BEST Overwatch 2 Healers [All Ranked 2023]

After playing the game for countless hours, here are all the Healers In Overwatch 2 that you must equip

Overwatch 2 is a team game, and having an effective healer on your team, at times, can decide the outcome of the game. With the restriction of 1 tank per game and an overall faster pace, it is more important than ever for healers to hold their ground instead of hiding behind a tank. With all of this in mind, we have ranked all healers in Overwatch 2 and entailed the best healers in this game.

Along with healers, effective DPS units and Tanks can also turn the tides of battle with their high damage and damage absorption, respectively. So after you are done with our healer’s guide, consider going through our guides on the best tank characters and best DPS heroes in Overwatch 2.

Key Takeaways
  • Health packs scattered around the map are sometimes not enough, and having an effective healer in the team can help in evening the odds in a lot of unfavorable situations.
  • When selecting the best healer, only considering their healing ability is not enough. Their mobility and damage are just as important.
  • Brigitte is a beginner-friendly character with good support abilities but limited mobility and health.
  • Zenyatta has powerful offensive abilities but limited healing options and vulnerability to flanks due to his slow movement.
  • Mercy is highly mobile and can buff allies with increased attack power or healing but lacks damage potential.
  • Lucio is highly mobile and can increase his teammates’ movement speed and attack power. He also has a bigger AoE passive heal that heals teammates whenever they’re inside the radius.
  • Kiriko is excellent support but offers low damage potential.
  • Baptiste has a high healing output but currently has limited mobility and low damage potential.
  • Moira has a high healing output and the ability to switch between damage and healing abilities but has low health and a limited healing range.

Let’s first quickly compare each of these Overwatch 2 Healers:

RankNameRoleHealthPrimary WeaponAbilitiesUltimate
8BrigitteSupport150.0Rocket flailRepair pack, Whip shot, Barrier shield, Shield back, InspireRally
7ZenyattaSupport50.0Orb of DestructionOrb of harmony, Orb of discord, Snap kickTranscendence
6MercySupport200.0Caduceus staff, Caduceus blasterGuardian angel, Resurrect, Sympathetic recovery, Angelic DescentValkyrie
5AnaSupport200.0Biotic rifleSleep dart, Biotic Rifels, Biotic GrenadeNano boost
4BaptisteSupport200.0Biotic launcher, Biotic launcher Alt FireRegenerative burst, Immortality field, EXO bootsAmplification
3KirikoSupport200.0Healing Ofuda, KunaiSwift Step, Protection SuzuKitsune Rush
2MoiraSupport200.0Biotic GraspBiotic orb, FadeCoalescence
1LucioSupport200.0Sonic amplifierSoundwave, Crossfade, Amp it up, Wall rideSound barrier

8. Brigitte

Rocket Flail
Brigitte Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role Health Primary weapon Abilities Ultimate ability 
Support150Rocket flailRepair pack, Whip shot, Barrier shield, Shield back, Inspire (passive ability) Rally

Brigitte is a Tank and Support hybrid, master of none. Her arsenal includes a Rocket Flail, which she mostly uses for attacking, and a Barrier Shield, which can use to block off enemy’s attacks. Her attacks and abilities allow her to both push back enemies while healing nearby teammates. Attacking enemies with Flail heals all nearby allies, and her shield can be used for defending and attacking via Sheild Bash.

Brigitte is overall a very beginner-friendly character due to her emphasis on support and melee combat. Where Brigitte falls short, though, is her speed and health. Pushing into enemies while defending yourself with a shield and killing them with your flail is your only attack strategy. If the opponent is too far off or is able to flank you, even Brigitte’s excellent regeneration skill can’t save her, and there is no way for her to get out of this situation due to her slow movement.

But overall, Brigitte is a great healer unit who can constantly provide support as long as she is on the battlefield, is more than capable of pushing the enemy team, and can hit like a truck once she has the enemy cornered. Reinhardt is a tank unit that operates mostly like Brigitte minus the healing ability, so consider going through our guide Reinhardt in Overwatch 2 as well. 

7. Zenyatta

Orbs of Destruction
Zenyatta Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role Health Primary weapon Abilities Ultimate ability 
Support50Orb of Destruction Orb of harmony, Orb of discord, Snap kick (passive ability)Transcendence

Zenyatta is a monk-like character with spiritual orbs surrounding him. His main weapon, Orbs of Destruction, has two types of attacks. Normal projectile attacks and a charged attack where he can throw a handful of orbs at his opponent, dealing massive damage in the process. His melee attack also has a knockback effect.

The key to effectively using Zenyatta is hidden in his two abilities, Orb of Discord and Orb of Harmony. Hitting your enemies with an Orb of Destruction will increase the amount of damage they take, and the increase in damage is not by a few percent and shouldn’t be underestimated. Zenyatta can even delete a Tank unit after successfully landing Orb of Discord and follow up with your normal and charged attacks.

