BEST Overwatch 2 Healers [All Ranked]

After playing the game for countless hours, here are all the Healers In Overwatch 2 that you must equip

Overwatch 2 is a team game, and having an effective healer on your team can, at times, decide the outcome of the game. With the restriction of 1 tank per game and an overall faster pace, it is more important than ever for healers to hold their ground instead of hiding behind a tank.

Key Takeaways
  • When selecting the Overwatch 2 best healer, only considering their healing ability is not enough.
  • Their mobility and damage are just as important.
  • The main advantage of using the Overwatch 2 Best Healer is that players can heal their teammates effectively as well as deal damage to enemies.
  • The disadvantage of using the Overwatch 2 Best Healer is that players won’t be able to get a large amount of frags and will mostly have to focus on providing support to their team.
  • However, having the best healer can highly impact the outcome of the matches one plays.

Overwatch 2 Best Healer Comparison

RankNameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate
10LifeweaverSupport175Healing BlossomPetal Platform, Rejuvenating Dash, Life GripTree of Life
9IllariSupport200Solar RifleOutburst, Healing PylonCaptive Sun
8BrigitteSupport150Rocket FlailRepair Pack, Whip Shot, Barrier shield, Shield Back, InspireRally
7ZenyattaSupport50Orb of DestructionOrb of Harmony, Orb of Discord, Snap KickTranscendence
6MercySupport 200Caduceus Staff, Caduceus BlasterGuardian Angel, Resurrect, Sympathetic Recovery, Angelic DescentValkyrie
5AnaSupport200Biotic RifleSleep Dart, Biotic Rifle, Biotic GrenadeNano boost
4BaptisteSupport200Biotic LauncherRegenerative Burst, Immortality Field, EXO BootsAmplification
3KirikoSupport200Healing Ofuda, KunaiSwift Step, Protection SuzuKitsune Rush
2MoiraSupport200Biotic GraspBiotic Orb, FadeCoalescence
1LucioSupport200Sonic AmplifierSoundwave, Crossfade, Amp it Up, Wall RideSound barrier

10. Illari

Best Self Healer
Name Role Health Primary Weapon Abilities Ultimate
Illari Support 200 Solar Rifle Outburst, Healing Pylon  Captive Sun

Illari is a good support and healing character, as her entire kit revolves mostly around her healing capabilities. However, she is tough to master as not all players would be comfortable with a mix of offense and healing capabilities, which she has.

Illari’s main and her hit-or-miss ultimate, “Captive Sun,” serve as offensive tools for dire situations when teammates need extra assistance.

Combine Illari’s Outburst, pushing away enemies while moving her forward swiftly, with Healing Pylon. This ability prioritizes healing for lower-health teammates before addressing those with minor injuries, healing at a rate of 40 HP per second. This strategic mix enhances Illari’s versatility in supporting the team.

  • Heal allies
  • Stun enemies
  • Self Healing
  • Low mobility
  • Low health
  • Limited range
  • Switch between healing and damage modes

9. Lifeweaver

Name Role Health Primary Weapon Abilities Ultimate
Lifeweaver Support 175 Healing Blossom  Petal Platform, Rejuvenating Dash, Life Grip Tree of Life

Lifeweaver, deeply connected to nature, integrates nature’s knowledge into his skills for a unique playstyle. He can heal and buff teammates but also has the ability to hinder opponents.

While Healing Blossom offers limited healing, Lifeweaver shines more in mobility and diverse abilities. His ultimate, Tree of Life, provides substantial healing, crucial in turning the tide during critical moments in the game.

  • Heal multiple allies at once
  • Creates a platform for allies to stand
  • Pull ally to safety
  • Self-healing
  • Low health
  • Low mobility
  • Relies on good positioning

8. Brigitte

Best Tank Healer
Rocket Flail
Brigitte Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Abilities  Ultimate ability 
Support 150 Rocket flail Repair pack, Whip shot, Barrier shield, Shield back, Inspire (passive ability)  Rally

Brigitte, a Tank and Support hybrid, wields a Rocket Flail for offense and a Barrier Shield for defense. She can heal nearby allies when attacking with her Flail. Her beginner-friendly focus on support and melee combat makes her effective, but her slow speed and limited mobility leave her vulnerable to distant or flanking foes.

