Palworld Rayne Syndicate Tower [Location, Reward, Strategy]

Learn about the location and strategies to beat the Zoe & Grizzbolt fight in Rayne Syndicate Tower, one of the first boss arenas in Palworld.

Rayne Syndicate Tower will likely have your first significant boss encounter in Palworld. As part of the tutorial, it’s relatively near to your initial starting point, and you can reach it by walking a few steps. However, the boss fight itself can be extremely tough for beginners, so capturing strong Pals and leveling up early is a must. Fortunately, the rewards you get after defeating the boss make the challenge worthwhile in the end.

Key Takeaways
  • Rayne Syndicate Tower is a bossfight arena and part of the tutorial in Palworld which is located in the Windswept Hills.
  • The tower’s boss is Zoe & Grizzbolt which has 30.5K HP and a 10-minute timer.
  • My recommended tips for beating Grizzbolt include using Ground Pals and long-range weapons, hiding behind the pillars, and reaching at least Level 20 before attempting the fight.
  • After beating Grizzbolt for the first time in Palworld, players will receive roughly 22K HP and 5 Ancient Technology Points.

Don’t forget to check eXputer’s video guide on an effective cheese method if you’re struggling at Rayne Syndicate Tower:

YouTube video

Where To Find Rayne Syndicate Tower 

rayne tower
Map location of the Rayne Syndicate Tower (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

Players can find Rayne Syndicate Tower just before the red forest in the northern region of the Windswept Hills.

I’ve given an image for reference to help you reach the tower, and it should take 3-5 minutes to walk to it from your initial Fast Travel Point. To make things easier, you can unlock the Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance’s Fast Travel Point to teleport here anytime.

Rayne Tower palworld
The entrance to Rayne Syndicate Tower (Screenshot by eXputer)

Once you enter the tower, you’ll meet a cutscene that transitions into a fight with Zoe & Grizzbolt Boss.

Strategies To Beat Grizzbolt In Rayne Syndicate Tower

grizzbolt fight in palworld
Zoe & Grizzbolt’s bossfight in Rayne Syndicate Tower (Image by eXputer)

Zoe & Grizzbolt has roughly 30,000 HP and a 10-minute timer, so you’ll have to beat them before the timer runs out or you’ll need to redo the fight. In my experience, Grizzbolt has low damage output and its attacks are well-telegraphed. However, the main issue is the range of the attacks, which have a large area of effect and can stun-lock you if hit directly.

Here are some of my expert tips for defeating Zoe & Grizzbolt in Palworld:

  • Use Ground Pals: Since Grizzbolt is an Electric Pal, it is weak to attacks from Ground Pals and even does minimal damage to them, so be sure to visit the desert areas to find any early-game ground pals.
  • Reach Level 20: I feel like Level 20 is the ideal spot to take on Zoe & Grizzbolt as you’ll have better stats, weapons, and knowledge to tackle the boss fight.
  • Hide Behind Pillars: Most of Grizzbolt’s attacks don’t go through the pillars in the arena, so utilize these structures and hide behind them when you see the boss charging an attack.
  • Use Long-Range Weapons: In my experience, Grizzbolt is vulnerable to long-range weapons, so be sure to equip crossbows for the fight, or craft the Musket that unlocks at Level 21.
Important: Like most Boss Pals, you cannot capture Zoe & Grizzbolt.


Once you beat Zoe & Grizzbolt, you’ll get roughly 2.5K XP for yourself and each Pal in your team. Additionally, if it’s the first time you killed the boss, you’ll also get 5 Ancient Technology Points, which you can use to unlock exclusive crafting recipes in the Technology Menu.

That wraps up my brief guide on reaching Rayne Syndicate Tower and defeating its boss in Palworld. I personally thought this boss was my first major in-game challenge, and once I beat it, I got enough XP to tackle the nearby Mammoforest that I was waiting to capture tirelessly. If you’re struggling against Grizzbolt, here’s a YouTube video that goes over the fight, letting you learn the boss’s attack pattern and moveset.

For some tips on which Pals to get for your early-game phase, here’s a guide by Obaid on the best early-game Pals in Palworld. You can also consider reading about the best Legendary Pals if you want some game-changing firepower or workpower. And while you’re here, check out Rabiya Rizwan’s review on Palworld to see how the title succeeded or underperformed in certain aspects. 


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