Best Ultimate Abilities In Overwatch 2

This Overwatch 2 Best Ultimate Abilities guide will uncover the best ultimates that players can experience in-game!

Overwatch 2 has a roster of 35 characters at the moment. Each is blessed with their ultimate ability, whether used to buff up fellow allies, launch great damage that will obliterate foes, or tank incoming damage.

Key Takeaways
  • Each character in Overwatch 2 has a unique ultimate ability that can be used in various situations.
  • Overwatch 2  Best Ultimate abilities can be used to buff allies, deal damage to enemies, or absorb incoming damage.
  • If properly timed, Overwatch 2 Best Ultimate Abilities can change the outcomes of matches.
  • However, the disadvantage of using the Best Ultimate abilities is that all of these abilities are situation-dependent and cannot be used in every kind of situation.
  • Players should have enough experience to use these abilities properly, as they can prove to be very impactful depending on the situation.

Best Overwatch 2 Ultimate Abilities

Here’s a quick look at the Overwatch 2 Best Ultimate Abilities in comparison:

Ultimate AbilityCharacterDamageArea of EffectCasting TimeFunctionUltimate Cost
EMPSombra- Equal to 40% of its current health15 Meters- 0.35 Sec Activation
- 0.25 Sec Recovery
- Damage & hack enemies.
- Deal damage to enemy barriers
1400 PTS
DragonstrikeHanzo- Arrow: 125
- Dragons: 150
- 993.6 against a motionless target
4 Meters0.91 Sec- Launch a Dragon Spirit that damages enemies it passes through1680 PTS
Pulse BombTracer- Stick: 5
- Explosion: 70 - 350
- Self: 70 - 350
5 Meters- 0.144 Sec Throw
- 0.192 Sec Recovery
- Throw a strong sticky explosive1260 PTS
TranscendenceZenyatta---- Heal close allies
- Get Faster Movement speed
- Become invincible
2310 PTS
Nano BoostAna- 50% Damage Buffed-- 0.128 Sec
- 0.6 Sec Recovery
- Buff Ally's damage
- Reduce damage taken
2100 PTS
Amplification MatrixBaptiste- 100% Damage Buffed- 9x5 Meter rectangle
- 1 Meter underground
- Instant
- 0.24 Sec Recovery
- Create a Matrix that multiplies the damage and healing of ally projectiles2310 PTS
Sound BarrierLucio-30 Meters- 0.72 Sec
- 0.83 Sec Recovery
- Overhealth for allies around you2420 PTS
Gravitic FluxSigma- 50 (Lift)
- 50% max HP (Slam)
7 Meters-- Lift enemies in the air and slap them down2100 PTS
Earthshatter Reinhardt- 50
- 120 when within 1.75m
1.770 Meters Vertical0.45 Sec- Knockdown all enemies1650 PTS
Primal RageWinston- 40 (Melee)--- Massive HP boost at the cost of only punching and leaping enemies1850 PTS

DPS Ultimates

Kicking things off, I will have some of the best DPS units with their ultimate abilities displayed. They are characters that will mainly be responsible for handling the overall damage output for your team. 

EMP (Sombra) 

Best Disabler
Sombra – Image Captured by eXputer
Health Role Primary Weapon Abilities Ultimate Ability
200 DPS Machine Pistol Opportunist | Hack | Stealth | Translocator EMP

Sombra will have EMP as her ultimate ability, which will grant her the ability to cast out electromagnetic energy in a certain radius that will debuff any shields that are protecting enemies, as well as deplete their HP in a heartbeat. It will also cause knockback to opponents present in front of you. 

The ability is an AoE type, and it will cast out 40% of Sombra’s base health as the damage that will be enough to render enemies useless. The AoE effect will be 15 meters, while it will take 0.35 seconds to cast out the animation. 

  • Disable enemy abilities
  • Disable enemy shields
  • Makes enemies vulnerable
  • Requires good timing
  • Short range

Dragonstrike (Hanzo) 

The Best Area Denial
Hanzo – Image Captured by eXputer
Health Role Primary Weapon Abilities Ultimate Ability
200 DPS Storm Bowling Wall Climb | Sonic Arrow | Storm Arrows | Lunge Dragonstrike

Hanzo’s ability will be known as Dragonstrike, which will allow Hanzo to call forth a Spirit Dragon that can soar through the air without any issues, and it will continue to attack enemies and kill them off with ease as it moves past them. 

