Here’s How To Easily Craft Reflection Charm In LEGO Fortnite

Learn what is the reflection charm and how to use it along with the easiest way to craft it in LEGO Fortnite.

What Is The Reflection Charm In LEGO Fortnite

Reflection Charm
Reflection charm unlocked [Screenshot by Exputer]
The Reflection charm in LEGO Fortnite allows players to defend themselves against enemies, whether large like brutes or small like spiders.

Depending on the charm’s rarity, it gives players two or four additional hearts and ten defense points.

There are two reflection charms in LEGO Fortnite:

  • Rare Reflection Charm
  • Epic Reflection Charm

The Rare Reflection Charm can be crafted using an uncommon crafting bench, but you need a rare crafting bench for the Epic Reflection Charm. In my playthrough, I found the charm effective on small enemies like spiders, wolves, or rollers. However, if you go against larger enemies like brutes, I suggest the Charm Of Resilience with the Reflection charm and one of the best weapons like the longsword. 

Key Takeaways
  • The reflection charm is different from other charms as it damages the opponent. 
  • The charm gives the players additional hearts and increases defense.
  • There are two types of reflection charms: Rare and Epic reflection charms.
  • The damage reflected is insufficient for larger enemies like brutes, but it is effective against spiders or rollers. 
  • Besides the Vendetta Flopper found in Greenland biome caves, all the ingredients are easy to find.

How To Craft Reflection Charm

Rare Reflection Charm
Rare Reflection Charm Recipe [Screenshot by Exputer]
You only need an uncommon crafting bench to craft the rare Reflection Charm. However, I recommend you put in some effort and gather resources to upgrade your crafting bench to rare. This will unlock many recipes, including the Epic Reflection Charm, which is better than the rare one. 

The table below will give you the recipe for both reflection charms:

Rare Reflection Charm3x Silk Thread
10x Glass
5x Vendetta Flopper
- Silk Thread is found easily from spiders
- You can craft Glass using sand and brightcore
- Vendetta Flopper is found in grassland biome caves
Epic Reflection Charm3x Wool Thread
30x Glass
10x Vendetta Flopper
- You get wool from sheep
- You can craft Glass using sand and brightcore
- Vendetta Flopper is found in grassland biome caves

Both charms share a similar recipe, with primarily common ingredients, but the Vendetta Flopper is challenging. It is found in Greenland biome caves

The Easiest Way To Find Vendetta Flopper

Vendetta Flopper
Vendetta Flopper captured [Screenshot by Exputer]
The Vendetta Flopper is the only rare fish in LEGO Fortnite. With the latest updates, small water bodies can also be found in caves. The Vendetta Flopper is located inside these small water bodies in the Greenland biome caves.

If you keep fishing for it the conventional way, there is a minimal chance that you might find it. I suggest crafting an Epic Bait Bucket using a bait bucket, slap juice, and a spicy burger. After crafting it, do the following steps;

  1. Lure Strategy with the Bait Bucket: Start by tossing the bait bucket into the cave water, stirring up a small whirlpool.
  2. Precision Casting with the Fishing Rod: Direct your fishing rod towards the whirlpool’s center with precision.
  3. Gear Recommendation for Vendetta Flopper: Given its elusive nature, opt for Rare or Epic fishing rods to catch the Vendetta Flopper.
  4. Inventory Management: Once hooked, promptly add the Vendetta Flopper to your inventory.
  5. Whirlpool Utilization: Keep repeating the process until the whirlpool has been thoroughly utilized.

And that will be all the information you need regarding the Reflection Charm and its ingredients. The Reflection Charm is helpful but more effective when paired with the Regeneration Charm and Charm of Resilience.


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