Palworld Elizabee: Capture, Fight, Skills, Breeding

A detailed guide on how to find Elizabee in Palworld as well as her skills, abilities, and work suitability. 

Elizabee is one of the alpha bosses that you will come across during your adventure in Palworld. It’s a grass-type level 31 field boss that is always with two Beegardes. While you will often see the normal version roaming around several parts of the map, the alpha Elizabee boss is quite hard to find. 

Key Takeaways
  • Elizabee is a level 31 alpha boss found in Devout Mineshaft. 
  • It can also be obtained by incubating verdant eggs or through breeding
  • To battle it, players surely use fire-type pals and attack it with fire crossbow
  • Its Partner Skill, called the Queen Bee Command, allows it to get a small increase in damage. 
  • Elizabee’s level 2 Medicine Production and Handiwork ability make it a great Pal to keep in your base in Palworld. 
  • Why Trust Us: With more than 20 hours in Palworld, you can trust my guide on finding and capturing Elizabee.

How To Find Elizabee In Palworld

You will see the icon for Elizabee on the map near the Lake Center fast travel point.

Palworld How To Find Elizabee
The icon for Elizabee on the map; the marker represents mine’s entrance. (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

However, you won’t be able to get to Elizabee until you enter a mineshaft. Follow the coordinates 35 and 186 to get there.

  • Entering the Devout Mineshaft: To get to Elizabee, the first step is finding the entrance to the Devout Mineshaft. The opening to the mineshaft will be located between Lake Center and Mount Flopie Summit.
    Palworld Elizabee
    Finding the entrance to the Mineshaft (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Traveling to Mossanda Forest: If you don’t want to fight the alpha version of Elizabee, you can always travel to the Mossanda forest, where several Beegardes will roam. There’s a high chance that Elizabee will also spawn here occasionally, with a few Beegardes following her around. 
  • Finding Large Verdant Eggs: Another way to get this Pal is by incubating huge verdant eggs you will find throughout your journey. There are a lot of verdant eggs near the spawn point. 

Defeating And Catching Elizabee 

The level 31 grass-type Pal can deal with highly damaging attacks, and to catch it, you will have to use a higher-quality Pal sphere like Giga Sphere

Fighting the Pal
Make sure to dodge Elizabee’s attacks. [Image by eXputer]
Elizabee will use a lot of grass element attacks, including Spinning Lance and Wind Cutter. Make sure to dodge them otherwise, they can cause a lot of damage. 

  • Timing the attacks: The best way to counter Elizabee is to damage her when she is charging her attacks. Every once in a while, she will also use attacks like Air Cannon and Poison Blast that should be dodged. 
  • Using Mounted Torch: I found the arena to be quite dark therefore, I made sure to place a few mounted torches in the arena and the cave entrance so I could focus on damaging the boss. 
  • Choosing the right pals: Elizabee is one of the toughest bosses because she has two minions alongside her as well. Therefore, it is important to fight her using fire pals as she is weak to fire elements. I recommend keeping Arsox, Foxsparks, and Bushi in your party when you fight the Pal. 
  • Attack with Fire Arrows: Since Elizabee is a grass-type pal, the best way to counter it is using fire. I would highly recommend using the fire crossbow for ranged attacks while using fire pals for close combat. 
  • Defeating Beegarde first: I will highly recommend taking down the two Beegardes with Elizabee first to end the battle quickly.
    Defeating the boss
    Defeating the alpha boss (Image Taken by eXputer)
  • Use food items: Throughout your fight, make sure to feed your pals with food items that will increase attack as well as defense. For that, I would recommend marinated mushrooms and herb-roasted lamball for defense. Furthermore, use Omelette or Rushoar Bacon And Eggs to increase the attack rate. 

Skills And Abilities 

Following is a list of skills and abilities that Elizabee can use. 

Stat  Value  
Element  Elizabee is a grass-type pal.   
Partner Skill  Elizabee uses Queen Bee Command, which will allow it to gain a small increase in the damage it deals. However, the partner skill will not affect Beegarde.  
Active Skills  Wind Cutter, Air Cannon, Poison Blast, Grass Tornado, Spinning Lance, Bee Quiet. 
Passive Skills   Spirit Emperor, Work Slave, Burly Body, Ferocious, Muscle Head, Artisan.  
Work Suitability   Level 2 Planting, Level 2 Handiwork, Level 2 Medicine Production, Level 1 Lumbering, Level 2 Gathering.  
Drops   Elizabee’s Staff, Honey, Ancient Civilization Parts, and Precious Plume.  
Important: The level 22 exclusive skill of Elizabee called Spinning Lance is the one players should look out for as it can be highly damaging.

If you manage to capture the alpha boss, it can be a good addition to both your party and base. However, I highly recommend capturing a few Beegarde with her as well as Elizabee itself, which cannot produce Honey. She can be a great pal for the base with her medicine production, planting, gathering, and handiwork abilities. 

Elizabee Breeding Combinations 

You can get Elizabee by breeding certain pals together. Following is a list of combinations that you can use to get Elizabee. 

Parent 1   Parent 2 
Mossanda  Pyrin Noct 
Nitewing  Pyrin Noct 
Penking   Orserk 
Penking  Astegon 
Nitewing  Lyleen 
Mossanda  Ice Reptyro 

You can also breed Elizabee with different Pals to get high-level Pals as a result. Following are some of the best combinations of Elizabee. 

Parent 1  Parent 2  Child 
Mossanda  Elizabee  Ragnahawk 
Elizabee  Pyrin  Warsect 
Celaray  Elizabee  Incineram 
Elizabee  Suzaku  Heizephyr 
Elizabee  Blazamut  Astegon 
Nitewing   Elizabee  Ragnahawk 
Cinnamoth  Elizabee  Sweepa 

My Thoughts 

Elizabee is definitely a worth-catching pal for your base due to its medicine production and work abilities. If you plan to keep her in your party, make sure to keep a Beegarde as well, as it will double the damage. 

Don’t forget to read the review of Palworld by Rabya Rizwan to see her experience of the game as a Veteran Pokémon player. If you want to get more pals for your base, I recommend checking out Daniyal’s guide on how to get Robinquill Terra in Palworld. You can also read Huzaifa’s guide on Lunaris in Palworld, which is also one of the best pals for base. 

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