Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List: BEST Tank Heroes

See how your favorite Overwatch 2 heroes do in our Tank Tier List by reading on.

Tanks in Overwatch 2 have undergone significant alteration. In Overwatch 1, each team had two tanks, but Blizzard is getting rid of one, so there will only be one solitary tank who will have to be the squad’s leader. All of the tank heroes will be ranked in tiers in our Overwatch 2 tank tier list.

Key Highlights
  • Out of the 36 competitive gameplay units in Overwatch 2, you get 11 dedicated Tank heroes. 
  • How reasonably a tank hero takes all the brunt while also maintaining a decent pool of health is our primary factor in deciding Overwatch 2 rankings.
  • Based on that, Winston and Doomfist are currently the most viable performing units in Overwatch’s 2 Tank domain. Both characters will take you to success without a hefty investment of effort.
  • Roadhog, however, ranks the lowest in the Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes tier list due to its weak performance. Nevertheless, it’s a fun-to-play-with kind of hero hence unacceptable for easy situations.

Tanks are huge health pool heroes who do a variety of tasks, but their primary responsibility is taking the brunt of pressure while on the front line and allowing their team to win battles. In Overwatch 2, map dominance is key, and they are how you stake out your claim.

They command every combat because they are large, significant, and dominant. The bottom line is that effective tanks enable teams to win. While you are here, we also recommend you to read our overall Overwatch 2 Tier List based on ranking all characters.

Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List Ranking Table

S-Tier Winston, Doomfist, Ramattra
A-TierJunker Queen, Zarya, Reinhardt, D.VA
B-TierSigma, Wrecking Ball, Orisa


Overwatch 2 Tank S-Tier

The S-Tier Tanks are quite strong in the current Overwatch 2 Game meta. Any of these tanks may be used to win games on their own by a skilled player.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
DoomfistTank 450 (role queue), 300 (other modes)Hand cannonSeismic slam, power block, rocket punch, The best defenseMeteor strike

Doomfist is a formidable, extremely mobile frontline warrior because of his cybernetics. He can pound the ground, throw opponents into the skies and off balance, knock them off balance, and rush into the battle with his Rocket Punch, in addition to providing ranged damage with the Hand Cannon. He is one of the Best Tank Characters in our Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List.

When confronting a closely packed group, Doomfist dives out of sight before unleashing a stunning Meteor Strike that sends him tumbling to the ground.

The Best Defense

When Doomfist uses any of his three abilities to attack an adversary, he gains 30 temporary shields as a result of his passive ability, The Best Defense. In addition, he gains 75 shields every time he uses his ultimate to damage an adversary.

The shield will deteriorate by 3 every second after the first. This skill is effective since it quickly increases a player’s durability during any battle.

Hand Cannon

The Hand Cannon, a pistol attached to Doomfist’s fist, is his preferred weapon. Similar to his real fists, this weapon specializes in close-quarters fighting, inflicting opponents a respectable amount of damage.

The weapon can contain four bullets, and over time, ammunition will replenish. Players who are within the effective range may easily harm each other using this.

Players shouldn’t attempt to engage at greater distances, though, because it’s a shotgun. His hand cannon is a really powerful move and helps him rank higher in our Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List.

Seismic Slam

Doomfist’s ability, Seismic Crash, allows him to jump in the air and then slam down, doing area-of-effect damage. It allows Doomfist to travel swiftly to another area while simultaneously doing damage to enemies within an 8-meter radius.

It is advantageous for starting a fight or, if necessary, rapidly evading danger so that you can recover and reengage. At level 50, the ability deals just modest damage, but it’s sufficient to eliminate opponents with low health who could be fleeing and give Doomfist the victory.

Power Block

Power Block, one of Doomfist’s brand-new and greatest pieces of equipment in Overwatch 2, gives him all the tank-like resilience he needs. Every damage dealt to Doomfist in front of it is reduced by 80% while Power Block is employed.

It has the disadvantage of reducing mobility by 35%. Doomfist will gain strength for his Rocket Punch move, which may cause horrifying damage to opponents, as he absorbs more powerful blows utilizing Power Block. This will make them pay for hitting Doomfist for all time.

