7 Ways To Fix Fortnite Matchmaking Error

Here's how you can get back into Fortnite match-ups

Fortnite is pretty enjoyable, but let us tell you what isn’t; the Fortnite matchmaking error. Pardon the abrupt introduction but you’re probably annoyed beyond your wits at this point, feeling entirely helpless and unable to dive into your semblance of escape no matter the number of attempts that have been made. 

Key Highlights
  • The matchmaking error in Fortnite prevents you from joining a match.
  • The Fortnite matchmaking error may be caused due to multiple reasons some of which include using a VPN, slow internet, incompatible NAT Type, or server downtime.
  • Disconnect your VPN if you’re connected to one. Since it is well known to cause errors in the game.
  • Xbox One users who keep suffering from the Fortnite matchmaking error can try changing their matchmaking region.
  • Use the “Verify” feature to double-check the files you have installed on your system to the ones present on the servers of Epic Games.
  • If you can then try switching to an Ethernet Cable connection, additionally make sure you’re Internet is running on Open NAT Type.
  • If you’re able to get to the main menu, then try to alternate between two different game modes. For this method to work, you have to choose “Battle Lab” regardless of whatever you were playing earlier.
  • As a last option, you can try clean booting your PC.

Why Does Fortnite Keep Saying Matchmaking Error? 

Fortnite Matchmaking Error
Fortnite Matchmaking Error

Matchmaking is one of the cornerstones of Fortnite’s playability. Without it, you’re as good as nothing, sitting all by yourself at the start of the game and unable to proceed any further. That large, attractive “Play” button that you see on the right-hand side of the main lobby seems pretty convincing. 

However, things don’t take too long to come to a deadlock when the matchmaking error Fortnite is at its all-time high. When you attempt to find a match for yourself, the prompt will just repeatedly say, “Connecting to matchmaking service…” and the rest would be history. 

How To Fix Fortnite Matchmaking Error 

The following is our curated selection of the best potential solutions around for resolving matchmaking issues in Fortnite. Do follow them with due care in the case that you expect better results. Oh, and before we get started, please make sure to tick off the preliminary effort of restarting your PC or console a couple of times. 

Evaluate The Server Status of Fortnite

Fortnite is nothing without its online servers making sure the millions of players across the world are connected and playing smoothly. The scenario is mediated by the people up high who are constantly hard at work trying to maintain the servers that they’ve established. 

With that said, plenty of things could go wrong given the expanse of the free-to-play battle royale, so the developers have curated a particular Fortnite Status page on Twitter. The purpose of the account is to keep users up-to-date with every issue that pops up.

The latter includes scheduled maintenance periods where playability will be reduced to zero and players won’t be able to partake in matchmaking. Point is that official server downtime can be the very reason for the Fortnite matchmaking error on your end. 

It’s definitely worth keeping pace with the status page and confirming whether that truly is the case or not. If the outage is official, there’s not much you can do apart from waiting for the hotfix. With that said, there is a fair chance that the problem exists on your side and not Epic Games—the developer of Fortnite. 

It is important to determine that we know which one is the correct one by testing these possible solutions. Let’s discuss the best way to mediate to make things work for you and there’s not any chance of error after that.

  • Take note that these suggestions may not work for you in the event that the problem lies at the feet of developers. But, you can attempt to incorporate them well to determine if it can help you return to play, or not.

Disconnect VPN If You’re Using One

Another probable fix to the Fortnite battle royale matchmaking error pertains to your Virtual Protocol Network or in other words, a VPN. If you’re using something like NordVPN or Windscribe to access geo-blocked content and are trying to play Fortnite at the same time, the reason for the problem at hand could very well be it. 

It’s common knowledge that connecting to a VPN reduces the strength of your internet connection. Depending on the server and the country you’ve established a connection to, it can get hard to retain the same download speed, upload speed, and ping with a connected VPN. 

Therefore, if you’re discovering yourself in a similar situation, make haste in disabling or toggling off your VPN and starting Fortnite without the additional service. You’re bound to see a huge improvement in your matchmaking capacity this way now that we’re VPN-free on our Windows PC.

With that being said, in the case that you did not have a VPN connection to the device in the first place, keep on reading to discover what other methods can help us work out a solution here. We have plenty of stuff still left to try, so don’t give up hope just yet.    

Test Your Network Connection

Another plausible cause of the error at hand would be insufficient internet stability. If you can browse the internet on your PC just fine, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your ping, download speed, and upload speed are also in a satisfactory state.

Since the game heavily depends on your internet speed, you need a capable internet connection to run the game in optimal conditions. The only certain way of knowing your internet speed is to take a speed test. Ookla can help you profoundly in this respect.

It’s important that you put your internet connection to the test for determining the average values of the said parameters. Your internet speed might be coming out as inconsistent, leading to being a major cause of the Fortnite arena matchmaking error.

It is widely recommended to have an internet connection with the following internet parameters at the very least.  

