Overwatch 2 Zenyatta: Abilities, Tips & Playstyle

Our guide on Zenyatta in Overwatch 2 will help you learn more about his abilities and the best strategies for him so that you can master him in no time.

Story Highlights
  • Zenyatta is a support hero in Overwatch 2.
  • His abilities include the Orb Of Destruction, the Orb Of Discord, or the Orb Of Harmony, and his ultimate is called Transcendence.
  • Zenyatta can perform really well in backlines and can heal his allies from a distance while leaving damage to his enemies simultaneously.

Zenyatta is one of the best supports in Overwatch 2 with a lot of DPS characteristics as well making him one of the most powerful heroes in the game. 

The hero is capable of summoning Orbs Of Harmony and Discord which will allow him to heal his allies and deal damage to his enemies simultaneously. Furthermore, the best part about Zenyatta is his immunity to damage. In our guide today we will be discussing in detail his abilities and the best tips and tricks for playing him in the game.  

Who Is Zenyatta 

The omnic monk, Zenyatta believes that a better society can be created and the world can be a better place for everyone. He plays his role by protecting the innocent whether they are human or omnic in nature.

Overwatch 2 Zenyatta
Zenyatta [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Orbs he uses in the battle are hand carved at a Monastery called Shambali to help him channel his energy. While you are at it don’t forget to check out our extensive guide on the starting heroes in Overwatch 2 where we have listed all characters that you will be playing in the game. 

Zenyatta was made before the Omni Crisis occurred and He stated that his memories before the awakening are quite vague and he does not remember much. 


Zenyatta is a Support hero that can provide their teammates with extra health during the battle. He can also provide certain buffs and boosts to his allies. Zenyatta as a support will be the most important asset to you. We have also formulated a guide on some of the best characters where you will be able to see the best supports, tanks, and DPS heroes in the game. 

However, with Zenyatta, you will not get a huge boost in the healing of your allies. Then again Zenyatta is one of the supports with zero cooldowns on their healing, making him potential support. 


The offense-focused support really stands out from other supports in Overwatch 2 as he gains strength in the back lines.

Furthermore, he has a great killing power thanks to his abilities like the Orb Of Discord and Orb Of Destruction.

Also with his abilities, he can take down even the most stubborn tanks in the game. While his orbs are not that fast, they can still deal a massive amount of damage to the enemies as they are close ranged.

Also, they have no drop-off. His mobility is quite low so you would not get many escape options with him. Don’t forget to check out our guide on the best tips and tricks in Overwatch 2 there you will learn 15 tips to help you become a better player. 

You must keep him on the back lines as he needs to focus on the healing more. As long as his teammates are in the sight line he will be able to heal them. So you can step back from the battle and support your allies. We have also formulated an extensive guide on doomfist where we have listed all his abilities, playstyle, and the best strategies for him. 

For the DPS heroes in your team, Zenyatta can be a very powerful asset as he has the capability of making the DPS support heroes in the enemy teams weaker. Also, his headshots are quite damaging so if you have trained enough in maneuvering a sniper you will be able to finish the enemy off in no time. 


Following are all the abilities of Zenyatta that you can utilize in the game. 

Overwatch 2 Zenyatta abilities
Abilities [Image Credit: eXputer]

Orb Of Destruction 

The primary weapon that Zenyatta will be using throughout the game is called Orb Of Destruction. Also, the Primary Fire dealt by the orb of destruction allows him to shoot some high projectiles straight at the enemy. They will cause reasonable damage to the enemy if you manage to shoot them the right way. 

How To Use

The Secondary Fire of the Orb of Destruction is a charge ability. While using it Zenyatta will prepare about 5 orbs and then the number of the orbs will increase the longer the time you take to charge them.

As soon as he pushes the secondary fire button you will release the orbs that will launch straight at the enemies ahead. 

Also if the button is held long enough, he will fire the orbs automatically. The best part about these orbs is that they have no drop-off and you can land some heavy headshots with them. 

Furthermore, when it comes to the Alternate Fire, you will be able to fire a lot of orbs at once at an enemy. If done the right way you will be able to kill a hero that has full health power with just one attack.

However, keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to charge up. Also, you cannot keep them held in charge forever and you will have to release them after a certain period. So timing is a factor very crucial here.

Therefore, you must look for small windows throughout the battle where you feel like the attack will make a huge impact on the battle. Keep in mind that the ability will be able to take down the shields of your enemy team. Therefore the DPS unit of your team will be able to focus on the main heroes of the enemy team.

Make sure to check out our guide on the best supports where we have featured 5 support heroes that you can use in the season. 

Orb Of Discord 

Whenever the orb of discord ability is active, the target enemy will receive an orb of discord that is highly damaging. The orb will come from every trajectory and will automatically land on the target that is closest to the crosshair. Also, the orb of discord will be removed when you shift your crosshair to a different enemy. Make sure to check out our detailed guide on the best DPS heroes in Overwatch 2 so that you will know who to pair up with.

Overwatch 2 Zenyatta attacks
Orb of Discord [Image Credit: eXputer]
Also if you die or lose the line of sight for greater than three seconds the Orb Of Discord will disappear. Furthermore, you cannot attack any enemy that is hiding behind a cover or a barrier. 

How To Use

This is a game-breaking ability where you will be able to take some damage as well without losing much of your health. While it is a very basic ability with no cooldown you can use it as much as you like. Therefore you can damage your opponent with the ability as well at every chance you get.  

It is important to use the ability on tanks that are a potential threat to your team. For instance, if the enemy team is using Reinhardt or Winston, it is important that you shift your focus to them first. Doing so will kill them in the beginning stages of the game and help your DPS units to attack the offense in a more strategic way. 