Rocket Punch

Doomfist is well-known for throwing powerful punches; thus, the Rocket Punch is a combat move that must be charged before it can be used, but once it is, it will deal tremendous damage to opponents. Doomfist starts to build up a punch when he uses Rocket Punch or whenever he is Power Blocking.

The more damage and further knockback it will do, the longer it is charged. Targets are slammed backward when Doomfist launches his punch, taking damage from it as well as further damage if they contact a wall or even another obstacle. This is useful for dislodging medics or other players to guarantee elimination.

Meteor Strike

Meteor Strike is Doomfist’s Ultimate Ability. It is a strong attack that charges up in.5 seconds before being deployed. Doomfist will produce a targeting circle after activation. He will take to the air and crash down in the intended location after the attack is fully charged.

Those towards the center of the circle sustain significant damage from this attack, up to 300 damage, while players on the circle’s perimeter only sustain 150 damage. Doomfist is impervious for.5 seconds after landing, allowing him to gain his bearings and start wreaking havoc on any remaining.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
WinstonTank350 (role queue, 200 (other modes), 200 armorTesla cannonBarrier projector, Jump packPrimal rage

One of the most maneuverable Tanks in the game, Winston can cover considerable distance in a single bound and attack his foes. His Tesla Cannon is extremely hazardous to most low-health characters since a general barrier cannot stop it because of its splash effect.

He is a persistent threat that can quickly disrupt any opponent squad’s damage relentlessly, thanks to the mobility his Jump Pack provides.

Tesla Cannon

The Tesla Cannon is Winston’s go-to weapon. When used, Winston unleashes a short-range electrical cone that deals 60 damage to foes per second. This cone may strike numerous foes at once and has an 8-meter range.

The Tesla Cannon’s magazine can carry 100 rounds, and reloading takes 1.7 seconds. The main fire ability may divide up big groups of foes to prevent them from receiving damage all at once and is excellent for dealing with AoE damage to them.

Jump Pack

For Overwatch 2, the Tesla Cannon’s secondary firing mechanism is entirely new. Whenever activated, it enables Winston to refuel his Tesla Cannon, which at full charge can fire up to 12 rounds each shot. When in full force, Winston is capable of firing a long-range electrical bolt up to 30 m ahead of him.

When this ability hits an enemy, it does 50 damage to them. With the assistance of this new skill, Winston can now attack adversaries from a greater distance and engage in close combat with other enemies while still poking at the backline.

Jump Pack

With Jump Pack, Winston gets access to a fantastic mobility tool. When activated, Winston can fly up to 28 meters in the air thanks to his energy pack. Upon landing, he will deliver damage to any nearby foes, stagger any enemies impacted by the strike, and cause up to 50 damage to opponents within a 5-meter radius.

Winston can keep the region open for his squad by using Jump Pack to reach distant targets like Widowmaker. Jump Pack has a 6-second cooldown and a 2-second cooldown during Primal Rage.

Barrier Projector

Winston can assist protect his comrades from harm by acting as a tank hero. He employs the Barrier Projector as one method to do this. Winston deploys a bubble-producing barrier projector while it is in operation. Standing inside the bubble will protect any teammates from approaching fire.

Allies standing inside the bubble created by the Barrier Projector can shoot through it to damage their enemies while remaining safe inside the bubble, which can withstand up to 700 damage.

For Overwatch 2, Barrier Projector’s duration was decreased from 9 to 8 seconds. Winston might now use it more frequently because its cooldown was lowered from 13 to 12 seconds as compensation.

Primal Rage

The supreme talent of Winston is Primal Rage. Winston becomes a raging beast when he uses Primal Rage, allowing him to embrace his animalistic essence. He increases his health and armor when under the influence of Primal Rage, greatly enhancing his capacity to survive.

Winston is also limited to using Jump Pack and melee attacks. The strength of these strikes does increase, though, and Jump Pack’s cooldown is decreased. By using the Jump Pack to move about the battlefield and disperse enemy groupings swiftly, Winston can be incredibly aggressive and easily drive into foes.

