Overwatch 2 Zenyatta: Abilities, Tips & Playstyle

Our guide on Zenyatta in Overwatch 2 will help you learn more about his abilities and the best strategies for him so that you can master him in no time.

Zenyatta is one of the best supports in Overwatch 2 with a lot of DPS characteristics as well, making him one of the most powerful heroes in the game. The hero is capable of summoning Orbs Of Harmony and Discord, which will allow him to heal his allies and deal damage to his enemies simultaneously.

Key Takeaways
  • Zenyatta is a support hero who can provide healing and buffs to his allies, as well as deal damage to his enemies.
  • His main abilities are Orb of Harmony, which heals a target ally, and Orb of Discord, which increases damage taken by an enemy target.
  • He also has a ranged attack called Charged Projectile, which deals damage to enemies.
  • Zenyatta is a very mobile hero, and he can use his Transcendence ability to become invulnerable and heal all nearby allies.
  • He is a powerful hero, but he is also very fragile, so he needs to be played carefully.

Who Is Zenyatta 

Overwatch 2 Zenyatta
Zenyatta [Image Credit: eXputer]
Support50.0150.0Orb of Destruction (primary weapon)
Orb of Discord (debuff ability)
Orb of Harmony (healing ability)
Transcendence (ultimate ability)

Zenyatta, the omnic monk, strives to create a better society and a more harmonious world. He’s dedicated to protecting the innocent, be they human or omnic. He wields mystical orbs, hand-carved at the Shambali Monastery, to channel his energy in battle.

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Zenyatta is a Support hero who can provide their teammates with extra health during the battle. He can also provide certain buffs and boosts to his allies.


  • Zenyatta is an offense-focused support hero in Overwatch 2 who excels from the back lines.
  • His Orb of Discord and Orb of Destruction abilities grant him strong killing power, particularly against tanks.
  • Zenyatta’s orbs deal consistent damage at close range and have no drop-off.
  • While he lacks mobility, his primary role is healing, making backline positioning essential.
  • As long as his teammates are in sight, he can effectively heal and support them.
  • Zenyatta is valuable for weakening enemy DPS support heroes and delivering powerful headshots if well-aimed.


Following are all the abilities of Zenyatta that you can utilize in the game. 

Overwatch 2 Zenyatta abilities
Abilities [Image Credit: eXputer]

Orb Of Destruction 

Type Weapon (Primary Fire)
Effect Type Projectile
Damage 48 dmg
Spread Angle Pinpoint
Projectile Speed 90 m/s
Area Of Effect 0.15 meter
Rate Of Fire 1 Shot/0.4 secs
Ammo 25
Reload Time 1.5 secs

The primary weapon that Zenyatta will be using throughout the game is called Orb Of Destruction. Also, the Primary Fire dealt by the orb of destruction allows him to shoot some high projectiles straight at the enemy. They will cause reasonable damage to the enemy if you manage to shoot them the right way.

How To Use

  • Orb of Destruction Secondary Fire: Zenyatta charges this ability with up to 5 orbs that increase with charge duration.
  • Releasing the secondary fire button launches these orbs directly at enemies.
  • The orbs have no drop-off, making them effective for landing heavy headshots.
  • The Alternate Fire releases numerous orbs at once, potentially eliminating a full-health hero.
  • Charging this attack takes time, and you can’t keep it charged indefinitely.
  • Look for strategic moments to release the attack and consider using it to break enemy shields, allowing your DPS heroes to focus on their primary targets.

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Orb Of Discord 

Type Ability
Effect Type Targeted
Damage Dmg Received: +25%
Projectile Speed 90 m/s
Max Range 30 meters
Ammo 1 active
Duration If Out Of Sight: 1.5 secs 

Whenever the orb of discord ability is active, the target enemy will receive an orb of discord that is highly damaging. The orb will come from every trajectory and will automatically land on the target that is closest to the crosshair. Also, the orb of discord will be removed when you shift your crosshair to a different enemy.]