Overall, Brigitte excels as a healer and frontline support but struggles with mobility. She’s a robust team player who can push enemies and pack a punch when in close quarters.

  • Self-healing
  • High damage output
  • Allies and self-protection
  • Boost allies’ health and armor
  • Low mobility
  • Needs to be close to deal damage
  • Small shield

7. Zenyatta

Most Offensive Healer
Orbs of Destruction
Zenyatta Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Abilities  Ultimate ability 
Support 50 Orb of Destruction  Orb of harmony, Orb of discord, Snap kick (passive ability) Transcendence

Zenyatta, a monk-like character, wields Orbs of Destruction with both normal and charged attacks that deal significant damage. His melee attack has a knockback effect.

The key to Zenyatta’s effectiveness lies in his abilities: Orb of Discord increases the target’s damage taken significantly. Zenyatta can eliminate Tank units when Orb of Discord is applied, followed by normal and charged attacks.

However, Zenyatta’s healing and speed are limitations. He can’t passively heal or provide unlimited healing orbs. Use Orb of Harmony strategically, not on everyone. While his ultimate grants invulnerability and increased speed, he’s typically slow and susceptible to flanks and heavy fire.

  • High damage
  • Invulnerable while on ultimate
  • Can heal self over time
  • Orbs require a line of sight with the target
  • No defensive abilities
  • Can be easily flanked 

6. Mercy

Most Mobile Healer
Caduceus Staff
Mercy Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Abilities  Ultimate ability 
Support  200 Caduceus staff (weapon 1), Caduceus blaster (weapon 2) Guardian angel, Resurrect, Sympathetic recovery (passive ability), Angelic Descent (passive ability) Valkyrie

Mercy uses the Caduceus Staff, which buffs allies through healing or attack enhancement. Her attack buff complements healing when allies are healthy. However, her own offensive abilities are limited, and her Caduceus Blaster is not for elimination. Mercy relies on a Tank to protect her.

Pair her with a Tank for a potent combo, as she excels at healing and buffing. Alone, she struggles in battle. Notably, Mercy is the sole healer capable of reviving fallen allies.

  • Heal and boost ally damage
  • Can fly
  • Resurrect fallen ally
  • Can heal and fly at the same time
  • Relies on the team for protection
  • Long resurrect cooldown
  • Can be easily targeted by enemies

5. Ana

Best Long-Range Healer
Biotic rifle
Ana Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Abilities  Ultimate ability 
Support 200 Biotic rifle Sleep dart, Biotic Rifels, Biotic Grenade, Nano Boost Nano boost

A support sniper, Ana wields the Biotic Rifle for healing and damage. Her strategy mirrors typical sniper gameplay: find a good spot, stay at a distance, and shoot enemies. There’s no need to switch modes for healing; just point and shoot to heal allies.

She also possesses a versatile toolkit, including the Sleep Dart and Bionic Grenade. When thrown at them, the grenade can heal allies and damage enemies caught in the blast. The Sleep Dart is more than an immobilization tool; it can disrupt enemy actions, making it highly valuable.

Sleep Darts can halt foes mid-action, such as interrupting an enemy’s ultimate ability like Reaper’s. Ana is a strong healer and support, but mastering her sniper role demands skill. Overwatch 2’s fast-paced nature requires precise aiming and tracking.

  • Disable enemies
  • Prevent enemies from healing
  • Boost ally damage and resistance
  • Requires precise aim
  • Frequent reload on biotic rifle
  • Hard to win closed-range duels

4. Baptiste

Best DPS Healer
Biotic Launcher
Baptiste Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Abilities  Ultimate ability 
Support 200 Biotic launcher, Biotic launcher alt fire Regenerative burst, Immortality field, EXO boots Amplification

Baptiste is a DPS/Support Hybrid who is surprisingly good at both. His main weapon, Biotic Launcher, can be used as a burst rifle to deal damage and a grenade launcher for throwing healing orbs at allies. Despite being a support unit, his damage is comparable to DPS units, which says a lot about Baptiste’s offensive capabilities

Compared to a normal support unit’s overtime heal, Baptiste’s Regenerative Burst ability can give an instant health boost to all nearby allies in addition to overtime heal. One ability that makes Baptiste stand out from the rest of the support units is his Immortality Field ability. If used at the right time, this Immortality Field can make a lot of difference and can turn the tides of battle.

