Grounded Best Controller & Keyboard Settings

The guide covers best controller settings in grounded to enable a smooth gameplay.

You can enjoy smooth gameplay by having a good grip on the controller. It is very important to know the default controller settings available in the game. We have covered the Best Controller Settings in Grounded in this guide to help you have a better experience playing the game.

Settings in the game are highly dependent on the players’ personal preferences, but the settings we have covered in this guide will be suitable for most players. This guide will help you have a head start on using the controller.

Key Takeaways
  • The best controller settings for Grounded will vary depending on the player’s personal preference. However, some recommended settings include:
    • Increasing the sensitivity to make it easier to aim and move around.
    • Turning off auto-aim to give the player more control over their shots.
    • Adjusting the deadline to prevent the controller from registering unwanted inputs.
  • The best keyboard settings for Grounded will also vary depending on the player’s preference. However, some recommended settings include:
    • Remapping the keys to make them more comfortable to use.
    • Turning on sticky keys to prevent accidental keystrokes.
    • Adjusting the mouse sensitivity to make it easier to aim and move around.

Controller Settings

grounded controller settings
Grounded Controller Settings – Image captured By Us

You must be aware of the settings for in-game mappings for movement and action, UI Mappings, and Construction Mappings for both controller, mouse, and keyboard. On another note, games are always fun with friends, so we have covered the How To Join A Friends Game In Grounded guide. 

It is completely up to the players’ preference to either use a controller or a mouse and a keyboard to play the game. To get the Grounded Best Controller Settings follow the tables covering the mappings below!

Movement And Action Mappings

Movement and Actions are required throughout the gameplay, so you need to know the controls to manage these movements.

Place WaypointX
LookRight Stick
Interact (Cancel)Y
Interact (Use)B
BlockLeft Trigger
AttackRight Trigger
UnloadLeft Trigger
SprintLeft Stick
CrouchRight Stick
Remove WaypointY
HuckRight Bumper

UI Mappings

controller settings
UI Mappings – Image captured By Us

User Interface Mappings that enable players to interact with the storyline can be processed using the following controls.

UI MappingControls
Toggle Executables RadialDown
Toggle Quickchat RadialRight
Consume/Repair ItemY
Equip/Inspect ItemX
Toggle SCA.B MenuBack
Toggle Hotpouch RadialLeft Bumper
Toggle Construction RadialUp
Toggle Emote RadialLeft
Toggle Ammo RadialLeft trigger

Construction Mappings

A huge part of the grounded storyline is construction, so it is extremely important to know its controls.

Construction MappingControls
Rotate Building ClockwiseRight trigger
Next Building MaterialRight bumper
Flip BuildingY
Rotate Building CounterclockwiseLeft trigger
Place BuildingX
Snap to Grid Left bumper

How To Adjust Controller Sensitivity

controller sensitivity
How To Adjust Controller Sensitivity – Image captured By Us

Most of the players complain about the controller’s sensitivity and that it is too low even when set to 100. We have covered you if you are also facing a similar issue.

First of all, you need to unplug your mouse when you have decided to play using the controller. Always remember that increasing sensitivity to 100 will not work unless you also take care of the other settings. 

Response Curves

You need to add linear response curves in case you are playing using a programmable controller. This will be a simple setting that you need to adjust to having great precision in your setting. In short, setting your response curves linear is the way to go. 


Players want precise and slower movements, which is done by adding acceleration and a slider to show how much precision you want and when you want it. This will help you aim and pick up stuff with precise and slow movements and a quick boost in case of turning quickly. 

How To Make The Controller Work With Grounded

In order to make your controller work with the grounded, you need to follow a few steps to launch it properly. 

  • Launch the Steam first.
  • You will find an option for Steam on the top left; click on it.
  • Go to the settings
  • Clicking on the controller will enable the option “General Controller Settings.”
  • Select the gaming control and go back to click OK.
  • Launch the game, and you will be good to play using the controller. 

If you found this guide helpful, we have a similar guide on Grounded Best Settings. 

Mouse And Keyboard Controls

The mouse and keyboard also ensure a smooth gameplay experience if you are fully aware of the controls. If you find using these controls a bit difficult, do not worry, as we have covered them all in detail. 

keyboard controls
Keyboard and Mouse Controls – Image captured By Us

Movement And Action Mappings

Movement controls using the mouse and keyboard are mentioned in the following table. Besides that, consider reading How To Repair Tools and Structures in Grounded.

Swim UpSpace
Crouch/Swim DownL + CTRL
Move ForwardW
Move BackwardS
Strafe LeftA
Strafe RightD
Turn LeftLeft Arrow
Turn RightRight Arrow
Photo ModeP
Interact (Use)E
Interact (Cancel)X
Equip ItemF
Sprint/GlideL + Shift
AttackLeft Mouse Button
BlockRight Mouse Button

UI Mappings

UI MappingControl
Toggle Construction RadialB
Toggle Ammo RadialL
Toggle Inventory MenuI
Toggle HotPouch RadialV
Toggle SCA.B MenuTab
Toggle Executables RadialZ
Toggle Emote RadialH
Toggle Quickchat RadialT
Toggle Crafting MenuC
Toggle Map MenuM

Construction Mappings

Construction MappingControls
Rotate Building ClockwiseE
Rotate Building CounterclockwiseQ
Snap to GridL + CTRL
Place BuildingLeft Mouse Button
Pick BuildingScroll
CancelRight Mouse Button
Flip BuildingG
Relocate BuildingF

You cannot enjoy smooth gameplay without knowing the controller settings, so we have covered the settings for both the controller and keyboard. The guide covers actions, movements, UI, and construction mapping controls. If you follow the controls mentioned above, you will be good to go and interact with the storyline of Grounded. 

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