Best Sensitivity Settings For Fortnite

Learn our personalized KBM and controller settings for best sensitivity in Fortnite PC.

Fortnite is one of the most competitive survival shooter games. Sensitivity plays a very important role during movement, shooting, and close-range bouts. Having the best sensitivity settings is a must for standing out against the tough competition.

Though there are preset settings used by pro players available, our guide lists all the best settings based on experience and gameplay. Using these settings will allow you to make rapid progress in the game.

Sensitivity Settings

In Chapter 4, most SMGs are removed, leaving shotguns as the most optimum option for close range.

All variants of the New Thunder Shotgun hit very hard, exerting damage from the 170-195 range. Efficient command on a shotgun with up-to-the-mark aim should be at your fingertip.

Using a sensitivity that is more shotgun-oriented would be more suitable for close range. Though our article gives you settings for both KBM and Controller, it is recommended to use the keyboard over the controller.

Keyboard and Mouse (KBM)

  • X Axis Y Axis Sensitivity: 8-10%
  • Target/Scope Sensitivity: 50%
  • X-Axis/Y-Axis Sensitivity: 8-10%
    • Adjust between 8-10% for flexibility in flicking and quick plays.
    • Decrease to around 6% for arm aiming.
      Picture showing sensitivity settings
      Image showing sensitivity settings (Picture credits: eXputer)


  • Look Input curve: Linear
  • Look Horizontal/Vertical Speed: 46%
  • ADS Look Vertical/Horizontal Speed: 13%
  • Build/Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplier: 2.1x
  • Left/Right Stick Deadzone: 8%
    • Try both Linear and Exponential settings to find what suits you.
    • Linear offers smoother building and editing, strong mid to long-range aim assist, but less effective close-range aim assist.
      Image showing controller sensitivity settings
      Image showing controller sensitivity settings for Fortnite (Picture Credits: eXputer)
  • Look Horizontal/Vertical Speed: 46% (Linear)
    • Adjust both X and Y to 54% if using Exponential.
    • Aim for a balance between speed and accuracy to avoid over-flicking and missed shots.
    • Start with these settings and tweak them as per your preference.

Aim Down Sights (ADS) 

These are adjustable settings that will help you to aim opponents on the ground and in mid-air. Below are the best KBM and Controller settings for Fortnite to give you the best experience. These ADS will enhance your gameplay and provide the best sensitivity in Fortnite.


If you prefer KBM over a controller, we have covered the best settings for you below.

X Axis Y Axis Sensitivity8-10%
Target/Scope Sensitivity50%

Target/Scope Sensitivity – 50%

Since AR Meta has not changed much in comparison to previous seasons, we recommend you keep target and scope sensitivity around 50%. Having this higher would make tracking even more difficult.


Look Input curveLinear
Look Horizontal/Vertical Speed46%
ADS Look Vertical/Horizontal Speed13%
Build/Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplier2.1x
Left/Right Stick Deadzone8%
  • ADS Look Vertical/Horizontal Speed: 13%
    • Opt for a sensitivity between 13-18% for adequate targeting of both mid-air and ground opponents.
    • Sensitivity below 13% enhances medium-range tracking, while sensitivity above 18% may hinder tracking moving targets.
  • Build/Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplier: 2.1x
    • Adjust this multiplier to balance building speed and consistency, multiplying your look sensitivity for optimal performance.
    • Experiment with sensitivity adjustments to match your gameplay style; slower players typically use 1.8x-2.0x, while faster-paced players opt for 2.3x-2.6x.

Controller Deadzone

Deadzone is the extent to which you can move your controller to register a movement. Higher dead zones will not cater to micro-adjustments but will accommodate for accidental movements. In the same manner, with a low deadline, you will have room for micro-adjustments but at the expense of accidental movements.

Left/Right Stick Deadzone – 8%

We recommend you set it as low as possible, around 6-10 % until you experience any stick drift. Most controllers, especially Xbox, do not have durable joystick technology. PS4 or PS5 controllers usually cope with stick drift when they are new.

