Epic Games Removes The “Fort” From Fortnite And Players Love It

While some players are criticising Epic Games' decision, most of the streamers and players alike seem to enjoy the recent change to Fortnite.

This weak’s biggest shocker was the reveal of Fornite Battle Royale Chapter 3, Season 2, but with the twist of removing “Fort” from the gameplay. For the entirety of nine whole days, Fortnite will not feature building in the casual mode of the game. However, it still features building in all other modes. After nine days, Epic Games will have to decide to either reimplant the building or keep it the way it is, and it seems like players like the game more without the building mechanics.

Since the removal of building mechanics from Fortnite, one of the foremost features of the game, players took to Twitter to express their opinions about the massive change. It seems like streamers and players alike are enjoying the game more without the building mechanics, as evident from the hundreds of tweets.


However, Loserfruit and Ninja aren’t the only ones that seem to be liking Fortnite without its building mechanics. Even the man himself, Dr Disrespect, expressed his opinion about how the game has become more amusing in a response to another streamer, Tfue’s, tweet, saying that he’d never seen himself saying this about Fortnite (being a Call of Duty fanatic).

Although, streamers are not the only ones relishing the no-build Fortnite, as new and old players express their interest in the game. For some veteran players, the removal of the building mechanics from the game has reignited their passion for Fortnite. For others, particularly new ones, this presents an opportunity for them to actually enjoy the game without the fear of some veteran player completely obliterating them within seconds through their builds. This significant decrease in the learning curve has interested many new players to start playing the game, which eventually benefits Epic Games.


Fortnite is once again going to be competitive, with many new players coming to the game and old players rejoining it. However, amidst all the celebration, some players are, obviously, upset over the removal of such a fundamental mechanic of the game. It can’t be denied that the building mechanics of the game was what made Fortnite, well, Fortnite.

Yet, despite the criticism, it seems like most players like this new change and want Epic Games to implement it permanently. Like it or hate it, there’s no denying that the game feels renewed again. With so many new players joining Fortnite all of a sudden and actually enjoying it, there’s a high chance that the company might just make this change permanent, perhaps in a separate game mode.

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