Overwatch 2 Support Tier List: Top Picks [Season 3]

Each of the Support Character has been ranked, figure out who is the Best Support Hero

The Support class aids the group by directly healing and buffing teammates or by incapacitating and impeding your adversaries. Supports don’t usually inflict a lot of damage, but by healing tanks or incapacitating the opponent’s offense heroes, they may make or break a battle! In our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List, all of the tank heroes will be ranked in different tiers.

Key Highlights
  • Out of the total of 36 characters spread across DPS, Tank, and Support roles, Overwatch 2 offers 8 dedicated Supporters to its players. 
  • Since Support category characters have a rather crucial role in Overwatch 2, their ranking is done after carefully considering each unit’s Healing and Buffing capacities and the second potential to Attack and Defend well. 

  • Overwatch 2 Support characters that are hands down the best in terms of assisting the rest of the team are Lucio, Kiriko, and Ana. They offer the most excellent chance of success and are easy to handle. 

  • Overwatch 2 Support characters whose overall assistance isn’t as extraordinary as a winning team usually requires to include Baptiste and Moira
  • Beginners can, however, still take a chance with a low-ranking Overwatch 2 Support character, as they aren’t the worst after all.

Any Support should have the primary objective of assisting your team. Many contend that supporting characters are the most crucial because of how useful they are on the battlefield. Instead, because of their capacity to provide their allies with specific boosts and debuffs, supports are incredibly powerful.

Supports have access to ridiculously potent abilities, such as anti-healing, healing debuffs, invincibility, speed enhancements, and resurrections.

Additionally, they frequently have the strongest Ultimates. The role you will want to master should be Support if you wish to be the main determining factor in whether you either win or lose games.

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List Table

TiersSupport Heroes
S-Tier Lucio, Kiriko, Ana
A-TierMercy, Zenyatta, Brigitte


Overwatch 2 Support S-Tier

The S-Tier Support Characters are highly potent. A knowledgeable player can employ any of these Support Characters to take games from the competition on their own.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
Anasupport200Biotic rifleSleep dart, Biotic grenadeNano boost

Ana can influence heroes across the battlefield thanks to her diverse armament. Her Biotic Rifle bullets and the Biotic Grenades heal teammates and hurt or hinder opponents; her sidearm sedates important targets, and Nano Boost significantly boosts the power of one of her allies. Ana is at the top of our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List.

She is a support sniper that can do a respectable amount of damage while providing healing at any range. Her Biotic Grenade allows her to boost the healing benefits of not just her healing darts but also those of other Supports and external sources of health, including Payloads or Health packs.

Biotic Rifle

The Biotic Rifle is one of Ana’s most adaptable abilities since it allows her to focus on both damaging enemies and repairing her squad with the same tool. A teammate who is struck by a gunshot experiences a heal-over-time effect.

The gunshot will pass straight through the ally if they are fully healthy. The bullet will have the reverse effect when it strikes an adversary and deal damage over time that may be removed from the player. Using the sight, the Biotic Rifle may also be magnified.

The rifle will transform into a hitscan weapon when it is fired in scoped mode. Players are therefore exempt from considering travel time. The Scope option fits in well with Ana’s playstyle of staying back from battles by allowing players to strike foes or heal teammates who are quite far away.

For Overwatch 2, Ana’s Biotic Rifle’s ammunition capacity was raised from 12 to 15 rounds, allowing her to continue the battle for a longer period before reloading and helping her overall ranking in the Support Tier List.

Sleep Dart

The amazing power of Sleep Dart, which Ana has at her disposal, can help save her own life or the life of an ally. The enemy target struck by the dart will be put to sleep lasting up to 5 seconds after it is shot. However, the opponent will awaken after.5 seconds if they sustain damage.

Ana may use it to immobilize a critical opponent and mark them for her squad, who can subsequently eliminate them, in addition to employing it to flee chasing foes.

In Overwatch 2, the cooldown for the ability has been raised from 12 seconds to 15 seconds. The support revamp gave Ana a new sustaining ability, so she no longer entirely depends on it to flee.

