Overwatch 2 BEST Tank Characters [Top 5] 

This Overwatch 2 Best Tank guide will showcase the best tanks that you can come across in-game!

Story Highlights
  • Tanks are absolute overpowered units that take in excessive damage that is incoming from the enemy's end!
  • The main benefit of having a tank is that it will increase your survivability rate and allow you to stay on the battlefield for longer!
  • The best way to get a tank is simply by researching different builds and prioritising the best abilities to invest in!
  • Not having a tank by your side will make your HP drain all the more quickly simply because there will no one to tank the damage for your main DPS.

Overwatch 2 is finally out, and with a new version of Overwatch comes renewed and rearranged roles, including upgraded and polished roles like DPS, supports, and Tanks. Tanks will typically be used to take excessive amounts of damage, all the while being able to prevent your allies from dying. Our Overwatch 2 Best Tank guide will discuss the top 5 tank units you should invest in! Apart from tanks, having good support is also crucial in order to survive for longer; therefore, you should read up on our best Supports guide!


Winston (Image Captured by eXputer)

Starting, we have Winston, who will be ranked as an S-tier tank and will be one of the tankiest units in the game. He will have a collection of useful abilities that will help overpower him all the more. He will be equipped with items like jump packs and Tesla Cannons, as well as a shield that can be taken everywhere for easy access. 


Winston Abilities (Image Captured by eXputer)

As for the abilities, Winston will be able to take advantage of a total of four main abilities. 

Tesla Cannon 

One of the first abilities we will look at is the Tesla Cannon. It will be a weapon-based ability, with a beam-type aim that can be multi-targetted at the opponents in front of you. 

While the damage output of the Tesla Cannon will not be all that impressive, it is still pretty viable for a tank like Winston, as it will deal 60 damage every second at opponents. The maximum range for the weapon will be 8 meters, and the overall AoE effect will be able to stay active in a 6-meter radius. 

Barrier Projector 

The next ability that we would like to cover is known as Barrier Projector. It will provide a “barrier” or a temporary shield for Winston, which will instantly protect against enemies by intaking a bit of damage. The total health that the barrier will have will be 700. Therefore, it won’t last for a long time. 

The overall AoE of the barrier will be 5 meters, and the time it takes to cast the barrier will be 0.12 seconds, and it will stay active for a total of 8 seconds. 

Another type of Barrier Projector ability will have a duration of 9 seconds instead of 8, and the cooldown will be for 13 seconds instead of the usual 12. If you want to know what the best supports in the game are, then you might want to give our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List guide a read since it ranks them from best to worst and helps you get a better understanding of which ones to invest in!

Primal Rage 

Lastly, Primal Rage will be his ultimate ability, and it will be a melee-type ability. It will provide him with 850 health and 150 armor points and outlaunch 40 damage with every swing he launches. He will also receive a buff whereby his overall movement speed will be increased by 30%. 

Apart from that, players can also expect that the ultimate ability will have a 0.5 animation played whenever they want to cast out Primal Rage onto their enemies and tank their hits. 


Zarya (Image Captured by eXputer)

Another tank that will be incredibly useful is Zarya, which will be ranked as an A-tier unit. Whenever she is in the field, she can launch out barriers that are incredibly powerful against any kind of enemy and absorb any damage that is being launched against her into Energy that will charge up her Particle Cannon. 


Zarya Abilities (Image Captured by eXputer)

Zarya will be blessed with 6 abilities, with a passive for herself and having primary and secondary weapons too. 


One of the first abilities that she will be able to use will be known as Energy, which will be her passive ability. Whenever she is on the field consistently blocking damage, it will consistently start to buff the total amount of damage that Particle Cannon can produce. 

The Energy used by the Particle Cannon will start to decay at a rate of 2.2% per second. If you want to know how to seamlessly transition from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2 without needing to worry about the difficulties, then our Overwatch 2 Crossplay Cross Progression guide will be useful for you!

Particle Cannon 

The primary weapon type Particle Cannon will be a beam-type ability, which will outlaunch 75 damage against enemies per second. And when it is fully charged, it will outlaunch 170 damage per second. As for the max range will be 15 meters, and there will be a beam width of 0.15 AoE. 

Particle Cannon Secondary 

The particle cannon will also have a secondary weapon type and an arcing projectile aim type. It will start to increase your movement speed by 5 meters for any enemy that is hit by you directly. 

