Fortnite Chapter 5: Peter Griffin Boss Fight [Location & Rewards]

Learn everything about where is the Peter Griffin NPC mini boss in Fortnite Chapter 5, his exact location and loot.

Fortnite Chapter 5 has officially launched, but the hottest topic that players are discussing right now is where Peter Griffin is located in the game. Not to be mistaken with the Fortnite Skin version of Peter in the latest battlepass as the one I’ll be discussing in the guide is essentially a mini-boss that can reward you with precious items upon defeating him on the map.

Key Takeaways
  • Peter Griffin is finally added to Fortnite both as an unlockable skin in the battlepass and as an NPC boss enemy on the map.
  • His location on the map is indicated by a golden portrait icon currently found in the Snotty Steppes area.
  • Defeating Peter Griffin can be easy enough with the right loadout as long as you don’t get interrupted by other nearby players.
  • Rewards include 1x Peter Griffin Medallion and the Mythic Rarity Hammer Pump Shotgun.

Where Is Peter Griffin Located On The Map?

  • peter griffin location ofrtnite
    Peter Griffin Location in Snooty Steppes. (Image by Me)
  • Reaching the area. (Image by Me)
  • where is peter griffin in Fortnite
    Ziplines (Image by Me)
  • where is Peter Griffin in Fortnite
    Peter Griffin (Image by Me)

From my experience with this Season so far, Peter Griffin was located in the Snooty Steppes area of the map, marked with a golden portrait icon, as shown in the image above.

Depending on the Battle Bus’ travel line, you can either land there straight away or take your time to plunder loot and go to him afterward with preparation with your teammates. I prefer the latter strategy here since you’ll definitely need firepower to kill him quickly alongside any other player who might ambush or interfere here.

  1. When you reach Snooty Steppes, the area is basically a series of lower-level houses and mansions.
  2. The Mansion where Peter is located can be found towards the western side of the area, which I have also marked in the images.
  3. There are also Ziplines located here, which can boost you up and down should you need to find the precise location.

Peter Griffin Boss Fight And Rewards

where is petter griffin in fortnite
How to Defeat Peter (Image by Me)

The fight with Peter will begin as soon as you engage him in combat, but be careful, as he also has trash fodder Guards with him to take you down. While battling him in No-Build mode can be slightly tricky without an optimal loadout, but meanwhile in Build Mode, you can easily create cover to damage him and protect yourself at the same time.

In my experience, I found that the brand-new Frenzy Auto Shotgun worked perfectly to damage him in close-range scenarios. If you’re a skilled player, you shouldn’t face too much trouble in defeating him, especially if you’re with a squad or in duos. Lastly, remain vigilant of any nearby players who might ambush you or try to reap the rewards.

  • For dropped rewards, I got the Peter Griffin’s Medallion, which automatically increases my Shield over time, and that effect can be enhanced with more Medallions held (Max 5).
  • I also got the Mythic rarity Peter Griffin’s Hammer Pump Shotgun, which has fantastic damage, in my opinion.

Is Defeating Peter Worth It?

If you ask me, the Medallion’s effects are pretty useful, and the Shotgun is worth the hassle, but again, I wouldn’t really recommend the trouble of going after him halfway across the map and instead try to battle him if you’re near his location with your squad. The rewards are surely worth it, but other players in the lobby might get the same idea as you, so caution is heavily advised from me.

With that, I conclude my guide. Fortnite has broken records, with the Big Bang live event introducing spin-off titles in the franchise; it is easily one of the best live-service games on the market. Let me know if you have any questions about the guide in the comments below, and also check out my friend Haris Umar’s Review on Fortnite for his in-depth thoughts as a veteran player.

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