Palworld: 7 BEST Fire Pals [Expert’s Take]

I have over 100 hours in Palworld, so here are my recommendations for Fire Pals that you should definitely consider getting.

Fire Pals in Palworld excel in dealing great damage and causing reliably serious damage over time. You can find most of this element’s top-tier Pals in Mount Obsidian, located on the western edge of the map. However, since the Mount is an extremely late-game area, you’ll need to level up before taking on some of the challenging local Fire Pals.

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Before You Start: Except for Jormuntide Ignis and Foxparks, you’ll mainly find the other Fire Pals on this in Mount Obsidian.
Key Takeaways
  • Fire Pals belong to the Fire archetype, performing Fire-based attacks and applying the Burning status effect.
  • There are 21 types of Fire Pals and, depending on their level, virtually endless combinations of Fire Pals players can collect and breed.
  • They specialize in damage output and working on furnaces, heaters, and campfires.
  • Fire Pals are strong against grass and ice pals, but are generally weaker to water and electric pals.
  • My recommended Fire Pal choices in Palworld include Jormuntide Ignis, Ragnahawk, and Reptyro.

My Best Fire Pals In Palworld

Here’s a quick overview of the best Fire Pals you can find in Palworld, detailing their stats and what they’re great at:

RankPal NameWork SustainabilityPossible DropsElementsBest For
1Jormuntide IgnisLevel 4 KindlingHigh Quality Pal Oil | Flame OrganFire + DragonDamage Output
2RagnahawkLevel 3 Kindling | Level 3 TransportingFlame OrganFireBalance
3ReptyroLevel 3 Kindling | Level 3 MiningFlame OrganFire + GroundVersatility
4VanwyrmLevel 1 Kindling | Level 3 TransportingBone | Ruby | Gold CoinFire + DarkAirborne Traversal
5BlazehowlLevel 3 Kindling | Level 2 LumberingFlame OrganFireAlternative Damage Output
6Leezpunk IgnisLevel 1 Kindling | Level 1 Handiwork | Level 1 Gathering | Level 1 TransportingFlame Organ | Silver KeyFireWorking at base
7FoxparksLevel 1 KindlingLeather | Flame OrganFireEarly-game

1. Jormuntide Ignis

The Best Damage-Dealing Fire Pal In Palworld.
jormuntide palworld
Jormuntide Ignis’ stats from the Pal Box (Image taken by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: This Fire Pal’s attacks and Kindling Level not only surpass every Fire Pal, but most Legendary Pals in Palworld, too.
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Jornumtide Ignis is easily the best Fire Pal to have in Palworld, and it’s abundantly clear thanks to its Level 4 Kindling, which no other Pal has. Jormuntide is a beast on the battlefield, and its Fire Ball Skill is the best attack any Fire Pal can have, ever. Level 4 Kindling also allows for insanely quick work at furnaces, kitchens, heaters, and more.

Important: Jormuntide is on the small island north of Mount Obsidian. Be warned, though, as this island is infested with Level 30+ soldiers and Level 40+ Pals, all of whom are hostile and will attack on sight.
  • Best Kindling Level than any Fire Pal.
  • Incredibly high damage output.
  • Dragon Type, which is extremely rare.
  • Easily applies status effects.
  • Challenging to get.
  • Lacks variety in Work Suitability.

2. Ragnahawk

The Most Balanced Fire Pal.
Ragnahawk palworld
Ragnahawk’s stats from the Pal Box (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: No other Fire Pal has a better balance between offense and defense than the Ragnahawk, and since it’s an airborne Fire Pal, enemies will often have trouble attacking it.
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Ragnahawk is undoubtedly one of the strongest flying Pals you can have in your summoning team because of its strong mobility and health. Compared to the Vanwyrm, it’s much more balanced stat-wise but does get outshined when it comes to sheer firepower. However, I will say, if you’re looking for a good flying mount from the Fire archetype, the Ragnahawk is way, way easier to get than the Vanwyrm. 

  • In my experience, Ragnahawk is one of the most common 30+ Level Fire Pals in Mount Obsidian.
  • You can find them in groups almost everywhere around that biome in Palworld.
  • Of course, this means you’ll need to have strong Pals ready because attacking 1 Ragnahawk will agro their whole group.
  • Strong balance between attack and defense.
  • High mobility.
  • Common in Mount Obsidian.
  • Loses to Vanwyrm in damage output.
  • Attacks have short range.

3. Reptyro

The Most Versatile Fire Pal In Palworld.
Reptyro palworld
Reptyro’s stats from the Pal Box (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Reptyro is great on the battlefield and at your base, which is why it’s much more versatile than Ragnahawk and Jormuntide Ignis.
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Reptyro has several things going for it – high damage output, resistance to Electric Shock, and incredible HP. However, the best thing about it, in my opinion, is the Level 3 Kindling and Level 3 Mining traits in Work Suitability, the latter of which no Fire Pal has.

  • Besides being a dominant force thanks to the Volcanic Burst Skill, Reptyro’s mining skills make him a valuable asset at your base, too.
  • You can assign the behemoth to the Stone Pit to farm tons of Stone in a short period.
  • Overall, I find Reptyro to be one of the most versatile Fire Pals in-game, and I think he’s a must-have in your collection.
  • Strong against Electric Pals.
  • One of the best Mining Pals.
  • High HP and damage output.
  • Reliable and versatile.
  • Above-average Work Speed.
  • Slow mobility.

