Best Weapons In Fortnite Chapter 5 [Tried & Tested]

Find out and learn about the Best Guns in Fortnite, that can take you closer to the Victory Royale!

In the dynamic landscape of Fortnite Battle Royale, many players compete for Victory Royale. Epic Games is known to keep the gameplay fresh by introducing novel weaponry to redefine the game! However, Navigating the weapons for players to adapt quickly can often be challenging. So, we have shortlisted the top 5 weapons in this chapter, providing players with a concise guide toward achieving a strategic goal!

Key Takeaways
  • Epic Games regularly introduces new weapons in Fortnite to revolutionize the game. 
  • Fortnite Chapter 5 brings in 14 unique weapons which have never appeared in the game before.
  • Chapter 5 also introduces an all-new attachment mechanic to the game which gives players full control over their chosen weapon.
  • I found Striker AR and the Reaper Sniper Rifle as two of the best weapons added in this chapter.
  • Author’s Note: I’m a veteran Fortnite player with more than 850 hours in the game, during which I’ve tested out all sorts of weapons introduced in each chapter.

Be sure to take a look at eXputer’s video tutorial on the best in-game weapons in the recent chapter:

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My Picks With Comparison

Here’s a quick overview of the Top 5 Guns in Fortnite Chapter 5, including their Rare variant stats for comparison: You can sort these through the table: 

WeaponDPSDamageMagazine SizeFire RateReload Time
Rangers Pistol165.
Hyper SMG180.
Hammer Pump Shotgun65.894.
Reaper Sniper Rifle58.3110.03.00.533.5
Striker AR218.727.

5. Rangers Pistol

Best Beginner-Weapon.
Fortnite Chapter 5 Ranger Pistol
Ranger Pistol [Image Credits: Sameer Tahir]
  • Why I Chose It: To me, the Ranger Pistol is a great choice as a starting weapon.
DPS Damage Magazine Size Fire Rate Reload Time
165 25 15 6.6 1.5

With the new season bringing better feels to guns, it puts the fresh new Rangers pistol in the spotlight! Ideal for close-range combats, and the Pistol’s accuracy makes it more effective for some players over the newly introduced SMG! I prefer the new pistol over the old one due to it being more effective at close range.

  • High accuracy.
  • Effective for close-range combats.
  • Not so effective with it comes to long-range.

4. Hyper SMG

Best Secondary Weapon.
Fortnite Chapter 5 Hyper SMG
Hyper SMG [Image Taken By Me]
  • Why I Chose It: I picked the Hyper SMG because it’s a great complementary weapon that goes well with the shotgun.
DPS Damage  Magazine Size Fire Rate Reload Time
180 15 30 12 2.0

The Hyper SMG is the best choice when it comes to close-range combat with its rapid firing rate and minimal bullet spread! The fire rate not only quickly eliminates opponents but also gives significant damage to structures. On top of that, SMGs, along with shotguns, are the most deadly duos you can run, especially in build mode. However, I prefer the Striker AR over the Hyper SMG with certain attachments at close range.

  • High fire Rate.
  • Very little bullet spread.
  • The perfect complimentary weapon with a shotgun.
  • Deals less damage per bullet.

3. Hammer Pump Shotgun

Best Close-Range Weapon
Fortnite Chapter 5 Hammer Pump Shotgun
Hammer Pump Shotgun [Image Taken By Me]
  • Why I Chose It: A shotgun plays a very important role in close-range combats, this new version of a pump shotgun is my personal preference over the Auto Shotgun
DPS Damage Magazine Size Fire Rate Reload Tine
65.8 94 5 0.7 5.25

While the Hammer Pump Shotgun may not be like the iconic Pump Shotgun we remember, it remains in the list of impressive shotguns added to the game. The shotgun comes with a great deal of damage to players in close combat. However, the reload time should be kept in mind while running the Shotgun (although this can be improved with the right attachments). Many players, like myself, thrive in close combat by pushing opponents with the Hammer Pump Shotgun in Fortnite!

  • Deals great damage at close range.
  • Best gun for build mode.
  • Not suitable for long-range.

2. Reaper Sniper Rifle

Best Long-Range Weapon.
Fortnite Chapter 5 Reaper Sniper Rifle
Reaper Sniper Rifle [Image Credits: Sameer Tahir]
  • Why I Chose It: This weapon, in my opinion, has diversity when it comes to weapon attachments that make the rifle, one of the best.
DPS Damage Magazine Size Fire Rate Reload Time
58.3 110 3 0.53 3.5

The newly introduced Reaper Sniper Rifle is surely one of the Best Weapons in Fortnite. With its exceptional long-range power, you can easily take out enemies. However, the sniper’s glint should be kept in mind while aiming down through the scope.

Despite the drawbacks, the Sniper Rifle’s single shot can swiftly lead to a kill. I usually go for a Holo-13 Optic over 2x or 4x to avoid sniper glare, which leads to a lesser risk of being exposed! If you’re struggling with the sniper’s aim, then make sure to tweak the sensitivity settings.

  • Most Suitable for long-range.
  • Potential for a one-shot kill.
  • The most powerful weapon.
  • Bullet Drop increases by distance.
  • 2x or 4x optics gives a sniper glare.

1. Striker AR

Best Overall Weapon.
Fortnite Chapter 5 Striker AR
Striker AR [Image Credits: Sameer Tahir]
  • Why I Chose It: For me this AR has to be the best yet powerful assault rifle ever added to the game.
DPS Damage Magazine Size Fire Rate Reload Time
218.7 27 25 8.1 3.2

The Striker AR easily tops my list! The gun comes with a fast firing rate. The rifle can also be used as a complementary weapon with shotguns for those close-range players! However, through certain attachments, The way I do, such as adding a Holo-13 optic, drum mag, precision laser, and a muzzle break to reduce recoil. This very rifle will have the potential to beam players in the game at any distance from close to long!

  • Fast reload time.
  • Fast firing rate.
  • High accuracy.
  • Not the best option in CQC.

My Thoughts On The Fortnite Weapons

Fortnite Stats of Sameer Tahir
My Fortnite Stats

As a veteran Fortnite player, adapting to the feel of new weapons, especially the diverse range of attachments, was very challenging at the start. While some weapons may not evoke the same nostalgia as the iconic Fortnite weapons from previous chapters, they still hold great potential in this chapter; take the Hammer Pump Shotgun, for instance. 

Epic’s intention to revolutionize the gameplay through customizable weapon attachments seems to resonate completely. I found this new feature very exciting; the comfort behind enchanting your weapons through your liking for an overall better gaming experience made it look exhilarating!

This wraps up my guide on top best Fortnite weapons in Chapter 5, covering each weapon’s description along with their pros and cons and general uses; however, I would still recommend playing with your preferred loadout and experiencing your attachments yourself, so you get familiar with your unique playstyle, discovering what suits you best in the game as you strive for Victory Royale!

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