Palworld: How To Get Honey [Location & Farming]

Learn how you can get Honey from different Pals and through the Farming Process.

Honey is an essential element in Palworld, and acquiring it is a simple process. In Palworld, you can obtain Honey by capturing or killing specific Pals or by assigning a Pal to the Ranch. This guide provides step-by-step information on how to get Honey in Palworld.

Key Takeaways
  • Honey is an important item to make a Cake in Palworld.
  • You can either collect Honey or farm it using different Pals.
  • There are a total of four Pals that drop Honey.
  • For farming, you need to make a Ranch and assign Beegarde Pal to produce Honey for you.
  • Honey has a Nutrition value of 10 and a SAN value of 6. You can consume it yourself or feed it to Pals to reduce hunger.

How To Get Honey?

palworld honey drop
Honey Dropped By Cinnamoth [Image By eXputer]
In Palworld you can get Honey by two methods. These methods include:

  1. Capturing or Killing the Pals that drop Honey.
  2. Capturing the Beegarde Pal and putting it in the Ranch at your base for farming Honey.

I would highly suggest you opt for the second method. All you need to do is capture one Pal and assign it to the Ranch. It will produce Honey and you will have a continuous supply.

List Of Pals Who Drop Honey

palworld beegarde
Beegarde Possible Drops Shown At Paldeck [Image By eXputer]
In Palworld, Four Pals are discovered that will drop Honey after you capture or kill them:

  1. Beegarde
  2. Elizabee
  3. Warsect
  4. Cinnamoth

1. Beegarde

palworld beegarde location
Location Of Beegarde [Image by eXputer]
To find Beegarde, head to the Mossanda Forest. Keep in mind that they usually travel in groups of three or four, occasionally accompanied by Elizabee.

Be prepared with your best weapons, as they are known to self-destruct and cause significant damage.

2. Elizabee

elizabee location
Location Of Elizabee [Image By eXputer]
Elizabee and the Beegarde are located in the same habitat, so keep an eye out for them when in the area. There is a great chance that you may find both Pals together.

3. Warsect

palworld warsect location
Location Of Warsect [Scrrenshot By eXputer]
If you’re looking for Warsect, you can find it at Wildlife Sanctuary 2, located North of Mount Obsidian. However, if you’re not interested in traveling there and potentially fighting against the powerful Pals that reside there, you can choose to directly fight the Boss Warsect Alpha Pal at any time.

The Warsect Alpha Pal can be found at the coordinates 162, -223. At this location, you will find the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings. Enter the Dungeon to capture the Warsect Alpha Pal and get Honey as a drop.

4. Cinnamoth

palworld cinnamoth
Location Of Cinnamoth [Screenshot By eXputer]
Cinnamoth can be found near the Cinnamon Forest Fast Travel point or the Ancient Runes. It is also possible that you may come across Cinnamoth at Hypocrite Hill.

How To Farm Honey?

beegarde at ranch
Beegarde Grazing At The Ranch To Farm Honey [Screenshot By eXputer]
You can farm Honey by assigning Beegarde to the Ranch.

The Ranch can be unlocked at level 5 with Technology Points. Once it is unlocked you will find it under the Pal Section in the build menu. To make a Ranch at your base you need the following things:

  • 50x Wood
  • 20x Stone
  • 30x Fibre

After creating a Ranch, you need to add Beegrade Pal to the base. It will automatically run to the Ranch and start working to farm Honey.

Uses Of Honey

cake requirements
Requirements For Making A Cake Includes 2x Honey [Screenshot Grab By eXputer]
Honey is an important item in Palworld that you need. It has the following uses:

  1. It is a consumable item, so you can eat it to reduce hunger and feed it to Pals also.
  2. It is a required item to make a Cake.

Honey Stats

Honey has the following stats:

EffectsReduce Hunger.
Used in making Cake.

My Experience On Getting Honey

Acquiring Honey in Palworld is a straightforward task that holds great importance as it is a key ingredient in making Cake, which is required for breeding pals. Although capturing the Beegarde was a bit challenging due to its self-destructing ability, it was easily locatable. Now, I am utilizing it at my Ranch, and Honey is always readily available whenever I need to make a Cake for the breeding process. I would highly recommend doing the same to ensure a constant supply of Honey.

This concludes my guide on how to get Honey in Palworld. I would recommend that you read the Palworld review by Rabiya Rizwan. You may like to go through the guides on How To Get Sulphur and How To Join A Guild in Palworld and make progress in the game.


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