Lego Fortnite Keeps Crashing [FIXED]

Fix LEGO Fortnite Crashing Issue by Switching To DirectX 11, Joining Up Friends and Disabling Xbox Game Bar

Fortnite introduces ‘LEGO Fortnite,’ a new survival crafting adventure where players build in a LEGO world using harvested resources. Besides all the hype, some players on PC are encountering issues like crashing, not launching, or loading problems.

The crashing issues in LEGO Fortnite are occurring due to outdated graphics drivers, corrupted game files, or firewall/antivirus blocks. So in this guide, I’ll address fixes that’ll help you embark on this new adventure without any hitches. 

While casually playing Fortnite Lego mode, you will receive an error message indicating that Fortnite crashed without elaborating on the cause.

fortnite lego crashes
Fortnite Crashing In Lego Mode – [Image captured by eXputer]
Before moving forward with the fixes, ensure that the LEGO Fortnite servers are operational and not undergoing maintenance. You can visit the Official LEGO Fortnite Status Twitter to verify this.
Key Takeaways

Here are all the solutions to solve LEGO Fortnite crashing Issue on PC:

  1. Having DirectX11 as Rendering Mode
  2. Joining a Friend’s Lobby
  3. Disable Xbox Overlay
  4. Avoiding desert area

Switch To DirectX 11

Most of the crashing you’ll experience will happen due to the DirectX 12 API in the game. The game is practically unplayable due to crashes occurring every 10-20 minutes. However, you can try this minor tweak in an attempt to fix crashing for good and improve performance.

DirectX 11 fortnite
DIrectX11 Rendering Mode – [image captured by eXputer]
The solution that I’m recommending involves switching from DirectX 12 to DirectX 11 in the game settings. After making this adjustment, you hopefully won’t encounter any crash in the game.

Joining A Friend’s Game

Fortnite Friend lobby
Starting a World with Friend – [Image captured by eXputer]
Another solution that can resolve Fortnite crashing in Lego mode is starting a world with your friend. There have been instances of players facing this crashing issue but surprisingly, the issue abruptly disappeared once they joined the lobby of another friend.

So, for those facing similar crashing issues, teaming up with another player might offer a solution to this issue.

Disabling The Xbox Game Bar

xbox game bar overlay fortnite lego
Disable Xbox Game Bar Overlay – [Image captured by eXputer]
If the previous methods didn’t solve the crashing problem, there’s another solution that can work for you.

Disabling the Xbox Game Bar is also a valid solution to your crashing problems in LEGO Fortnite. It’s an in-game overlay baked into Windows 10 and 11 that does conflict with the game leading to a crash.

Since Fortnite is fairly new, it’ll take a few patches before it plays nice with your in-game overlays, especially Xbox Game Bar. So for now, my best recommendation is to disable it and enjoy the game error-free. 

Avoiding Desert Biome

Fortnite Lego desert
Desert Area in Fortnite Lego – [Image captured by eXputer]
It seems like the crash is also occurring when players venture deep into the desert in LEGO Fortnite, causing the game to freeze and crash. Fortunately, the rest of the game runs smoothly without any issues.

For those experiencing freezing problems specifically in the deep desert area, a practical workaround is to avoid exploring that part of the map for now. By steering clear of this specific zone, players might sidestep the freezing problem until a permanent solution is put in place.

I know it’s a bummer, but don’t fret and developers are actively working on fixing this issue. You can regularly check the official LEGO Fortnite Discord to catch regular updates on newly discovered game bugs and patch announcements. 

My Thoughts

LEGO Fortnite faces widespread crashing and freezing issues across different platforms. Proposed fixes like DirectX 11, joining friends, disabling Xbox Game Bar, and avoiding the desert biome vary in effectiveness.

The problem isn’t restricted to platforms or regions but is linked to recent updates as these new modes are a new concept in Fortnite.

However, the good news is that Fortnite devs have acknowledged the issue and there is an ongoing investigation to resolve the issue.

Until the fix is deployed, you’ll be able to enjoy LEGO Fortnite without any crashing or freezing my simply following the fixes I’ve mentioned above.

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