The ultimate ability is a projectile type in its initial shot, while when it’s converted to the Spirit dragon form, it converts to an AoE-based type. The typical arrows will deal 125 damage, while the dragons will deal 150 damage every single second as they murder enemies. The projectiles will travel at a total speed of 20 meters every second with an AoE of 4 meters

  • Deals massive damage
  • Zone out enemies
  • Good for combos
  • Easily avoided
  • Can be blocked by shields
  • Long wind-up time

Pulse Bomb (Tracer) 

Best Single Target Eliminator
Tracer Hero – Image Captured by eXputer
Health Role Primary Weapon Abilities Ultimate Ability
150 DPS Twin Pistols Blink | Recall Pulse Bomb

Moving on, Tracer will be able to use Pulse Bomb to launch a massive bomb that will stick to the ground, and if there is any enemy that is close to it, they will be blown up. It will continue to detonate then and further explode, dealing even more enhanced damage to opponents nearby. 

The ability will be an arcing projectile type, and it will deal 5 damage the second it sticks; however, the explosion damage will range anywhere from 70 to 350. The projectiles will travel at 15 meters every second in a 5-meter radius. The ability will cost 1260 points to cast out. 

  • Instant kill or severely damage enemies
  • Good against Tanks
  • Limited to a single target
  • Small blast radius


As for supports, their ultimate abilities will typically be used to provide enhancements, buffs, and healing for their allies on the field.

Transcendence (Zenyatta) 

Best Team Healer
Zenyatta Abilities [image captured by eXputer]
Health Role Primary Weapon Abilities Ultimate Ability
50 Support Heavy Pulse Rifle Snap Kick | Orb of Harmony | Orb of Discord  Transcendence

Zenyatta will have the ultimate ability to be called transcendence. It will be a healing ability that will allow Zenyatta to essentially enter a state where he will not be allowed to use any of his abilities. Still, rather he will be provided consistent healing so that he can support his teammates further. 

It will be an AoE-type ability that will provide 300 hp restoration every single second and allow it to be active in a 10-meter radius for a total of 6 seconds. 

  • Grants invulnerability
  • Heal nearby allies
  • Increases movement speed
  • Short duration
  • Cannot heal allies behind walls

Nano Boost (Ana)

Best Team Enabler
Ana Abilities [image captured by eXputer]
Health Role Primary Weapon Abilities Ultimate Ability
200 Support Biotic Rifle Sleep Dart | Biotic Grenade  Nano Boost

Moving on, the next support will be Ana, and she will have the Nano Boost as the ultimate ability. When it is cast, they will be allowed to deal enhanced damage and will also gain enhanced damage negation from any damage that is being launched against them from the enemy’s end. 

  • Increases allies’ damage
  • Reduces damage taken by allies
  • Provides healing
  • Team dependent ability
  • Can be easily countered

Amplification Matrix (Baptiste)

Best Damage Amplifier
Baptiste Abilities [image captured by eXputer]
Health Role Primary Weapon Abilities Ultimate Ability
200 Support Biotic Launcher | Biotic Launcher Alt Fire Exo Boots | Regenerative Burst | Immortality Field  Amplification Matrix

As for Baptiste, he will have the amplification matrix as the ultimate ability, which will allow Baptiste to essentially cast a literal matrix that will enhance the total damage that he deals by doubling it, and it will also enhance the total amount of healing that he receives. 

The damage output will be amplified by 100%, while the healing he receives will also be doubled by increasing by 100%. The overall range for the amplification matrix will be 35 meters, and the total AoE will be in a 9×5 measured rectangle. 

  • Increases the damage of ally projectiles
  • Increases healing of ally projectiles
  • Can be placed at any distance and angle
  • Can be used in different situations
  • Can be destroyed easily

Sound Barrier (Lucío)

Best Team Protector
Lucio Abilities [image captured by eXputer]
Health Role Primary Weapon Abilities Ultimate Ability
200 Support Sonic Amplifier Wall Ride | Sound Wave | Crossfade | Amp It Up Sound Barrier

Another support you shouldn’t look over will be Lucío, and the sound barrier’s ultimate ability will cast out protective waves that will project forward and not only protect Lucío but will also continue to protect his allies as well. 

The ability will be an AoE-based ability that will have an overall health of 750 and absorb a certain amount of damage within a 30-meter radius that will be around Lucío as long as the ability stays active, which will be the case for a total of 6 seconds. 

  • Grants a large amount of shields
  • Provides temporary shields to nearby allies
  • Shields can be reduced by damage
  • Delayed by crowd control


Last but not least, the tanks will typically be used to get in front of the enemies so that you don’t need to, and will further protect their allies from taking any damage.

