Palworld: How To Get Electric Organs + Crafting Guide

Here is how you farm multiple Electric Organs in Palworld to make weapons and a Power Generator!

You can farm Electric Organs by defeating any electric-type pal in Palworld.

Any electric-type Pal would work to farm Electric Organs, but my suggestion for the best way to farm them is to target the Sparkit Pal because it is extremely weak compared to other Electric pals and drops 2 to 4 organs which is more than what most pals drop. Univolt is another viable option but I would suggest you should capture it after farming electric organs because it is a good lumbering Pal as well in my opinion. 

Important: Go toward the western side of the map to the Plateau of Beginnings or the Desert biome on the shore of Bamboo Grove to find electric pals.
Key Takeaways
  • Electric Organs are consumables in Palworld that are used for crafting items like Lights, Base Generator and Pylons.
  • Palworld has many different electric-type Pals that can farmed for electric organs.
  • Sparkit Pal is the best early game Pal to farm electric organs from because it is easier to defeat.
  • Any electric-type Pal can be used to get electric organs.
  • The western side of the map is the area where you can find Electric Pals in Palworld. 

List of Electric-Pal Types That Drop Electric Organs

Electric organ In Palworld
electric organ item description displayed in inventory  – (Image Captured by Us)

Following is a list of every electric-type pal that drops your electric organs:

  • Beakon
  • Dazzi
  • Grizzbolt
  • Jolthog
  • Mossanda Lux
  • Rayhound
  • Relaxaurus Lux
  • Sparkit
  • Univolt

What Can You Craft From Electric Organs?

Sparkit In Game
Sparkit Pal Stats, active and passive skills showcase in Palworld (Image Captured by Us)

You can craft different forms of generators, lights, and cosmetics for electric pals.

Most of the stuff you can create with electric organs is needed mid or late-game. It becomes crucial to have a lot of electric organs farmed by then because crafts like Power Generator become essential as they are required to operate electrical workstations such as Production Assembly Lines. I went to the east and northeast of Small Settlement to farm Sparkits and then used them to create multiple lights and Electric Pylons at my base.

The following crafts are different technologies you can craft with electric organs:

  • Antique Lamp Set Technology
  • Beakon Saddle
  • Ceiling Lamp Technology
  • Electric Mine Technology
  • Electric Pylon Technology
  • Emergency Exit Sign Set Technology
  • Helzephyr Saddle
  • Jolthog’s Gloves
  • Lamp Technology
  • Power Generator Technology
  • Rayhound Saddle
  • Street Lamp Set Technology
  • Suzaku Saddle
  • Univolt Saddle Technology
  • Shock Grenade
  • Stun Baton

So this is how you get an electric organ in Palworld and use it to create different technologies. Check out our detailed in-game review of Palworld written by our guide writer Rabiya Rizwan. After that, you should check out the guides on How to catch humans and get leather quickly


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