Palworld: Best Teams For Early & Mid Game [My Picks]

After spending over 50 hours, here is my take on the best team for mid to early game.

There are 111 Pals in Palworld, so selecting the best team could be hard. There are many choices and limited seats available in the team, so you will have to make a decision here. However, that would require a good amount of knowledge in-game. I have spent over 20 hours in Palworld, and that helped me figure out the best teams for early and mid-game. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are 111 Pals in Palworld, so making a team out of them can be hard.
  • I have made two separate teams for beginners and mid-game players, respectively. 
  • The best early-game team can help to dominate most of the normal and boss fights.
  • However, the team relies too much on Dinossom and Eikhtyrdeer.
  • The best mid-game team consists of most fire pals who can dominate the combat. 
  • The mid-game team can help in exploring the snowy area.
  • However, the team relies too much on the fire pals. 

Best Teams In Palworld Overview

The following are the best teams In Palworld:

TeamPalsBest For
Early GameDinossom, Foxparks, Bristla, Eikthyrdeer, and Nitewing. Best For Early Game Areas
Mid GameReptyro, Vanwyrm, Chillet, Pyrin Noct, and Nitewing.Best For Mid Game Areas

The Best Early Game Team

All Five Pals Showcase For The Best Early Game Team (Image By Me)

If you have just started Palworld, then you would want the best pals available early in-game. Luckily, there are some who can help you create a great team that can help you win the first boss fight easily. Of course, you will have to play strategically and focus on other things, too.

  • Can help in clearing the first boss fight easily.
  • Deals great damage.
  • Can dominate most of the early-game fights.
  • Relies too much on Dinossom and Eikhtyrdeer.

Why I Chose This: The best early game team can help overcome so many challenges, such as the boss fight and capturing more pals that could be hard for players in the start. 

The following are the pals you should include in your team: 

Name Best Usage
Dinossom Excellent grass-type, dominates in combat. Avoid using against fire or dark element Pals. 
Foxparks Early-game fire-type pal, spawns near the first base. Effective against grass-type opponents. 
Bristla Provides great elemental damage, beneficial alongside Dinossom. 
Eikthyrdeer Neutral pal with versatile damage against various elements. Also serves as a mount. Valuable addition to the team.
Nitewing Early-game pal obtained by aggroing with a three-shot bow. Can be used as a mount for flying. Helpful for exploration.

The Best Mid Game Team

Full Team Showcase For The Best Mid-Game Team (Capture By eXputer)

The first thing after clearing the early game areas I did was to explore the west side of the map, and believe me, it was the best decision. I found so many great pals that can not only fight but also help tremendously in the base.

  • Highly effective against Ice, Grass, Dragon, Neutral, and Dark Element Pals.
  • Can dominate most of the fights.
  • Relies too much on fire pals.

Why I Chose This: I chose the following team for mid due to its high rarity fire pals, and the pals cover each other’s weaknesses. Also, this team can be extremely helpful in the snowy area. 

The following are the five best pals for the mid-game team in Palworld: 

Name Best Usage
Reptyro Get Reptyro for battlefield domination.
Vanwyrm Best for exploration and aerial fights.
Chillet Has Dragon and Ice elements, best for traversal and fights in the field.
Pyrin Noct Dominate against neutral and grass-type pals, helpful for capturing Robinquill.
Nitewing Excellent flying mount in early game.

The Best Team In Palworld – My Experience

The two teams that I have mentioned in this guide are the best ones for early and mid-game, according to my experience.

The early game team helped me to dominate most of the fights, along with the first major boss fight. Dinossom was the MVP of the team, so I would highly recommend it.

That is almost everything you would want to know about the best team in Palworld. While you are at it, you should check out the Palworld’s review by our competent writer, Rabiya Rizwan. While you are at it, you should read the guide on the best armor along with the best stats to invest in. After that, learn how to mount your pal and how breeding works in Palworld.

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