Winston now has access to a secondary firing mode with a wider range in Overwatch 2. Hence the cost to trigger Primal Rage is being raised by 20%.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
RamattraTank450(role queue), 300 (other modes), 225 armor(nemesis mode)Void accelerator, Pummel(nemesis form)Void barrier, nemesis form, Block(nemesis form), ravenous vortexAnnihilation

Ramattra has two forms, the Omnic form, and a Nemesis form. This makes him a dual-form hero where both of his forms have to be switched into using an ability and they will have time limits as well as cooldowns. He instantly topped the charts of overwatch 2 as his forms had a big impact on the game on release. He has amazing abilities which make him a formidable tank character having multiple options for playstyle and intense flexibility.

Further, he has a plethora of abilities which we will be getting into in more depth below which will give a further breakdown of what kind of character Ramattra is and what he brings to the table in Overwatch 2, as well as the reason he is worthy of the S tier.

Ravenous Vortex

Ravenous vortex is a very amazing defensive as well as the offensive ability of Ramattra. This ability is a nightmare for flight-type characters as it brings them down to the ground, they will be grounded both metaphorically and literally with this ability.

Nano spheres come in contact with the ground and explode, this creates a damaging force field. This ability not only slows down the heroes caught in the force field, but it also drags flight-type heroes down to the earth


Pummel is one of the strongest abilities of Ramattra. This ability is the first of its kind and it is of the type where it will be niche and not for every player as it might be either very enjoyable to play or straight-up frustrating. The ability turns you into nemesis form for 8 seconds, you gain 150 additional health as a shield when in nemesis form getting your health up to 600.

The nemesis form allows Ramattra to become flexible and fast as well as dangerous. The ability allows players to attack enemies with shockwaves and reduce damage gained from the front to the hero while reducing movement speed by a bit. It is undoubtedly a small price to pay for great abilities which are both rewarding and match-winning.


Annihilation is the ultimate ability of Ramattra. This ability will grant players to enter the nemesis mode at the press of a button and create a damaging energy zone around a certain area of effect.

The bit that makes this ability terrifying is the fact that the energy zone will do continuous tick damage for a maximum of 20 seconds, the increment up to that point is contingent on the damage inflicted on enemies by Ramattra.

This ultimate can be combined with other support characters that hinder the movement of enemies and stop them in one place like freezing them or staggering them, as it can then continuously mow them down while they just stand there and die in despair. 


Overwatch 2 Tank A-Tier

We now reach the A Tier in our Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List. Since they are also fairly robust and efficient on both attack and defense, we advise you to pick the A-Tier Tanks as soon as possible.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
D.vatank150 (pilot), 350( mech, role queue), 200(mech, other modes, 300 (mech) armorFusion cannons, light gun Defense matrix(mech), boosters(mech), micro missiles(mech), Eject(passive abilitySelf destruct(mech), Call mech(pilot)

The unusual tank D.Va has some mobility. She can easily close a distance to the adversary thanks to Boosters and her extremely high health. She is a formidable fighter in a one-on-one battle due to her tremendous close-range damage output.

Her defense matrix shields her allies from hostile fire and is effective against all incoming bullets. When fired at close range, micro missiles cause a lot of damage. Within Tank class, she is a deadly flanker who consistently inflicts damage on the adversary.

Fusion Cannons

When D. Va is in her mech form, her Fusion Cannons are her main weapon and helped her rank in the A-Tier on our Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List. These close-range guns don’t require reloading and may unleash a steady stream of bullets. While traveling, D. Va can fire the Fusion Cannons; however, doing so will reduce his movement speed by 40%.

D. Va may be quite lethal in confined spaces, and gamers will want to narrow the distance by utilizing her mobility skills to take down their enemies with ease because these weapons can constantly fire and don’t have to be reloaded.

Defense Matrix

D. Va’s utilization of her Defense Matrix power is one of the factors that makes her such a strong tank. When activated, it builds an array ahead of her that launches missiles downward.

It has a maximum channel time of 2 seconds as well as a 1-second downtime after usage. It is an excellent ability to shield D. Va and your squad from any potentially harmful enemy fire. It can keep her alive for considerably longer lengths of time if used properly.


One of the factors that contribute to D. Va’s effectiveness as an infiltrator and tank is boosters. She may close gaps and acquire high ground to fight her enemies by employing these boosters to shoot ahead or upwards into the air.

D. Va may be propelled a maximum of 23.98 meters by boosters for 2 seconds, having a 4-second recharge in between usage. In addition, players may employ boosters to ram other players, doing 25 damage instead of the original Overwatch’s 10 damage to each hostile player they hit.

