LEGO Fortnite: How To Build Vehicles For Transportation

Discover how you can save time by using vehicles to travel from one place to another.

In LEGO Fortnite, your main goal is to construct a village. You’ll need to gather materials to build tools and other necessary items. Vehicles can help you explore your village and the vast map and save time in LEGO Fortnite. 

Key Takeaways
  • In LEGO Fortnite, you can enhance your mobility and add excitement to the game by building vehicles like cars, boats, and aircraft for transportation.
  • It is recommended that the glider be acquired early on to navigate the expansive map easily.
  • Building all the vehicles requires obtaining different materials.
  • Author’s Note: I’ve played Fortnite for over 6000 hours; therefore, you can rely entirely on the information below.

Transportation In LEGO Fortnite

In the LEGO Fortnite game, you can create basic vehicles that simplify travel in various situations. This guide lists some of the vehicles that you can quickly build and craft to use for transportation.

1. Glider

lego fortnite glider
Glider [Image By Me]
You can acquire Glider early on in LEGO Fortnite. The game map is vast, and having a Glider will significantly reduce your travel time. To craft a Glider, follow the following steps:

  1. Start by obtaining Flexwood and creating a Flexwood Rod.
  2. Next, locate a Sand Claw to build a Loom crafting station.
  3. This station enables you to craft Silk Fabric and Wool Fabric, essential components to unlock the Glider recipe.

2. Car

lego fortnite car
Car [Image By Me]
If you’re looking to get around quickly and easily in LEGO Fortnite, building a car is the best option for transportation. It’s also the easiest vehicle-building option, making it a great starting point.

Here are the steps you need to follow to build your car:

  1. Find a flat, sizable area to use as the base for your car.
  2. Open the Build menu and go to the Toys section.
  3. Choose the Dynamic Foundation from the list of options.
  4. Place the components on the ground and arrange the wheels for proper movement.
  5. Use the tools in the Toys menu to customize the car’s shape and features.
  6. Position the Thruster at the back for forward propulsion.
  7. Place the activation switch at the front to start and stop the car.

Once you’ve built your car, you only need to jump on the foundation and use the Activation Switch to start driving.

Note: Remember that cars have limitations on turning and uphill travel, making them best suited for quickly traversing downhill slopes.

3. Boat

lego fortnite boat
Boat [Image By Me]
You have a few options if you want to build a boat in LEGO Fortnite for transportation. You can use a Dynamic Foundation with two thrusters on one side and an Activation Switch for a tiny raft.

On the other hand, if you want to build a more advanced boat, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Build menu and go to the Toys tab.
  2. From there, select Dynamic Foundation.
  3. Next, place two foundations side by side to create a rectangular base and connect them.
  4. On one long side, position two Thrusters.
  5. To ensure smooth movement, add one small balloon to each corner.
  6. After that, create a steering area by enclosing it with short walls on each side and adding fences at the front and back.
  7. Finally, place an activation switch at the front to start and stop the boat.

4. Aircraft

lego fortnite aircraft
Aircraft [Image By Me]
LEGO Fortnite’s aircraft look like balloons, allowing you to reach higher ground.

Follow these steps to build a basic aircraft:

  1. Open the Build menu and navigate to the Toys tab.
  2. From there, select the Dynamic Foundation option.
  3. Place the foundation on the ground.
  4. If you want your foundation to move faster, consider adding two or three thrusters on one side.
  5. Jump on the foundation, and add a tiny balloon in each corner or a giant balloon in the center to make the foundation rise.
  6. Finally, place an Activation Switch and turn it on to move your Aircraft.

My Favourite Means Of Transportation in LEGO Fortnite

When traveling solo, I like to use the Glider, but LEGO Fortnite is a game that is best played with friends. So for traveling extensive distances via ground, I build small LEGO cars; otherwise, Aircraft is my go-to means of transportation if I am in a hilly area where grounded vehicles aren’t viable.

This is all about how you can make vehicles and use them for transportation in LEGO Fortnite. You can customize these vehicles and even create other awesome vehicles according to your preferences. While at it, you should read the guide on How To Get Shells In Lego Fortnite to upgrade your village and progress in the game.

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