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Overwatch 2 Zenyatta attacks
Orb of Discord [Image Credit: eXputer]

How To Use

  • Zenyatta’s basic attack is game-breaking as it deals damage without cooldown.
  • Utilize this attack frequently to damage your opponents whenever possible.
  • Focus on using this ability against enemy tanks who pose a significant threat to your team.
  • Target heroes like Reinhardt or Winston early in the game, enabling your DPS units to engage the enemy offense more strategically.

Orb Of Harmony 

Type Ability
Effect Type Targeted
Healing  30 hp per sec
Projectile Speed 90 m/s
Max Range 30 meters
Ammo  1 active
Duration If Out Of Sight: 3 secs

The next ability of Zenyatta is the Orb Of Harmony. Using the ability you will be able to boost the health of any of your teammates over time. Most of the time the ability will go to the teammate that is closest to your crosshair. Make sure to check out our guide on Genji as well to learn about his abilities and playstyle. 

How To Use

  • The Orb of Harmony is not a potent healing ability but allows you to damage enemies while shielding teammates.
  • Prioritize using the ability on teammates with low health.
  • Focus on healing DPS units rather than tanks, as tanks take longer to heal.
  • The Orb of Harmony remains on the target for a duration, so use this to your advantage.
  • Position yourself behind a barrier and peek out briefly to refresh the orb’s duration while avoiding incoming enemy attacks.
  • Regularly switch the orb between different teammates to maintain your team’s HP pool.

Transcendence Ultimate Ability 

Type Ultimate Ability
Effect Type Area Of Effect
Healing  300 HP/Sec
Move. Speed 11 m/s
Max Range 10.5 meters
Duration 6 secs
Ultimate Cost 2,310 points

Zenyatta’s ultimate ability is called Transcendence and whenever it is activated Zenyatta will become immune to incoming damage. He will be able to block the enemy attacks for several seconds. Furthermore, he will be able to generate an aura that will surround him and if there are any allies in the radius of the aura they will automatically get a boost in HP.  

However, the only drawback to the Transcendence ability is that whenever it is activated you cannot use any other weapons or abilities.

How To Use

  • Zenyatta’s high mobility doesn’t make him immune to being targeted or knocked back by enemies.
  • Use Transcendence when under attack with nearby allies to provide immunity and healing to your teammates.
  • The HP boost from Transcendence can overpower other heroes’ ultimates.
  • Note that teammates who take damage greater than their maximum health won’t survive

Tips For Playing Zenyatta 

If you are playing Zenyatta as your main, make sure to follow the tips and tricks listed down below to unlock the full potential of this powerful support hero. 

  • Utilize Zenyatta’s range by staying behind and allowing tank heroes and DPS units to handle frontline enemies.
  • Focus on using Zenyatta’s Orb Of Discord ability strategically to target high-priority enemies, especially DPS units.
  • Synergize Zenyatta with other strong heroes like Moira, Lucio, or Baptiste due to his limited healing capabilities.
  • Don’t hesitate to use Zenyatta’s ultimate ability, Transcendence, to counter enemy ultimates or save your team in crucial moments.
  • In open spaces, Zenyatta can excel by maintaining a clear line of sight, interpreting the battlefield, and using abilities effectively. 

My Tips Experience With Zenyatta

With my playing experience, I would consider Zenyatta as a B-tier support hero. He is a complex and challenging hero to play, but when you master him, he can be incredibly powerful. I was initially drawn to Zenyatta’s unique blend of damage-dealing and healing abilities.

Overwatch 2
My Overwatch 2 hours (Steam ID: ;-;)

While defending, I used Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord to amplify damage on the enemy tank and Orb of Harmony to support a teammate. This combined effort helped eliminate the enemy tank and successfully fend off the push. On attack, I fell to Genji before reacting, leaving my team unable to advance, resulting in a lost team fight.

Overall, I would suggest players to be aware of their surroundings, position Zenyatta strategically, and practice his abilities to maximize his potential.

Summing It Up 

Zenyatta is one of the best support heroes in Overwatch 2. His abilities allow him to perform exceptionally on any map, and when surrounded by the right teammates, he can prove to be a very powerful asset.

Hopefully, after reading my guide, you will be able to utilize the abilities of Zenyatta in the best way possible and use them to your advantage. If you have any queries regarding the hero or my guide on him, make sure to leave them down in the comment section below. 

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