Overwatch 2 Support Tier List: Top Picks [Season 7]

Each of the Support Character has been ranked, figure out who is the Best Support Hero

The Support class aids the group by directly healing and buffing teammates or by incapacitating and impeding your adversaries. Supports don’t usually inflict a lot of damage, but by healing tanks or incapacitating the opponent’s offense heroes, they may make or break a battle! In our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List, all of the tank heroes will be ranked in different tiers.

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Key Highlights
  • Out of the total of 38 characters spread across DPS, Tank, and Support roles, Overwatch 2 offers 10 dedicated Supporters to its players. 
  • Since Support category characters have a rather crucial role in Overwatch 2, their ranking is done after carefully considering each unit’s Healing and Buffing capacities.
  • Overwatch 2 Support characters who are hands down the best in terms of assisting the rest of the team are Lucio, Kiriko, and Ana. 
  • Overwatch 2 Support characters whose overall assistance isn’t as extraordinary as a winning team usually requires to include Baptiste and Moira

Here are all Overwatch 2 Support Heroes Compared In the table below:

IndexCharacter NameHealthPrimary WeaponUltimate Ability
S tierLúcio200Sonic AmplifierSound Barrier
S tierKiriko200Healing Ofuda, KunaiKitsune Rush
S tierAna200Biotic RifleNano Boost
A tierMercy200Caduceus Staff (weapon 1) , Caduceus Blaster (weapon 2)Valkyrie
A tierZenyatta50, 150 shieldsOrb of DestructionTranscendence
A tierBrigitte150, 50 armorRocket FlailRally
A tierIllari200Solar RifleCaptive Sun
B tierBaptiste200Biotic launcherAmplification
B tierLifeweaver200Healing Blossom (weapon 1), Thorn Volley (weapon 2)Tree of Life
C tierMoira200Biotic GraspCoalescence

Any Support should have the primary objective of assisting your team. Many contend that supporting characters are the most crucial because of how useful they are on the battlefield. Instead, because of their capacity to provide their allies with specific boosts and debuffs, supports are incredibly powerful.

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List Table

TiersSupport Heroes
S-Tier Lucio, Kiriko, Ana
A-TierMercy, Zenyatta, Brigitte, Illari
B-TierBaptiste, Lifeweaver


Overwatch 2 Support S-Tier

The S-Tier Support Characters are highly potent. A knowledgeable player can employ any of these Support Characters to take games from the competition on their own.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate Ability
AnaSupport200Biotic Rifle
  • Sleep Dart
  • Biotic Grenade
Nano Boost

Ana can influence heroes across the battlefield thanks to her diverse armament. Her Biotic Rifle bullets and the Biotic Grenades heal teammates and hurt or hinder opponents; her sidearm sedates important targets, and Nano Boost significantly boosts the power of one of her allies. Ana is at the top of our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List.

She is a support sniper who can do a respectable amount of damage while providing healing at any range. Her Biotic Grenade allows her to boost the healing benefits of not just her healing darts but also those of other Supports and external sources of health, including Payloads or Health packs.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate Ability
  • Healing Ofuda
  • Kunai
  • Swift Step
  • Protection Suzu
  • Wall Climb
Kitsune Rush

In Overwatch 2, Kiriko is a healer and support ninja, and she has achieved the S-Tier in our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List due to her great Abilities. She can scale barriers to protect her allies from damage and powerful strikes. She is the newest member of the Overwatch 2 hero roster and the first to be made accessible with the Paid Battle Pass.

Kiriko is an extremely flexible asset to any squad because she can both protect the lives of her comrades and do significant amounts of damage.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate Ability
LúcioSupport200Sonic Amplifier
  • Soundwave
  • Crossfade
  • Amp it Up
  • Wall Ride
Sound barrier

Lucio is a flexible Support that can be mastered with sufficient situational awareness. His aura lets him deal damage to battles while passively boosting his friends, and his Sound Barrier allows him to defend against opposing ultimates and support his team’s offensive assaults.

