Fortnite Tier List: All Weapons Ranked [December. 2022]

We compared the stats, rarity, and, difficulty of all major Fortnite weapons and ranked them all from the best to worst in this Tier List.

Following is a comprehensive Fortnite Weapons Tier List to help you stay up-to-date with the best and worst weapons in Fortnite. Additionally, we have also made an article on Best Fortnite Weapons that you can check out after reading this tier list.

Fortnite Weapons Tier List Table 
Tiers Weapons 
S-Tier Combat SMG, Sidearm Pistol, Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)
A-Tier The DUB, Two-Shot Shotgun, Ranger Assault Rifle
B-Tier Hammer Assault Rifle Heavy Sniper Rifle Striker Burst Rifle
C-Tier Revolver, Striker Pump Shotgun, Boom Sniper Rifle

Weapons Rarity in Fortnite

Weapons Rarity in Fortnite
Weapons Rarity in Fortnite Tier List


A uniquely STW game mode rarity indicates that the item cannot be upgraded or recycled. They can be acquired especially throughout the Save The World tutorial.


This rarity is also exclusive to the Save The World game mode. Items cannot be upgraded or recycled. They can be acquired especially throughout the tutorial as well.


Common Weapon Rarity - Fortnite Tier List
Common Weapon Rarity

This Weapon Rarity is The simplest in Fortnite Battle Royale. Weapons of this rarity can be obtained very easily. They are also the weakest.


Uncommon Weapon Rarity - Fortnite Tier List
Uncommon Weapon Rarity

Though somewhat stronger and less frequent than Common, this rarity is still not the ideal one to possess.


Rare Weapon Rarity - Fortnite Tier List
Rare Weapon Rarity

A decent rarity but still not the best, with stats on the items starting to get intriguing. Weapons of this rarity fall in the middle; as they are not very easy to find but not too difficult as well. Similarly, they possess good damage but it could be better.


Epic Weapon Rarity - Fortnite Tier List
Epic Weapon Rarity

Weapons of this rarity are considered very good. Although they are quite difficult to find.


Legendary Weapon Rarity - Fortnite Tier List
Legendary Weapon Rarity

One of the best guns rarity in Fortnite, but quite difficult to get. The stats of the items have been maxed up and are highly powerful.


Mythic Weapon Rarity - Fortnite Tier List
Mythic Weapon Rarity

The crème de la crème of fortnite rarity. Although, only Storm King’s weapons are this rare in Save The World. And in Battle Royale, these weapons can only be obtained by defeating a boss.


Exotic Weapon Rarity - Fortnite Tier List
Exotic Weapon Rarity

Weapons of exotic rarity 


Cannot be obtained in the game. Though, developers use this rarity for testing.

Fortnite Weapons Tier List Criteria

Fortnite Weapons Tier List Criteria
Fortnite Weapons Tier List Criteria

We have constructed this tier list by comparing the DPS (Damage Per Second), Reload time, and Magazine Size of each weapon, while also keeping in mind the Difficulty, Gameplay Mechanics, and Rarity. After pitting each weapon against every other weapon in their respective categories. We have ultimately arrived at the conclusion that these are the top 3 contenders for each of the tiers, ranging from S to F.

Thank you for enjoying this tier list so far, give some of our other tier lists for similar games such as Warframe or Valorant a try and see if they peek your interests.

S Tier 

Fortnite Weapons Tier List S Tier
Fortnite Weapons Tier List S Tier

Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)


The Designated Marksman Rifle is a semi-automatic rifle with an attached sight, it shoots at a high rate of fire. Furthermore, it is moderately accurate when fired from the hip. Additionally, it has a scope for more accurate fire at extended distances.

DMRs range in damage from 45 to 58 per shot (112.5 – 145 damage per second). Medium Bullets are used by all DMRs. Also, the DMR has a 1.5x headshot multiplier.

Sidearm Pistol

Sidearm pistol fortnite
Sidearm pistol

The Sidearm Pistol is a semi-automatic weapon with a high fire rate cap that may be used at any range, but it shines in close to medium range combat. The Sidearm Pistol boasts first shot accuracy, which means it can provide consistent damage at longer distances.

Sidearm Pistols deal between 25 and 31 damage each shot (168.75 – 209.25 Damage per second). Sidearm Pistols use Light Bullets. Also, the Sidearm Pistol has a 2.0x Headshot Multiplier.