Biotic Grenade

Ana also has the adaptable Biotic Grenade at her disposal. Ana may use the Biotic Grenade ability to toss a grenade that not only heals her friends but also increases their healing by 50%. Additionally, if the grenade hits any foes, they will suffer damage and won’t be able to be healed for a short while.

Nano Boost

When Ana activates Nano Boost, one of her fully charged Ultimate Abilities, she cannot only heal a victim for a sizable sum but also improve their damage output and damage resistance. Nano Boost restores 250 HP to the target when utilized.

Damage is increased by 50%, and damage resistance is increased by 50% as well. Although players cannot have more than 50% damage resistance, the Nano Boost skill may make any character significantly tankier.

Additionally, players can use Biotic Grenade to prime a victim before employing Nano Boost to receive a massive heal that can nearly instantly revive any target.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
KirikoSupport200Healing ofuda, KunaiSwift step, Trotection Suzu, wall climbKitsune rush

In Overwatch 2, Kiriko is a healer and support ninja, and she has achieved the S-Tier in our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List due to her great Abilities. She can scale barriers to protect her allies from damage and powerful strikes. She is the newest member of the Overwatch 2 hero roster and the first to be made accessible with the Paid Battle Pass.

Kiriko is an extremely flexible asset to any squad because she can both protect the lives of her comrades and do significant amounts of damage. Players may aid their squad to stay safe and win by becoming familiar with her powers.

Wall Climb

Being a ninja has its advantages, like Kiriko’s ability to scale barriers by jumping at them. It can assist her in getting to a higher location to gain a better viewpoint or just to get away from an attacker who is chasing her. Players only need to go in the direction of a wall and hit the jump button to use the Wall Climb.

Healing Ofuda

Kiriko’s main weapon will demonstrate how well she strikes a balance between healing and damage. When Kiriko uses her main weapon, a wave of healing talismans will be fired, seeking out and curing comrades along their path.

These blasts are capable of looking for allies. They’ll be one of two colors when Kiriko fires a salvo of Healing Ofuda. They are not looking for an ally to heal when they are blue.

If they’re yellow, however, they are aggressively pursuing an ally and will treat them as quickly as they get to them. 10 bullets are carried by Healing Ofuda as she moves as a missile at her enemies.


She can toss a Kunai at the adversaries as part of her secondary fire. If she succeeds in hitting an adversary in the head with one of these thrown weapons, she may deliver a good 120 damage.

Before she has to reload to receive more, she can carry up to Twelve of them simultaneously. She may use the Kunai weapon to retaliate and hurt the other squad while replenishing her team.

Swift Step

Being able to reach another teammate to heal them rapidly is crucial for support heroes. Kiriko may swiftly teleport to another player using Swift Step, regardless if they’re hidden behind barriers.

It implies that she has the ability the power to help an ally who is in danger or to flee quickly to a team that will protect her from harm while she recovers. Swift Step has a 35-meter effective range and a 7-second cooldown.

Protection Suzu

Kiriko can use the Protection Suzu ability to cleanse herself and her team of any bad effects while also rendering them invulnerable for up to.75 seconds. With the help of some effective moves, Kiriko can prevent her squad from receiving damage from strong Ultimates.

It will need some careful scheduling and preparation, though. It is because Protection Suzu is a thrown projectile that must travel a distance before activating. Protection Suzu further restores 50 HP to nearby players. The spell has a 14-second cooldown.

Kitsune Rush

She may call upon her dependable kitsune spirit with the aid of Kitsune Rush to aid her and her squad in battle. A spirit fox may be summoned, and when it is, it will advance quickly and directly in front of Kiriko. If Kiriko, along with any of her comrades, chooses the fox’s route, they will gain a lot of benefits.

These advantages include faster mobility, quicker reloads, and shorter cooldowns. Kitsune Rush can be utilized to enter a space quickly or to carry out an assault that was stopped by her squad.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
LúcioSupport200Sonic amplifierSoundwave, Crossfade, Amp it up, Wall rideSound barrier

Lucio is a flexible Support that can be mastered with sufficient situational awareness. His aura lets him deal damage to battles while passively boosting his friends, and his Sound Barrier allows him to defend against opposing ultimates and support his team’s offensive assaults.