Micro Missiles

The Micro Missiles are one of D. Va’s strongest weapons for pursuing foes from a distance. When activated, this power launches a barrage of rockets that burst, each of which has a chance to deliver up to 4 slash damage and 7 damage on direct hits.

Players must be careful to avoid rocket damage since if they fire the missiles too near to their mech, they might sustain up to 4 damage.


When discussing the skills that will transform D. Va in her pilot form, the Eject skill is where it all begins. As soon as her mech loses one HP, this passive ability will lead D. Va to escape from it. She will then transform into her pilot form and soar into the skies when her mech is destroyed.

She can still defend herself in this form, but she will have to refuel before she can summon another mech. Nevertheless, when D. Va exits, she is impervious while doing so, but once she hits the ground, she is quickly beaten. In this form, players should use extreme caution.

Light Gun

Small and automatic, the Light Gun can only inflict minor damage on foes at a medium range. The pistol has a limited 20-round magazine capacity and fires swiftly, but it will need some to recharge after each use.

While the cannon can protect D. Va, it shouldn’t be given priority; instead, returning to the mech ought to be the priority.

Self Destruct/Call Mech

Depending on the form she is in at the time, D.Va possesses two Ultimate Abilities. She has the power to Self Destruct while she’s inside of her mech. Whenever D. Va does this, her mech will start counting down to a big explosion and eject.

If she activates the ability while the mech is traveling, it will keep traveling in the same direction. All foes inside the radius will sustain significant damage when the bomb goes off.

She may also re-enter a brand-new mech after the explosion since her Call Mech feature is renewed. D. Va’s Ultimate Ability changes to Call Mech when she assumes her pilot form. It will send a fresh mech her way so she can rejoin the battle as the tough tank she is renowned for.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
ReinhardtTank 325 ( role queue), 175( other modes), 300 armorRocket hammerBarrier field, charge, fire strikeEarthshatter

The toughest of the Tanks on our Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List, Reinhardt generally has high Health and a sizable barrier that enables him to shield his allies from harm.

Reinhardt is mostly focused on defense, but he can also pose a lethal offensive threat with his high-damage Rocket Hammer and Charge ability to slam opponents up against a wall. He pays the price for all this in that he can only use one occasional distance strike and is essentially forced to battle at close range.

Rocket Hammer

The intimidating Rocket Hammer is Reinhardt’s melee weapon. With each stroke, this weapon can severely harm anybody in an arc ahead of Reinhardt.

All enemies within 5 meters can be struck by the weapon, which does 85 damage. Reinhardt players should attempt to use all other skills to bridge the gap, as his melee weapon does not allow him to deal with enemies at a distance.

Barrier Field

One of the most important tools in Reinhardt’s arsenal, the Barrier Field enables him to generate a sizable barrier ahead of him that may defend both him and his teammates from harm. Reinhardt cannot attack foes when using the Barrier Field skill, although he is still able to move, albeit at a 30% slower speed.

For Overwatch 2, the HP of the Barrier Field was reduced from 1600 to 1200, and while not in use, it now rejuvenates at a rate of 144 HP per second rather than the prior 200 HP per second.


A charge is a strong maneuver that Reinhardt may use to advance at a 200% faster rate and cover up to 49.5 meters. During his Charge, Reinhardt will grab any foes that come in touch with him, doing 50 damage. Reinhardt will deal an extra 225 damage to his opponent if he continues to bash into a wall while holding them.

Reinhardt’s turning pace during the charge has increased by 50% for Overwatch 2, in addition to the damage being tweaked and the ability to terminate the charge manually. Additionally, the cooldown was shortened from 10 to 8 seconds.

The charge had adjustments that may have decreased its overall damage but allowed for more frequent usage and made it simpler to catch adversaries while using a Charge.

Fire Strike

Reinhardt launches a fiery missile in the direction of any foes standing in front of him when he uses Fire Strike. This missile can pierce obstacles, adversaries, and any other entity that may sustain harm. Although this ability now has two charges in place of one for Overwatch 2, the damage has been decreased from 100 to 90.

Players should be able to utilize the ability considerably more frequently and deal damage with it more easily as a result. The cooldown for Fire Strike is six seconds for each charge.