Combat SMG

 Fortnite combat smg
Combat SMG

The Combat SMG is an all-around great weapon. It can be obtained in every rarity from Common to Mythic. Moreover, it proves better than most other options in each category. It is a fast-firing SMG with a narrow spread, but it has severe recoil, which must be managed in order to shoot effectively.

Furthermore, Combat SMGs deal between 17 and 22 damage per shot (204 – 264 damage per second). Light Bullets are used by all Combat SMGs. And except for the Mythic variant, which has a 2x multiplier, all other Combat SMGs have a headshot multiplier of 1.75x.


Fortnite Weapons Tier List A Tier
Fortnite Weapons Tier List A Tier

Ranger Assault Rifle

Fortnite Ranger Assault Rifle
Ranger Assault Rifle

The Ranger Assault Firearm is a high-damage, accurate, slow-firing fully automatic rifle.

Ranger Assault Rifle delivers between 31 and 37 damage each shot (124 – 148 damage per second). Primarily, it uses Medium Bullets. The Ranger Assault Rifle has a 1.5x headshot multiplier.

Two-Shot Shotgun

Fortnite Two Shot SHotgun
Two Shot Shotgun

The Two-Shot Shotgun is a semi-automatic shotgun with a two-round burst capability. The weapon shoots two bullets every trigger squeeze and a total of ten pellets.

Moreover, the damage dealt by two-shot shotguns ranges from 57 to 72 per shot (84.93 – 107.28 damage per second). It uses Shells as ammo. The Two-Shot Shotgun has a 1.75x headshot multiplier.

(Please keep in mind that DPS is uneven owing to the weapon’s burst fire nature. Damage ratings are likewise based on all pellets being hit and refer to damage from a single shot of the two-burst weapon. Dry reloads with no shells in the weapon are also referred to as reload times. The Two-Shot Shotgun reloads two shells at the same time.)


Fortnite weapon THE DUB

The Dub works just like the Double Barrel Shotgun, however, it has a similar effect to the Flint-Knock Pistol in that it pushes back both the person who shoots the weapon and anyone hit by its rounds. The Dub has a relatively low range but can deliver a lot of damage in close quarters, even closer than the Pump Shotgun. Landing all of its pellets can knock a player out of full health and shields.

Additionally, each blast from the Dub does 123 damage (233.7 Damage Per Second). Primarily, The DUB uses Shells as ammo. The Dub has a 1.5x headshot multiplier.

Unlike most other shotguns, The Dub reloads both rounds at the same time, rather than one at a time.


Fortnite Weapons Tier List B Tier
Fortnite Weapons Tier List B Tier

Striker Burst Rifle

Fortnite Weapons Striker Burst RIfle
Striker Burst RIfle

The Striker Burst Rifle is a fully automatic, two-shot burst weapon. When the player aims, the weapon’s Red Dot Sight is displayed instead of slightly zooming and remaining in the third person. This improves accuracy, but the weapon’s recoil must be managed.

Striker Burst Rifles do 27 to 35 damage each shot (104.2 – 135.1 damage per second). Notably, it uses Medium Bullets. The Striker Burst Rifle has a headshot multiplier of 1.5x.

Heavy Sniper Rifle

Fortnite Weapons Heavy Sniper Rifle
Heavy Sniper Rifle

The Heavy Sniper Rifle has the ability to instantaneously destroy practically every player’s buildings and props, as well as do severe damage to vehicles. It has a sight for longer-range battles and must be reloaded after each shot. Due to its Sniper Rifle classification, it has very low hip-fire accuracy and fires a projectile round. It cannot, however, eliminate an enemy with full health and shield.

Vehicles are also heavily damaged by the Heavy Sniper rifles. The damage dealt by Heavy Sniper Rifles ranges from 120 to 132 per shot (39.6 to 43.56 damage per second). All Heavy Sniper Rifles fire Heavy Bullets with a 1.5x headshot multiplier.

Hammer Assault Rifle

Fortnite Weapons Hammer Assault RIfle
Hammer Assault RIfle

The Hammer Assault Rifle has an upward and right recoil pattern and discharges at a slower rate. To increase accuracy, this recoil may be modified.

Hammer Assault Rifles provide between 27 and 35 damage each shot (156.6 – 203 damage per second). Primarily, it uses Medium Bullets. The Hammer Assault Rifle has a headshot multiplier of 1.5x.


Fortnite Weapons Tier List C Tier
Fortnite Weapons Tier List C Tier

Boom Sniper Rifle


Boom Sniper Rifle fires clinger bullets. This clinger gives touch damage to players before exploding after a brief period of time. However, the headshots have an effect on contact damage, but not on explosion damage. It is most effective at mid to long ranges because it is a sniper rifle with a scope. In addition, the gun has 5 rounds in its magazine, as opposed to the Heavy Sniper Rifle, which only has 1.