He has a reasonably high resilience for a support hero due to his ability to flee perilous circumstances using both the knockback effect of his Soundwave and the Amped Up speed aura.

While he doesn’t have the same single-target healing as Mercy or Ana, and his damage output is lesser than many other Supports, his multi-target healing and speed boost nevertheless make him an important Support Character on any team.

Wall Ride

Wall Ride is one of Lucio’s distinguishing skills. Lucio can sprint towards any wall with his unique roller blades and leap at it to start wall riding. His movement speed will be increased by 30%, and he will be able to ride a wall around turns.

It can provide him with a simple means of entering a battle or a means of getting away. In addition, a wall-riding Lucio is significantly more difficult for opponents to strike, and Lucio’s evasiveness mixed with his healable may make him a challenging enemy to defeat.

Sonic Amplifier

Lucio utilizes the Sonic Amplifier as a weapon to harm his enemies by amplifying sound. If all four shots connect, the weapon’s 4-round burst may do up to 80 damage.

Players can also shoot a total of five bursts with a magazine holding 20 bullets before having to reload. Players may also learn to use this unique projectile weapon while wall-riding, allowing them to both heal and do damage.


Soundwave is Lucio’s weapon’s secondary firing mode, and it may be used for a variety of purposes. Whenever Lucio executes Soundwave, a powerful burst of sound is fired at his opponents, doing 25 damage and knocking them back.

Players can utilize Soundwave either offensively to push them off a cliff or defensively to let Lucio get away. In certain instances, players may use Soundwave to knock numerous heroes over ledges, allowing Lucio to eliminate many opponents with one move. A four-second cooldown applies to Soundwave.


In Overwatch 2, Lucio’s primary method of changing auras is called a crossfade. Lucio will constantly be playing a certain song, and switching to the next song with Crossfade is how it works. A green aura is left behind by the initial song he performs, giving friends a 25% speed buff.

His second song, which has a golden aura and heals friends for 16 per second, is changeable. Any teammates that leave his songs will have the effects lingering for 1 second, eventually dissipating. His melodies have a range of 12 meters.

Amp it Up

The louder the music is as a result of Lucio using Amp it Up, the stronger the auras grow. In combination with the song that increases speed, Lucio may give his comrades a 60% movement speed boost.

He can heal himself for 40 HP every second and heal his teammates for 52 healing per second if he uses it when the soothing song is playing. The cooldown for effect is 12 seconds, and it has a 3-second duration.

Sound Barrier

Lucio’s Ultimate Capacity, Sound Barrier, may significantly improve the team’s ability to survive that’s why he is placed in the S-Tier of this Overwatch 2 Support Tier List. When Lucio performs Sound Barrier, everyone inside a 30-meter radius, including himself, has 750 momentary shields.

These shields can assist teams in gaining the upper hand they require while attempting to retain a disputed territory or drive into a control point since they persist for 7 seconds or until entirely depleted.


Overwatch 2 Support A-Tier

Our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List has now advanced to the A Tier. We urge you to choose the A-Tier Support Characters right away because they are also quite durable and effective on both attack and defense.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
BrigitteSupport150, 50 armorRocket flailRepair pack, Whip shot, Barrier shield, Shield back, Inspire (passive ability) Rally

Brigitte is an expert in armor. She may use Repair Packs to treat teammates, or her Flail can automatically heal friends in the area when it hits an enemy.

Her flail may be used to attack numerous targets at once or to paralyze an adversary at a distance with a whip shot. She ranks at the top of the A-Tier in our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List.

Barrier Shield defends herself as she moves into the action and uses Shield Bash to assault foes. The rally, Brigitte’s ultimate ability, offers her a significant short-term speed boost and grants friends within range with durable armor.

She is a capable support character that excels in arming friends. She serves as a front-line unit, providing protection akin to tanks, unlike other supports who remain on the backline.