He has a reasonably high resilience for a support hero due to his ability to flee perilous circumstances using both the knockback effect of his Soundwave and the Amped Up speed aura.

While he doesn’t have the same single-target healing as Mercy or Ana, and his damage output is lesser than many other Supports, his multi-target healing and speed boost nevertheless make him an important Support Character on any team.


Overwatch 2 Support A-Tier

Our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List has now advanced to the A Tier. We urge you to choose the A-Tier Support Characters right away because they are also quite durable and effective on both attack and defense.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate Ability
BrigitteSupport150, 50 armorRocket Flail
  • Repair Pack
  • Whip Shot
  • Barrier Shield
  • Shield Back
  • Inspire (passive ability) 

Brigitte is an expert in armor. She may use Repair Packs to treat teammates, or her Flail can automatically heal friends in the area when it hits an enemy. Her flail may be used to attack numerous targets at once or to paralyze an adversary at a distance with a whip shot. She ranks at the top of the A-Tier in our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List.

Barrier Shield defends herself as she moves into the action and uses Shield Bash to assault foes. The rally, Brigitte’s ultimate ability, offers her a significant short-term speed boost and grants friends within range with durable armor. She is a capable support character who excels in arming friends. She serves as a front-line unit, providing protection akin to tanks, unlike other supports who remain on the backline.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate Ability
ZenyattaSupport50, 150 shieldsOrb of Destruction 
  • Orb of Harmony
  • Orb of Discord
  • Snap Kick (passive ability)

Zenyatta is a capable Support who is offense-oriented. He distinguishes himself from the other support characters owing to his immense killing power: his Orbs of Destruction and Discord let him tear down even the toughest Tanks with well-aimed blasts.

He can keep a squad alive with the right use of Orb of Harmony or Transcendence. The great lack of movement serves as a counterweight to all of this force.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate Ability
Mercy Support 200
  • Caduceus Staff (weapon 1)
  • Caduceus Blaster (weapon 2) 
  • Guardian Angel
  • Resurrect
  • Sympathetic Recovery (passive ability)
  • Angelic Descent (passive ability)

Among the Support heroes, Mercy is the most focused on healing. Mercy is excellent at focusing on only one target or assistance while not being as effective as other Support characters as a team healer. She is essential for concentrated damage and barrier-breaking because of her capacity to increase her team’s damage output.

Mercy may use Resurrect to make up for her team’s occasional slip-ups by reviving a crucial combatant. Mercy is undoubtedly the Support who relies on their teammates the most because of her poor personal damage, limited mobility, and the opposition team’s attention-grabbing Resurrect ability.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate ability
IllariSupport 200Solar Rifle (Long range auto-charging rifle)
  • Captive Sun
  • Healing Pylon
  • Outburst
Captive Sun

Fueled by solar power, Illari deals damage and heals seamlessly in multiplayer. With engaging mechanics, Illari stands out among top support heroes, offering a fresh and exciting play style. Compared to her counterparts, Illari performs well, presenting a dynamic aiming challenge with various skills. As a potent alternative to Kiriko, she excels in damage and sustains, though her low mobility demands attention.

Optimal play involves pairing Illari with DPS or Tank for maximum impact due to her rapid effective fire. Coordinate ultimates with teammates for powerful combos. In summary, Illari shows promise but may face future nerfs due to her current strength.



Despite being very basic, the B-Tier Support Characters in our Support Tier List are pretty potent in terms of the game’s current meta. 


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate Ability
BaptiseSupport200Biotic Launcher
  • Regenerative Burst
  • Immortality Field
  • EXO boots

Baptiste uses a variety of cutting-edge tools and weapons to protect teammates and destroy enemies in dangerous situations. He is an experienced battlefield medic who is equally skilled at destroying the enemy as he is at saving lives.

