Grounded BEST Settings: FPS & Performance

In order to enjoy the Grounded game completely you must have best game settings.

To enjoy all the features of the Grounded game and have smooth gameplay, players should use the best settings in-game. Moreover, players sometimes face performance issues, too, and there are ways to handle them easily. Knowing about settings will enable you to make significant changes in the game’s settings. While at it, you must read our BEST Grounded Weapons with Locations guide.

I’ve benchmarked Grounded on the following PC specs:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600x
  • GPU: Nvidia RTX 3050
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD
  • OS: Windows 11 Pro
Key Takeaways

To run Grounded on your PC, you’ll at least need an Intel Core i3-3225 CPU, Nvidia GTX 650 Ti GPU and 4 GB RAM. 

The following settings impact your FPS the most in Grounded:

  • View Distance Quality
  • Anti Aliasing Quality
  • Shadow Quality
  • Post Processing
  • Effect Quality
  • Foliage Quality
  • Shading Quality

Grounded has pretty decent optimization as I got around 60 FPS on medium to high settings at 1080p. Bumping up the settings will reduce FPS significantly as the game is simply demanding and looks gorgeous. I did encounter FPS drops in some areas with multiple enemies, but other than that, it’s all good.

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Grounded Best Settings  

There are game options that players can change both in the game and outside of the game. However, when you start your game, their options will eventually be locked. These are general settings, and most of these are dependent upon the personal preferences of players. However, we have also mentioned what settings would best suit most players.  

Display Settings

 In the options settings, the setting tab is all about Display settings. In Display Settings, you change Gamma, Motion Blur, Chromatic Aberration, Field of View, and Render Scale. Below, we will explain all these in detail.

Display Settings (Image Source eXputer)

Quality: High

Quality handles all the graphical aspects in Grounded, from texture quality to shadows. Choosing the low setting will give you a decent visual quality while boosting your performance. However, high looks the best but will reduce your FPS by 15%. I don’t see any point in choosing Epic preset as I didn’t find any significant visual difference between the two. 

Here’s a side by side visual comparison of Low vs High preset in different conditions:

  • Graphics Quality 1
    Graphics Quality 1


Basically, Gamma is mostly about the light, and if you turn it all the way up to the maximum, then your screen will be too bright. Not only that, but you might not be able to see things clearly. However, it can be used if you are going through a dark tunnel or a cave. Other than that, you can keep it where it suits you.  Moreover, we recommend keeping it at 15%; it works for most players.

Motion Blur

In the game Motion, Blur is turned on by default, but most gamers dislike it very much. Moreover, if you are one of the players who get motion sickness, just keeping it down to zero would be better for you.

Chromatic Aberration

It depends upon what type of system you are using to play the game. However, it is mostly related to haze. So it could also affect the performance, depending upon the system you are using; leave it on or off, whatever suits you best.

Field Of View

We recommend keeping Field of View at 90 as it suits most gamers. Keep in mind that keeping it below 90 will narrow your view, and you won’t be able to see things far away. Moreover, it affects your third-person view, but with a third-person view, you get more views, too.

Keeping it below 90, like at 60, would zoom everything around you. Furthermore, everything will be very close to you; even in the third-person mode, you won’t get many views. Also, if you push it above 90, all things will feel so far away, and you won’t see them clearly. That is why the best thing would be to keep it at 90.

Render Scale

 It depends upon what kind of system you are using; if you have performance issues, you must lower it. It is basically about how fast or slow things like distance appear on your screen. Players can keep it at 100, but if you have performance issues, lower it but not too much.


When you click on the options, you will see a menu where the first tab will be GAME. These are general settings options, which include language, player distance, Auto Saves, and Survival.

Options Settings (Image Source eXputer)


There are many language options available for players to choose from in Grounded. Players can select the language according to their preferences. Moreover, the newly updated developers keep adding new languages for the players.

Player Distance

Players can keep it on and off, which is mostly used when playing in multiplayer mode. It actually helps players to see how far their friends are on their name tag hub. However, if you turn it off, you won’t be able to see the distance between you and your friends.


The first option available is Auto-save interval; now, this is actually about how many minutes your game will be saved automatically. Remember that if you keep a short time, you will see your game constantly getting saved, which might be annoying at times. That is why it is best to keep it at 20 minutes.

Below are Auto-saves options, which is basically after how many times your auto-save will be overwritten. The maximum limit is 5, which means after 5 times saving, when you do it for the 6th time, your game will be overwritten, and you will not have history to fall back onto.

Survival Tutorials

If you keep this option turned on in the game, then you will be able to see survival tutorial messages displayed on your screen. Not only that but if you keep it on, then you will see quest notifications as well. Moreover, if you turn it off, the tutorials will be displayed on the screen, which might make the game hard sometimes.

Keyboard And Controller Settings

Both Keyboard and Controller settings are very easy to understand. All the buttons are given for the keyboard mapping; where you want certain buttons, it’s up to you. Moreover, the same applies to controller settings; you must set the buttons according to your wish. Suppose you want to put Jump on the X button. You can do that easily.

Keyboard and Controller
Keyboard And Controller Settings ( Image Source eXputer)


Here, you can adjust the audio settings of the game. Set it where you feel most comfortable, where it won’t be too noisy or annoying, and you can hear it properly.

