How To Get Club Of Mother Demon In Grounded

Get the Club of Mother Demon & bash creatures head with it!

Grounded is a unique game where your character must fight for their survival despite their small size while fighting various insects and bosses. The Club of Mother Demon in Grounded is an excellent weapon to craft that would allow you to take down many hostile insects effortlessly.

Key Takeaways
  • Requirements: Workbench and Club of Mother Demon recipe from defeating Broodmother.
  • Workbench Construction: 3 glass planks, 4 sprigs, and 2 sap.
  • Defeating Broodmother: Challenging, requires best weapons and armor.
  • Location: Near Flingman Flying disc, Southeast Corner of map, in cave covered in spiderwebs.
  • Spawning Broodmother: Use Broodmother Blt crafted from Ladybug Part, Bombardier Part, and Thistle needle.
  • Weapon Benefits: Powerful for crushing insects and gathering resources efficiently.

How To Craft Club Of Mother Demon 

Grounded how to craft workbench
Workbench (Image Captured By Exputer)

To craft the Club of Mother Demon in Grounded, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain Workbench: First, acquire a Workbench in the game. You can craft one using 3 glass planks, 4 sprigs, and 2 sap. These resources are easily found while exploring.
  2. Acquire Recipe: Obtain the Club of Mother Demon recipe by defeating the Broodmother boss. After defeating the Broodmother, harvest its remains to acquire the necessary resources.
    Craft club of mother demon grounded
    Club of Mother demon (Image Captured By Exputer)
  3. Resource Analysis: Scan the resources obtained from the Broodmother in the resource analyzer to unlock the Club of Mother Demon Recipe and gain brainpower.
  4. Crafting: Interact with your workbench and search for the Club of Mother Demon Recipe. If you have the required materials from defeating the Broodmother, you can craft the weapon.
    Grounded defeat broodmother
    Broodmother (Image Captured By Exputer)
  5. Equip: Once crafted, equip the Club of Mother Demon to unleash heavy damage on enemies.

Resources Required from Broodmother:

  • Broodmother Venom
  • Broodmother Chunk
  • Broodmother Fang

Note: Defeating the Broodmother is challenging, so ensure you are well-prepared before facing it.


Where To Find Broodmother In Grounded

Grounded club of mother demon craft
Flingman Flying disc location (Image Captured By Exputer)

You can find Broodmother near the Flingman Flying disc, which can be found at the Southeast Corner of the map. The exact location has been pinpointed on the map in the above picture. You would encounter a lot of spiders on your way, so make sure you know the best method to kill spiders to reach Broodmother easily. It is recommended to set up a zipline to travel fast to the location at any time.

Grounded club of mother demon
Flingman Flying disc (Image Captured By Exputer)

Once, you have climbed up on the flying disc, you would spot a cave covered on the inside by spiderwebs, you would find Broodmother in the mentioned cave. To reach the cave you can use the branch that would take you towards it. Keep heading on deeper inside the cave, till you reach a dead end, you would find Broodmother there. 

find broodmother grounded
Broodmother’s Cave (Image Captured By Exputer)

You might want to join a friend’s game to defeat the Broodmother in a shared world. The boss is challenging, and getting additional help might make it easier to beat it.

How To Spawn Broodmother 

Spawn Broodmother grounded
Broodmother Blt (Image Captured By Exputer)

If you want to Spawn Broodmother, you will need to use an item called the ” Broodmother Blt”, The Broodmother Blt can only be crafted once you have an oven. You can craft an oven using clay, coal chunks, and boiling glands.

To make Broodmother Blt you would need the following resources; you can obtain them by beating specific insects in Grounded. 

  • Ladybug Part
  • Bombardier Part
  • Thistle needle

Once you use the Broodmother Blt in her cave, she will slowly come down from above for you to challenge. This particular scene might be scary for some gamers who have an extreme fear of spiders. It is recommended to set the Arachnophobia safe mode to 5 from the game settings if you want them to look less like spiders.


Grounded is definitely making waves in the survival genre with its unique concept and engaging gameplay. Players can use a variety of tools and weapons to survive in the challenging open world. With experience and better equipment, your characters would be able to defend themselves in their giant backyard easily against various insects.

The Club of Mother Demon is a must-have item that would help you ease through the game. You can exterminate insects by pummeling them with your Club. The Club of Mother Demon packs immense power, and you definitely won’t want to miss this weapon. 

Once you have obtained the Club of Mother Demon, your gameplay will be much easier as you will be able to crush various insects by bonking them with the club. You would also be able to obtain various resources effortlessly as harvesting remains from insects would prove to be less challenging. With the help of this guide, you will be able to craft the Club of Mother Demon in Grounded easily.

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