Overwatch 2 Brigitte: Abilities, Playstyle, Changes

This guide contains details of Brigitte in Overwatch 2 including her abilities, playstyle, and changes

Overwatch 2 has three categories of heroes: DPS, Tank, and Support. Each of the characters in Overwatch 2 has a specific role which makes them so unique. Although a hero like Brigitte falls in the category of Support in Overwatch 2, she is more than that. In Support, you get to see other heroes like Lucio, Baptiste, and Kiriko

Key Takeaways

    • Brigitte is a Support Character in the game.
    • What makes her one of the best heroes in the game are her abilities which include Repair Pack, Barrier Shield, Shield Bash, and Rocket Flail primarily.
    • Despite being a Support character, she can act as a tank whenever needed.
    • She is most useful in close fights as her primary weapon is a melee weapon, and she can heal her teammates while dealing damage.
    • Brigitte can be played in multiple ways given the diversity of her abilities, but we recommend you stick mainly with the Support function.

Role Of Brigitte 

Overwatch 2: Brigitte
Support Character Briggite [image credit: eXputer]
Brigitte: the Swedish character has a lore of her own. It shows that she excels in two things, and they are a sense of honor and engineering. Reinhardt happens to be her grandfather, who lives in accordance with Justice, Courage, and Valor.

Brigitte used to listen to stories from her grandfather and what inspired her the most was the tales of Valor. However, when she grew up, she was able to become the squire of Reindhart’s knight. Since then, Brigitte and Reinhart have joined the new Overwatch in order to put an end to the wrongs of the world.

The best thing about Brigitte in the game is that she is a damage-based healer. In the early stages of the game, players struggle to play with support heroes who are not so good at dealing with damage. Some Heroes, like Mercy, are entirely focused on healing abilities and so when you play in a team with bad chemistry, you find yourself helpless in front of the opponents.

However, having a hero like Brigitte will not make you rely on other players during a game. Instead, they will always rely on you, whether it comes to healing them, covering them, or putting out a shield for them. Her chances of survival increase significantly due to the flail, shield, and repair packs.

Players who have not played ability hero games like Overwatch 2 before struggle to understand the mechanics of many characters. However, Brigitte is a simple character to pick up and get into matches. This is arguably the main reason why most players prefer to play with her, even if they do not want to play a healer.

Moreover, some players are struggling with their gameplay sometimes, so they tend to pick someone like Brigitte as well. Moreover, it is essential to know that unlike Overwatch 1, you cannot use her in Overwatch 2 as a tank. Through some changes, the game has changed her playstyle and made her abilities resemble lesser to that of a tank. However, she still possesses a shield.

Brigitte Abilities 

Overwatch 2: Brigitte Abilities
Abilities of Brigitte in Overwatch 2 [image credit: eXputer]
Brigitte has a total of four primary abilities apart from her ultimate and two passive abilities as well. Overall, the primary abilities have very different roles; one allows you to do damage, one allows you to block damage, and one allows you to heal. However, her passive abilities are purely related to healing as she is a support character, after all.

Rocket Flail

Overwatch 2: Rocket Flail of Brigitte
Brigitte’s Primary Weapon: Rocket Flail [image credit: eXputer]
The primary weapon of Brigitte is Rocket Flail which you can use by pressing the default left click. Simply put, it is a melee weapon; however, Overwatch 2 has modified it to be able to extend. Therefore, you do not need to be extremely close to your opponent in order to do damage.

The Rocket Flail does a good amount of damage, and you can take out heroes, excluding tanks, within seven hits. However, since it is a melee weapon, you need to be closer to your enemy. Consider it as a downside because Brigitte is not a tank, and she has a health of 200. Therefore, use your offense when it is absolutely necessary.

Apart from that, it is essential for you to be aware of the distance between you and your opponent. The maximum distance you can have from your enemy is six meters, not more than that! Even if you are seven meters away, the enemy will receive no damage.

Therefore, be mindful of the distance. Moreover, being too close would not increase the damage of the weapon. It does not matter whether you are six meters or one meter away from the opponent, the damage will be the same.

Repair Pack

Repair Pack Ability for Healing
Brigitte’s Ability: Repair Pack [image credit: eXputer]
The Repair Pack can be used by pressing E, which is the default key. The purpose of the Repair Pack ability is to heal your teammate for a short duration of time. There is no limitation on the range, so you can be far away from your teammate and help them.

Moreover, there are a total of three Repair Packs ready to be used, and you can see them right below your crosshair with the plus sign. However, once you use a Repair Pack, you will need to wait for three seconds before you can use the second one. If your teammate is in critical condition, you can even use all three of these on them.