Orb Of Harmony 

The next ability of Zenyatta is the Orb Of Harmony. Using the ability you will be able to boost the health of any of your teammates over time. Most of the time the ability will go to the teammate that is closest to your crosshair. Make sure to check out our guide on Genji as well to learn about his abilities and playstyle. 

Also, the Orb Of Harmony will disappear as soon as you direct the orb to a different teammate. Furthermore, losing the line of sight for three seconds or getting killed will also remove the orb of harmony. 

How To Use

Keep in mind that the orb of harmony is not that strong when it comes to healing. However, using the ability you will be able to deal damage to enemies while simultaneously shielding your teammates.

It is recommended that you only use the ability on teammates that have very low health. Also, it is important to heal the DPS units instead of the tanks as they can take a lot of time to heal.  

Since the Orb Of Harmony can stay on the target for some time it is important to make use of the ability. You can do so by getting behind a barrier and big short peaks on the orb so you can refresh the duration of it. In this way, you will also avoid incoming attacks from your enemy.

Furthermore, you must swap the orb as much as you can between different teammates so you can retain the HP pool of your team.  

Transcendence Ultimate Ability 

Zenyatta’s ultimate ability is called Transcendence and whenever it is activated Zenyatta will become immune to incoming damage. He will be able to block the enemy attacks for several seconds. Furthermore, he will be able to generate an aura that will surround him and if there are any allies in the radius of the aura they will automatically get a boost in HP.  

However, the only drawback to the Transcendence ability is that whenever it is activated you cannot use any other weapons or abilities. But when you activate transcendence ability your mobility rate will increase and Zenyatta will be able to get a boost in acceleration.

How To Use

Keep in mind even with the high mobility rate you can still be targeted and deal knockbacks from enemies. The Transcendence ability unlocks the defensive characteristics of Zenyatta.

We recommend that you use the ability when you are being attacked and your allies are nearby as well. Since not only you will be immune to attacks but you will also heal your teammates. The HP boost you get from the ability is quite a lot and it will be able to overpower the ultimates of other heroes.

However, if any of your teammates take damage that is greater than their maximum health they will not be able to endure it. This quick charging ability of Zenyatta will help you out a lot in a close-ranged battle. You will not be able to heal any of the allies if they are not in your line of sight or behind a cover or a barrier. 

Tips For Playing Zenyatta 

If you are playing Zenyatta as your main make sure to follow the tips and tricks listed down below to unlock the full potential of this powerful support hero. 

Make Use Of The Distance 

As we mentioned before, the back line is where Zenyatta shines the most. so you must place the hero far from the action during the match. This is because if you are using the Orb Of Destruction ability, it will not lose its damage capability with the increase in distance.

Therefore, the best strategy for him is to stay behind and heal his enemies from a distance while firing the orbs at enemies. Also, you will get a clear view of the battle situation and you can judge which teammate of yours will need the health boost first. 

Best Strategies for Zenyatta [Image Credit: eXputer]
So, stay behind while you can and let the tank heroes and the DPS units take care of the frontline units of the enemy team. Also, Zenyatta lacks defensive tools and his movement is quite low. Therefore, he will be an easy target, especially at the start of the battle. 

Using The Abilities With A Strategy 

The most powerful ability of Zenyatta is his Orb Of Discord ability. Any enemy that is hit by the Orb Of Discord will take 25% more damage. Furthermore, the enemy will damage from all the sources. 

Therefore, it is important to target the most potential enemies, especially the DPS units. For that purpose, you can always use discord if you are on chat with your team and communicate with them as much as you can. Focusing on one powerful unit first and taking them out is easier than attacking all of them at once. 

Synergize With Other Heroes 

Whenever you are playing Zenyatta, the players on your team matter a lot. Since by now you will know that the healing capability of Zenyatta is not very high.

Furthermore, he will only be able to heal a single teammate at one time. The amount of HP he restores is also not much. Therefore, you must pair Zenyatta with another strong hero as well. Y

ou can always go for support like Moira, Lucio, and Baptiste. No matter how powerful Zenyatta is when it comes to offense, it is important to use teammates that will complement his abilities. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Your Ultimate 

The ultimate ability of Zenyatta is called Transcendence. The powerful defensive ability has the capability of saving your team in clutch situations. Keep in mind that the charge time for the ultimate ability is fairly low.

So you won’t be able to use your ultimate much in a match. the best strategy for using Transcendence is against other ultimates of enemies. If your enemy team has units that can deal higher damage over time come on you can use your ultimate against them. These units include Mei, Genji, Hanzo, and Soldier 76. 

Make sure to use the ultimate as much as you can to counter other ultimates. Just because you will not be able to use it much in the battle it does not mean that you cannot use it when your teammates are getting their HP eaten by normal abilities. The only goal and support are to keep your team alive. 

Make Use Of The Arena 

Zenyatta can play well in open spaces as he will get a clear line of sight and will be able to interpret the situation of the battle at hand. However, keep in mind when it comes to capturing points or escort missions Zenyatta might not be that great of a choice.

Furthermore, if the target is exposed on the field and is in a clear line of sight he will be able to heal from a distance and use debuffs and buffs on the players. Make use of his ultimate in situations like this as Zenyatta and Zarya are said to have the most powerful ultimates in the entire game. Also, Zenyatta can perform well on any map so you will be able to utilize him as support wherever you want. 

Summing It Up 

Zenyatta is one of the best support heroes in Overwatch 2. His abilities allow him to perform exceptionally on any map and when surrounded by the right teammates he can prove to be a very powerful asset.

Hopefully, after reading our guide you will be able to utilize the abilities of Zenyatta in the best way possible and use them to your advantage. If you have any queries regarding the hero or our guide on him make sure to leave them down in the comment section below. 

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