The foundation of Brigitte’s recovery process is Inspiration. Brigitte’s abilities, including Whip Shot, Shield Bash, and Rocket Flail, all can strike a target, which triggers the Inspire effect. It applies a heal-over-time effect to all teammates inside a 20-meter radius.

For five seconds, It restores 15 HP each second. The effect has a one-second internal cooldown. It implies that players are unable to apply it again right away. However, they can do so after 1 second and the effect’s timer will reset. The healing effect is not stacked, though.

Rocket Flail

Brigitte’s special attack on foes is the Rocket Flail. A melee weapon called the Rocket Flail can only make one attack every.6 seconds but does not need ammunition. When a target is hit, the Inspire effect is applied, and opponents up to 6 meters distant are damaged by the Rocket Flail’s wide arc of the swing.

Repair Pack

Brigitte may utilize the Repair Pack to quickly administer a heal over time to a close ally in addition to being able to provide teammates the Inspire effect. When activated, Repair Pack gives the target a 110-point heal spread out over 2 seconds.

A Repair Pack charge may only be kept in increments of three. The player will lose 1 charge for each usage of the Repair Pack. Every 6 seconds, the battery is recharged. Before finishing them off with Inspire, it is an excellent ability to burst and replenish an ally instantly.

Whip Shot

Since Brigitte frequently finds herself in a combat situation, she occasionally needs to give herself some breathing room. With Whip Shot, Brigitte may launch a long-range flail strike that pushes opponents away from her. The strike deals modest damage, and it can offer Brigitte just enough room to flee the fray and get some rest.

Barrier Shield

Brigitte has a powerful flail at her disposal, but she also has a shield at her disposal, which she may use to defend herself from blows. Brigitte’s secondary fire strike triggers the Barrier Shield, which is how it functions. She can employ the 250 HP shield to fend off assaults.

Only 250 HP worth of damage may be absorbed by the barrier before it snaps. The shield needs five seconds to recharge when it breaks to be utilized once again. With the aid of the shield, Brigitte may cross dangerous terrain and get into melee range, where she can begin to heal her teammates and smite her enemies.

Shield Bash

In the original Overwatch, Brigitte’s Shield Bash ability was incredibly adaptable. She could go closer to an adversary with it, and it would shock them upon contact. In Overwatch 2, the stun effect is no longer present. However, it now has improved damage and mobility abilities.

The ability now does 50 damage instead of the previous 5 damage. It now also has the Inspire effect when attacking an adversary. Its mobility has also been enhanced from 7 to 12 yards on top of everything else. It makes it much simpler for Brigitte to begin from a distance or to escape to a secure area.


In Overwatch 2, the rally ability is a potent one. Rally is Brigitte’s Ultimate Ability, and she may utilize it to hold checkpoints or make exceptionally strong pushes alongside her squad. Players that use Rally move more quickly and receive healing while they are in its range.

By itself, the rally can offer teams the advantage they need to prevail in team battles. To optimize its efficacy, gamers will want to make sure they only utilize it during crucial encounters.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
ZenyattaSupport50, 150 shieldsOrb of Destruction Orb of harmony, Orb of discord, Snap kick (passive ability)Transcendence 

Zenyatta is a capable Support who is offense-oriented. He distinguishes himself from the other support characters owing to his immense killing power: his Orbs of Destruction and Discord let him tear down even the toughest Tanks with well-aimed blasts.

He can keep a squad alive with the right use of Orb of Harmony or Transcendence. The great lack of movement serves as a counterweight to all of this force.

Snap Kick

For Overwatch 2, Zenyatta has a brand-new passive skill called Snap Kick. Zenyatta’s melee attacks deal more damage, thanks to Snap Kick. His melee attack now deals 45 damage rather than 30, thanks to the bonus’s 50% increased strength.

Additionally, any melee assaults that successfully hit an adversary will severely knock them back. Due to his restricted mobility, it might be useful to him to fight off any flanking enemies who might sneak up on him.