Earthshatter, Reinhardt’s Ultimate Ability, enables him to crash his Rocket Hammer into the ground with great force, causing damage and knocking down foes within 20 yards. If Reinhardt has a line of sight to the target, the 20-meter-radius ability can stun entire teams.

When Reinhardt uses it, it deals 50 damage to foes inside the radius and an extra 200 damage to any enemy within 1.75 yards of him. He may affect the outcome of a battle by himself with the skillful usage of Earthshatter if this power is deployed at the proper moment to stop specific abilities.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
Zaryatank250 (role queue), 100 (other modes), 225 shieldsParticle cannonParticle barrier, projected barrier, energy (passive ability)Gravitation surge

Zarya is one of the most difficult Tanks to master, but she is one of the most rewarding. She uses her barrier skills to absorb damage and gather Energy, greatly enhancing her damage. She poses a terrifying menace to the other side when she is at full energy, ripping them apart in a matter of seconds with the particle cannon.

With the capacity to trap whole teams in one location for her friends to shoot against, her Ultimate contains some of the best play-making abilities in the game.


Zarya’s passive ability, Energy, grants her access to a unique resource called Energy, which she may use to increase the potency of the particle cannon. Zarya earns energy each time the Projected Barrier and Particle Barrier stop the harm.

Zarya will light more brilliantly the more Energy she possesses. Energy will also degrade at a rate of 2.2 seconds per unit. Zarya must continuously produce Energy to fuel her particle cannon and cause more harm.

Particle Cannon

In Overwatch 2, Zarya’s hallmark weapon and primary method of doing damage to opponents are the Particle Cannon. The Particle Cannon’s primary firing function shoots a beam at the enemy while using 20 of the magazine’s 100 rounds per second.

Players need 1.5 seconds to reload their weapons. At 0% Charge, the Particle Cannon has a basic damage output of 75 and can reach a maximum damage output of 170. Players will thus try to block as many enemy assaults as they can to inflict more harm on their adversaries.

The Particle Cannon also includes a backup firing mode. The Particle Cannon may fire an explosive projectile in this mode, but each shot costs 25 ammunition. The shots from the particle cannon will burst in this mode, inflicting AoE damage to enemies within a 2.5-meter range.

The maximum damage dealt to targets by this shooting method is 47 damage at 0% charge and 95 damage when 100% charge is left. With this power, Zarya may potentially harm herself if she gets too close.

Particle Barrier

Zarya can reduce the damage that is dealt to her while actively recharging her Particle Cannon by using the Particle Barrier. Recently modified for Overwatch 2, the skill now shares a timer with Projected Barrier.

It implies that the two charges used by Projected Barrier and Particle Barrier are identical, and Zarya can decide whether to cover herself first or her teammates. The shield now lasts for 2.5 seconds (rather than 2) and can withstand 200 damage in total.

Any harm that the Particle Barrier takes in is turned into power for your Particle Cannon. The particle Barrier can hold up to two charges and has a 10-second cooldown.

Projected Barrier

Zarya may cast a protective shield on her teammates with the Projected Barrier. A shield will be erected on an ally after usage, cushioning 200 damage and transforming any damage taken into power for your particle cannon.

Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier both have a 10-second downtime and two charges. Zarya can opt to defend herself or her teammates, although both actions now have a longer 2.5-second duration.

Zarya may use this on an ally who is about to take significant damage, swiftly gather power for her Particle Cannon, and then deal punishment to her enemies. After the projectile-based protection on an ally wears off, that ally cannot be protected again for two seconds.

Graviton Surge

Zarya’s strongest skill is Graviton Surge. When used, Zarya throws a gravity bomb toward her adversaries, trapping them within and inflicting damage on them gradually.

The Graviton Surge can last for 4 seconds and deals a maximum of 18.72 damage, or 5 damage every second. Zarya may employ Graviton Surge, which lasts for 6 seconds, to plan targeted assaults with her squad.

With the precise application, the ability may keep players stationary enough to enable combinations that can eliminate whole teams. Zarya may then use powerful charged strikes to ensure that any adversaries caught within would suffer severe damage.

