Palworld: The Best Water Pals [Our Top Picks]

After spending over 70+ hours in Palworld, these are the best Water pals to fight Fire pals and fulfill your water requirements

Water pals are one of the necessary pals you require at your base to provide water to your crops and plants and to power the water wheel. It is important to have the best water pal in Palworld because they are a very important element of pals, the fire pals. But at the same time, they show weakness against electric pals.

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Key Takeaways
  • Water pals provide the necessary work suitability of watering.
  • They are strong against fire pals and weak against electric pals. 
  • Their main active ability includes Aqua Gun which hurls a ball of water at its enemies.
  • The best Water pal in Palworld is Suzaku Aqua due to its high damage and can be used as a flying mount.
  • If you want to travel on water or deal very high damage to your enemies, Azurobe would be a great option to use.

Overview Of Best Water Pals

The table compares the best Water pals in Palworld:

Peldeck No.Dark PalPartner SkillPossible DropBest For
102BSuzaku AquaWings of WaterPal FluidsBest flying mount Water pal
086BBroncherry AquaFerocious Thunder DragonBroncherry Meat
Lettuce Seeds
Best item carrying Water pal
082AzurobeAmicable Holy DragonClothBest damage-dealing Water pal
031GobfinAngry SharkPal FluidsBest early game Water Pal

1. Suzaku Aqua

Best Flying Mount Water Pal
Suzaka Aqua Stat Showcase in Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

A very rare pal that I wasn’t able to find directly on the map. Instead, I found its Huge Damp Egg to the right bottom of snowy mountains in the Northwestern region of the map. Then you need to hatch the egg using the Egg Incubator at the base and Suzaku Aqua will be born. But this saves you from its dangerous water attacks.  

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It comes with the partner skill of Wings of Water that allows it to be ridden as a flying mount allowing you to travel faster. Also, it enhances its water attacks while mounted dealing extra damage. In practical work, it provides level 3 watering, which helps water crops and power the water wheel.

  • Deal enemies with a great amount of damage.
  • Can be used as a flying mount.
  • Enhance water attack damage while mounted. 
  • Provide level 3 watering.
  • Difficult to Locate.
  • Only one work suitability. 

Why I Chose This: I chose the Suzaku Aqua because of its mounting ability and high damage helping against Fire pals.

2. Broncherry Aqua

Best Item Carrying Water Pal
Broncherry Aqua Stat Showcase in Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

A beautiful-looking huge pal can be captured from the extreme western part of the map. It is also a rare pal to find, so you need to head to the mine shaft in that region and travel to its end where you will encounter this beast, defeat it, and capture it. I recommend using your best weapon and best electric pal against it. 

Just like Suzaku Aqua, it provides level 3 watering to keep your crops watered and water wheels running. It has a partner skill of Overaffectionate which allows it to be ridden and helps to carry extra supplies. This ability increases your max carrying capacity and allows you to transport more items.

  • Can be ridden. 
  • Increase capacity to carry more items.
  • Provide level 3 watering.
  • Deal high damage to enemies.
  • Weak against both Fire and Electric pals.
  • Hard to locate and capture. 
  • Only one work suitability.

Why I Chose This: I chose it because of its high damage and helps a lot in carrying extra items.

3. Azurobe 

Best Damage Dealing Water Pal
Azurobe Stat Showcase in Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

A unique-looking pal that holds a pink ball in its tail. It has high HP and deals a lot of damage with the active skills of Dragon Canon and Bubble Blast even in a long-range fight. To capture you need to travel to the southeastern region of the map and use your best Ice pal against it in the fight.

Azurobe has a partner skill of Waterwing Dance that allows it to be ridden and travel on water and applies water attack to your attack while you are mounted. The ability to allow you to travel on the water makes it very to reach another island in a short time. It has the same work suitability as Suzaka Aqua providing level 3 watering.

  • Very high damage in long-range. 
  • Allows you to travel on water.
  • easy to locate.
  • Provides level 3 watering.
  • Only one work suitability.
  • Difficult to capture. 
  • Weak against both Electric and Ice pal.

Why I Chose This: I chose this to provide my team extra attack power during a fight making it easy to capture other pals.

4. Gobfin

Best Early Game Water Pal
Gobfin Stat Showcase in Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

One of the best early game pals in Palworld is situated in the middle of the map and is easy to find and capture, unlike other best Water pals. It deals decent damage to its enemy pals by using its active skills of Power Shot and Hydro Jet which hurls a high-speed ball of water toward its enemies.

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Gobfin comes with the partner skill of Angry Shark which uses the Aqua Gun ability to target its enemy and also increases attack when you are in a team. With all these damage options, it is suitable for handiwork, transporting, and watering at the base. This makes it a very useful pal both in fights and at the base. 

  • Deal moderate damage to its enemies. 
  • Is suitable for three different works.
  • Increase your damage when you are in a team.
  • Easy to locate and capture. 
  • Not very useful in the later part of Palworld.
  • Low damage compared to other best Water pals.

Why I Chose This: I used it for the early game and It helps a lot with work around the base.  

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My Opinion

The best Water type pal without any doubt is the Suzaka Aqua because it can used as a flying mount.

Finding this unique pal was challenging, but it offers numerous options for high damage and can also serve as a flying mount with level 3 watering to meet water requirements at your base.

Another best Water type pal I would recommend you get is the Azurobe because of its high damage and also because it allows you to travel on water. This is everything you need to know to choose the best Water Pal. To learn more exciting content, head over to Palworld Review written by Rabiya Rizwan.


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