16 BEST Grounded Weapons [Hands-On Guide]

Get your hands on the best melee and ranged weapons in Grounded & bash creatures' heads quickly!

If you have loved ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ movies of the late 80s and have always wondered about living the fantasy, well, now you can do that in the Grounded. Having been shrunk down to the size of an ant, your only job in the game is to equip yourself with the best armor, shields, weapons, and other valuable items. My Grounded best weapons guide entails excellent melee and ranged weapons that you should not sleep on.

Key Takeaways
  • Grounded has a large variety of weapons that players can choose from.
  • If you like playing in close combat and want to apply various debuffs on creatures, then some of the best Ranged weapons for you are:
    • Club of the Mother Demon.
    • Antlion Greatsword.
    • Spicy Coaltana.
  • But if you are a fan of playing from distance, and want good AoE and Crowd Control, then Ranged weapons are the best choice for you, these include:
    • Black Ox Crossbow.
    • Sour Staff.
    • Spicy Staff.
  • Having good weapons reduces your chances of dying and increases your chances of killing the creatures quickly.

Best Grounded Weapons and how they compare to each other:

WeaponTypeDamageStunStamina CostCharged DamageCharge Stun
Club of the Mother DemonMelee53.015.014.0190.025.0
Mint MaceMelee50.016.014.0180.025.0
Antlion GreatswordMelee40.00.012.0147.015.0
Spicy CoaltanaMelee40.00.012.0147.00.0
Scythe of BlossomsMelee25.02.09.0116.02.0
Sour Battle-AxeMelee45.010.012.0162.015.0
Toenail ScimitarMelee29.00.06.0105.00.0
Red Ant ClubMelee31.010.014.0112.025.0
Mosquito NeedleMelee14.
Black Ant SwordMelee19.
Sour StaffRanged75.030.030.0150.025.0
Black Ox CrossbowRanged85.
Mint StaffRanged75.05.025.0140.040.0
Crow CrossbowRanged65.05.020.0N/AN/A
Spicy StaffRanged75.00.030.0250.00.0
Super Gas ArrowRanged15.0N/AN/AN/AN/A

We have recommended Tier-II and Tier-III melee and ranged weapons from the game. Most of these are acquired during the early and mid-game, and few can be accessed during the late-game only. Listing Tier-I weapons would beat the purpose of learning about the best weapons as they simply are not. 

Best Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are best at dealing with raw damage in quick succession. They allow you to approach a target from multiple angles, hit a couple of strikes, and kill the creatures. 

Club Of The Mother Demon

club of the mother demon [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamageStunSpeedStamina CostCharged DamageCharge Stun

A spiked club designed for use in violent situations, constructed from a variety of pieces taken from a brood mother as well as other materials. At End-game, the Club of the Mother Demon is one of the most powerful melee weapons in the game in terms of its ability to do raw damage.

The Club of the Mother Demon is a Tier III melee weapon that has a high damage output. However, the overall attack speed is relatively slower than the raw damage in exchange for a slower attack speed. It does a lot of damage and has a very high stun output.

Mint Mace

Mint Mace [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamageStunSpeedStamina CostCharged DamageCharge Stun

Mint Mace is the late-game club that is very effective in bashing skulls of ants or breaking spider legs. This close combat weapon is just slightly inferior to the Club of the Mother Demon in terms of its damage output, making it the second strongest melee weapon overall. However, in addition to its sheer raw damage, this one also does damage based on the elements.. 

Antlion Greatsword

Antlion Greatsword [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamageStunSpeedStamina CostCharged DamageCharge Stun

If you want to slice ants, spiders, termites, and lots of other larger-than-your-body-sized creatures in the Grounded with a sword, then Antlion Greatsword is a perfect fit. This is a Tier-III weapon in the game, which means it is a mid-to-late game weapon that you can obtain during your playthrough. 

The attack pattern of the Antlion Greatsword is synonymous with a two-handed club weapon in the game. Although I ranked this sword one rank above Spicy Coaltana, both weapons are more or less the same when you swing them onto enemies. 