Whip Shot

Overwatch 2: Brigitte's Whip Shot
Brigitte’s Ability: Whip Shot [image credit: eXputer]
The second primary ability of Brigitte is the Whip Shot which can be used by pressing the left shift, which is the default key. Its purpose is simple, and that is to knock an opponent away from you. The ability launches a flail directly toward the opponent to knock them away. You can use it for multiple purposes, but the best and most difficult way of using it is to knock the opponent off the map.

It will require much effort and perfect timing, but it is worth it. Apart from that, you can use it in heated battles when more than one opponent is coming toward you. However, do not use it to deal damage, as it will only do minimal damage.

Barrier Shield And Shield Bash

Overwatch 2: Barrier Shield of Brigitte
Brigitte’s Ability: Barrier Shield [image credit: eXputer]
These two abilities come hand in hand. You can use the Barrier Shield by holding the right-click, which will put a shield right in front of you. The shield can take up to 250 damage before it gets destroyed. Once that happens, it will have a cooldown of five seconds, after which you can use it again. Until then, you can take cover behind it, and you can also cover your teammates who are in the line of the shield.

Shield Bash ability to Push Forward
Brigitte’s Ability: Shield Bash [image credit: eXputer]
The downside of the Barrier Shield is that you cannot use your primary weapon or any other ability while using it. However, you have the option to use the Shield Bash while the Barrier Shield is on. You can do that by simply pressing the left-click button while holding the right-click one.

Doing that will dash you forward in the direction you are aiming at. Moreover, the main purpose of it is not to dash but to knock the opponent who is in the direction. However, you do not need to use it for offense only. It can be used for escaping as well. In case your Damage or Tank hero gets eliminated, and you are all alone, use the Shield Bash to get back to cover.


It is her first passive ability that allows Brigitte to heal the nearby teammates when she is dealing damage. The Inspire ability lets you focus less on helping your teammates by healing them and more on dealing damage to heal them automatically.

Even though her weapon is a melee with an extended range, it will be okay if you go ahead of your other teammates in a fight as long as they are covering you. If they fail to do so, you can always use your Barrier Shield along with the Shield Bash to retreat quickly.

However, the game has nerfed her a bit. She used to heal her teammates for six seconds after dealing damage which has now been changed to five seconds. It will not be a big issue for you, especially if you play her the right way.

Role: Support

The second passive ability of Brigitte is Role: Support which heals her overtime. Therefore, she does not need to rely on the other support character or heal. In case her health drops, she can simply take cover and let herself heal over time.


Ultimate of Brigitte in Overwatch 2
Brigitte’s Ultimate Ability: Rally [image credit: eXputer]
The Rally ability is the ultimate ability of Brigitte in the game. The ultimate provides Brigitte more movement speed, extra armor, and additional healing to her teammates. Not only that, her health will increase from 200 to 300, an additional hundred hp during the ultimate.

The Rally Ultimate lasts for ten seconds only; however, the extra armor provided by it will last for thirty seconds. We prefer you use the ultimate for offense as it will make Brigitte more like a tank for a while and give confidence to your teammates so they can push the opponents.

The reason for confidence is that the ultimate will provide your teammates with Overhealth. The Overhealth will give your teammates extra health as well. The extra health will be visible as there will be an extra green bar in their health, the same way it is in Brigitte’s.

Playstyle of Brigitte

Before you consider playing Brigitte in the game, you must know her role and how she can be useful to her team. Even though she is a support character, she can be used as a hybrid of tank and support in a match. However, we strongly recommend you not to drop a tank from your team solely relying on her.

With 200 health, 50 armor, and a shield of 250 hp, she can withstand many opponents and provide cover with no big issue. Her shield has increased even more in value due to the changes in Overwatch 2. Now there are not so many heroes with a good shield, but Brigitte is not one of them.

Her Whip Shot is a great utility especially when it comes to capturing the objective. In case there is only one opponent stopping your team from achieving the goal, then you can simply use it to knock them away. Since Brigitte is a support character, we strongly recommend you not focus too much on dealing damage.

Rather, you should be focusing on your teammates first. Make sure that all your teammates are having smooth duels and in case you find someone struggling, then use the Repair Pack without wasting any time so they can regenerate their health faster. Since the ability does not require a specific range to use the ability, you can be wherever you want but make sure you are in the field of view.

However, it does not mean you just sit back and relax watching your teammates fight. As mentioned earlier, her passive ability: Inspire is useful in healing nearby allies while dealing damage. Make sure that your team is sticking together so they all benefit from this beneficial passive ability.

