Palworld: The 6 Best Structures You Must Get

After spending over 30 hours, here are the Best Structures to build for your base!

Structures in Palworld play a crucial role in customizing the base and optimizing its productivity. Each structure is unique, serving specific purposes such as defending the base, gathering additional resources, or fulfilling other functions essential for your gameplay.

Key Takeaways
  • There are over 250 structures available in Palworld.
  • These structures serve various purposes, such as base construction, resource gathering, productivity optimization, etc.
  • The many structures allow players to customize their bases according to their gameplay style and strategic needs.
  • Managing a large number of structures can become overwhelming and may require careful planning and resource allocation.

Best Structures In Palworld

Here’s the summary of the Best Structures in Palworld:

StructuresRequirementsDescriptionBest For
Heater20 Ingot
10 Charcoal
5 Flame Organ
A base heater that raises temperature with minimal warmth output. Requires a Fire Pal.Best For Keeping Your Base Warm
Hot Spring30 Wood
15 Stone
10 Paladium Fragment
10 Pal Fluids
Gradually replenishes the Pal's SAN (sanity), crucial for preventing stress that prevents base productivity.Best For Keeping Your Pal's Sanity
Cooler20 Ingot
20 Stone
5 Ice Organ
A cooling device that reduces base temperature, offering moderate relief in hot conditions. Requires an Ice Pal.Best For Cooling Your Base
Statue Of Power20 Stone
10 Paladium Fragment
Boost your Catching Power using Lifmunk Effigies scattered around the world and also improve your individual Pals stats by offering Pal Souls.Best For Upgrading Your Pals And Capturing Power
Monitoring Stand30 Wood
10 Stone
You can command your Pals on how to handle different tasks within the base.Best For Setting Pals Work Efficiency
Alarm Bell5 Paladium Fragment
20 Stone
Use the bell to signal alert status for Pals on base, prompting them to either attack invaders or concentrate solely on work as needed.Best For Fighting Against Invasions


Best For Keeping Your Base Warm.
Heater in the Building Mode [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This Structure: It keeps the base warm at night and speeds up egg hatching, which is essential for comfort and efficiency.

At level 17, players can unlock the Heater, which is designed to provide warmth to their base. This made it more comfortable for me to navigate the base during colder nights. Additionally, it serves other purposes, such as enhancing the Egg Incubator to reduce incubation time in Palworld.

At level 41, players can upgrade to its superior version, the Electric Heater.

  • It keeps the base warm.
  • Able to explore the base at night.
  • Faster egg incubation.
  • Limited to the specific radius in the base.

Hot Spring

Best For Keeping Your Pal's Sanity.
Hot Spring best structures in palworld
Hot Spring in the Building Mode [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This Structure: The Hot Spring in Palworld ensures my Pals’ well-being during demanding tasks.

In Palworld, one of the most beneficial structures you’ll unlock is the Hot Spring. It significantly aids in maintaining your Pal’s sanity after extended periods of work. Initially available at level 9, there’s an upgraded version, the High-Quality Hot Spring, unlocked at level 31, which functions similarly but with greater effectiveness.

  • Enhances pals’ well-being.
  • Supports during demanding tasks.
  • Doesn’t work all of the time.


Best For Cooling Your Base.
in the Building Mode [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This Structure: To keep the base cool in hot conditions and speed up egg hatching in warmer environments.

Upon reaching level 18, players gain the ability to construct the Cooler, serving as the counterpart to the heater.  I find it particularly advantageous when constructing a base in a warm environment; it also aids in expediting the hatching of eggs.

Upon reaching level 42, players unlock the Electric Cooler, a superior version of the Cooler.

  • It keeps the base cool in hot areas.
  • Speeds up the process of hatching eggs.
  • Limited to the specific radius in the base.

Statue Of Power

Best For Upgrading Your Pals And Capture Power.
Statue of Power
Statue of Power in the Building Mode [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This Structure: The Statue of Power enhances characters and Pals, offering significant advantages through stat upgrades.

The Statue of Power proves highly beneficial, enabling players to boost their characters and Pals, accessible as early as level 6. With upgrades, increasing the capture rate to catch pals becomes more efficient while enhancing the stats of these Pals. However, players must first gather effigies and souls to utilize the functions of the Statue of Power.

  • Increases chances of capturing pals.
  • Enhances pals stats.
  • Accessible at level 6.
  • Requires farming of effigies & souls.

Monitoring Stand

Best For Setting Pals Work Efficiency.
Monitoring Stand
Monitoring Stand in the Building Mode [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This Structure: Balancing efficiency with the well-being of my Pals in mind.

At level 15, players can unlock and construct the Monitoring Stand, which offers better control over their Pals’ actions. They have three options to choose from: Normal, Hard Working, or Super Hard Working.

I made a mistake and started overusing this feature, which exhausted my Pals. It can be handy in urgent situations but may lead to Pals losing sanity quicker and becoming hungry faster if overworked. Avoid overworking your pals if you can.

  • Better control over Pals.
  • Three customizable options.
  • Risk of Pal exhaustion.
  • It may accelerate hunger/sanity loss.

Alarm Bell

Best For Fighting Against Invasions.
Alarm Bell best structures in Palworld
Alarm Bell in the Building Mode [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This Structure: Effective defense coordination makes the Alarm Bell indispensable for safeguarding the base against enemy assaults.

Available for unlocking as early as level 4, the Alarm Bell proves highly beneficial for safeguarding the base against enemy attacks. Pals are slow to respond independently to base assaults; ringing the bell enables the player to rally them toward its defense until the danger is gone.

  • Early unlock (Level 4).
  • Safeguards base efficiently.
  • Enables rallying pals.
  • Dependent on the player’s action.
  • Limited to base defense.

Honorable Mentions

While there are a lot of Structures in Palworld, I couldn’t include everything I liked, and here are some of them:

  • Ranch: A farm for raising sheep and fowl-like Pals using Partner skills to produce items.
  • Breeding Farm: A Breeding Farm where players assign a male and female Pal to produce offspring using cake.
  • Viewing Cage: Revives and heals unconscious Pals, expands storage by 40 slots; Pals inside cannot work or fight until transferred back to the Pal Box.

My Thoughts On The Best Structures

Almost every Structure except the decorations will be useful to you and your base. However, I think you should build the Statue of Power first and increase your capture rate along with some of the Best Pals for Base. That way, you can go out and take fights easily and have higher chances of capturing pals.

You can check out Rabiya’s review of Palworld here for more in-depth insights. Moreover, you can also look at the Best Base Locations and continue to build your pal empire. Also, make sure to check out the Best Armors so you have a higher chance of surviving out in the wild.


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