LEGO Fortnite: Where To Find Brightcore [Location]

Learn everything about how and where to find one of the most important materials Brightcore.

LEGO Fortnite is vast and has so many materials, so players are having trouble finding Brightcore. The material can be found in desert caves and helps to level up your village and enhance your weapon and tools arsenal. So, getting Brightcore is essential. 

Key Takeaways
  • Brightcore is one of the most important materials in LEGO Fortnite that is used to make a metal smelter.
  • Players will need to find a desert biome in order to find a cave to get the material.
  • Once players find the cave, they should enter it and explore it to find Brightcore.
  • I would recommend getting a rare pickaxe, snowberry shakes, and a cool-headed charm before entering.
  • Brightcore can be found near lava so look for that in a cave.
  • Once you find it, use the rare pickaxe in order to get the materials.
  • After getting the material, use it to do whatever you want to do.

How To Get Brightcore

You can find a Brightcore in dry valley caves that can be found in the desert biome, and you will need a rare pickaxe in order to mine it.

Follow these steps to find Brightcore quickly:

  1. For starters, you will have to find a desert biome and then a cave.
  2. If you are confused, then look around, and if there are many cactuses around, then you are at the right place.
  3. Now, get inside the cave and be on your guard.
    Cave In Desert Biome (Image By Me)
  4. I would recommend you be prepared for a fight before entering the cave.
  5. Make some Snowberyy Shakes and a Cool-headed Charm before entering.
  6. To make a Snowberry Shake, you will need 2 Strawberries and 1 milk.
  7. To make a Cool-headed Charm, you will need three sand shells, 1 marble, and three silk threads.
  8. Now, explore the case and find Brightcore in LEGO Fortnite.
  9. Most of the time, Brightcore is found near lava, so if you can’t find one, search for lava.
  10. Then, you will come across a red-orange color stone.
    Brightcore (Screenshot By Me)
  11. That is the Brightcore, but you can’t get it without a rare pickaxe.
Important: Brightcore is one of the most useful items that is required to build a metal smelter to make copper. Then, you can proceed to craft lightning fixtures.

My Experience With Brightcore

I couldn’t find Brightcore in a cave where there was no lava, so I would recommend you look in caves that have lava.

Brightcore is an essential material in-game, so you will have to get in sooner or later. It is a mid-game item, so you won’t have to get it early, but eventually, you will have to. I found many Brightcores in caves located in the desert biome that had laval inside. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about where to find Brightcore in Lego Fortnite. If you have questions regarding the guide, feel free to ask me questions in the comments section.

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