Grounded Hedge Lab: How To Find & Explore

A detailed guide on how to find the Hedge Lab, all the troubles you will have to face along the way, and finally exploring the Hedge Lab.

Grounded has a number of intriguing places to uncover and explore. One such place is the Hedge Lab. Although the path that one has to take to reach the Hedge Lab is considerably long and tiresome, full of danger lurking right around every corner, it is worth exploring the place.

Key Takeaways
  • Journey to Hedge Lab is long and requires preparation to deal with obstacles such as hostile figures and harsh weather conditions.
  • Items required to find Hedge Lab are a torch, armor and weapons, bandages, food, and water.
  • The journey begins in the Hedge biome in the southeast part of the map and requires finding the trowel in the hedge area.
  • It involves using ziplines to travel through the Hedge biome, there are two paths (left and right) each with different challenges and rewards.
  • Last zipline takes you to the Hedge Lab which requires finding the password to power it up, game gets more complicated and dangerous from this point on.
  • The analyser room holds the first segment of the password and may contain a hostile Orb Weaver that must be defeated.
  • The player will encounter “TAYZ.T” robots in the hallway and must defeat them.

We have compiled this Grounded guide to help you discover the Hedge Lab and how you are supposed to get there. We will also cover what kind of threats you might be facing on your way. 

Preparations For Venturing Toward The Hedge Lab

As we mentioned earlier, the journey to the Hedge Lab is a long and tiresome one. You will be having to traverse some troublesome areas and encounter fearsome foes like spiders along the way. Be mindful of your vitals at all times. You wouldn’t want to end up being starved or dehydrated on such a troublesome journey now, would you?

Items To Bring Along

In order to deal with all the troubles you will have to face on this journey, you need to be well prepared. You should make sure that you are equipped with the items listed below:

  • Torch – As we mentioned toward the end of our Grounded: How To Find And Explore The Oak Lab guide, you will be needing an upgraded torch. The long journey is bound to extend into the dark of the night, so you need to have a torch on you.
  • Armor and Weapons – In order to deal with all the hostile figures that you face along the way, you need to have as much weaponry and armour as you can.
  • Bandages – The bandages are required to maintain your health points for whenever you are engaged in combat.
  • Food and Water – You will be needing these to keep yourself alive throughout the length of your journey

The Journey Begins

The Hedge Lab (image credit: eXputer)

You will need to begin your journey toward the Hedge biome, where the entrance to the Hedge Lab lies. The Hedge biome can be seen on the map as the large empty area. It lies particularly in the south-eastern part of the map.

The Start Of The Climb

The start of the climb (image credit: eXputer)

When you reach this area, you have to look for a trowel protruding out of the ground. As soon as you see it, you should move toward the hedge area which is closest to you and move inside. If you move into the right direction, you are going to come across a large red cable along with a green paper clip. Right next to them will be a small twig, which is where you will start your climb.

The First Zipline

Journey to the first Zipline point (image credit: eXputer)

Do note that there is also a Research Station above this area that houses some Granola Bars. These can be used to get yourself some extra food supplies. Keep following the red cable and you will end up with a juice box directly ahead of you in the branches. This is the first instance where you will be using a Zipline to make your way through the Hedge.

The Second Zipline

The Left Path

After you land, you will find out that there are two directions in which you can move. There are also hostile figures such as Orb Weavers and Spiderlings moving in the area. The left path is relatively easier to traverse through, since there is lesser chance of encountering an enemy there. Although you will be needing to jump harder to reach for the next Zipline point. You may get a Dandelion Tuft to float down safely if you take the left path.

The Right Path

The right path, on the other hand, has quite some enemies waiting for you, but offers a very easy access to the next Zipline point. The game has a bonus small Lab Outpost on this path, accounting for the troubles that you have to face. You will find some Granola Bars, Water Droplets along with some notes if you decide to stop here. If you cannot find the lab, keep following the red cables since they are directed toward this lab.

Once you are finished exploring the outpost, move back out and move on the large branch. Make sure not to move all the way up, since the Zipline point can be accessed only from the mid of the branch. Once you see some mushrooms dwelling on the left side of the branch, that is your cue to walk on them. You will find the Zipline point just around the corner.

The Third Zipline

The Third Zipline (image credit: eXputer)

As soon as you have moved across the second Zipline, you will find yourself next to a huge Frisbee. Make sure to grab the Supreme SCA.B which lies near the centre of the Frisbee. You might be having to face some small Spiders and Egg Sacs, which you can deal with very easily. You have to get on top of the frisbee, move down its length, and you will find the third Zipline point right in front of you.

The Entrance To The Hedge Lab

When you move across the third Zipline, you will find a destroyed lag segment which is now inhabited by Spiders and Egg Sacs. Salvage whatever items you lay your eyes upon and then move out of the segment through the other door. Move on top of the large branch. This marks the end of your journey through the Hedge. You will see the last Zipline point, taking which will get you to the Hedge Lab.