Junker Queen

NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
Junker queentank450 (role queue), 300(other modes)ScattergunJagged blade, Commanding shout, Carnage, Adrenaline rushRampage

The newest tank in the Overwatch franchise, Junker Queen, excels in ruthlessly wounding opponents and bolstering her teammates; hence she is ranked in the A-Tier of our Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List. She is a berserker-like figure that thrives when she inflicts harm on her enemies.

Players who choose the Junker Queen can assist their team to execute pushes and provide them the advantage they need to succeed in constrained chokepoints. Players may take the initiative and support their teammates to lead their team to success alongside Junker Queen.

Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush, a wonderful passive ability, is essential to Junker Queen’s capacity to survive. This passive offers a straightforward but significant effect that heals her, including all damage done to hostile targets in all wounds.

Players will thus want to inflict wounds upon as many adversaries as they can to make the most of this skill. Not only will she benefit from harming the opposing side, but doing so will also provide her with healing, allowing her to stay in the battle for longer.


Scattergun is the main weapon used by Junker Queen. If the player attempts to engage enemies that are farther away with this shotgun, it will rapidly lose its efficacy.

Additionally, since her secondary firing style also necessitates being at closer ranges, it helps to improve it. The Scattergun can reload in 1.5 seconds and has a magazine capacity of 6 rounds.

Jagged Blade

She has a unique Jagged Blade for her second fire mode. She may wound the target with her rapid melee assaults thanks to her blade’s passive ability.

Additionally, players can toss this sword against foes. She can get it back in her hands by pressing the button once more. Players can go into close quarters and whack at the enemy within range in this technique, and they will heal any creatures they injure in the process.

Commanding Shout

With Commanding Shout, one of Junker Queen’s strongest skills, assisting her with ranking on the A-Tier, she can make herself and her allies heal for 200 and 50, respectively. She will additionally speed up everyone affected’s mobility by 30% in conjunction with this impact.

The radius of this power is 15 yards, down from 20 yards since it was becoming too oppressive. The effect has a 15-second cooldown and a 3-second duration. When used appropriately, this ability can provide groups the boost they need to overcome a barrier or win a team battle.


Carnage, another go-to move for Junker Queen, enables her to swing a powerful axe directly in front of her, doing 90 damage to foes in an arc. This strike additionally wounds any enemies it touches, doing 40 cumulative damage.

It will also heal you from any wound damage given because these targets are injured. This skill may be used at close range to hit several enemies at once and has an 8-second cooldown.


Rampage is Junker Queen’s Ultimate Ability. It enables Junker Queen to advance and crash into enemies inside a 5-meter radius when activated. Additionally, a debuff that prevents healing will be applied to enemies hit by Rampage.

It implies that Junker Queen may strengthen her crew, charge in, stop all healing, and dispatch a team rapidly while they are unable to be healed. When they can strike numerous adversaries at once in team engagements, players should strive to employ this skill.



Although the B-Tier Tanks in our Overwatch 2 Tier List are rather unremarkable, they are nevertheless quite powerful in terms of the game’s current meta. However, don’t depend on succeeding in every match in which you take part.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
Orisatank275(role queue), 125( other modes), 275 armorAugmented fusion driverEnergy javelin, Fortify, Javelin spin Terra surge

The most recent changes to Orisa‘s powers were made to reflect that she now resembles a powerful mechanical centaur. She and Reinhardt used to tank by creating barriers and redistributing damage to their squad.

But as the squad composition changed, several heroes underwent a total overhaul. With her updated brawl-heavy playstyle and new skills, Orisa should be able to establish her position in the tanking meta.

Augmented Fusion Driver

Orisa employs the Augmented Fusion Driver, a powerful heat-based weapon. Although this weapon technically has infinite ammunition and no defined magazine size, it operates on heat. The player’s weapon will heat more the more shots they fire at it.

It must rest for a while after achieving its heat capacity before it may be fired once more. At closer ranges, it deals 12 damage; at farther ranges, this damage drops to 4. Orisa is greater at damaging her prey close and personal because of this.

Energy Javelin

Orisa’s secondary weapon is the energy javelin. When employed, Orisa will launch a javelin that does 60 damage to enemies. The target will be shocked and knocked back after being struck. A player will sustain more damage if they are pushed back into a wall. There is a 6-second cooldown on Energy Javelin.


Fortify, one of Orisa’s reserved talents, can assist her in becoming the renowned fortress that she is. When Orisa uses Fortify, she receives several benefits that increase her survival.