Where Zenyatta falls short, though, is his healing and speed. Zenyatta can neither passively heal heroes nor have unlimited healing orbs to launch. So it all boils down to using your Orb of Harmony on who needs it the most instead of throwing it at everyone you see. While Zenyatta becomes invulnerable when his ultimate is activated with an increased speed, he is usually very slow, making him vulnerable to potential flanks and heavy fire.

6. Mercy

Caduceus Staff
Mercy Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role Health Primary weapon Abilities Ultimate ability 
Support 200Caduceus staff (weapon 1), Caduceus blaster (weapon 2)Guardian angel, Resurrect, Sympathetic recovery (passive ability), Angelic Descent (passive ability)Valkyrie

Mercy wields a mystical staff called Caduceus Staff, which she can use to buff her allies by either healing them or enhancing their attack power. These two modes are great for healing your allies and providing them with support. Obviously, healing allies when they have enough health, is not an optimal strategy, and that’s where her attack buff comes in.

Additionally, her other abilities complement her buffing staff by allowing her to close the gap and fly toward her allies. Where Mercy falls short, though, is her own offense. While Mercy’s healing abilities are highly effective, you aren’t able to make the most out of her unless a Tank is on your team, safeguarding you from flanks and bullets.

Her gun, Caduceus Blaster, does very little damage and isn’t capable of killing an opponent in a one v one encounter. However, she is more than capable of evading unfavorable situations thanks to her Guardian Angel skill, which essentially allows her to fly toward her allies.

Our recommendation would be to pair her with a tank that she can constantly heal and buff, making a very devastating combination, but alone, she isn’t capable of remaining on the battlefield and pushing back with her arsenal. Also, Mercy is the only healer capable of reviving dead allies.

5. Ana

Biotic rifle
Ana Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role Health Primary weapon Abilities Ultimate ability 
Support200Biotic rifleSleep dart, Biotic Rifels, Biotic Grenade, Nano BoostNano boost

Ana is a support sniper who uses a Biotic Rifle that can both heal and damage. Her overall playstyle and how she operates are similar to how a sniper operates in almost every game. Choose a good location, stay out of range, and snipe enemies from afar. There are no modes to switch for healing and attacking. Simply pointing at an ally and shooting will heal him. 

In addition to her Sniper, she has a Sleep Dart and Bionic Grenade, which she uses as an ability. Similar to her Sniper, the Grenade has a 2-in-one function. Throwing the Bionic Grenade at allies heals them, and enemies that are hit by the Grenade’s blast are damaged. Sleep Dart, on paper, may seem like a normal ability for putting an enemy out of action temporarily, but if you get creative, this ability can be extremely useful.

Sleeping darts can put characters out of action no matter what animation they are in. For example, throwing a Sleep Dart on Reaper while he is about to use his ultimate will stop him mid-animation, not only saving a lot of lives but also giving your team an extra edge during a very crucial moment. Overall, Ana is a great healer and support unit. The only reason we have her on number 5 is her play style.

Using a sniper effectively, even in a normal multiplayer game, takes a lot of skill. Overwatch 2 is a fast-paced shooter, and keeping track of enemies, especially agile ones, requires a decent amount of practice and skill. We highly recommend Ana to someone who is good with the aim and can keep up with Overwatch 2’s pace. Speaking of Snipers, also consider going through our guide on Overwatch 2 Widowmaker.

4. Baptiste

Biotic Launcher
Baptiste Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role Health Primary weapon Abilities Ultimate ability 
Support200Biotic launcher, Biotic launcher alt fireRegenerative burst, Immortality field, EXO bootsAmplification

Baptiste is DPS/Support Hybrid, who is surprisingly good at both. His main weapon, Biotic Launcher, can be used as a burst rifle to deal damage and a grenade launcher for throwing healing orbs at allies. Despite being a support unit, his damage is comparable to DPS units, which says a lot about Baptiste’s offensive capabilities. 

Compared to a normal support unit’s overtime heal, Baptiste’s Regenerative Burst ability can give an instant health boost to all nearby allies in addition to overtime heal. One ability that makes Baptiste stand out from the rest of the support units is his Immortality Field ability. If used at the right time, this Immortality Field can make a lot of difference and can turn the tides of battle.

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Temporarily outnumbered by the enemy’s team while defending a zone? Too close to D.Va’s Self-Destruct or Reaper’s Death Blossom? Immortality Field can save your team from all, granted that you are near your teammates. His own ultimate, Amplification Matrix, allows him to deploy a shield to amplify his damage and healing further, further solidifying his place in Overwatch as one of the best, if not the best, DPS and Healer hybrid units.