Finding The Password To Power The Lab Up

Interacting with the computer in the lab (image credit: eXputer)

When you reach the lab, you will find out that there is no power there. The task you have at hand right now is to restore power. You will have to find out the password for the computer in the room that you landed in. You will also find a giant piece of paper glued to the window that says, “Password.” The game starts getting more complicated and dangerous from this point onward.

Exploring The Lab

There are two doors to choose from once again. One door will lead you to the power switch. The other one unlocks more places in the Hedge Lab. Before you proceed to move in the direction of either of the doors, make sure to interact with the keys of the computer. This is because you cannot access the remaining areas of the lab without interacting with said keys.

Analyser Room

A door will open upon this interaction. That is your cue to move through it into the hallway that it encloses. You have to clear out all the spider webs that have clogged the doorway. The door leads you to the analyser room. The analyser room is home to the first segment of the password. You might run into an Orb Weaver, which you will have to kill. Then you are to grab the segment of the password along with some Fiber Bandages that are lying around in the room.

You will again be facing three doors, any of which you can take. One is right next to where the password segment lies, one is toward the end of the middle of the room and another is found in the extreme right corner. Move down the middle of the hallway and bash the stuck door open. However, do not move all the way down the hallway, as we are just getting the door unstuck for later on when we have to return to the computer room.

TAYZ.T Robots

Defeated TAYZ.T robot (image credit: eXputer)

This will entail a warning along with a handful of hostile robots that you will have to defeat in the hallway. These robots are called “TAYZ.T“. These can be hard to put down, as they have critical combat moves and are very dangerous. Make sure not to let them clump up on you, and take them out one at a time. These fearsome foes drop 100 Raw Science upon being defeated, which you can use for upgrades.

Clearing The Line Off Of The Berry

Now you are to move back to the analyser room. From there on, you should take the Zipline to the next segment of the password. Make sure to get rid of the berry nearby. If you take the Zipline before doing so, the berry will mercilessly knock you out of the line. You can take the berry down either by shooting a bunch of arrows at it, or throwing pebbles at it. Or you could simply just go and smash it away old-school. Take the Zipline.

Grabbing The Second Password Segment

You will land into a small room. The password segment in this area is lying in the corner of the room. Make sure to grab the SCA.B Cosmetic which you will find exactly to your right as soon as you enter the room. Once you’ve taken hold of both the SCA.B Cosmetic and the password segment, move to the door clogged with spiderwebs and unclog it.

Now you are to walk into the room with the two egg sacs, and march your way up the ramp. This is essentially taking you to the room that is attached with the middle corridor. As soon as you reach the blue room, move in the direction of the diagonal across and proceed heading up.

Grabbing The Third Password Segment

Move along the length of the long tunnel that entails and you will reach a supply room. Make sure to grab all that you might be needing. Make sure to toss all the grass planks over and gather them around on the floor. Once you have salvaged all that you could, there is another Zipline waiting to take you to the next password segment.

Do not go all the way across the Zipline. Along your way, you will observe an open hatch around halfway down the Zipline. That hatch is where you want to go. You need to time your jump to land in the proximity of the hatch.

Inside The Hatch

You will be confronted with an Orb Weaver here. You will also have to face some small spiders. Eliminate all hostile entities carefully. Make sure to grab the useful items on the table along with the password segment. You will find a door to the left side of the room if you stand in a direction to face the table. This door leads back to the blue room that we came from earlier.

Back To The Blue Room

The blue room (image credit: eXputer)

As you enter back into the blue room, you are to move in a diagonal manner across the hallway to a certain room full of remains of berries. As you take the Zipline for the last segment, you are bound to hit a branch in your way, which will knock you off of the line. You will end up landing on a twig directly underneath you. You can jump back up to the Zipline and continue sliding your way down the line.

Grabbing The Last Segment

The Zipline will lead you to a small room where you will find the last segment to complete the password. Once you have put together all segments and the password is completed, you have to return to the computer room to restore power to the lab. You will have to jump down the hole in the room that you are currently in. As you land on the large branch, move down toward the open lab door.

Restoring Power

The power is restored (image credit: eXputer)

Continue your way up the tunnels until you reach back to the computer room. Interact with the computer to use the password. This will divert the power, essentially giving you access to the room directly behind you, the one with the power switch. This is your cue to move into the room. There are a number of items to grab here; a BURG.L Chip, Lab Notes and a Gas Mask. Pull the lever once you grab these items.

Voila! The power has been restored in the Hedge Lab. Moreover, you just opened up all remaining lab doors which were otherwise not accessible previously.


This has been our take on how to find and explore the Hedge Lab in Grounded. If you still have any queries related to Grounded or exploring the Hedge Lab, do not hesitate to leave a comment down below. You might also want to check out some of our other Grounded guides:

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