  • High Damage output
  • Heal multiple allies at once
  • Prevent allies from dying
  • Jump higer
  • Amplifies ally damage and healings
  • Limited mobility
  • Limited range
  • Easily countered by splash damage and crowd control

3. Kiriko

Most Supportive Healer
Kiriko Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Abilities  Ultimate ability 
Support  200 Healing Ofuda, Kunai Swift Step, Protection Suzu Kitsune Rush 

Kiriko, Overwatch’s healer and support hero, wields healing talismans and Kunai knives for offense. While her healing may resemble Moira’s, Kiriko’s Kunai knives deliver higher damage, contingent on good aim.

In terms of mobility, Kiriko ranks as the game’s second-fastest healer. Her Swift Step enables her to teleport to allies, serving as healing support and a versatile escape or flanking tool.

Kiriko’s wall-climbing ability, reminiscent of Genji, enhances her mobility further, making her adept at navigating challenging situations. Her standout ability, Protection Suzu, not only heals allies but also grants temporary invincibility and removes debuffs.

  • Teleports towards allies
  • Self-healing
  • High damage output
  • More chances to deal critical hits
  • Precise aim required
  • Hard to master

2. Moira

Most Balanced Healer
Biotic Grasp
Moira Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Abilities  Ultimate ability 
Support 200 Biotic Grasp Biotic orb, Fade Coalescence

Moira excels in the basics of life manipulation. Her right hand heals, while her decayed left hand damages foes. What’s fantastic is her beginner-friendly playstyle. Stay close to allies for healing, or press the attack button for damage. Landing hits or healing is easier compared to characters like Ana.

The catch is her proximity requirement for normal attacks and healing. To address this, her Biotic Orb provides versatility, healing distant allies and damaging enemies, but it has a cooldown.

Moira’s mobility shines with her Fade ability, granting invulnerability and speed. This, coupled with her simple mechanics and a versatile ultimate for damage or healing, establishes her as an excellent Overwatch 2 Best Healer.

  • Deal high damage 
  • Can escape from danger easily
  • Easy to reposition
  • Powerful ultimate
  • Beginner friendly
  • Limited range
  • Has to switch between healing and damage modes
  • Easily countered by barriers

1. Lucio

The Best Healer
Sonic Amplifier
Lucio Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Abilities  Ultimate ability 
Support 200 Sonic amplifier Soundwave, Crossfade, Amp it up, Wallride Sound barrier

Number 1 on my list is Lucio. He wields a Sonic Amplifier, a burst-type projectile gun. Lucio’s real strength lies in his Crossfade ability, letting him switch between healing and speed modes for himself and allies within a 12-meter radius, all without diverting his focus from enemies.

Amp It Up, combined with Crossfade, further enhances either speed or health regeneration. Effective use of his Wall Ride is the key to mastering Lucio’s mobility. He can swiftly reach distant allies, heal them, or boost their speed. Lucio’s Ultimate is an AOE ability, providing nearby allies with 750 extra health.

Lucio stands as the game’s premier healer with his mobility, AOE buffing, and respectable damage. He excels at healing multiple teammates and holding his ground.

  • Heal multiple allies at once
  • Boost speed
  • Can boost his abilities
  • Good damage out
  • Limited ability range
  • Switch between healing and damage modes

My Thoughts On The Best Healers

When it comes to the best healers, my thoughts center on Kiriko and Mercy, who stand out with their distinctive qualities. Kiriko balances healing and combat prowess, while Mercy’s mobility and resurrection ability turn the tide in battles. In general, your unique play style and your team’s specific needs will determine the ideal healer for you, but for starters, both of these support heroes are the best, in my opinion.

Overwatch 2
My Overwatch 2 hours (Steam ID: ;-;)

For instance, in a ranked game, my team was pushing the enemy’s payload, and the enemy Pharah was causing us trouble. I played Kiriko and used Swift Step to teleport and eliminate her, saving our team and pushing the payload. Another time, as Mercy, I revived our Genji with my Resurrect Ultimate, turning the tide in a tough team fight and securing our victory.

This concludes my guide on the best healers in Overwatch 2. Let us know what support you main in Overwatch 2, down in the comments below. While you are at it, make sure to check out our review of Overwatch 2 by Muhammad Haris Umer.


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