3. Kiriko

Kiriko Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role Health Primary weapon Abilities Ultimate ability 
Support 200Healing Ofuda, KunaiSwift Step, Protection SuzuKitsune Rush 

Kiriko is the newest addition to the Overwatch roster and checks all the boxes of a great healer and support unit. Similar to Moira, on the one hand, she holds a healing talisman, which she uses to heal allies, and on the other, Kunai knives, which she uses as a throwable projectile. Her attacking abilities may seem similar to Moira on paper, but the damage Kiriko inflicts with Kunai easily sets it above Moira, granted that you have a decent aim.

Regarding mobility, Kiriko is easily the second-fastest healer in the game. Her Swift Step ability, which essentially lets her teleport toward her allies, may normally seem like an ability to provide instant healing support to allies. However, like most character abilities, it can prove to be an excellent ability if used creatively. In addition to supporting, Swift Speed can be used to get out of harm’s way, cover huge distances, and flank enemies, depending on which ally you are targeting. 

Furthermore, she can also climb walls like Genji, giving her a further edge in terms of mobility and allowing her to get in and out of favorable or unfavorable situations at a moment’s notice. Another Kiriko’s stand-out ability is Protection Suzu, which not only allows her to heal allies but also makes them temporarily invulnerable and cleanses them of all negative debuffs.

For her Ultimate abilityKiriko summons a spiritual fox, which rushes in a forward direction, providing healing and attack buff to everyone nearby in the process. Considering all of Kiriko’s abilities, it’s safe to say she might get a Nerf somewhere in the future, but as of now, she is a great healer and one we can highly recommend.

2. Moira

Biotic Grasp
Moira Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role Health Primary weapon Abilities Ultimate ability 
Support200Biotic GraspBiotic orb, FadeCoalescence

From the get-go, Moira’s interest in the fundamentals of life is visible. Her right hand is normal, which she uses to heal, and her left hand is wicked and decayed, which she uses to suck out the enemy’s life energy or, in layman’s words, inflict damage. What’s great about her is that Moira’s playstyle doesn’t have a high skill ceiling and is a character any beginner would be able to use easily.

Simply being near an ally and pressing the heal button, or in the case of the enemy, the attack button will do the trick. In other words, the probability of landing your Normal attacks or healing buffs when using Moira is far higher than using characters like Ana.

Furthermore, the only limitation being she has to be near her ally or opponent. Her normal attacks and healing abilities cannot be used on distant allies or opponents. However, her Biotic Orb ability can help you in that area, where throwing a healing orb will heal allies, and the purple attack orb will damage distant enemies, but obviously, Biotic Orb is a skill and is on a cooldown timer after usage.

What makes Moira a great pick for healing is her mobility. Using Fade will let you become invulnerable and fast, giving you enough time to get out of harm’s way, similar to Reaper’s Wraith form. With a high survivability rate, beginner-friendly playstyle, and an ultimate that can be used to both inflict damage and heal allies, makes Moira one of the best support units to use in Overwatch 2.

1. Lucio

Sonic Amplifier
Lucio Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role Health Primary weapon Abilities Ultimate ability 
Support200Sonic amplifierSoundwave, Crossfade, Amp it up, Wall rideSound barrier

Number 1 on our list is Lucio, easily the most mobile and beginner-friendly character of the game. He uses a burst-type projectile gun called Sonic Amplifier. Even though the damage from the gun is great, the timing can be hard to nail down since the projectiles travel at a moderate speed, forcing you to predict the enemy’s movement in advance. But that is a minor inconvenience in the face of what Lucio actually offers.

Lucio can switch between modes using his Crossfade ability: Heal and speed. Not only does this ability buff up Lucio, but any ally who is within Lucio’s 12-meter radius. And to top it all off, Crossfade is activated at all times. This convenience easily puts him above other healers because not only can he buff multiple healers at a time, he doesn’t need to divert his attention from the enemies in order to heal or speed up his allies.

Combining Crossfade with his other ability, Amp It Up, further boosts the mode his in, amplifying either his speed or health regeneration. All that said, the key to effectively using Lucio is hidden in how effectively you can use his Wall Ride. Simply pressing the jump button near any type of Wall Surface will enable Lucio to ride at a great speed, and if used effectively, you can hover around the map and get in and out of battles in a matter of seconds.

Are allies too far? Get to them and amp up their speed. Does a teammate in the front rows have low health? Quickly wall Ride to them and heal them up. His Ultimate is also an AOE ability, which allows him to temporarily provide all nearby allies with 750 over health, allowing them to hold their ground for far longer.

The mobility, AOE passive buffing, and decent damage make him the best healer in the game, who is not only capable of healing multiple teammates at the same time but is also capable of holding his own ground.

This concludes our guide on the best healers in Overwatch 2. Let us know what support you main in Overwatch 2, down in the comments below.

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