Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List [Season 9]

All the DPS Characters are ranked in our Overwatch 2 DPS guide.

Update: This Tier list is updated as per the recent patch update released on March 12, 2024.

In Overwatch 2, choosing the appropriate DPS is essential to get a victory in every game. Your team relies on you to accumulate kill streaks after you select the “Damage” position. We will thus assist you in locating the DPS character you should try to use as your primary today. Here is our Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List of the top damage or DPS characters to choose from right now.

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Key Highlights
  • Out of the total of 37 characters spread across DPS, Tank, and Support roles, Overwatch 2 offers 17 dedicated DPS units to its players. 
  • Since DPS category characters have a rather offense+defense oriented role in Overwatch 2, their ranking is done after carefully considering each unit’s attack versatility and shielding ability. 

  • Overwatch 2 DPS characters that perform exceptionally well in competitive battles are Soldier: 76, Genji, Sojourn, and Tracer. They will quickly eliminate opponents at the right time. 

  • Overwatch 2 DPS characters who aren’t as reliable as the top units of the tier list include Symmetra and Bastion
  • With lower-ranked heroes, you will, though, be able to sweep a couple of knockouts, the possibility is pretty nonrecurring, and you should rely on the powerhouses only. 

Before we begin let’s have a quick look at the comparison between the DPS Heroes in Overwatch 2:

CharactersRoleWeaponsAbilitiesUltimate Ability
Soldier: 76DamageHeavy Pulse Rifle Sprint, Biotic Field, Helix RocketsTactical Visor
GenjiDamageShurikenDeflect, Swift StrikeDragonblade
SojournDamageRailgunPower Slide, Disruptor ShotOverclock
TracerDamagePulse PistolBlink, RecallPulse Bomb
CassidyDamagePeacekeeperCombat Roll, magnetic Grenade Deadeye
SombraDamageMachine PistolTranslocator, Stealth, HackEMP
MeiDamageEndothermic BlasterCryo-freeze, Ice WallBlizzard
ReaperDamageHellfire ShotgunShadow Step, Wraith FormDeath Blossom
EchoDamageTri-ShotSticky Bombs, Flight, Focusing BeamDuplicate
AsheDamageThe ViperCoach Gun, DynamiteB.O.B
JunkratDamageFrag LauncherConcussion Mine, Steel TrapRip-Trap
TorbjörnDamageRivet Gun, Forge HammerDeploy Turret, OverloadMolten Core
PharahDamageRocket Launcher Jump Jet, Concussive Blast Barrage
HanzoDamageStorm BowStorm Arrows, Sonic Arrow, LungeDragonstrike
WidowmakerDamageWidow's KissGrappling Hook, Venom MineInfra-Sight
SymmetraDamagePhoton Projector Sentry Turret, TeleporterPhoton Barrier
BastionDamageConfiguration: Assault, Configuration: ReconA-36 Tactical Grenade, Reconfigure Configuration-Artillery
Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List Ranking Table
Tiers DPS Heroes
S-Tier  Soldier: 76, Genji, Sojourn, Tracer
A-Tier Cassidy, Sombra, Mei, Reaper, Echo, Ashe
B-Tier Junkrat, Torbjörn, Pharah, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Symmetra
C-Tier Bastion


Overwatch 2 DPS S-Tier

The Overwatch 2 DPS characters of the S-Tier List are quite powerful. Any of the following DPS Characters may be used by an experienced player to eliminate opponents one at a time and intimidate the opposing side.


A close-quarters skirmishing hero with a focus on speed and single-target damage, Tracer. Because of her agility and potent single-target damage, she excels at targeting important targets with little risk. She is at the top of the S-Tier of our DPS Tier List since she excels at dishing out damage.

With the help of Blink, Tracer can move fast across a battlefield and outflank her opponents, inflict damage on them, and then flee before they can react.


Sojourn may be a challenging character to control since her railgun has a highly skilled ceiling and a lot of force concentrated in its secondary fire. The more precisely the player can aim, the more powerful they will be.


Genji is one of the most mobile and adaptable flankers among all the heroes, with some of the greatest movement possibilities. He may be quite effective at the range but is best at mid-range, where he can employ his speed and Shurikens.

Genji’s Cyber-Agility gives him a tough target and makes it simple to move across the area. He can effectively attack, flee from, or travel between targets thanks to Swift Strike.