The overall AoE will be a 2.5-meter radius, and the overall rate of fire will be sitting at 1 second. 

Particle Barrier 

As for the particle barrier, it will launch a personal barrier that will consistently protect Zarya from any incoming attacks being aimed at her. The barriers health will be 200, the overall AoE will be on a 1.5-meter radius, and the duration of the barrier will stay active for 2.5 seconds. After that, it will start to enter a cooldown lasting no less than 10 seconds. 

Projected Barrier 

If you’re a player that would also rather protect her allies, then you can cast out Projected Barrier, which will instantly start to protect your allies, and it will have total health of 200. The max range for the projected barrier will be 30 meters, during which any one of your allies can get in the barrier and be protected from the tougher enemies. 

While the duration for the barrier will only be 2.5 seconds, it is still extremely effective, after which the 10 seconds cooldown begins. 

Graviton Surge 

When it comes to the ultimate ability, it will be an arcing projectile type, and it will deal 5 damage every second and stack up to a 17.5 max damage. The projectiles will travel 25 meters every second, and the ability will be active for 3.5 seconds. 


D.Va (Image Captured by eXputer)

Moving on, the next tank that will be one of the Overwatch 2 Best Tank units will be D.Va, who will be able to showcase her powers on the battlefield. If you want to get to know more about how Doomfist works in-game and how the playstyle takes place, then our Overwatch 2 Doomfist guide will be an excellent read!


D.VA Abilities (Image Captured by eXputer)

D.Va will hone a total of 7 abilities that will make her an absolute powerhouse, and we will discuss those below.


One of the first passives will not be an important ability that will render enemies useless or tank any damage. Rather, it will allow getting out of her mech suit safely without needing to tank any kind of hits from the enemies. The casting time for the ability will take 1.5 seconds, during which D.Va herself will be totally invulnerable. 

Fusion Cannons 

A mech-type weapon ability will be known as fusion cannon, allowing her to wield a shotgun and deal minimal damage between 0.6 and 2. The overall falloff range for the weapon will be about 10 to 20 meters, while the spread angle will be set to 3.5 degrees. The number of pellets that will be launched while using the weapon will be around 11 for every shot. 

Light Gun 

Another ability that will be a pilot-enabled weapon will be a Light Gun, and the aim type will be a projectile. The damage that will be launched will be 14, and the projectile will travel at 50 meters per second. The overall rate of fire will be 7 rounds per second, and each round will take a total of 0.128 seconds. You will receive 20 ammo, while the total time for reloading needed will be 1.4 seconds. 

Defense Matrix 

With Defense Matrix, you will be able to shoot away any projectiles being aimed at you by the enemies and instead shoot them away and out of your face so that you don’t get hit. The max range for shooting the projectiles away will be 10 meters, which is enough to save you. 

As for the duration of the ability, it will be a minimum of 0.5 seconds, while the max duration will be 3 seconds, and the cooldown will be one second which is extremely short. 


With the boosters ability, you can jump high into the air and cause knockback to her foes. The movement speed will also be increased by 118%, making her move at a distance of 17 meters every second. 

Micro Missiles 

With Micro Missles being cast out, it will be a projectile-type ability that will launch out a projectile that will travel at 40 meters every second, with a 1.5-meter radius for its overall AoE. 

Self Destruct

Lastly, we must self-destruct, which will be her mech’s ultimate ability to deal anywhere from 100 to 1000 damage output. There will be a 20-meter radius, while the casting time will be 3 seconds. More often than not, there might be times when you want to relax and play a bit of Overwatch 2, but you might end up experiencing immense crashing. Therefore read our Overwatch 2 Crashing guide to get to know what the perfect solution might be!


Sigma (Image Captured by eXputer)

Moving on, we have Sigma, known to be one of the strongest tanks in the game, and he is regarded as a solid A-tier rank, making him an admirable unit for your party. While he is with you, players will be able to tank any kind of hits without needing to worry too much. 


Sigma Abilities (Image Captured by eXputer)

As for his abilities, he will have five main abilities that make him extremely useful during battle, which is seen below. 


The first ability will be a weapon-type ability with an aim and an arcing projectile. Whenever it is used, it will be able to launch out 2 charges for every burst that it consumes, and each Charge will deal a total of 55 damage instantly to the enemy, while it will also deal 9 minimum and 30 maximum as splash damage and 2.25 to 7.5 self-damage. 