Audio Settings ( Image Source eXputer)

Moreover, down below, an option is available for Voice Chat Activation. It is for multiplayer when you are playing with your best buddies and want to turn on the voice chat. However, just turn it off if you don’t want anyone hearing your voice. There is also an option available to set the volume of the chat, and it depends upon the device you are using, so set it accordingly.  


It is about how you want your Screen Texts and other modes, such as Arachnophobia and Colorblind Mode.
Some people might not care about these options, which are very important for certain people.

Accessibility Settings (Image Source eXputer)


For those who don’t know, Arachnophobia is basically a fear of spiders. Certain people worldwide are scared of Spiders, and Grounded has plenty of scary spiders. Now, if you are one of those people who don’t like to see spiders, then you can keep the Arachnophobia safe mode at 5. Then, the Spiders would not be so scary, and you can enjoy your gameplay.

Highlight Objects

Nothing in-game will be highlighted if you keep the Highlight objects option turned off. It means that floors or any items won’t be highlighted either. However, if you keep it on, the Grounded items will be highlighted. Items such as Sprig or weapons, and it is because of the highlight feature that you can see the items more clearly.

Wide Interaction

When you switch to Wide Interaction, you can interact with the items even when you are not looking at them. It is sometimes confusing, too, like when you are running, and you will see the highlighted items surrounding you, which might be annoying, too. Moreover, it is up to you to turn it off or on; we would recommend you turn it off.


Now, Chat is the last option in the Accessibility Tab, allowing you to convert your incoming text into speech by the narrator. Not only that, you can convert incoming speech (Voice Chat) into text as well. Moreover, enable background, and you will see the black HUD appearing on the text for you to see the text easily.

Custom Settings

It depends upon the players how they want their custom settings based on their personal preferences; they can make changes to it. Players must join Single Player or Multiplayer to do the custom settings. Select it, then in the mode options, select Custom; now, Custom game settings will be there for you to make changes.

Custom Settings
Custom Settings in Grounded ( Image Source eXputer)

The Difficulty

Now, it is basically difficulty mode, depending upon whether you want Mild, Normal, or Hard. 

All Recipes are Unlocked And Free

When you turn it on, you will have the freedom of making all the recipes in Ground for free. Players can then build whatever they like for free.

Bugs Spawn And Bugs Ignore Players

Turn the Bugs Spawn Option on to see the Bugs and insects in your yard. Moreover, you can turn it off if you don’t want Bugs and Insects to be present in the yard. Also, turn off the Bugs Ignore Players so that Hostile bugs will ignore you in-game.

Building Integrity

In the game, there are Multi-Level buildings; when you turn the Building Integrity option on, you will need to follow structural support rules. Only then will you be allowed to build taller and larger bases.


When you turn the Quests options on then, the game will guide you about the Quests and Objectives. However, turning it then will no longer help you in finding the Quests.

Player Damage

Remember, if your player damage is turned on, then you will take damage if the players attack or you fall from a large building or height. However, if you turn it off, then you will no longer take any damage at all; you will basically have God Mode.

Friendly Fire And Pet Invincibility

Turning this on will allow you to damage your own allies and friends in-game. That is why you must toggle it off if you don’t want to damage your fellow teens. Moreover, turn on the Pet Invincibility, and your pets will not get any damage from you.

Hunger/Thirst Drain

In order to survive in-game, you would need to eat food and drink. However, if you toggle it off, then you will longer be required to manage your hunger and thirst.

Stamina Drain

Most of the time, gamers feel annoyed when their character runs out of stamina. That is why with the Stamina Drain option, you can toggle it, and you will not regenerate your stamina. Because of it, you enjoy battles and exploring much more interesting.

Equipment Durability

In Grounded, your equipment often must be repaired, which is sometimes frustrating. Toggle off the Equipment Durability option if you don’t want your equipment to drain off or degrade with usage.

Food Spoiling

As time passes, the food you stored in the game will also spoil. After it gets spoiled, it will no longer serve its intended purpose. Fortunately, you toggle the Food Spoiling option off, and the game will not spoil your food.

Menu Pause Game

When you open the Menu in-game, your game will be paused if this option is turned on. However, you must know that it will not work in multiplayer mode.

Backpack Items On Death

Remember that you might lose all your items when you die. Now, you can move it to the settings where it would respawn with you after the death. However, equipped will always respawn with you when you die.

After you have made changes in the Custom settings, you now need to accept it. After that, you will need to select the teen hero of your choice before the game starts. Remember, once the game starts, you cannot make any more custom changes at all. However, you would still be able to check them out.  

Bonus: Config File Settings

Unfortunately, Grounded doesn’t give much freedom to players when it comes to the game’s settings. However, there is a way to change some settings through the config file to have great gameplay.

[Game Install Location]/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.Maine_8wekyb3d8bbwe/Local Cache/Local/Maine/Saved/Config/WinAnvil

There you will find “GameUsersettings” Open this file and change the settings to what we have mentioned below, and you will have a great experience in playing Grounded.

Options Settings
View Distance Quality2
Anti Aliasing Quality1
Shadow Quality0
Post Processing1
Texture Quality3
Effect Quality2
Foliage Quality0
Shading Quality1

Final Words

To enjoy gameplay smoothly, players must have the best Settings in grounded. Moreover, if you don’t have ideal settings, you face issues with gameplay and won’t be able to enjoy it completely. In this article, we have mentioned the best settings for you and tips to boost performance. However, you can still change the settings to see where it works best for you.

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