Palworld: Best Ground Pals [Top 4 Ranked]

I have played Palworld for more than 60 hours, and came up with these best Ground pals for increasing your base progress.

Ground pals are one of the easiest to locate and capture out of all other element types of pals. They can also considered the best pals for base because of their efficiency in lumbering and mining. So to increase progress at base you need to get the best Ground pals in Palworld. 

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Key Takeaways
  • Ground pals are easy to locate and capture in Palworld.
  • They are strong against Electric pals and weak against Grass pals.
  • They usually provide the best mining work at the base.
  • The best Ground pal in Palworld is Anubis due to its high damage and ability to dodge enemy attacks at the same time.
  • Another best option you can try is the Digtoise because of its high efficiency in mining ores but it lacks in long-range fights.

Overview Of Best Ground Pal

The table compares the best Ground pals in Palworld:

Peldeck No.Dark PalPartner SkillPossible DropBest For
100AnubisGuardian of the DesertBone
Large Pal Soul
Innovative Technical Manual
Best Ground pal to deal damage
099MenastingSteel ScorpianCoal
Venom Gland
Best long range Ground pal
037BEikthyrdeer TerraGuardian of the Golden ForestEikthyrdeer Venison
Best Ground pal for lumbering
067DigtoiseDrill CrusherOre
High Quality Pal Oil
Best Ground pal for mining

1. Anubis

Best Ground Pal To Deal Damage
Anubis Stats showcase in Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

Anubis is found in the desert region in the middle of the map. It terrifies its enemies with the active skills of Sand Blast which hurls a stick of mud at enemies and Ignis Blast which hurls a ball of fire to damage its enemies. Also, it comes with the partner skill of Guardian of the Desert which helps you to dodge enemies.

Also, the partner applies ground damage to your attack in a fight. With so many offensive options, it is great in practical work and provides handiwork to craft items, mining to mine stones or ores, and transporting to move items around the base. This makes Anubis a complete package to capture the best Electric pals.

  • Very High damage.
  • Dodge enemy enemy attacks.
  • Provides a lot of practical work at the base.
  • Easy to locate and capture.
  • Does not focus on a particular work like other best Ground pals. 

Why I Chose This: I could not miss Anubis because I used it to capture most of my electric pals and to craft items using level 4 Handiwork.

2. Menasting

Best Long Range Ground Pal
Menasting Stats showcase in Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

This crab-like pal can be found at the right bottom of the northern desert region on the map. You will have to locate the mineshaft there and inside you can capture Menasting. Its long range makes it a standout Menasting pal, allowing players to strike enemies from a distance, marking it as one of the best Ground pals in Palworld.

It has a partner skill of Steel Scorpion that increases your defense when in a team and also makes Electric pals drop more items when defeated. In work suitability, it provides lumbering to generate wood and fiber from trees and logging sites. Also, it provides level 3 mining which helps mine more stone and ores from mining nodes.

  • High damage at long range.
  • Make Electric pal to drop more items.
  • Provide level 3 mining.

Why I Chose This: I chose Menasting because of its high damage at long range helping to stay out of enemies’ attack range.

3. Eikthyrdeer Terra

Best Ground Type Pal For Lumbering
Eikthyrdeer Terra Stats showcase in Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

It can be considered the best early-game pal, located on the southeastern edge of the Palworld map, which can be easily captured. It deals decent damage to its enemies using its active skill, Power Shot, which charges energy in its blast.

Eikthyrdeer Terra possesses the partner skill, Guardian of the Golden Forest, enabling it to be ridden and execute a double jump while mounted. This skill also boosts its lumbering efficiency by cutting down trees and providing more wood for the base. It lacks in work suitability providing only level 2 lumbering work for the base.

  • Decent damage for early game.
  • Increase the efficiency of tree-cutting. 
  • Can be ridden.
  • Only one work suitability.
  • Not very effective in late-game.

Why I Chose This: I chose this because its increased efficiency in tree cutting provides a lot of wood and fiber to be used at the base.

4. Digtoise 

Best Ground Type Pal For Mining
Digtoise Stats showcase in Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

You can easily capture this ground type pal that lives in the northern desert of the map and has a turtle shape. Also, deals a good amount of damage to anyone getting near it. It uses its active skill of Aqua Gun to hurl a ball of water at its enemies in short and mid-range.

It comes with the partner skill of Drill Crusher which allows it to perform shell spins to drill through its enemies dealing massive damage. Additionally, it enhances the efficiency of mining ores, which we use to make ingots. It is suitable for only level 3 mining work to get more stones and ores from the mines in Palworld.

If you want to find this productive Ground Pal, I highly recommend checking out eXputer’s video guide on catching it:

YouTube video

  • Deal good damage to its enemies in close range.
  • Efficient in mining ores.
  • Easy to locate and capture. 
  • Only one work suitability
  • Weak at long-range fights 

Why I Chose This: Its mining efficiency attracted me as it allows the production of as many ingots as possible, essential for the most important items at the base.

My Opinion

The best Ground pal in Palworld is Anubis without any doubt.

I consider it the best because it benefits you both in fights and work at the base. It can dodge its enemies and at the same deal devastating damage to them.

I also loved the Digtoise, if you struggle in close-range battle, you can prefer it and it becomes a must to have when you need more ingots for your base. This is all you need to know about the best Ground pals in Palworld, now to get more insights read the Palworld review written by Rabiya Rizwan.


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