The projectile speed will be 50 meters per second, and the max range for the ability will be 22 meters, while the AoE will be 3 meters. 

Experimental Barrier

Another solid ability will be an experimental barrier allowing Sigma to instantly cast out a barrier that will continue to float in the air. It will continue to protect Sigma and his allies. It will continue to restore a total of 100 health for the barrier every second that passes. The overall AoE will be about 4.5 meters in height, while it will have a width of 5 meters, and the total casting time will be 0.08 seconds. 

Kinetic Grasp 

Another ability will be Kinetic Grasp, which will allow Sigma to consistently take in hits from the enemies. However, one main benefit of doing so is that about 60% of the damage he takes will be instantly converted to shields that will continue to guard Sigma no matter what. 

The overall range for the ability will be 3 meters, while the duration that the ability will stay active for will be 2 seconds, and it will have a recovery of 0.3 seconds. 


The next ability we would like to discuss will be Accretion, which will typically be an arcing projectile once again, and it will deal a total of 70 damage that will be considered direct damage. In contrast, about 12 to 40 will be considered as splash damage. 

Gravitic Flux 

Last but not least, Gravitic Flux will be an ultimate ability that will cost 1960 points and be an AoE-based ability. It will deal 50 damage as direct lift damage. However, about 50% of your max HP will be launched as slam damage. 

The max range for the ability will be 35 meters, and the overall AoE will be in a 7-meter radius and will cause enemies to be airborne at a max of 10.3 meters. As a beginner, it can be extremely difficult to get a grasp of things; therefore, our Overwatch 2 Tips Tricks guide will tell you all that you need to know about the ins and outs of the game and the things to look out for!


Reinhardt (Image Capture by eXputer)

Lastly, the final tank that we will talk about will be Reinhardt. He will be covered from head to toe in extremely strong armor. Thus he will be able to take care of his fellow allies by taking in all kinds of targets launched at him. 


Reinhardt Abilities (Image Capture by eXputer)

When it comes to his abilities, he will shine on the battlefield with 5 abilities that will be discussed in detail further. 

Rocket Hammer 

The first ability will be known as Rocket Hammer, which will be a weapon ability that allows Reinhardt to go melee on his enemies. It will allow him to cast out hits that will deal 85 damage at a range of 5 meters from the position that he will stand at. 

He will be able to cast out one punch per 0.96 seconds, and the casting time for the first swing will be a total of 0.416 seconds at a duration of 0.208 seconds. 

Barrier Field 

Next up, we have a barrier field that will allow him to call forth an energy field that will take in all kinds of hits being aimed at him without needing to decrease his survivability rate. The total damage that the shield can absorb will be 1200, and it will continue to restore 144 health every second so that it stays on the field for even longer. 

One thing that players need to keep in mind is that their movement speed will be decreased whenever they use the ability. However, the AoE will be 4.250 tall and 6.8 meters long. 


The next ability will be Charge, which will allow him to move forward with extreme speed, and take hold of his enemies in his hand, and if he bumps into a wall, then the enemies will take enhanced damage. 

The damage will be 225 if the enemies hit a wall but only 50 if they don’t manage to collide with a wall. However, if the ability is active, then you will receive a 200% movement speed buff. 

Fire Strike 

Moving on, Fire strike will be a projectile-type ability that will deal 90 damage. Reinhardt will instantly cast out a projectile that will travel at 25 meters per second and instantly hit your opponent and render them useless. 

The casting time for the projectile will be 0.5 seconds, which makes it incredibly fast, allowing Reinhardt to take advantage of all enemies. After casting the ability, it will enter a 6-second cooldown. 


Lastly, Earthshater will be the ultimate ability of the AoE type. It will be able to deal 50 damage to enemies if you’re not within the 1.75-meter radius, but if you are, you will be able to deal 200. 

The max range of the ability will be 20 meters, and the AoE will be a height of 1.77 meters, while the casting time for the ability will be 0.45 seconds. The total cost that is required for the ability will be 1540 points. With that, we will wrap up our Overwatch 2 Best Tank guide! While you’re at it, you might want to read our Overwatch 2 Controller guide, which will go more in-depth about what the best settings might be so that you can experience a smooth gameplay experience!

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