Palworld: Incineram Location, Capture, Stats & Breed Options

Incineram is one of the mid to end game bosses in Palworld that is excellent against water types and can be found in Mount Obsidian.

End game pals are not only effective at combat but these are the best at the base in Palworld as well. The western part of the map is home to some of the best fire type pals but capturing or defeating these requires having the best water type pals. Otherwise, they can melt you quickly. Incineram is one of the best fire and dark type pals in Palworld. You should not miss capturing and adding it to your party or base in the game. 

Key Takeaways
  • Locate Incineram in Palworld at the western part of Mount Obsidian
  • It can particularly be found at the far end of this volcanic area.
  • Capture Incineram is an advanced Pal at level 30 or above using Hyper Sphere or higher-quality spheres like Ultra or Legendary.
  • To increase capture chances, reduce Incineram’s health to 5-15%.
  • Without the Hyper Sphere Pal, the likelihood of success is low.
  • