Palworld: How To Get Legendary Rocket Launcher

Learn how to get the Legendary Rocket Launcher in Palworld and destroy any boss that stands in your way of getting precious loot in the game.

If you want the Legendary Rocket Launcher in Palworld, then you need to take on the powerful Jetragon boss near Mount Obsidian using Ice Pals and strong weapons. Follow coordinates -794 and -323 and you will reach the boss fight. Continue reading further the guide as I have explained boss strategy and how to farm the rocket launcher schematic.

Key Takeaways

To get the Legendary Rocket Launcher schematic:

  1. Defeat Legendary Celestrial Dragon Jetragon boss in the volcano Biome, near Mount Obsidian.
  2. The exact boss fight coordinates are -794 and -323.
  3. Use Ice Pals the most as Jetragon is weak against these.
  4. Bring a legendary AR, handgun, or shotgun to deal significant damage.
  5. Rocket Launcher helps in depleting the boss’s health faster. 
  6. Kill Jetragon and don’t capture it, otherwise, the legendary schematic will not drop.
  7. Do boss run for at least 6 times to get better or legendary rarity schematic. 
  8. Craft the rocket launcher with Pal Metal Ingot, Polymer, Carbon Fiber, and Ancient Civilization Parts. 

Where To Get Legendary Rocket Launcher

Legendary Celestial Dragon Jetragon boss location [Image Credits: eXputer]
To get the legendary rocket launcher in Palworld, you need to farm it by killing the Legendary Celestrial Dragon Jetragon boss found near Mount Obsidian in the volcano Biome. 

Jetragon is a level 50 boss, which is one of the end-game boss encounters, and having the best weapons, especially the legendary ones is necessary to defeat him. If you are not level 50 and do not have the best armor in Palworld, then you will die a lot!

Legendary Celestrial Dragon Jetragon Location

Jetragon Alpha boss coordinates and location in Palworld [Image Credits: eXputer]
To find Jetragon, reach the coordinates -794 and -323, which also lead you to the northwestern zone of the Volcanic Region. I have attached the boss location on the game’s map in the image above as well just in case you do not seem to find the way. 

Before you go here, I recommend having both or either of Legendary Assault Rifle or Legendary Pump Action Shotgun in Palworld for the Jetragon boss fight. Using common weapon rarity will not get you to win this fight!

Important: The volcano biome is naturally hot, necessitating the use of heat-resistant armor to prevent your overall health from dropping down due to the region’s high temperatures. Instead of wearing any low-level but heat resistant armor, consider equipping the Legendary Heat Resistant Armor.

How To Beat Legendary Celestrial Dragon Jetragon

Legendary Celestial Dragon Jetragon boss fight [Image Credits: eXputer]
Jetragon is a dragon type pal in Palword and it makes him weak against attacks from any ice pals. Having your party full of various ground and flying ice pals will help you weaken Jetragon easily while you also do ranged damage. 

  • Best Ice Pals: Penking, Chillet, Ice Reptyro, Cryolinx, and Sibelyx are some of the best ice pals in Palworld that you should have in your party while taking down Jetragon.
  • Rocket Launcher: Jetragon is fast and hits hard. While having AR, Shotgun and other guns is good for dealing damage, having a Rocket Launcher will make the boss fight much easier to deal with. Even the common rarity Rocket Launcher will help a lot.   
  • Use Volcano Debris: There is a lot of volcanic debris all over the boss arena. You should use this to hide from Jetragon while your pal takes its attention. Attack back once the boss is not striking you. Alternatively, use these rocks to take cover from incoming ranged attacks as well. 
Do Not Capture: Your main purpose for the boss fight is not about capturing it; concentrate on killing it to secure the legendary rocket launcher schematic in Palworld. Capturing the boss only rewards standard resource materials, lacking any schematic drops of rare quality.

Jetragon Boss Item Drops

Jetragon Alpha defeated and loot drop items [Image Credits: eXputer]
Whenever you kill Jetragon while farming the legendary rocket launcher schematic in Palworld, the following items will drop for you:

  • Precious Dragon Stone x14
  • Pure Quartz x20
  • Polymer x10
  • Ancient Civilization Parts x12
Important: If you didn’t get the legendary Rocket Launcher blueprint or schematic when looting Jetragon’s dead body, go back and battle the boss again. Keep doing this until you finally obtain the schematic. According to my experience, making at least 6 attempts is mandatory to see rare Rocket Launcher schematics.

NOTE: Jetragon appears in the same location again after one in-game day has passed.

Before You Redo Boss Fight: To avoid missing any dropped loot, make sure to run and circle around the boss’s body. Don’t forget that the legendary Rocket Launcher schematic won’t automatically appear in your inventory, emphasizing the importance of not overlooking this critical step.

Required Crafting Materials For Legendary Rocket Launcher

Legendary Rocket Launcher weapon crafted in Palworld [Image Credits: eXputer]
  1. Pal Metal Ingot x505
  2. Polymer x202
  3. Carbon Fiber x337
  4. Ancient Civilization Parts x40

This brings me to the end of how you can get the Legendary Rocket Launcher in Palworld. I believe you must have found this guide helpful and therefore I suggest you also take a look Palworld’s review, and reading guides about the best armor along with the best stats to invest in. After that, learn how to mount your pal and how breeding works in Palworld.


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