Spicy Coaltana

Spicy Coaltana [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamageStunSpeedStamina CostCharged DamageCharge Stun

Spicy Coaltana is another excellent sword weapon in the Grounded that comes with a few bells and whistles. For one, it glows at night with a dark yellow or orange glow. The light radiated by it has limited visibility, but it’s better to walk with a little lighter than a stroll in pitch-black darkness. 

Scythe Of Blossoms

Scythe of Blossoms [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamageStunSpeedStamina CostCharged DamageCharge Stun

The best part of the Scythe of Blossom weapon in Grounded is that it comes with a Yoked Blows status effect perk. The perk basically changes the multiplier of the critical hit damage number, giving you a chance to deal much more damage than the base stats of the weapon.

Scythe of Blossoms is a Tier-III weapon in the game, which means that this one also can’t be acquired early game. 

Sour Battle-axe

Sour Battle-axe [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamageStunSpeedStamina CostCharged DamageCharge Stun

If you’re a fan of using an axe to chop down large spider legs and kill Mantis creatures without much effort, then you much obtain Sour Battle-axe. This is also another end-game weapon that is very powerful in terms of doing raw damage and dealing sour damage on its targets. 

As an axe weapon, you can also use Sour Battle-Axe as pretty much your regular axe to chop down plants, planks, and other things that will require you to keep a regular or Tier-II axe in your backpack.  

Toenail Scimitar

Toenail Scimitar [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamageStunSpeedStamina CostCharged DamageCharge Stun

Unlike most weapons I have listed above, Toenail Scimitar is actually a one-handed weapon with excellent attack speed. This weapon is notorious for debuffing the creatures by applying the Infection status effect. Every hit that you land on an enemy will decrease the enemy’s attack damage and speed. This is excellent for visiting below-the-ground-level regions where you’ve less room to explore and are likely to be stormed by creatures.

Red Ant Club

Red Ant Club [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamageStunSpeedStamina CostCharged DamageCharge Stun

The Red Ant Club is a Tier-II weapon, and it can be obtained very early game in the Grounded. If you get this melee weapon in your first three hours of the game, then consider yourself overpowered against lots of creatures. 

The best part of Red Ant Club that you should know is that it deals excellent raw physical damage and, on top of that, stuns the creatures. Stunning them will give you room to land 2-4 more hits before the creature regains control of its senses and become hostile toward you. 

Mosquito Needle

Mosquito Needle [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamageStunSpeedStamina CostCharged DamageCharge Stun

Similar to Mosquito’s nose, the Mosquito Needle is another melee weapon that falls under the rapier category. Its long, swift, and length of weapon allow you to strike faster and poke creatures while maintaining a safe distance.

The best part of Mosquito Needle is that it comes with a Life Steal perk or ability. Each time you poke a creature with the weapon, you will basically be replenishing your own health while draining the creature’s HP pool in the process.

Black Ant Sword

Black Ant Sword [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamageStunSpeedStamina CostCharged DamageCharge Stun

Similar to Red Ant Club I have listed above, the Black Ant sword is another excellent weapon that you can get by beating a Black Ant to death. This one-handed sword is a Tier-II weapon in the Grounded, which is fast and has an excellent stun and damage output. 

Best Ranged Weapons

The ranged combat engagement unlocks whole new possibilities of how you approach a hostile situation. You can weaken a strong creature from a distance and then jump into combat with your melee weapon. Or, just pick enemies off one-by-one by shooting them with ranged weapons and getting their attention. Besides the above-mentioned melee weapons, I have listed six best Grounded ranged weapons you should not sleep on. 

Sour Staff

Sour Staff [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamageStunSpeedStamina CostCharged DamageCharge Stun

Sour Staff may not do crazy high damage as Sour Battle-Axe does, but the best part of using ranged weapons is that you get to pick opponents from a safe distance as opposed to melee ones. This weapon hurls a static charge that deals sour elemental damage to creatures. 

Black Ox Crossbow

Black Ox Crossbow [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamageStunSpeedStamina Cost

While staff ranged weapons are excellent for speed casting and stunning creatures, the crossbow weapons are a better pick for raw damage from a distance. Black Ox Crossbow is a much stronger version of the Crow Crossbow. This weapon is a Tier-III weapon; therefore, it is fair to say that you can get this one during mid to late game. 