Orb of Destruction

Zenyatta prefers to use the Orb of Destruction, which can be quite lethal with an accurate aim. A ball of energy that Zenyatta projects towards his adversary when utilizing his main fire deals 48 damage and deals substantially more damage to headshots.

It is possible to release one of these energy balls every.4 seconds. Zenyatta has a second firing mode in contrast to his basic fire mode. He can charge up for just a short period before launching a salvo of up to five orbs.

The user may do a whopping 240 damage every volley if they are successful in hitting every one of the quickly released orbs. Because of this, Zenyatta’s killing capability may be significantly increased by learning how to aim correctly.

Orb of Harmony

By employing Orb of Harmony, Zenyatta may keep his teammates’ health levels constant. A ball of light is sent out by Zenyatta when she uses the ability, and it will start hovering over the enemy. Zenyatta will heal the ally for 30 HP every second as long as she is near them.

Zenyatta may transfer the Orb of Harmony freely between targets as necessary to keep his squad stocked, but only one teammate can have it on them at once, and there is no cooldown on it. The orb can return to Zenyatta after three seconds if the target obstructs his line of sight.

Orb of Discord

Orb of Discord gives Zenyatta the ability to summon an orb to float above the shoulders of his enemies, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of his team. The Orb increases all damage taken by the target by 25% while Zenyatta is still near them.

One Orb can be activated at a time, but Zenyatta can shift it freely between priority targets without waiting for a cooldown. And with his team’s help, he can rapidly take down even the toughest opponents. The orb will reappear to Zenyatta after three seconds if the target strays from Zenyatta’s line of sight.


Transcendence, Zenyatta’s Ultimate Ability, grants him invulnerability for 6 seconds while providing his squad with 300 HP each second of healing.

In addition to affecting all friends within 10 meters of Himself, the Transcendence ability quickens his pace of movement, enabling him to keep up with his teammates and heal them even under the most severe attacks. In Overwatch 2, a well-executed Transcendence may conclude team battles on its own.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
Mercy Support 200Caduceus staff (weapon 1), Caduceus blaster (weapon 2) Guardian angel, Resurrect, Sympathetic recovery (passive ability), Angelic Descent (passive ability)Valkyrie 

Among the Support heroes, Mercy is the most focused on healing. Mercy is excellent at focusing on only one target or assistance while not being as effective as other Support characters as a team healer. She is essential for concentrated damage and barrier-breaking because of her capacity to increase her team’s damage output.

Mercy may use Resurrect to make up for her team’s occasional slip-ups by reviving a crucial combatant. Mercy is undoubtedly the Support who relies on their teammates the most because of her poor personal damage, limited mobility, and the opposition team’s attention-grabbing Resurrect ability.


Mercy gets her variant of the newly introduced passive, Regeneration, which replenishes her HP after a short period of being damage-free.

She can heal for 22.5/HP per second as opposed to the standard 15 HP per second because these abilities do stack. Her increased capacity to survive may enable her to stay in combat for a longer time.

Angelic Descent

Mercy can make use of her magnificent pair of wings in combat because she has them. Mercy may now, according to a new update to Angelic Descent, slow down both her ascension and descent by depressing the jump button.

It implies that she can utilize her ability to use the Angelic Descent to carefully use the leap key to ascend above the battleground or drop from high distances while keeping a watch on her comrades. She may activate her ability to move more quickly when necessary to dodge hostile fire.

Caduceus Staff

Mercy’s main weapon and method of boosting and healing her comrades are the Caduceus Staff. She will discharge a light beam that links to the closest ally when she employs the Caduceus Staff’s Primary Fire mode.

Mercy will provide them with 55 seconds of healing when they are fastened to the staff. Mercy must maintain a line of sight to keep the beam from breaking, which has a maximum reach of 15 meters.

Caduceus Blaster

Mercy’s main goal is to heal her companions, therefore, doing damage isn’t a part of her repertoire. She may, however, make use of her Caduceus Blaster, a last-resort sidearm that can do damage to foes.

