Lego Fortnite: How To Get Essence Of Durability?

Essence Of Durability is one of the most important enchantments you need to have on your tools and weapons!

Essence Table is a key workstation that players can use to add certain enchantments to their tools and weapons in Lego Fortnite. Among these enchantments is the Lego Fortnite Essence of Durability, which increases the life of your weapons/tools. However, getting the Lego Fortnite enchantment can be a little tricky since many recipes and crafting are involved.

Key Takeaways
  • Enchantments in Lego Fortnite can greatly increase the efficiency and prowess of your tools and weapons.
  • The Essence of Durability is one of the enchantments players can equip by using the essence table.
  • It increases the life (durability) of your tools and weapons and can be crafted by using 1 Rough Amber and 10 Granite Slabs.
  • Players must achieve certain milestones in Lego Fortnite before unlocking the enchantments, such as acquiring:
    • Rare Crafting Bench.
    • Gem Cutter.
    • Stone Breaker.

How To Make Essence Of Durability?

Lego fortnite essence of durability
Essence of Durability in the Table menu [Image Taken by Sameer Tahir]
Let me get this straight, players can craft the Essence of Durability in Lego Fortnite once they have the Essence Table. To craft the Essence of Durability you will need:

  • 1x Rough Amber: This can be found in Dry Valley Biome. You can only extract the Rough Amber with Uncommon Pickaxe or above in Lego Fortnite.
  • 10x Granite Slabs: Can be found all over the map, most common in Grasslands. You will further need a Stone Cutter to turn the Granites into Slab form.
  • lego fortnite granite
    Granite found in Grasslands biome [Image by Me]

Once you’ve gathered the resources, you can then simply pick a tool or weapon on which you want to apply the Essence. I enchanted my Longsword and Pickaxe with the Essnece of Durability because I kept losing out on them during my adventures. A rare variant tool or weapon will have 3 open essence slots. 

How To Craft An Essence Table?

how to get the essence table in lego fortnite
Essence Table in Lego Fortnite [Image captured by Me]
Without an Essence Table, it is impossible to apply any sort of enchantments to your weapons. Unlike the Crafting Bench and Lumber Mill, the Essence Table is not available at the start of the game. You need to make some serious progress which includes upgrading your village and crafting bench, which requires shells for its initial upgrade.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the things you need to do before unlocking the Essence Table in Lego Fortnite:

  • Build a Lumber Mill.
  • Upgrade the Crafting Bench to Uncommon.
  • Build a Stone Breaker.
  • Build a Gem Cutter.
  • Upgrade the Crafting Bench to Rare.

After following all these steps you’ll be able to get all the resources you need to craft an Essence Table, which includes;

  • 20x Flexwood: You can get this in the Sand area (home to the Sand Wolves) by using a Rare Axe on the Cactus.
  • 6x Cut Amber: This can be made by inserting Rough Amber into the Gem Cutter.

Flexwood and Rough Amber can be challenging since you’ll need to travel to the Dry Valley. I kept facing tough challenges against the weather while treading in these parts. You’ll feel hot in the morning and cold in the night. Hence, ensure you have a few resistance charms at hand.

All in all, once you craft the Essence Table, you can then craft the following four enchantments:

  • Essence of Damage.
  • Essence of Durability.
  • Essence of Health.
  • Essence of Luck.

That is all there is to know about the Lego Fortnite Essence of Durability. Apart from that, I have also noted down all the steps you need to complete before crafting an Essence Table. As for my recommendation, I would firmly suggest that you prioritize getting the Essence of Durability, especially in mid to late-game! It can greatly assist you in your explorations.

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