Keybinds For Best Sensitivity in Fortnite

The aim of setting optimum key binds is to reduce the amount of time you use your fingers to move from WASD keys or movement keys in the case of a controller to have a minimum delay in movement.


Image showing key binds
Image showing Key binds for Fortnite (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Here’s a quick preview of the optimal KBM Keybinds settings for Fortnite:

Wall Thumb Mouse Button 1
StairsThumb Mouse Button 2
Remaining Building ComponentsQ/E
Secondary Building Edit and Reset Building EditScroll Wheel Down
Edit On ReleasePersonal Preference
CrouchCaps Lock/ Left Ctrl
Inventory SlotsNumber Keys
Mantling Space Bar
UseScroll Wheel Up
Inventory ModeLeft Ctrl/Arrow Down

First, we highly recommend you equip yourself with a mouse that has two side buttons. In this way, you will be mapping two building pieces, freeing up space for important keys like editing, pulling, etc.

Building Keybinds

  • Wall and Ramp: Assign to the side buttons on your mouse. This setup offers quick access and faster response time during intense building scenarios.
  • Cone: Set to the Shift key to maintain fluid movement without hindering other actions.
  • Floor: Use the Z key for easy reach with minimal disruption to movement.
  • Other Building Components: Bind to the Q and E keys for efficient building without having to shift hand positions drastically.

Editing Keybinds

  • Primary Editing Keys: E or F, situated close to the WASD keys, provide swift access for quick edits.
  • Secondary Building Edit and Reset: Scroll Wheel Down. This allows for rapid editing adjustments during gameplay.
  • Edit On Release: This is down to personal preference. Enable it to speed up editing by automatically confirming edits upon release, or disable it for more controlled, manual edits.

Combat Controls

  • Crouch: Bind to Caps Lock or Left Ctrl. This choice depends on which key feels more natural for your pinky to reach.
  • Inventory Slots: Allocate to the number keys (2, 3, 4, 5, 6), with the 6th slot usually reserved for less urgent items like healing.
  • Mantling: Assign to Space Bar. Positioning it here helps prevent accidental activation when trying to jump.
  • Use: Set to Scroll Wheel Up for rapid interactions, particularly useful for looting in high-pressure situations.
  • Inventory Mode: Place on Left Ctrl or Down Arrow to keep it out of the way, reducing the risk of mishaps during combat.


Image Showing Controller key binds for Fortnite
Picture Showing Controller key binds for Fortnite (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Combat Controls

Here are all the Controls for Combat-related actions in Fortnite:

InventoryDirection Pad Up
Emote/ ReplayDirection Pad Left
Crouch/Slide/RepairDirection Pad Right
Place MarkerDirection Pad Down
Switch ModeL3
EditTouch Pad
Toggle Pickaxe△/Y
Spring/Auto SprintO/B
Previous WeaponsL1
Attack/ ConfirmR2
Next WeaponR1

Build Controls

Here are the controls for creating builds in Fortnite:

InventoryDirection Pad Up
Emote/ ReplayDirection Pad Left
Crouch/Slide/RepairDirection Pad Right
Change Material/TrapDirection Pad Down
Switch ModeL3
EditTouch Pad
Toggle Pickaxe△/Y
Trap Picker /Place/Interact□/X
Spring/Auto SprintO/B
Rotate/Repair/Change TrapX
Stair Piece (Select/Place)L2
Roof Piece (Select/Place)L1
Wall Piece (Select/Place)R2
Floor Piece (Select/Place)R1

Edit Controls

Lastly, here’s the Edit Controls setup in Fortnite Settings:

InventoryDirection Pad Up
Crouch/Slide/RepairDirection Pad Right
MapTouch Pad
Toggle Pickaxe△/Y
Spring/Auto SprintO/B

It is recommended to use the touchpad by clicking it with your index finger from the top. Note: For the Xbox One controller, use A for switch mode, L3 for edit, and select button for map. These are the best key binds you can use to ensure the best sensitivity in Fortnite while playing through a controller.

This marks the end of our guide. We hope the best settings for Fortnite listed above will massively improve your gameplay. You can use these settings as a benchmark and adjust them according to your gameplay as you practice more. Leave any questions down below in the comment section.


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