When stowed, this weapon’s magazine carries 20 bullets and will automatically reload in 1.4 seconds. Mercy will always be prepared to protect herself if required in this manner.

Guardian Angel

Mercy is difficult for the other side to locate in part because of Guardian Angel. She can fly right away to an ally’s position when she utilizes this power, even if the ally is already dead.

With the addition of a meter that fills up as the ability is held, this ability was altered in Overwatch 2. The further it travels, the more charge it has. By leaping, players may stop Mercy’s ability from working and fly off in that direction.


Resurrect enables Mercy to bring a deceased comrade back to life when employed. It needs 1.75 seconds to activate and has to be channeled while being used. Mercy’s movement is reduced by 75% during this period.

The revived ally will also have their full health back and become invincible for 2.25 seconds, although they are unable to attack during this period. They may also immediately move 1.5 seconds after getting revived.


Mercy has an Ultimate Ability called Valkyrie that, when activated, dramatically increases her healing capacity. Mercy can fly unrestrictedly around the battlefield after using Valkyrie. In addition, her Caduceus Staff’s channeled beams gain strength.

Mercy’s healing beam now heals for an extra 20 HP per second in addition to healing for 60 HP every second and chaining to allies besides the one she is treating and to herself. Mercy will chain the damage-increasing beam to her friends when she uses it, increasing all of the damage by 30%.



Despite being very basic, the B-Tier Support Characters in our Support Tier List are pretty potent in terms of the game’s current meta. 


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
BaptiseSupport200Biotic launcher, Biotic launcher alt fireRegenerative burst, Immortality field, EXO bootsAmplification

Baptiste uses a variety of cutting-edge tools and weapons to protect teammates and destroy enemies in dangerous situations. He is an experienced battlefield medic who is equally skilled at destroying the enemy as he is at saving lives.

Baptiste’s skills were improved a little bit for Overwatch 2. Along with the excellent passive that ensures his survival, he has experienced advancements in his active skills that should help him perform a little bit better this time.

Exo Boots

Playing Baptiste has several advantages, one of which is a rapid and simple movement. Exo Boots, a passive ability on Baptiste, charges up when the player keeps down the crouch button.

The player will be launched significantly higher than usual when they leap next. The boots take some time to charge, and once released, and they will keep that charge for one second.

Biotic Launcher

Baptiste favors the Biotic Launcher as a weapon. It is an effective assault weapon with two fire modes. The Biotic Launcher allows for a 3-round burst in its first phase of operation. When used at 25 yards or fewer from the adversary, this may do respectable damage.

Baptiste shouldn’t attempt to interact at a greater distance because of this. Before having to be reloaded, the Biotic Launcher’s main fire stores 45 rounds.

The Biotic Launcher’s name is derived from both the primary fire and secondary firing options. The secondary fire allows players to shoot unique healing grenades. When one of these grenades hits a target directly, it will heal friends by 70 and anybody around by 50.

Regenerative Burst

Baptiste uses Regenerative Burst to heal everyone around him, in addition to himself. Regenerative Burst produces a 10-yard wide region when deployed.

Baptiste and allies in this region will get healing for 150 HP total during the spell and 100 HP total for Baptiste. The healing effect has a 13-second cooldown between uses and requires 5 seconds to fully activate.

Immortality Field

The Immortality Field, one of Baptiste’s hallmark moves, is a throwable object that, when activated, shields teammates from death within a 6.5-meter radius.

The field remains active as long as someone is inside it, and they cannot be killed or reduced to less than 10% life. Baptiste, however, throws forth a generator that can be targeted, which controls the field and limits its duration.

Amplification Matrix

The supreme talent of Baptiste is Amplification Matrix. When activated, it deals 100% more damage to any ally missiles that travel through it, both coming in and leaving out.

However, this does not imply that all damage bonuses are doubled. For instance, Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix paired with Mercy’s 30% damage increase would only be 130% effective, not 160%.