Gravitic Flux (Sigma) 

Best Crown Control
Sigma Abilities – Image Captured by Us
Health Role Primary Weapon Abilities Ultimate Ability
350 (Role queue)

200 (Open queue)

Tank Hyperspheres Experimental Barrier | Kinetic Grasp | Accretion Gravitic Flux

Sigma’s signature ability is called gravitic flux. It will allow him to launch out every inch of power that he has stored within him by causing enemies to go airborne into the sky and then launching them down, causing excessive damage. 

It will be an AoE-based ability that will cause 50 damage upon lifting the enemy, and then it will further deal damage that will be about 50% of your base health as fall or slam damage to opponents. The max range for the ability will be 35 meters at an AoE of 7 meters. 

  • High damage
  • Can lift and suspend enemies in a large area
  • Can be interrupted by stuns and hacks
  • Negated by healings or invulnerability effects

Earthshatter (Reinhardt) 

Best Stun
Reinhardt Abilities – Image Captured by Us
Health Role Primary Weapon Abilities Ultimate Ability
350 (Role queue)

200 (Open queue)

Tank Rocket Hammer Barrier Field | Charge | Fire Strike Earthshatter

When it comes to Reinhardt, he will use his hammer to cast his ultimate by slamming down his hammer against the ground, which will cause extreme amounts of knockback to enemies and further weaken them. 

Once again, it will be an AoE-based ability that will be able to deal a total of 50 and 200 damage if the enemy is within an average range of 1.75 meters in front of Reinhardt. The overall range for the Earthshatter will be 20 meters, and the AoE will be at a height that will measure a total of 1.770 meters. 

  • Knock down enemies
  • Makes enemies vulnerable
  • Affects enemies behind shields or walls
  • Easily blocked by shields
  • Countered by healing abilities
  • Requires enemies to be close

Primal Rage (Winston) 

Best Tank Mode
Winston Abilities – Image Captured by Us
Health Role Primary Weapon Abilities Ultimate Ability
350 (Role queue)

200 (Open queue)

Tank Tesla Cannon | Tesla Cannon Alt Fire Barrier Projector | Jump Pack Primal Rage

Last but not least, the ultimate ability, Primal Rage, will belong to Winston, and it will be a melee-based ability that will allow Winston to return to his animal form. Apart from that, it will also boost his base HP, and he will become even tankier than he was before, making him an absolute monster to deal with. 

It will give Winston a total of 150 armor and provide 850 health for him. For every swing of his hand, he will deal 40 damage; while it is low, his tanking abilities will be extremely buffed. He will also receive a 30% movement buff, allowing him to move from one end of the battlefield to the other with extreme ease. The duration for the ability will be 10 seconds, and it will cost 1863.9 points.

  • Increases health
  • Increases damage
  • Resets Jump pack cooldown
  • Hard to control
  • Can be countered by crowd control effects

Alternative Picks

When selecting Ultimate Abilities in Overwatch 2, there are additional viable options beyond my top picks. These alternatives may better align with your play style:

  • Deadeye (Cassidy): A solid choice, but it reduces Cassidy’s movement speed and makes him a large, glowing target.
  • Death Blossom (Reaper): Although it is a powerful ability that can potentially eliminate multiple enemies, it also leaves Reaper highly vulnerable.
  • Self Destruct (D.Va): Its explosion radius has a limited range compared to the other abilities I picked above.
  • Kitsune Rush (Kiriko): It is a powerful and versatile ultimate ability that can be used to great effect in a variety of situations.

My Take On The Best Ultimate Abilities

In my take on Overwatch 2 best ultimate abilities, these stand out: Reaper’s Death Blossom deals widespread damage for team wipes or kills. Kiriko’s Kitsune Rush boosts movement and attack speed for a push or retreat. Genji’s Dragonblade eliminates vital targets or clears groups.

Overwatch 2
My Overwatch 2 hours (Steam ID: ;-;)

In a recent ranked match, I defended the final point as Reaper, countering an aggressive enemy with Death Blossom, securing a vital team wipe, and saving my point. Switching to Kiriko, I employed Kitsune Rush in another game, granting my team the necessary boost to penetrate the enemy’s defenses and seize the payload. As Genji, I flanked the enemy, using Dragonblade to eliminate their supports, securing my game-winning advantage.

Overall, these Overwatch 2 ultimates are potent and pivotal in matches, emphasizing the need for strategic selection and execution.

With that, I will wrap up my Overwatch 2 Best Ultimate Abilities guide! While you’re at it, my other Overwatch 2 Genji guide might be a helpful read for you! While you are here, make sure to check out our Overwatch 2 review by Muhammad Haris Umer.

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