Overwatch 2 Brigitte: Abilities, Playstyle, Changes

This guide contains details of Brigitte in Overwatch 2 including her abilities, playstyle, and changes

Overwatch 2 has three categories of heroes: DPS, Tank, and Support. Each of the characters in Overwatch 2 has a specific role which makes them so unique. Although a hero like Brigitte falls in the category of Support in Overwatch 2, she is more than that. In Support, you see other heroes like Lucio, Baptiste, and Kiriko.

Key Takeaways
  • Brigitte is a Support Character in Overwatch 2.
  • What makes her one of the best heroes in the game are her abilities, which include Repair Pack, Barrier Shield, Shield Bash, and Rocket Flail.
  • Despite being a Support character, she can act as a tank whenever needed.
  • She is most useful in close fights as her primary weapon is melee, and she can heal her teammates while dealing damage.
  • Brigitte can be played in multiple ways, given the diversity of her abilities, but I recommend you stick mainly with the Support function.

Role Of Brigitte 

Overwatch 2: Brigitte
Support Character Briggite [image credit: eXputer]
Support150.050.0Rocket Flail, Repair Pack, Whip Shot, Barrier Shield, Shield Bash, Inspire, Role: Support, Rally

Brigitte became Reinhardt‘s squire, and together, they joined the new Overwatch to combat global injustices. Brigitte is a damage-based healer, eliminating the need to depend on others. She excels in healing, shielding, and delivering repair packs.

Brigitte is beginner-friendly, making her a favored choice, even for non-healer players. She is particularly appealing for those seeking straightforward gameplay in Overwatch 2, despite her transition from tank to a more balanced role, maintaining her shield.

Brigitte Abilities 

Overwatch 2: Brigitte Abilities
Abilities of Brigitte in Overwatch 2 [image credit: eXputer]
Brigitte has a total of four primary abilities apart from her ultimate and two passive abilities as well. Overall, the primary abilities have very different roles; one allows you to do damage, one allows you to block damage, and one allows you to heal.

Rocket Flail

Overwatch 2: Rocket Flail of Brigitte
Brigitte’s Primary Weapon: Rocket Flail [image credit: eXputer]
Type Weapon
Effect Type Melee
Damage 35 Dmg
Max Range 6 meters
Rate Of Fire (ROF) 1 Swing/0.6 secs
Duration 0.240 secs

The primary weapon of Brigitte is Rocket Flail, which you can use by pressing the default left click. Simply put, it is a melee weapon; however, Overwatch 2 has modified it to be able to extend. Therefore, you do not need to be extremely close to your opponent to do damage.

It does a good amount of damage. However, since it is a melee weapon, you must be closer to your enemy. Apart from that, it is essential for you to be aware of the distance between you and your opponent. The maximum distance you can have from your enemy is six meters, not more than that! The enemy will receive no damage even if you are seven meters away.

Repair Pack

Repair Pack Ability for Healing
Brigitte’s Ability: Repair Pack [image credit: eXputer]
Type Ability
Effect Type Targeted (Allies)
Healing 25 + 100 HP for 2 secs
Projectile Speed 45 m/s
Max Range 25 meters
Ammo 3
Duration 2 secs
  • 6 secs/charge
  • Total Charges: 3

The Repair Pack can be used by pressing E, which is the default key. The purpose of the Repair Pack is to heal your teammate for a short duration of time.

Moreover, there are a total of three Repair Packs, and you can see them right below your crosshair with the plus sign. However, once you use a Repair Pack, you will need to wait three seconds before using the second one. If your teammate is in critical condition, you can use all three of them.

Whip Shot

Overwatch 2: Brigitte's Whip Shot
Brigitte’s Ability: Whip Shot [image credit: eXputer]
Type Ability
Effect Type Projectile
Damage 70 Dmg
Move. Speed 25 m/s
Projectile Speed 80 m/s
Max Range 20 meters
Area Of Effect 0.5 meters
Casting Time 0.2 secs
Cooldown 4 secs

The second primary ability of Brigitte is the Whip Shot, which can be used by pressing the left shift, which is the default key. Its purpose is simple: to knock an opponent away from you.

The ability launches a flail directly toward the opponent to knock them away. You can use it for multiple purposes, but the best and most difficult way of using it is to knock the opponent off the map. It will require much effort and perfect timing, but it is worth it.

Barrier Shield And Shield Bash

Overwatch 2: Barrier Shield of Brigitte
Brigitte’s Ability: Barrier Shield [image credit: eXputer]
Type Ability
  • Default Value: 250
  • During Rally Value: 700
Healing After being down for 2 secs regenerates: 85 Barrier HP/Sec
Move. Speed Penalty: -30%
Casting Time Instant
Cooldown 5 secs if destroyed

These two abilities come hand in hand. You can use the Barrier Shield by holding the right-click to put a shield right in front of you. The shield can take up to 250 damage before it gets destroyed. Once that happens, it will have a cooldown of five seconds, after which you can use it again.