Soldier: 76

Soldier 76 is a DPS character with a lot of versatility. He can move swiftly across the battlefield, do both steady and burst damage at every range, and use his Icon-ability to boost both himself and his squad.


Overwatch 2 DPS A-Tier

The A-Tier DPS Characters from our Tier List should be your first choice because they are also incredibly damaging and have effective attacks and flanking properties.


Echo is a versatile hero who can blend into various settings and situations, as implied by her profession. She is at the Top of the A-Tier of our Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List because she is an all-rounder. She may burst through opposing shields to clear the way for her squad to see, ambush the backline, pelt opponents from above, or dive alongside her tanks.


Reaper is a quick flanker and among the game’s most lethal characters up close. His Hellfire Shotguns can even melt Tanks like Roadhog. One of the best invulnerability techniques in the game is Wraith Form, which Reaper may utilize to flee or pursue his adversaries owing to his accelerated speed and quick reload.


Mei is an adept one-on-one combatant. In most confrontations, the Endothermic Blaster’s slowing effect will give her the upper hand. When utilized properly, Icicle causes significant damage, making them dangerous from close and far away.

Due to its ability to obstruct an adversary’s view or divide some of the foes from others, Ice Wall may be utilized to trap or deceive an enemy.


Sombra is an effective infiltrator, thanks to her stealth and crippling assaults. Her EMP gives her the advantage against several attackers simultaneously, and her hacking may destabilize her enemies, making them simpler to eliminate. Sombra is difficult to find because of her ability to dislocate and disguise herself.


A strong mechanical understanding is necessary to play Ashe well. When the player employs her ADS (aim-down-sight) alternative fire, the Viper, her long-range weapon, is incredibly potent.

The hazardous and adaptable ability of dynamite may be used to threaten areas (such as constricting passageways and chokepoints) and cause respectable damage within its radius while also applying a damage-over-time debuff.


Cassidy is among the greatest duelists in the game, as befits a gunslinger. He can stun practically everyone he encounters with a Flashbang and then uses his Peacekeeper to dispatch them quickly.

His primary weapon’s precise hitscan feature also qualifies him for medium-range combat against moving opponents like Genji and Pharah.



The B-Tier DPS Characters in our Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List are rather good, even if they are extremely basic, and they may benefit you and your squad.


Widowmaker‘s main danger is frequently another, stronger Widowmaker on the other side because she is rather poor in close-quarters combat and immobile when scoped.

Since her sole true mobility is Grappling Hook, which may have a long throwing time and leave her very susceptible to another attack, she is frequently forced to play far from the target where she is safer.


Hanzo is a proficient area denial and team utility sniper with a medium range. He is a more covert sniper than Widowmaker because of the relatively quiet and difficult-to-see quality of his arrows, allowing him to kill and then flee before his adversaries see him.


Pharah is a DPS character with amazing aerial mobility, but she has significant limitations while she stays on the ground. Her rocket launcher does splash damage immediately upon impact and does not experience damage falloff; therefore, it may cause exceptional damage.

Pharah is launched into the air at a great height by the Jump Jet, allowing her to position herself for attacks at an angle or flee from peril.


The tool-tip damage dealer with the most zone-protecting skills is Torbjörn. Due to its enormous damage output, The Rivet Gun is an extremely deadly weapon, but its primary flaw is that it arcs at mid- to long-range.


Junkrat is a hero who specializes in area defense using traps and fire support; he is renowned for his damage output skills. He has good mobility owing to the Concussion Mine, and his Frag Launcher provides significant damage.


The benefits Symmetra‘s squad gains from her skills are defensive and positional. She can divide the battlefield in half using her Ultimate, cover chokepoints with the Sentry Turrets, use a Teleporter to give allies high ground or flank the other team, and deploy Sentry Turrets to protect chokepoints.



The skills and application of the C-Tier Overwatch 2 DPS Characters aren’t as good as compared to the other DPS. Even so, you might still participate in matches with them and obtain some eliminations. But it’s advisable to stay with figures further up on our Tier List.


Bastion, the last character on our Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List, is a DPS character who can take on two different forms. The first is a less movable turret form, while the default variant is a movable bipedal form having a sub-machine gun.

Although Bastion‘s turret can destroy shields and heroes equally and has some of the best damage output, it is unable to deliver critical hits. Faster heroes may simply sneak up behind Bastion and rapidly dispatch it using this weakness.

Our Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List currently ranks all of the DPS characters in order of potency and playability. If you have any more questions about the game, you should take a look at our other Overwatch 2 Guides.

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