The C-Tier Overwatch 2 Support Characters’ abilities and utilization fall short of the mark. Despite this, you could still play games with them and win. But it’s best to stick with heroes that are higher up on our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponabilitiesUltimate ability
MoiraSupport200Biotic graspBiotic orb, FadeCoalescence

Because of her biotic powers, Moira may contribute to any crisis by doing damage or healing. While Moira has short-range choices with Biotic Grasp, she also has longer-range, hands-off harm and healing options with Biotic Orbs. Moira ranks at the last of our Support Tier List.

Moira may also Fade to get away from enemies or stay near teammates who need assistance. Once Moira has charged Coalescence, she may finish off weakening foes or save numerous comrades from death at once.

Biotic Grasp

Players will have the option of using Moira’s hand-based abilities to either harm or heal teammates while taking on the role of Moira. Her left-hand fires a healing energy beam using the Biotic Grasp’s Primary Firing technique.

Through the use of this power, players can heal their allies for 70 each time Biotic Grasp is gathered while they are focusing on a specific target. The target will continue to get 35 healing units every second after the effect expires for 2 seconds.

The Biotic Grasp has a maximum holding capacity of 160 and consumes 12.5 biotic energy each second when in use. When not being used, Biotic Grasp will produce 3.84 Biotic Energy every second.

Biotic Orb

Moira fires a Biotic Orb which can ricochet off of objects, damaging any enemies it strikes or healing any teammates it comes into touch with.

The orb will heal allies’ health at a rate of 65 HP every second while dealing 50 damage each second to opponents. The destructive orb’s maximum range is 4 meters, while the healing orb’s maximum range is 5.


Fade is a skill that may greatly increase Moira’s capacity for survival. When she utilizes this power, her movement speed is enhanced by 250%, and for 0.752 seconds, she is immune to all harm.

She can pick up health packets to replenish her own HP and purifies herself of all harmful effects while she is fading. The finest use for it is to move about or deflect damaging strikes.


Coalescence, Moira’s Ultimate Ability, combines healing and destructive elements. When activated, Moira will shoot a destructive beam that can pass through walls and cause 70 damage each second to enemies or 140 HP each second to friends.

When Moira uses her ability, her mobility speed is accelerated by 50%, and she heals herself by approximately 50 HP every second.

Changes Due To the Latest Update

Last Update: March 7th, 2023.

Here are all the recent changes that you need to be aware of before heading into the lobbies of Overwatch 2.

  • The hero Baptiste had a change related to their immortality field. The minimum health threshold for the immortality field was increased from 10% to 25%.
  • The character “Lucio” had a change in their kit related to their ultimate ability “sound barrier”. The cost of their ultimate ability was reduced by 7%.
  • The hero “Ana” had a change in their biotic grenade where the effect duration is reduced from 4 seconds to 3.5 seconds.
  • The hero “mercy” had a very massive overhaul to her kit. The details will be compiled and summarized.
  • The first change was related to her “Guardian angel” ability, where the cooldown of the ability increased from 1.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds. Further, holding the backward directional input and canceling the ability by jumping now moves 20% slower.
  • The second change is related to their “Caduceus staff” where healing per second is reduced from 55 to 45. Further, healing is increased by 50% for allies that have under half health.
  • The third change is related to their “regeneration” passive; it was removed entirely.
  • The last change is related to their new passive ability. The name of the ability is “sympathetic recovery” and it allows Mercy to heal herself for 25% of healing done by caduceus staff.
  • The hero “Zenyatta” had a change in their primary weapon where the ammo increased from 20 to 25.
  • The hero “Brigitte” had a change to their kit. The repair pack ability had reduced healing, where healing over time reduced from 55 to 50 per second.
  • The second change was related to their ultimate ability “Rally” where the cost of the ultimate was reduced by 10%.
  • The hero Baptiste had a change related to their immortality field. The minimum health threshold for the immortality field was increased from 10% to 25%.
  • The hero “Moira” had a change in their ultimate ability where the cost of their ultimate ability “Coalescence” was reduced by 5%.

Final Words

All of the characters are presently listed in our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List according to their power and viability. Would you have given the Support Tier List’s Support Characters a different order? Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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