Palworld: Best Stats To Invest In [Top 3]

From boosting health for a cozy adventure to managing weight and stamina, unlock the secrets of the best stats to level up in Palworld.

In most survival games, just like Palworld, figuring out the best stats that a player should level up first can be a bit of a hassle. With a competitive choice between 6 equally important stats, it is crucial for players to invest their stat points properly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey in Palworld.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 6 character stats, but only 5 can be improved with stat points in Palworld.
  • The 6 stats are HP, Stamina, Attack, Defense, Work Speed, and Weight.
  • The three best stats to level up in Palworld are Weight, Stamina, and Health.
  • Leveling up Weight increases inventory capacity, which is crucial for survival.
  • Stamina affects the duration of actions, preventing depletion during crucial moments.
  • Health is the most important stat, increasing total hit points and providing an advantage in combat.

Before You Start: There are 6 Character Stats, but only 5 of them can be improved with Stat Points.

Best Stats To Upgrade

Palworld status enhancement
What the game says about the player status enhancements [screenshot grabbed by eXputer]
In Palworld, among the various captivating elements, the character stats feature stands out as particularly intriguing. These stat points play a crucial role in the growth and empowerment of your character, especially in the later, more challenging stages of Palworld, so figuring out the best stats that you should level up is highly important.

There are a total of 6 different stats in Palworld; they are:

HPThe total health points of the character.
StaminaCorresponds to the duration your character can swim, run, climb, or glide.
AttackThe damage inflicted by fists and weapons.
DefenseThe damage that is taken from enemies.
Work SpeedThe speed of construction and crafting processes.
WeightThe inventory capacity in terms of the weight of the items your character can carry.

Out of these 6 stats, you can only level up 5 of them, that is, you are not able to invest stat points to level up your Defense stat in Palworld. To upgrade the Defence stat, players need to equip items with defensive elements like crafting a cloth outfit.

Investing a point in each of these 6 stats brings about growing advantages to various aspects during the gameplay in Palworld, setting you on the right track. However, consider these 3 best stats to level up as your priority in Palworld:

3. Weight

In a survival game, stocking up your inventory is a wise move, as you never know when an item might become crucial. That’s why it is best to level up the weight stat in Palworld – it increases the total weight of items you can carry before becoming too burdened to move.

Additionally, leveling up the weight stat is essential because, in Palworld, you always need extra space for the unique and exciting items you come across during your adventures. Whether it’s a common piece of wood or a rare pal egg, having enough space is crucial. The decision to drop items to make room for new ones can be heartbreaking, so it’s best to be prepared.

2. Stamina

It is best to level up the Stamina stat in Palworld since that increases the time taken for the stamina bar to deplete. The stamina bar is the white bar display you see when running, attacking, gliding, and swimming. Your character is unable to repeat/continue that action if the stamina bar depletes, so it is very important to keep it in check.

You will realize the importance of Stamina when you are chased by pals larger than your size. Not being able to dodge after exhausting all your stamina might just be the cause of your death, and I learned this the hard way in the first hour of the game.

1. Health

The most important of the best stats in Palworld that you should level up in is probably the health stat. Investing in this stat increases the total Hit Points your character has, and for obvious reasons, more HP equates to an easy adventure. 

Combat is the basic element in Palworld, and every game enthusiast knows that having more HP during a fight gives them an upper hand. Furthermore, fall damage is a thing in Palworld, so to avoid death while falling from a small cliff, it is probably a good idea to invest in a larger health pool.

How To Level Up Stats

Location of all Stats in inventory in Palworld [Screenshot by eXputer]
Players receive 1 stat point each time they level up. To level up Stats, all you need to do is press ‘Tab’ to open the inventory, locate the stats at the bottom right corner, and select the ‘+’ sign next to the Stat you want to invest in. Viola! You have leveled up a stat in Palworld.

So what happens if you accidentally invested all your stat points in Attack, and now you regret doing that? Well, in that case, I would like to offer my condolences since, as of right now, there is no method of resetting or reallocating the stat points. Furthermore, there will be an alert if you have unused Stat points that you can invest.

Once you have leveled up a Stat, that is the end of it, and you cannot do anything to change that. 

My Thoughts

While the other Stats points are important to level up, in my opinion, it is better to prioritize investing in Health, weight, and stamina. Especially in the early part of the game, leveling up these stats will ensure an easier playthrough. However, the fact that you cannot reset your stats points really bothers me, I hope Pocket Pair, Inc adds it in the next update of Palword.

Although health is the most important stat that you should level up in Palworld, do not hesitate to explore the character-building on your own. Palworld is about you and your adventure, so invest in these stat points according to your specific playstyle. However, you might want to learn how to catch humans since they are among the best early-game pals in Palworld to spice up your adventure.

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