrage of little rockets against her enemies. It has a 2.5-second duration and can launch 31 missiles per second.


The tool-tip damage dealer with the most zone-protecting skills is Torbjörn. Due to its enormous damage output, The Rivet Gun is an extremely deadly weapon, but its primary flaw is that it arcs at mid- to long-range.

WeaponsRivet Gun, Forge Hammer
AbilitiesDeploy Turret, Overload
Ultimate AbilityMolten Core: Create pools of molten slag to damage enemies in range. Also deals additional arrow damage

Rivet Gun

Torbjorn likes to use the Rivet Gun. The Rivet Gun’s long-range projectile does 70 damage to an adversary when it hits them in the primary firing mode. The primary fire rate of the Rivet Gun has been somewhat increased for Overwatch 2, resting at.55 seconds between bullets.

Forge Hammer

Torbjorn’s secondary weapon, the Forge Hammer, has two distinct functions. The first is that each time Torbjorn strikes the Forge Hammer against the turret, the damage to the turret is repaired for 50 HP. The Forge Hammer may also be used as a physical weapon, doing 55 damage to any opponents it hits with each swing.

Deploy Turret

Torbjorn will build a self-building turret when Deploy Turret is invoked. The turret can harm foes and requires 3 seconds to build. It also has 250 HP. When shooting, the turret has an effective range of 15 m and does 14 damage every.25 seconds.


Through overload, Torbjorn certainly gains enhanced stats and can improve himself in battle. When activated, he has 100 armor, 30% movement speed, 43% fire and reloads speed and 30% movement speed.

Molten Core

Torbjorn’s Ultimate Ability, Molten Core, causes him to shoot molten slag out of his claw when used. Torbjorn unleashes 10 shots of molten slag during Molten Core, which can result in pools on the ground that can deal 25 damage upon contact and 160 damage each second an opponent is in the pool.


Junkrat is a hero that specializes in area defense using traps and fire support; he is renowned for his damage output skills. He has good mobility owing to the Concussion Mine, and his Frag Launcher provides significant damage.

WeaponsFrag Launcher
AbilitiesConcussion Mine, Steel Trap
Ultimate AbilityRip-Trap: Drive and detonate an exploding tire

Total Mayhem

One of the key components in his toolbox, the passive ability of Junkrat is permitted by Total Mayhem to escape the damage of his bombs. It is a very fantastic skill for a DPS character that solely deals with explosives.

Frag Launcher

Junkrat’s Frag Launcher has been somewhat improved in Overwatch 2. This pistol serves as his main weapon, firing grenades at his adversaries. These grenades can explode quickly upon impact with an adversary or bounce twice before going off

Concussion Mine

The Concussion Mine may be used by Junkrat to move about or to provide more damage and knockback to opponents. The Concussion Mine deploys a remote-controlled mine when activated.

Steel Trap

Junkrat uses the Steel Trap to imprison any heroes who are dumb enough to fall into it. The Steel Trap would then be tossed onto the ground and await an adversary when it is activated. It will close in on them when activated, doing 100 damage and immobilizing them for three seconds.


Junkrat possesses the RIP-Tire for his Ultimate Ability. When it’s used, Junkrat will launch a huge explosive-filled tire in the direction of his enemies. Junkrat can remotely manipulate the tire and set it off at any time, or he may just wait for it to do so after 10 seconds.


The benefits Symmetra‘s squad gains from her skills are defensive and positional. She can divide the battlefield in half using her Ultimate, cover chokepoints with the Sentry Turrets, use a Teleporter to give allies high ground or flank the other team, and deploy Sentry Turrets to protect chokepoints.

WeaponsPhoton Projector 
AbilitiesSentry Turret, Teleporter
Ultimate AbilityPhoton Barrier: Deploy massive energy barriers 

Photon Projector

The Photon Projector, Symmetra’s main weapon, had several changes for Overwatch 2. A short-range beam gun with rising damage over time is the Photon Projector.

Sentry Turret

When Symmetra utilizes the teleporter, she positions the entry at her present location and the exit pad at the destination she is looking for. She can utilize the teleporter to reach a destination with the help of her teammates quickly.


The capability to position Sentry Turrets is one of Symmetra’s kit’s main features. In Overwatch 2, these turrets may be mounted on nearly any hard surface, including walls, ceilings, and floors. They may all be deployed at once, up to three.

