Palworld Reindrix [Location, Stats, & Breeding]

Get one of the best ice pals in Palworld and take down those Dragons easily.

Reindrix is one of the Ice Pals in the Palpagos Islands in Palworld with a fox and reindeer demeanor and is found in the northern areas of the map. Its Paldeck entry is no.059, making it a Pal you are supposed to catch when you have made considerable progress during your gameplay. I found Reindrix helpful during combat, and the Pal helped out in my base as well. 

Key Takeaways
  • In Palworld, Reindrix can be found in Frostbound Mountains or Cold Shore.
  • To catch it, make sure to bring a Fire Pal, as they are strong against Ice in Palworld.
  • Reindrix has excellent combat abilities and can be a helpful asset in your base
  • It also has some interesting breeding combinations that you can try to get new Pals

Reindrix’s Location In Palworld

palworld where to find reindrix
The orange dots indicate the Reindrix’s habitat during daytime (image by eXputer)
Important: Frostbound Mountain is a chilly area, so I suggest you wear cold-resistant armor before heading to catch Reindrix.

Reindrix’s location is shown in the Palworld map above, and you can find it during both day and night. I caught mine in Frostbound Mountains. It is easily spotted in Frostbound Mountains near the fast travel point and the boss tower. However, you can also catch it in Cold Shore near the Astral Mountains during the endgame. 

Frostbound Mountains172,42
Cold Shore-27,55

How To Capture Reindrix

reindrix catch palworld
Capturing Reindrix (image by eXputer)

Reindrix is a formidable Ice Pal, and it’s essential to make a team that will be efficient in combat against it so you can quickly lower its HP and catch it with a sphere. You can also increase your capture rate so you can catch it easily.

After defeating Reindrix a couple of times, I suggest the following tips to help you prepare before catching it:

  • Weakness: Reindrix is weak against Fire Pals, so keep a few on your team, like Ragnahawk and Incineram. 
  • Pal Sphere: It’s recommended to catch using a Hyper Sphere; however, you have a low chance of catching it with a Giga Sphere as well. 
  • Dodge Ice Attacks: Reindrix will shoot ice attacks toward your way; dodge them all to make sure you don’t end up losing a lot of HP. 
  • Ring Of Ice Resistance: I recommend that you equip the Ring of Ice Resistance as it decreases the ice damage your player receives. 
  • Recommended Level: I suggest you level up to at least 30 before you head off to catch Reindrix. 

Possible Drops

Important: The amount of drops may vary depending on your difficulty settings and a few other factors.

If you defeat or catch Reindrix, you may get the following items:

  • Ice Organ
  • Reindrix Vension
  • Horns
  • Leather

You can use these items during crafting on your base. The meat can be eaten or cooked to satiate your hunger. 

Reindrix Stats And Abilties

reindrix abilities
Reindrix Stats and Skills (image by eXputer)

In Palworld, Reindrix’s active skills consist of an assortment of ice attacks that are highly effective against Dragon Pals. The endgame Dragon pals are formidable opponents, and this one is an excellent choice to use against several bosses. 

IcebergIceIt summons an ice lance and attacks enemy from below.70
Cryst BreathIceIt inflicts continuous damage with a chilling ice breath that surrounds the opponent.90
Blizzard SpikeIceAttacks an enemy by shooting a lump of ice at it.130
Air CannonNeutralA compressed pressurized air cannon is thrown towards the opponent.25
Ice MissileIceCreates small lumps of ice and throws them at the opponent.30
Freezing ChargeIceIt is the signature skill of Reindrix and using it Reindrix will attack the enemy charging towards it with it's freezing antlers.65
Icicle CutterIceAttacks an ememy with a blade of ice.55

Reindrix’s passive skill, Veil of Darkness, increases the Dark damage by 10%. Furthermore, the Partner skill Cool Body allows the player to ride it, and it keeps the player cool in hot environments. Once you craft your Reindrix Saddle, you can traverse hotter volcanic areas easily in Palworld without getting hot. 

Work Suitability 

Reindrix is a useful Pal to keep on your base for work purposes; however, it might be less useful during the endgame if you replace it with better Pals. It has Level 2 Cooling and Level 2 Lumbering as its Work Suitability traits. Its cooling will allow you to store food items in a refrigerator, and with its lumbering, Reindrix can chop some food for you. 

Breeding Options

Reindrix palworld breeding options
Reindrix Breeding (image by eXputer)

Here are the few breeding combinations that I tried with my Reindrix on other pals:

JormuntideKelpsea Ignis
JetragonWumpo Botan

The Parent 1 is Reindrix with the following breeding options.

I now conclude my guide on Reindrix’s location, breeding, and abilities in Palworld; before you go, make sure you check out my review on Palworld, where I discuss different gameplay mechanics. You may also want to check out a similar guide on Relaxasaurus, which can prove to be a deathly pal on your team. 

You can also learn how to make a cake in Palworld so you can breed your pals. Also, check out a few breeding combinations tested by Daniyal Malik. 


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