Grounded Mithridatism + Mutation Guide [Upgrade + Location]

The Mithridatism guide will showcase how the perk works, how to obtain it, and the location of the Wolf Spider!

Grounded has a plethora of ranked mutations that allow the player to become stronger while traversing through the world essentially and allows them to become stronger in general. Players might want to know how to unlock the perk while also wanting to know how to unlock the  Mithridatism perk!

Important: Obtaining the Mithridatism perk is insanely difficult, as you need to fight the Wolf Spider many times.   
Key Takeaways
  • Mithridatism mutation boosts resistance to enemy poison attacks.
  • Over time, it makes you nearly immune to poison.
  • Upgrade to Mithridatism Level Three.
  • First phase upgrade: Kill one Wolf Spider.
  • Second phase: Defeat five spiders.
  • Third phase: Eliminate ten spiders.
  • Pair Mithridatism with Fresh Defense and Mom Genes perks for best results.

Wolf Spiders Locations

The locations of the Wolf Spiders are summarised as follows. 

Wolf Spider LocationsQuantity
BBQ Spill area2
Oak Tree2
Near the rotting stump2
Woodpile area2
Bottom of the Hedge2
Yoked Girth Head1
The south-eastern end of Fallen Oak Branch1
Plank Cliff1
Rake Rock Point1
Upper Yard ascent area1
Sansquanch Dirt Bike1
Javamatic area1
Jungle Anthill1
Moldorc Highlands1
Upper Grassland1

What Is The Mithridatism Mutation? 

First, players might want to know the Mithridatism Mutation and what it can do for you. It is essentially a mutation, considered a part of a buff, that can allow the player to gain resistance and become stronger in combat or the general traversal. 

  • The main aim of the Mithridatism perk is to enhance your overall resistance to poison, which allows you to become even stronger while dealing with enemies that might be able to inflict poison on you otherwise. 
    Mithridatism (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The mutation itself describes the body as ravaged by poison that has been cursing through the body so many times that it has practically allowed us to build up a permanent resistance to it and essentially allows us to be completely immune against it.

How To Upgrade Mithridatism Perk? 

Now, when it comes to actually getting your hands on the Mithridatism perk and upgrading it, it can become quite a daunting task since there are Mithridatism Level Three to the perk, and you need to upgrade each once to the max to benefit from it fully. 

First Phase Fighting
First Phase Fighting (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The first phase of the Mithridatism perk has to need to kill only one wolf spider, and while that may seem like an easy task to begin with, having to kill the one wolf spider is hell, to begin with. 
    Second Phase Wolf Spider
    Second Phase Wolf Spider (Image Credits Exputer)
  • You must kill five wolf spiders for the second phase, increasing the difficulty. 
  • As for the Mithridatism Level Three, you need to kill ten wolf spiders, through which you will be able to max out the Mithridatism perk, but having even to kill ten wolf spiders should be a feat in itself, and most players won’t bother to do it unless they want to get the benefit from the perk. 

How Does The Mutation Work? 

Moving on, now that you know what the Mithridatism does, let’s talk about how it can work and what it can protect you against. 

  • Anytime you fight an enemy that can inflict poison on you, it can damage you greatly. 
  • The main aim of the Mithridatism perk is to build up your immunity in a way that can allow you to become stronger against enemies such as the Wolf Spiders that can cause damage to you. 

What Perks Are Best To Combine With Mithridatism? 

Next up, a few perks might work excellently with Mithridatism and can help you become invincible against enemies such as the Wolf Spiders that would otherwise murder you on sight. 

  • Having a perk like Fresh Defense, which can enhance your resistance to gas and burning damage by 25%/50%, is an excellent addition, while it also buffs up your overall sizzle rate reduction by 25% and more. 
    Fresh Defense
    Fresh Defense (Image Credits Exputer)

You can upgrade Fresh Defense to phase one by eating one mint shard, then at phase two by eating five mint shards, and then at Phase 3 by eating ten mint shards. 

  • Another perk that can work excellently with Mithridatism is Mom Genes, through which attacks will have a 10% chance to spawn in a friendly spiderling, which will have 25 health, and other than that, it will enhance the damage that has been dealt with poison attack by a total of 50%. 
    Mom Genes
    Mom Genes (Image Credits Exputer)

To unlock the Mom Genes perk, the main thing that you need to do is simply go ahead and kill the Hedge Broodmother, which can be quite a daunting fight if you don’t know how to approach it properly. 

Mithridatism Phase Upgrade Locations 

Map Locations
Map Locations (Image Credits Exputer)

When upgrading the Mithridatism Phase, you need to get your hands on the wolf spiders and hunt them down, which can be an actual pain since the Wolf Spiders will consistently continue to poison you. 

One of the first locations is towards the inside lid of the BBQ towards the BBQ Spill area.  2
Towards the oak tree area, if you head over to the tree’s base, you can find two wolf spiders there.  2
The stump is a rotting stump that appears to be destroyed, and there will be Wolf Spider inside the stump area.  2
If you head to the Woodpile area, there should be a blue tarp on which the Wolf Spiders will be.  2
Towards the bottom of the Hedge, you can head towards the porch area of the house, where you can find a Wolf Spider. 1
Head over to the Undershed location, where you should be able to come across a dark area where you can find more Wolf Spiders.  2
The area under the Yoked Girth Head will likely have a wolf spider.  1
Towards the southeast side of the Fallen Oak Branch, there should be leaves under which you can find the Wolf Spider.  1
Go towards the cave under the Plank Cliff area, and you can see a Wolf Spider there too.  1
After making your way to the Rake Rock Point, go towards the entrance for the spider caves, and you should be able to encounter one there.  1
A rock is present towards the Upper Yard Ascent area, under which another Wolf Spider should be ready for you to assassinate.  1
Heading towards the Sandbox, there should be a plastic toy in which the Wolf Spider will be hidden.  1
Heading towards the Samsquanch Dirt Bike, you should be able to come across a Wolf Spider if you head towards the bike’s wheels.  1
Make your way over to the Oak Tree, from where you should be able to head towards the northern end of it, and another Wolf Spider should be awaiting you there.  1
Go towards the Javamatic area, and head towards the right end of it, and a Wolf Spider should be awaiting you there.  1
On the right side of the Jungle Anthill will also have a Wolf Spider ready for you to murder there.  1
Head towards the Moldorc Highlands area, and there should be a berry bush with the Wolf Spider under it.  1
Lastly, the Upper Grasslands will also have one Wolf Spider that is present on the left side of it.  1

What Are Mutations? 

One of the main things that players might want to know is what mutations might be. 

  • Mutations are essentially perks that players can get their hands on after finishing certain challenges in Grounded. 
    Mutations (Image Credits Exputer)
  • There are a few mutations that can be upgraded, while there are others that can not be upgraded, regardless of the choice. 
  • These mutations will typically have phases; each upgrade will require the mutation to be upgraded to the next phase before the buff can be upgraded. 
    Building Resistance
    Building Resistance (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Some mutations are purchasable, and then there are a few mutations that are unlockable, with the Grounded Mithridatism being one of the unlockable ones. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about Grounded Mithridatism, so let’s wrap up this guide! While you’re here, you might as well check out the Grounded Black Widow Locations guide, which details all the different locations of the Black Widows! 

You might also read the Grounded Shared Worlds Explained guide, which entails all you need to know about sharing worlds with your friends! Lastly, the Grounded Pond Lab guide is a must-read too!

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