Faze Sway Fortnite Settings: Controller, Video, Audio

Faze Sway Settings is one of the most popular demands on his channel. Although Sway shows it every once in a while, we haven't actually seen

Faze Sway, Real name, Jouse Sway is a member of the renowned YouTube group channel FaZe Clan. Sway was officially unveiled as a member of the group in March 2019 and became the youngest member to have joined Faze. His most popular video has over 14 million views, and his Faze Sway Controller Settings videos have become a major hit in the Fortnite community. Every once in a while, Faze Sway shows what changes he has made in his controller Settings, video settings, and much more.
Faze Sway likes to play Fortnite on Controller and has become one of the most skilled players on the web. The thing that puts Faze Sway above the rest is the fact that his channel is Fortnite-focused, yet week in week out, he manages to pull one million-plus audience. With over four million subscribers on YouTube, Faze Sway made fortunes when Fortnite became the most popular game in the world. Since then, Sway hasn’t looked back and has continued to make unique videos on the channel.
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