Photon Barrier

The ultimate of Symmetra is Photon Barrier. When activated, this power forces Symmetra to launch a huge vertical shield that covers the whole map. With its 4000 HP, this barrier is capable of stopping all incoming ranged strikes.



The skills and application of the C-Tier Overwatch 2 DPS Characters aren’t as good as compared to the other DPS. Even so, you might still participate in matches with them and obtain some eliminations. But it’s advisable to stay with figures further up on our Tier List.


Bastion, the last character on our Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List is a DPS character who can take on two different forms. The first is a less movable turret form, while the default variant is a movable bipedal form having a sub-machine gun.

WeaponsConfiguration: Assault, Configuration: Recon
AbilitiesA-36 Tactical Grenade, Reconfigure 
Ultimate AbilityConfiguration-Artillery: Become immobile and fire up 3 strong artillery shells 

Although Bastion‘s turret can destroy shields and heroes equally and has some of the best damage output, it is unable to deliver critical hits. Faster heroes may simply sneak up behind Bastion and rapidly dispatch it using this weakness.

Configuration: Recon

Bastion possesses the unique ability to reconfigure himself into several forms. He is capable of moving at various speeds while in these positions, and his weaponry is also altered. Bastion may walk normally and travels at a regular pace in Configuration: Recon.


Previously, Bastion could utilize the power of Reconfigure to change into a turret or remain that way for a lengthy period. The compromise was that Bastion was immobile. He could, however, heal himself.

It just took a few seconds for him to transform, and he could already start dealing eye-watering harm. Bastion can no longer remain in Turret form indefinitely, even though he can still perform Reconfigure.

Configuration: Sentry

Bastion is a transformational master. As a result, changing into various configurations is an essential part of his gameplay. The player will change into the same sentry turret they previously transformed into when they use Reconfigure to convert into Configuration: Sentry, with the addition that it now has a timer and can move.

It significantly increases Bastion’s capacity for burst damage and can help him find the ideal location for his ambush.

A-36 Tactical Grenade

The A-36 Tactical Grenade is a welcome new Bastion ability that enables the user to shoot a sticky grenade that explodes either after a brief delay or immediately upon impact with a player. The grenade also throws players back when it is deployed.

Configuration: Artillery

Previously, Bastion could drive about and fire at adversaries for a brief period thanks to his tank-like Ultimate Ability. Now, though, it makes Bastion the best mobile artillery system. When activated, Bastion can change into artillery mode and unleash three rounds that cause significant damage to any foes they strike.

Recent Patch Notes

Last Updated: August 10th, 2023.

Here are some nerfs and buffs that the characters went through in recent patches that players should be aware of:

  • Bastion:
    • A-36 Tactical Grenade explosion damage falloff: 70% -> 50%
    • A-36 Tactical Grenade Detonation time: 0.5 seconds -> 0.35 seconds
    • A-36 Tactical Grenade Projectile size: 0.2 -> 0.25
    • A-36 Tactical Grenade Impact damage: 15 -> 30
    • Configuration: Recon Reload time: 1.5 seconds -> 1.2 seconds
    • Configuration: Assault Repair armor health: 50
    • Configuration: Artillery targeting move speed: 20 m/s -> 25 m/s
  • Cassidy:
    • Base Health: 200 -> 225
    • Peacekeeper damage falloff range: 25-45 meters -> 25-35 meters
    • Magnetic Grenade Max travel time: 1.5 seconds
    • Magnetic Grenade Slow amount: 30% -> 25%
  • Hanzo:
    • Storm Bow’s arrow draw progress was not preserved at the time of wall climbing
  • Soldier 76:
    • Helix Rocket Explosion damage: 90 -> 80
    • Tactical Visor Cost increase: 10%
  • Sombra:
    • EMP overall Cost increase: 15%
    • Now, EMP cannot damage lifeweaver’s tree of life
  • Torbjörn:
    • Weapon swap time: 0.5 seconds -> 0.4 seconds
    • Rivet Gun Primary fire recovery time: 0.55 seconds -> 0.48 seconds
    • Forge Hammer Swing recovery time: 0.75 seconds -> 0.6 seconds


Our Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List currently ranks all of the DPS characters in order of potency and playability. If you have any more questions about the game, you should take a look at our other Overwatch 2 Guides.

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