  • Download Speed: More than 3 MB 
  • Upload Speed: More than 1 MB
  • Ping: 50 milliseconds or below
fortnite matchmaking error today
Speed Test by Ookla

Furthermore, we strongly recommend connecting your device to an electrical connection instead of the wireless connection. In other words, the wired connection an improvement over the wireless connection and there’s numerous reasons to support this assertion.

Wi-Fi configurations can appear as somewhat unstable from time to time while using an Ethernet connection is more reliable and opens the way for a steady gaming experience. Gigabit routers in particular are much more efficient than even the most recent version of Wi-Fi which is Wi-Fi 6 and has an integrated security.

Lower interruptions in traffic and more dedicated bandwidth and a minimum of interruptions to network service are just a few of the most important features that come with using an Ethernet connections. The majority of gamers are wired in your console or home console or personal computer This is something you must strive for.

In the case that you already have a high-speed internet connection with all the relevant ports forwarded ahead of time, you have to incorporate other forms of potential fixes given ahead to get back to playing Fortnite the right way.  

Change Your Matchmaking Region

What we have here is a definitive Fortnite matchmaking error fix that can certainly allow you to get back into the battle royale in no time. The vast majority of players who got entangled with the problem in question were all pretty surprised when a simple change in their matchmaking region helped do the trick. 

In the case that you’re a newbie, you might struggle in getting to the setting of our interest here. That is why we’ve put together the following steps in order to help you switch up your matchmaking region — even for a brief amount of time — to confirm whether this is something that can resolve the matter on your end.

The best part about the fix at hand is that it works great on consoles as well. Those who keep suffering from the matchmaking error Fortnite Xbox One might as well implement the forthcoming instructions on their end as well.  

The following steps are going to take it from here. 

  1. The first step is to click on the hamburger icon in the top-right corner of the main lobby screen. The latter is where you’re able to join matches and tweak your character, so should be pretty easy to follow through with.
    fortnite matchmaking error
    Clicking on the Hamburger Icon
  2. As soon as you’re done with the initial step, you’ll now need to click on the “Settings” button. Check out the following screenshot to understand where to tap on next.
    matchmaking error fortnite
    Heading to the Game’s Settings
  3. Your next task is to click on the relevant section of Fortnite’s settings. The area we have to get to is shaped like a gear. You can spot it painlessly from the top row of tabs.
    fortnite matchmaking error today
    Clicking on the Relevant Section of Settings
  4. Completing the last step should get you to tweak your matchmaking region painlessly. The idea here now is to change the setting from “Auto” to any other area, preferably “NA East,” since it isn’t that far from the optimal region according to your location that the game detects itself. Don’t forget to apply your settings before you exit the section.
    fortnite battle royale matchmaking error
    Changing the Matchmaking Region

That’s all there is to do regarding the matchmaking region change in Fortnite. As soon as you apply the alternate changes, try going back to the lobby and hitting the “Play” button. You should be able to get into a server now as hundreds of other players already have. However, being finally able to play isn’t where this potential fix ends.

You have to change the matchmaking region back to “Auto” for the best results after you’re able to play a couple of Fortnite games. That way, you’ll continue to have the best possible multiplayer experience with minimal lag, stutters, and drops in connectivity. 

Do follow the steps illustrated above in a similar fashion, but this time, use “Auto” as your matchmaking region. The moment you’re done here, you shouldn’t be putting up with the Fortnite BR PS4 error when trying to matchmaker scenario anymore.

However, keep on reading in case the definitive potential fix here hasn’t worked things out either for you. 

Verify Fortnite’s Game Files On The Epic Launcher

Epic Games Launcher Epic Games Launcher has a lot of features as is the front-running Steam desktop clients. It has even got a unique feature that lets it authenticate game files that are stored locally. You are free to check if the games you installed are working effectively using one of its main capabilities.

This means that”Verify” is the feature that “Verify” feature cross-checks the files that are installed on your computer with those that Epic Games has stored on its servers. If any mistakes are found and the file is found to be corrupted, it is replaced and you’ll be able to return to the original plan for the game. Follow the steps below to learn how to get that done.

  1. It is the first thing to do. start on your Epic Games Launcher on your Windows PC. Although this could be performed in various different waysfeel free to do it however you think is best.
  2. Once you’ve got the desktop client installed and working go to your game’s “Library” by clicking on the option on the left side of your screen. Take a look at the screenshot below to find out more details.
matchmaking error fortnite
Accessing Your Library on the Epic Games Launcher

Next, click the Three horizontal dots placed side-by-side with one another right above Fortnite. This screenshot shows how this is going to be done.

Revealing More Options
Revealing More Options

Finalize the process by clicking on “Verify.” Wait until the process concludes.

Verifying the Game Files on the Epic Games Lanucher
Verifying the Game Files on the Epic Games Launcher

The verification process shouldn’t last less than a few minutes and you’ll be able to begin Fortnite immediately. Examine whether your effort has yielded fruit or not, then continue reading in the event that the issue continues to remain.

Clean Boot The PC

Merely restarting your Windows system can only do so much in terms of fixing the Fortnite matchmaking error. What we actually need to do here is increase the efficiency here and step things up a notch now.