Baptiste’s skills were improved a little bit for Overwatch 2. Along with the excellent passive that ensures his survival, he has experienced advancements in his active skills that should help him perform a little bit better this time.


Name Role Health Primary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate Ability
  • Healing Blossom (weapon 1)
  • Thorn Volley (weapon 2)
  • Petal Platform
  • Rejuvenating Dash
  • Life Grip
  • Parting Gift (passive ability)
Tree of Life

Lifeweaver is a support hero in Overwatch 2 who uses his mobility on the field to both protect as well as hinder his teammates. With a playstyle that is both diverse and hard to learn, he is surely a character that is not the first choice for most people.

Lifeweaver is a healer who cannot deal much damage on the field and his damage dealing is also not on par with other support characters. What sets him apart from other characters is his unique kit which can be tested and learned in order to maneuver and travel around the field.

The usage of his abilities to move enemies and friends from one place to another can come in quite handy, especially in situations when one is surrounded in 5v5 matches. This makes Lifeweaver a perfect support for team-based matches and a good choice to have in a squad. His skills and learning to use them enhance his support qualities even further.



The C-Tier Overwatch 2 Support Characters’ abilities and utilization fall short of the mark. Despite this, you could still play games with them and win. But it’s best to stick with heroes that are higher up on our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List.


NameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate Ability
MoiraSupport200Biotic Grasp
  • Biotic Orb
  • Fade

Because of her biotic powers, Moira may contribute to any crisis by doing damage or healing. While Moira has short-range choices with Biotic Grasp, she also has longer-range, hands-off harm and healing options with Biotic Orbs. Moira ranks at the last of our Support Tier List.

Moira may also Fade to get away from enemies or stay near teammates who need assistance. Once Moira has charged Coalescence, she may finish off weakening foes or save numerous comrades from death at once.

Changes Due To the Latest Update

Last Update: August 10th, 2023.

Here are all the recent changes that you need to be aware of before heading into the lobbies of Overwatch 2.

  • Illari has been added to the support characters line-up. 
  • Lúcio’s survival options are made more reliable in order to bring him to par with the other support heroes. For instance, Crossfade is now offered without any healing penalty whenever Amp It Up is used, while Soundwave’s cooldown is reduced to 4 seconds from 5. Crossfade will now also manifest 20% extra attack speed. 
  • Kiriko is made more powerful and can now heal crouching teammates effectively, thanks to Swift Step. Its Protection Suzu has had its Knockback removed but will heal for an extra 30 health whenever removing debuff effects. The damage of Kunai’s ability is also increased to 45. 
  • Ana has taken a downturn after the recent changes, which had made her too effective for long-range. Biotic Rifle’s per projectile damage and healing is reduced to 70 from 75.
  • Mercy finally got those damage amplification effects reduced, making her perform strongly at all skill ranks. The Caduceus Staff secondary fire damage boost is shrunk to just 25% from 30. 
  • Brigitte also registers a nerf to its overall effectiveness and survivability. The Barrier Shield health is shrunk to 250 from 300, Rally’s ultimate cost is swelled to bring a duration increase of 5 seconds into effect, and Shield Bash’s damage is changed to 60. Another bad news? The passive ability Inspire now only renders Healing of 55.
  • Since most players weren’t happy with the recent addition of Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2, he’s buffed pretty well this time. The Tree of Life ability will convert half of its overhealing into an Overhealth effect, the spread of Thorn Valley projectiles is reduced by 25%, healing by Rejuvenating Dash is increased to 50 from 25, and Life Grip’s new mobility lockout duration is 0.75 seconds.

All of the characters are presently listed in our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List according to their power and viability. Would you have given the Support Tier List’s Support Characters a different order? Please share your thoughts in the section below.

Last Update: October 19th, 2023.

Here are all the recent changes in some of the Support characters in Overwatch 2 that the players need to be aware of: 


  • Whip Shot Damage: 70 ~ 80


  • Solar Rifle Secondary fire healing per second: 120 ~ 105

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