Besides the high raw damage, Black Ox Crossbow does very little stun damage. The weapon also has a lower rate of fire. There are no status effects or perks that this ranged weapon comes with. Therefore you’d have to rely heavily on just the raw firepower. 

Mint Staff

Mint Staff [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamageStunSpeedStamina CostCharged DamageCharge Stun

This is another excellent ranged staff that applies the fresh status effect on enemies. This is by far the only late-game staff that does not have the ability to fire a charged shot. However, the bright side of using Mint Staff is that you get to fire shots continuously, dealing fresh damage to certain bugs that are weak toward this status effect.

Since this is a Tier-III weapon, it is not each to unlock it early or mid-game. So, expect to fight end-game creatures while wielding this weapon.

Crow Crossbow

Crow Crossbow [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamageStunSpeedStamina Cost

Crow Crossbow is a far superior ranged weapon than most Tier-I ranged weapons. The weapon has average stun ability but a much lower rate of fire. It is great for mid-game but not so much if you reach the end-game content. 

Spicy Staff

Spicy Staff [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamageStunSpeedStamina CostCharged DamageCharge Stun

The Spicy Staff is a piece of magical equipment that enables the user to perform powerful spicy magic from a distance. When cast, the spell takes the appearance of a ball of incendiary spice that is launched from the staff. The ball detonates upon impact with a living thing or the ground below it. It also has the ability to be charged, which results in more power and a larger blast.

A staff fashioned of hot candies called Hot Cha Chas. The effects of a magic spell that may be found in Minotaurs and Myrmidons have been recreated via the use of prohibited chemistry and arcane technology.

Super Gas Arrow

Super Gas Arrow [Image Credit: eXputer]
DamagePerkDamage Type
15+Gas HazardStabbing

The Super Gas Arrows are an improved version of the Gas Arrows that are far more powerful than the Gas Arrows that they replaced. When fired at a creature, they do massive damage as well as emit a dust cloud that is far more potent than the variety that is less effective. After being fired, it transforms into a Splinter Arrow instead.

Grounded Weapons Recipe Guide

WeaponMaterials Required
Club Of The Mother
Broodmother Venom x1
Broodmother Fang x2,
Broodmother Chunk x2
Mint MaceMint Glob x2,
Flower Petal x5,
Tough Gunk x10
Antlion GreatswordAntlion Pincer x7,
Antlion Part x3,
Silk Rope x3
Spicy CoaltanaSpicy Glob x2,
EverChar Coal Chunk x5,
Tough Gunk x10
Scythe Of BlossomsMantis Claw x2,
Mantis Chunk x4,
Pupa Leather x5, Rust x5,
Lint Rope x5
Sour Battle-axeSour Glob x2,
Green Shield Bug Parts x5,
Tough Gunk x10
Toenail ScimitarToenail x10,
Lint Rope x3,
Pupa Hide x2, Rust x3
Red Ant ClubRed Ant Part x4,
Crude Rope x2,
Red Ant Mandibles x2
Mosquito NeedleMosquito Beak x2,
Silk Rope x2, Mosquito
Blood Sack x2
Black Ant SwordBlack Ant Mandibles x2,
Black Ant Part x3,
Berry Leather x4
Sour StaffSour Glob x5,
Pinecone Piece x5,
Tough Gunk x5,
Pond Moss x5
Black Ox CrossbowRust x6,
Black Ox Part x4,
Lint Rope x4,
Pinecone Piece x2
Mint StaffMint Glob x5,
Pinecone Piece x5,
Tough Gunk x5,
Crow Feather Piece x5
Crow CrossbowCrow Feather Piece x6,
Acorn Shell x4, Silk Rope x4
Spicy StaffSpicy Glob x5,
Pinecone Piece x5,
Tough Gunk x5,
Fire Ant Mandibles x5
Super Gas ArrowSplinter Arrow x3,
Super Stink Sack x1


Weapons keep you alive throughout your journey of returning back to normal from being a bug-sized human. As you progress through the game, you’d encounter difficult-to-kill creatures, requiring you to wield the best weapons in Grounded. With my suggested melee and ranged weapons, I believe you’d be all set on your journey from early to mid and late game.

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