Use The Barrier Shield Smartly

Now, it may be tempting to use her Barrier Shield to push into the opponents, but we recommend you not to do it unnecessarily. Compared to a tank such as Reinhart which has a 1200 HP shield, Brigitte has only a 250 HP shield and it will not take long enough for your opponents to break it. Once they break the shield, you will be vulnerable and so it will be a wasted attempt.

However, the barrier shield will help you in a number of situations. First and foremost, you should be using it to cover your teammate or yourself who is in a tight spot and can get eliminated easily. Once the shield is on, the teammate will have enough time to take cover and reload their weapon if there is a need for it and get back into action.

Moreover, if your team faces a flank from the enemy side then Brigitte’s Barrier Shield will give your team enough time to acknowledge it and react as soon as possible. Apart from that, if you have played Brigitte before, you would know that she used to have the ability of stunning opponents after the Shield Bash.

Heroes like Reaper who are feared when they use their ultimate were no match to Brigitte. She would simply use her shield to go near them and use the Shield Bash in order to stun them and delay their ultimate. However, the nerf on her has removed the stun ability and so you will need to be careful around the opponents who are on ultimate.

Brigitte’s Synergizing Heroes

Since Overwatch 2 is a team game, all players must focus on playing the matches tactfully and with synergy. Some heroes make up excellent chemistry which makes the opponents fall back with no choice. Similarly, Brigitte will add damage and push forward more effectively with the heroes mentioned below. If you are playing with your friends as Brigitte, make sure you ask them to try these heroes.


If the team is focusing on increasing the pace of the push then Brigitte should definitely make a partnership with Reinhart. His shield and tank abilities will allow you to play the game more aggressively. Moreover, if Reinhart’s shield breaks then you can use the Rally Ultimate along with the Barrier Shield to provide more cover.


Brigitte and Mercy have probably the best combo when it comes to support characters. In some situations, Brigitte can be short-handed with the healing as her Repair Pack only has three packs and they are not enough for the whole team. When that happens, Mercy will be at your side to fulfill the deficit of healing required.

One thing that Mercy players struggle with is reviving. Whenever they try to resurrect their teammate, they end up being in the open and get eliminated while reviving. However, with Brigitte on their side, they don’t need to worry. As soon as Mercy is ready to revive, Brigitte can use her Barrier Shield to provide cover and buy some time for Mercy to revive.


If you follow a Reaper player as a healer while they are flanking, they will definitely run out of words for thanking you. Even though Reaper can heal himself while dealing damage, he will struggle if he flanks the enemies repeatedly.

At one point, they will be expecting Reaper to come from the flank, so they will try to make the fight 2v1. Therefore, Brigitte will be very useful for Reaper during the middle and towards the end of the game. Both of these heroes have close-range weapons and so it is vital for both of them to stick together.

In case both of them come across one enemy, they will eliminate the enemy in no time. Moreover, the enemy will get into confusion as to which one to shoot. Since Brigitte has more health after considering her Barrier Shield, we prefer that you stay ahead of Reaper and take the bullets while Reaper focuses on taking them down.


If the opponent team is strong and is dealing heavy damage, it can be difficult for Zarya to take the bullets alone. In moments like these, you can use Brigitte as a tank if needed. Since Brigitte will be playing as a tank, she will definitely be using her Barrier Shield. However, with only 250 HP the Shield will break soon.

When that happens, Zarya can simply place her Projected Barrier on you so that your Shield’s five seconds cooldown does not feel like fifty seconds. Not only that, the Projected Barrier will soak up the damage you receive and end up charging Zarya’s Particle Canon. Therefore, there is no need for you to take cover when there is no shield.

Changes Of Brigitte In Overwatch 2

Every character in Overwatch 2 has faced major changes. Some heroes have been buffed while those who were overpowered are nerfed. Brigitte has received a total of seven changes, and overall we can consider her to be buffed.

  • Shield Bash will no longer stun enemies, it will only cause a knockback
  • The duration of the passive ability: Inspire has been reduced from six seconds to five seconds.
  • The distance traveled using the Shield Bash has been increased from seven meters to twelve meters
  • The cooldown of the Shield Bash has been reduced from seven seconds to five seconds.
  • The damage caused by Shield Bash has been increased from a mere one to fifty.
  • Inspire healing can also be triggered by using the Shield Bash ability.
  • With the passive ability, Brigitte can now heal herself over time.

Final Words

All in all, Brigitte is arguably one of the best Support Heroes in Overwatch 2 that you can think of. She can be used for multiple purposes apart from her main support role as we have mentioned earlier. However, it does not mean that you rely on her while treating her as a damage or a tank hero.

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