She will acquire 125 life, a 40% reduction in the damage she takes, a 50% decrease in the heat produced by weapons, and immunity to effects that hinder mobility. She can travel at a 20% slower rate as a result, but while this ability is active, she will be capable of taking far more damage. A 10-second cooldown applies to fortify.

Javelin Spin

This ability is yet another new feature to Overwatch 2, allowing Orisa to block incoming projectiles as well as fast narrow the distance between her and an attacker. When she uses it, Orisa spins her javelin quickly in a circle.

In addition to doubling her forward movement speed, it will block any incoming missiles. The effect will remain for 2 seconds once she stops rotating her javelin for a brief period. There is a 7-second cooldown for Javelin Spin.

Terra Surge

For Overwatch 2, Orisa gets access to a brand-new Ultimate Ability called Terra Surge. Orisa will draw in all of the adversaries around when she uses Terra Surge, gaining the advantages of Fortify. She will then start charging up her power after doing so.

When using Terra Surge, Orisa can opt to use the ability fully and let it go off, or she has the option of utilizing the ability early by clicking the ability button once more.

To prevent squandering a lot of damage from her Ultimate Ability, Orisa should utilize Terra Surge at a higher charge as it may scale up to 500 damage when she has a full charge.

Wrecking Ball

NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
Wrecking balltank450( role queue), 150( other modes, 100 armorQuad cannonsGrappling claw, Roll, adaptive shield, piledriverMinefield

The tank known as Wrecking Ball has a hamster inside a large metal robot that really can change shape into a ball. Wrecking Ball can roll across the battlefield with his high degree of mobility, knocking opponents off balance and protecting objectives with his area-denial abilities.

For Overwatch 2, he just received buffs that raised his armor to 150 from 100 and his health to 550. (up from 500).

Quad Cannons

The Quad Cannons are the main weaponry used by Wrecking Ball. These are two guns attached to Wrecking Ball’s mech. The 80 rounds in the Quad Cannons’ magazine allow them to be quick-firing mid-range weapons. The Quad Cannons’ shots each make five foes’ points of damage.

Grappling Claw

The skill that gives Wrecking Ball his moniker is the Grappling Claw. Wrecking Ball fires a Grappling Claw, which hooks to a place and lets him dangle from it. When Wrecking Ball swings at an adversary, he will knock them back and do 50 damage to them.


Wrecking Ball’s mech will change into an enormous ball when he utilizes Roll. Wrecking Ball may go across the map more swiftly because of this ball’s faster mobility. The duration of this power is unlimited, and however, if Wrecking Ball attempts an attack, he will switch into battle mode and end Roll.

Adaptive Shield

Wrecking Ball, a tank hero, has access to Adaptive Shield, which can help him live longer in battle. Wrecking Ball receives 100 shields while using Adaptive Shield, plus 100 more shields for each extra adversary within 10 yards.


Wrecking Ball may utilize his Piledriver power while in his rolling form, which allows him to fly into the air. When used, he slams down upon the earth below him, knocking foes up into the air and doing a maximum of 100 damage to them.


Wrecking Ball’s Overwatch ultimate ability, Minefield, has the potential to be quite effective in blocking off specific locations during a game. Wrecking Ball deploys 15 proximity mines, each of which explodes and deals 150 damage. Both on the ground and in the air, one can utilize minefield.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
SigmaTank350( role queue), 200 ( other modes, 200 shieldsRivet Gun( weapon 1), Forge hammer( weapon 2)Hyperspheres, Experimental barrier, Kinetic grasp, AccretionGraphics flux

Sigma can create walls that will protect his crew from harm. He can also change gravity as an astrophysicist, which he may utilize to confuse and severely harm his enemies. 


In Overwatch 2, Sigma mostly uses hyperspheres to do damage. Sigma uses gravitic missiles as his main weapon; they can bounce before collapsing and inflicting damage on adjacent enemies.

Depending on their proximity to the region of implosion, each Hypersphere can inflict up to 30 impact damage and a total of 55 damage to foes when they are hit directly.

Hyperspheres have a limited range of 22 meters, and if Sigma gets too near to the point of implosion, he might get hurt. Additionally, Sigma may shoot two orbs every 1.48 seconds without needing to refill its supply of Hyperspheres.