Shield Bash ability to Push Forward
Brigitte’s Ability: Shield Bash [image credit: eXputer]
Type Ability
Effect Type
  • Melee
  • Movement
Damage 50 dmg
Move. Speed Buff: +500%
Max Range 12 meters
Area Of Effect 60 Degree front cone angle radius
Cooldown 5 secs

The downside of the Barrier Shield is that you cannot use your primary weapon or any other ability while using it. However, you can use the Shield Bash while the Barrier Shield is on. You can do that by pressing the left-click button while holding the right-click one.

Doing that will dash you forward in the direction you are aiming at. Moreover, the main purpose of it is not to dash but to knock the opponent who is in the direction.


Type Passive Ability
Effect Type  Area Of Effect
Healing  15 HP Per Sec
Area Of Effect 20 meters
Duration 5 secs
Cooldown 1 sec

It is her first passive ability that allows Brigitte to heal the nearby teammates when she is dealing damage. The Inspire ability lets you focus less on helping your teammates by healing them and more on dealing damage to heal them automatically.


Ultimate of Brigitte in Overwatch 2
Brigitte’s Ultimate Ability: Rally [image credit: eXputer]
Type Ultimate Ability
Effect Type Area Of Effect
HP 15 Over HP/0.5 secs
Move. Speed Buff: +15%
Area Of Effect  8.5 meters
Casting Time  0.69 secs
  • Rally: 10 secs
  • Over health: 30 secs: 
Ultimate Cost 2,700 Points

The Rally ability is the ultimate ability of Brigitte in the game. The ultimate provides Brigitte more movement speed, extra armor, and additional healing to her teammates. Also, her health will increase from 200 to 300, an additional hundred hp during the ultimate.

The Rally Ultimate lasts for ten seconds only; however, the extra armor provided by it will last for thirty seconds. I prefer you use the ultimate for offense as it will make Brigitte more like a tank for a while and give confidence to your teammates so they can push the opponents.

Playstyle of Brigitte

Before you consider playing Brigitte in the game, you must know her role and how she can be useful to her team. She combines tank and support roles but don’t rely on her as the sole tank. With 200 health, 50 armor, and a 250 HP shield, she offers good protection, and her shield’s value has increased in Overwatch 2.

Her Whip Shot is useful for displacing single enemies when capturing an objective. Focus less on dealing damage as she’s a support character. Prioritize your teammates. Use Repair Pack to quickly heal struggling allies, regardless of distance, but stay within their view. Don’t just watch your team; her passive ability, Inspire, and heal nearby allies while dealing damage.

Use The Barrier Shield Smartly

While it may be tempting to use Brigitte’s Barrier Shield to push into opponents, I advise against unnecessary use. Brigitte’s shield, with only 250 HP, is less durable than a tank like Reinhardt’s 1200 HP shield. Opponents can quickly break it, leaving you vulnerable and making the attempt a waste.

Instead, deploy the Barrier Shield strategically. Use it to cover yourself or a teammate in a precarious situation, providing them time to find cover, reload, and rejoin the fight.

Additionally, Brigitte’s Barrier Shield can buy your team time to react to enemy flanks. Though she used to stun opponents with Shield Bash, a recent Nerf removed this ability, so exercise caution when facing opponents with powerful ultimates like Reaper.

Changes Of Brigitte In Overwatch 2

Every character in Overwatch 2 has faced major changes. Some heroes have been buffed, while those who were overpowered are nerfed. Brigitte has received a total of seven changes, and overall, I can consider her to be buffed.

  • Shield Bash will no longer stun enemies; it will only cause a knockback
  • Inspire has been reduced from six seconds to five seconds.
  • Distance traveled using the Shield Bash has been increased from seven meters to twelve meters.
  • Cooldown of the Shield Bash has been reduced from seven seconds to five seconds.
  • The damage caused by Shield Bash has been increased from a mere one to fifty.
  • Inspire healing can also be triggered by using the Shield Bash ability.
  • With the passive ability, Brigitte can now heal herself over time.

My Personal Thoughts On Brigitte

My personal 45-hour experience with Brigitte in Overwatch 2 has been interesting, to say the least. I find her to be a good balance between a tank and a support agent as a dynamic support hero. She’s a versatile and robust hero, excelling in healing, damage dealing, and enemy disruption. However, her dependence on team proximity is a significant weakness, as she must be close to teammates for healing and protection.

Overwatch 2
My Overwatch 2 hours (Steam ID: ;-;)

Her relatively slow movement makes her susceptible to enemy ambushes. In certain scenarios, her supportive role shines; for instance, in an aggressive team, she can effectively maintain team health and disrupt the enemy. But against dive heroes, her limitations become evident. Overall, Brigitte is a rewarding and impactful hero, requiring strategic positioning and gameplay awareness.

All in all, Brigitte is arguably one of the best Support Heroes in Overwatch 2 that you can think of. As I have mentioned earlier, she can be used for multiple purposes apart from her main support role. However, it does not mean that you rely on her while treating her as a damage or a tank hero.

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