LEGO Fortnite: Desert Village Upgrade List [Complete Guide]

Get to know everything about the Desert Village and how to upgrade it to level 10!

LEGO Fortnite World has three biomes, and each biome has a different type of village that you can make. When you create a village, there are still a lot of things that are locked. To unlock all things, you have to upgrade your village. Different items are needed for each upgrade, which can be found throughout the map. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Village in LEGO Fortnite can be upgraded from level 1 to level 10
  • Each level upgrade unlocks new perks and builds for the player.
  • A higher-level Village attracts more villagers, which can help improve the village.
  • You can only have one village in a biome.
  • Most upgrades rely on flexwood, primarily sourced from the dry land biome.

All Desert Village Level And Items Required For Upgrades

Desert Village
Desert Village in LEGO Fortnite [Screenshot By Exputer]
The Desert Village, similar to a grassland village, can undergo upgrades up to level 10. Each upgrade unlocks new features and attracts more villagers. To upgrade to higher levels, you need to collect various items. However, one common requirement for all levels is having a high enough Village Rating. You can increase Village Ratings by adding to your village.

The material required for each level and their rewards are:

Village LevelRequired ResourcesRewards
Level 1Granite (x8)
Wood (x10)
Players can ask one Villager to join their Village.
Level 2Granite (x15)
Wood (x15)
Villagers get new jobs like finding resources and refining wood and stone.
Level 3Granite (x20)
Planks (x10)
Players can ask another Villager to join their Village.
Level 4Granite (x25)
Planks (x15)
Knotroot (x10)
Villagers can do various tasks like cooking, plant seeds and tend to garden plots.
Level 5Planks (x20)
Knotroot (x15)
Marble (x15)
Players can ask another villager to join their village.
Level 6Knotroot (x20)
Granite Slabs (x30)
Villager can smelt metal, craft textile and collect gems.
Level 7Knotroot (x20)
Marble Slabs (x30)
Villagers Unlock new recipes for player.
Level 8Rough Amber (x10)
Marble Slabs (x30)
Players can ask another villager to join their village.
Level 9Cut Amber (x10)
Obsidian (x15)
Flexwood (x15)
Villager can find resources from other biomes.
Level 10Flexwood Rod (x15)
Cut Amber (x20)
Obsidian Slabs (x30)
Players can ask the last villager to join their village.

The Best Ways To Upgrade Your Desert Village

Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone in LEGO Fortnite [Screenshot By Exputer]
Upgrades require various items, with Knotrood and Flexwood being the most essential among them. Here are a few tips that can help you gather the resources;

  1. Village Collaboration for Resources: You can always ask your best villagers to gather resources like planks and wood, depending on the level of your village.
  2. Strategic Use of Enemy Destruction: Enemies like rollers and brutes often destroy items in their surroundings that could be collected.
  3. Explosive Solutions with Outlaw Blaster: Dynamite from Outlaw Blaster is also very helpful, or you can craft it yourself with Blast Powder and Knotroot rod.
  4. Destructive Mining with the Rolling Stone: If you do not have the tools required to mine something, you can use the rolling stone, and it will break the object in its path.
  5. Caution During Thunderstorms: Watch out for thunderstorms, as lightning can also break objects in LEGO Fortnite.
  6. Collaborative Resource Gathering: The most efficient way I found to gather resources is by collaborating with other players and making them keyholders for your world.

How To Increase Village Ratings

Adding Villager
Adding Villager in LEGO Fortnite [Screenshot by Exputer]
You need different items for each upgrade, but one constant thing is to increase your village ratings. You cannot add new villagers to your village if your village ratings are low. Increasing the village ratings is very simple, as you only have to add things within your village. Make new buildings and add stations like Lumber mills or Grain mills.

That is all you need to know about the Desert Village Upgrades. You must travel a lot to gather all the required stuff, so increasingyour stamina in LEGO Fortnite is better. A glider is very helpful as you can travel a large area faster.


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