The Boom Sniper Rifle has a damage rating of 70. It deals 10 touch damage and 60 damage from the clinger’s detonation. Notably, It uses heavy bullets as the source of ammunition. This Sniper Rifle has a 2.5x headshot multiplier. However, the multiplier is only applied to contact damage.

Striker Pump Shotgun

Fortnite Striker Pump Shotgun
Striker Pump Shotgun

The Striker Pump Shotgun is a high-damage, slow-firing shotgun. It has a narrow spread and is lethal at close range, although it shoots slowly to compensate. Conversely, It is ineffective at mid to long ranges.

Striker Pump Shotguns give 103.2 to 126 damage per shot (67.07 – 81.9 damage per second). Primarily, it uses Shells as the ammo. The Striker Pump Shotgun has a 1.65x headshot multiplier and a maximum damage cap of 185.

Moreover, the Striker Pump Shotgun reloads one round at a time, and its reload time statistic indicates the amount of time it takes to get from zero ammunition to a full magazine.


Fortnite weapons Revolver

The Revolver is a 6-round handgun with a strong headshot multiplier that fires slowly. It possesses first-shot accuracy and utilizes medium ammunition, hence its range numbers and applications are similar to those of an Assault Rifle. Due to its sluggish firing rate and broad hip-fire dispersion, the revolver struggles at close ranges. Despite that, because of hitscan, the weapon can be used at great ranges. However, it may be challenging owing to the absence of a sight.

Moreover, the damage dealt by revolvers ranges from 54 to 66 per shot (81 – 99 damage per second). Notably, it uses medium bullets as the ammo. The Revolver has a 2.0x headshot multiplier.

Best Weapons In Fortnite

If you are looking for some of the best weapons in our tier list for the new Chapter 3 Season 3 of Fortnite then consider using the weapons below. Not only they are amazing for overall gameplay in Fortnite but they are also ranked some of the best for Chapter 3 Season 3. 

The Sidearm Pistol 

any player’s inventory will be incomplete if they do not have the basic yet amazing sidearm pistol by their side. When you run low on everything then the Sidearm pistol is there to save the day.

You just need some bullets and your enemy will be on the ground in no time. The Magazine Capacity is huge and can carry up to 15 bullets and the Reload Time of the gun is the fastest in the game standing at just 1.26 seconds.

Auto Shotgun 

 the shotgun is suitable for any playstyle and is popular for its Raw Power. Furthermore, it has reliable stats, and when in close quarters you can take down your enemy without a sweat using the Auto Shotgun. Therefore if you are looking to spam your enemy in small compact spaces then this gun is the one to go for. 

Striker Burst Rifle 

When it comes to Chapter 3 Season 3, the striker burst rifle has the highest rank in our tier list for Fortnite for August 2022.  We recommend using a double short burst instead of the triple short one in order to deal more damage with better chances of landing a shot.

Furthermore, it is also one of the few weapons you see in Fortnite that are equipped with a Site so you can use it at long distances as well. However, it does great damage at close range as well so this all-rounder weapon is a must-have for everyone in the game. 


That is it for our Fortnite Weapons Tier List, we hope it provided you with useful information and helped you decide on the best weapons for your Fortnite experience. For more Fortnite content, check out these recent articles by our associates: Best Fortnite Skins and Fortnite First Person Mode.

About The Game

One of the biggest and most popular games to ever exist, Fortnite took the world by storm; after its initial launch back in 2017 and 2018. And there’s no doubt about it that the game has left a significant mark on video game history. Pioneering the popular “Battle Royale” genre along with some other titles, Fortnite is a unique multiplayer shooter with a third-person camera angle and an interesting approach to building.

Fortnite gave players the option to build all kinds of structures such as large defensive forts or bridges to get to their enemies. This feature of building structures is what has always made Fortnite stand out in a crowd of Battle Royale shooters. Subsequently, it is the feature that attracted most players into playing the game and honing their quick-building skills, while it also repelled others as the whole building thing proved somewhat annoying for them.

However, the team over at Fortnite has recently made the bold decision to remove one of the key factors from their game. Surprisingly, they have gone through with the decision to add “no building” modes as they try to catch the attention of new players that previously passed on the game due to its building feature. This move has successfully been able to bring in new players. Consequently, it has also confused their current player base because this is the first time Fortnite is being experienced without the option of building.

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