4. Vanwyrm

The Best Fire Pal For Airborne Traversal.
Vanwyrm palworld
Vanwyrm’s stats from the Pal Box (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Vanwyrm is the mobility king when it comes to Fire Pals, and it’s right behind Jormuntide for the highest overall raw damage output.
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Getting Vanwyrm to regularly attack or fly around with troubling because of the Unstable Passive Skill, but once he does work, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Vanwyrm has the highest damage output out of any airborne Fire Pal and is generally one of the most powerful non-boss Pals in Palworld. In my experience, its flying speed is slightly more than Ragnahawk, so it takes the crown for the best airborne traversal, too.

However, you do need to consider the Unstable Passive Skill coupled with Vanwyrm’s low HP, which makes the beast more like a glass cannon.

  • Impressive overall damage figures.
  • High Dark damage.
  • Best Flying Speed out of any Fire Pal.
  • Challenging to find.
  • Low HP.
  • Unreliable Passive Skill.

5. Blazehowl

The Best Alternative Damage-Dealing Fire Pal.
Blazehowl palworld
Blazehowl’s stats from the Pal Box (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Blazehowl’s Ignis Rage attack not only deals high damage but has enough range to wipe out hordes of enemies in a single sweep.
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There are many reasons Blazehowl takes this spot. Although it has high Food requirements and is tough to come across, its Ignis Rage ability is single-handedly the best attack behind Jormuntide’s Fire Ball. By creating huge puddles of lava, you can instantly destroy enemy bases and apply the Burning effect to other powerful Pals.

Blazehowl is also one of the few Fire Pals with Level 3 Kindling, so using it for furnaces and cooking food is extremely efficient. However, I’d recommend keeping the beast on your team, because the Ignis Rage ability topples everything your Ragnahawk, Vanwyrm, or Pyrin Noct can do.

  • Several AoE-based attacks.
  • Competes with Jormuntide for the highest damage output.
  • Regularly active at base.
  • Challenging to find.
  • High Food requirement.
  • Overshadowed by Pyrin Noct in terms of defense.

6. Leezpunk Ignis

The Best Fire Pal For Base Work In Palworld.
Leezpunk Ignis palworld
Leezpunk Ignis’ stats from the Pal Box (Image taken by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Very few Fire Pals have enough Work Suitability as Leezpunk Ignis, which is why I would recommend keeping him at base.
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This Fire Pal has expertise in Kindling, Handiwork, Gathering, and Transporting, so you can use the fellow in a variety of tasks. Having a base-oriented Pal is just as important as having a combat-oriented Pal, which is why Leezpunk Ingnis is on this list. The only reason it’s not higher is because it’s the jack of all trades, but master of none. All of the Work Suitability traits I’ve listed are at Level 1, so Leezpunk Ignis doesn’t excel at any of them.

  • Usually helps find caves.
  • Variety of Traits in Work Suitability.
  • Easy to get.
  • Low damage output.
  • Basic Active and Passive Skills.

7. Foxparks

The Best Early-Game Fire Pal In Palworld.
Foxparks palworld
Foxparks’ stats from the Pal Box (Image taken by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: For players just starting, Foxparks is one of the most common early-game pals to get, and thanks to its respectable stats, it’s an honorable mention on my list.
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It wouldn’t be fair for me to include all the high-tier Fire Pals in Palworld without mentioning the little guys. Surprisingly, as you level up, I found Foxparks to age much more refined and keep up with other Pals as compared to other early-game Pals.

  • Sure, the weak Active and Passive Skills will hold you back in the long run, but I feel like regularly keeping Foxparks in your team before you reach a high level will yield several benefits.
  • Besides, he has low maintenance, so if you’re short on resources, having Foxparks in your base is much more cost-efficient than something like Ragnahawk.
  • Low Food Requirements.
  • Easy to get.
  • Better than most early-game Pals.
  • Weak Active and Passive Skills.
  • Underwhelming scaling compared to high-tier Fire Pals.
  • Gets hungry quickly.
  • Low Trait Levels in Work Suitability.

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My Take On The Best Fire Pal

While there’s no question about Jormuntide Ignis being the strongest Fire Pal in Palworld, I feel like Reptyro is highly underappreciated. Reptyro’s been my most-used high-tier Pal ever since I got it from one of the Large Scorching Eggs. When it comes to working on your base, I feel like Reptyro has more to offer than Jormuntide thanks to its Level 3 Mining. 

palworld hours
My concurrent progress on Palworld (Xbox ID: TheAwoken03)

On the battlefield, however, Jormuntide is uncontested and a must-have, although I can understand the trouble of getting the beast. As I mentioned, Blazehowl is a strong alternative, and you can easily find a 30-ish Level Blazehowl with the Ignis Rage ability in Mount Obsidian.

That wraps up my extensive guide on the best Fire Pals to pick up in Palworld, discussing their pros, cons, and abilities.

Check out the best stats to invest in Palworld to ensure you’re on the right path of progression. If you’re looking for gear instead, here’s a guide by Obaid on the best mid-game armor sets you can wear. And if one of your Pals is depressed at your base, be sure to read on removing the Upset and Not Willing effect and cheering them up. Also, here’s Rabiya’s review of Palworld where she goes in-depth into the game’s mechanics so you can decide whether to buy it or not.


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