Often referred to as a ” Clean Boot,” the latest method of providing our PC with a proper restart is a great way to solve the issue of Fortnite’s existence. We’re about to try an efficient resetting process that will refresh your system and allow it to restart itself in the correct method.

This can certainly yield positive outcomes for you as it has done for several other similarly troubled Fortnite players. The process requires the player to go through various steps. Let’s get right into them immediately in the next section.

Clean Booting A Windows PC – Thoroughly Explained

The following steps are going to take it from here. Be sure to follow the steps outlined ahead diligently for the best results.

  1. Step one is opening”Run”. Step one is opening”Run” the “Run” application on your Windows PC.  It is accessible using it on the Windows Start menu or simply utilize it by pressing the hotkey shortcut.  Use”Windows,” the “Windows” key as well as”Windows” and the “R” key on your device’s keyboard, and “Run” will pop right up.
    fortnite matchmaking error 2022
  2. Step 2: Type “ MSConfig ” inside” the “Run” Application window, and hit”Enter” within the “Run” application window “Enter” keys. Pressing this will open a new window you’re able to access named “ System Configuration .”
    matchmaking error fortnite
  3. The window for System Configuration is displayed. It seems In the display in your face to view. This is where you’ll have to “hover above the “ Selective Startup” Section in the “General” tab and select the General tab, and then choose the General tab and then select it. What’s next to check”General” under the “General” tab? Next, remove”Load startup items” and then uncheck the “Load startup items” option in the “Load startup items. This completes the initial stage that involves cleaning up and booting up your computer.
  4. Now, you have to hit the Services tab” that is found in the upper right corner of the “System Configuration” window. This will take you to a separate page that allows you to look at the services currently running on the computer. The next step is to click “Hide Microsoft Services” for the next step.
    fortnite br ps4 error when trying to matchmake
  5. Hiding all Microsoft services means you’ve accomplished only half the task. Now you have to hit “Disable all” next to complete the process of cleaning the boot process of your computer. Below is a picture that demonstrates how to accomplish it.
    Disabling All Non-Microsoft Services
  6. You’ve done a great job so far! There’s one more task to finish right now before you can finally restart the PC. Select”Startup,” then click on the “Startup” tab next and you will see the option to start the Task Manager. The image below will show how to proceed.
    Opening the Task Manager
  7. Once the Task Manager is launched, it will immediately take you to the “Startup” section of its interface. The goal is to turn off all “Enabled” processes that you observe. Their status can be easily assessed right under”Publisher” in the “Publisher” tab. So, you need to click on each running process and select “Disable.” Repeat the process for each enabled application. Close the window once you’re done with this.
    Disabling All Enabled Processes
  8. The last step is to restart your device to ensure that the clean booting process can be activated. It is easy to do this via your Windows Start menu by clicking on the icon you want to use.
    Fortnite matchmaking error

Try Playing Battle Lab To Resolve Fortnite Matchmaking Error

One last trick in the bag is to alternate between two different game modes and determine whether doing that can help us get back into Fortnite. The methodology here is nothing but straightforward. All you have to do is change whatever it is that you’re playing to “Battle Lab,” get into it and go back to playing the normal way. 

Click on the vividly apparent “Change” button in the main lobby area to bring up the host of different game modes that Fortnite sports. Out of all the different options you see on the screen, click on “Battle Lab” and don’t forget to apply your changes. Exit to the main lobby section again and start playing.

Picking Battle Lab as the Playable Game Mode
Picking Battle Lab as the Playable Game Mode

Since Battle Lab is a relatively offline mode where no matchmaking is required, you’ll get into the game world fairly quickly. As soon as you’re in, wait for 3-4 minutes, and then exit to the main menu. Hopefully, this should allow the game to refresh its servers and let you back in on the online ventures of Fortnite accordingly. 

Try playing the battle royale as you normally would and determine whether the Fortnite matchmaking error is still a vexing bother. With some spell of luck and charm, you should finally be able to play the third-person shooter as intended. 

Fortnite receives consistent updates, so there are not a lot of chances for game-breaking bugs, crashes, and other issues to surface frequently for the multiplayer-focused title. However, that isn’t to say that the title is altogether free from its fair share of problems. As far as we know, no game has reached that level yet.

The custom matchmaking error in Fortnite is nothing but undesirable, barring many players from loading into the main lobby and leaving them downright helpless. The issue has come to light right after the recent-most update by Epic Games, and it appears that some fault associated with the patch has caused the error to come forth.

Nevertheless, the developers have already begun work on issuing a fix, so keep holding on tight. In the meantime, make sure that you’re not lacking on your end in any way. Tend to your graphics drivers, authenticate Fortnite’s installed files, and ascertain that the PC isn’t filled up with background processes.

The essence of it is that, after implementing the suggestions above for possible solutions to the problem and following the suggested solutions, you’ll be able to return to playing in the event that Epic Games has taken care of the issue on their end as well.

Let us know if you managed to get again into Fortnite or not. As always, eXputer wishes you good luck!

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