Experimental Barrier

Sigma may use the Experimental Barrier to propel a massive barrier right in front of him that advances ahead as long as he holds the ability button. The button will freeze in position after being released. Sigma can place the barrier in strategic areas to protect his troops from oncoming damage.

Kinetic Grasp

Sigma may use Kinetic Grasp to halt approaching missiles in midair and turn them into shields. Its range is 3 meters ahead, and it can turn 60% of the received damage into shields.


When Sigma uses Accretion, he will gather up a significant amount of trash and launch it at his enemies. It can strike them with a direct hit that deals 100 damage, and a splash damage hit that deals up to 40 damage.

Gravitic Flux

The Gravitic Flux is the Ultimate Ability of Sigma. When used, Sigma will launch himself into the skies and start focusing his power on the intended target.

When an enemy is under the effect of Gravitic Flux, they will be propelled into the sky and deal 50 damage before being smashed down and taking 50% of their base HP in damage.



The use and talents of the C-Tier Overwatch 2 Tanks fall short of expectations. You could still have fun and win games with them despite this. However, stay with the heroes who are ranked higher on our Overwatch 2 Tanks Tier List.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
Roadhogtank700 (role queue), 550( other modes)Scrap gunTake a breather, Chain hookWhole hog

The distinctive hook of the unusual kind of tank known as “Roadhog” is used to draw any adversaries who are weak or defenseless to him, allowing him to do tremendous shotgun damage to them then.

Among all the tanks, Roadhog cannot withstand the greatest punishment, yet he can do enormous damage to any foe caught off guard.

Scrap Gun

In Overwatch 2, Scrap Gun is Roadhog’s go-to weapon. The weapon is a close-range shotgun that can inflict up to 165 damage on opponents with each blast.

25 pellets are fired by the weapon in a spread pattern for close range. The damage output of the Scrap Gun is undoubtedly high at short range, but it drastically decreases at farther distances.

Take a Breather

Roadhog is unable to mitigate the harm he causes to himself and is dependent on his assistance to continue the battle. The healing animation for Roadhog’s skill “Take a Breather”, which starts after he uses it, lasts for two seconds and heals 350 health.

Chain Hook

Roadhog’s defining talent is the Chain Hook. A Chain Hook is launched by Roadhog up to 20 yards ahead of him when it is activated. Before dragging the target in front of Roadhog, the Chain Hook strikes a target and immediately deals 30 damage.

Whole Hog

Roadhog’s Ultimate Ability, known as Whole Hog, enables him to reload his Scrap Gun before firing many rounds at his opponents. Overwatch 2 just made changes to this skill. Previously, when Roadhog utilized Whole Hog, his weapon would automatically discharge for significant damage, but he was unable to do any further actions.

Changes Due To Latest Updates

Patch notes: March 7, 2023.

  • Orisa’s ability Terra Surge can now be interrupted by Sombra’s Hack ability whereas previously, no attack could interrupt Orisa’s ultimate.
  • When Ramattara is in Nemesis form and uses the Annihilation ability, his bonus armor completely replenishes.
  • RoadHog’s Chain Hook ability cooldown will only start after the ability duration ends instead of it starting right after the ability is used. Chain Hook cooldown has also been reduced to 6 seconds instead of 8.
  • Wrecking Ball’s ability Grappling Claw now has a timeout indicator which is shown above the ability icon. The time required to arm the minefield is increased to 1.25 seconds.
  • Zarya’s abilities cooldown for Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier has been reduced from 11 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • The hero “D.VA” had a change in her mech, where the base health has been reduced in non-role queue forms from 350 to 200.
  • The hero “Junker Queen” had a change related to their base health. The role queue increased to 450 while the non-role queue reduced from 435 to 300.
  • The hero “Doomfist” had a change in their base health in non-role Queue reduced from 450 to 300.
  • The hero “Winston” had their base health in non-role queue forms reduced from 350 to 200. Further, the health in barrier projector ability was reduced from 700 to 650.

Final Words

In our Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List, all of the characters are currently ranked in order. If you see a hero climbing the Tank Tier list, it could be time to switch your main character.  How would you have ranked the Tanks in the Tier List? Let us know in the comments area below.

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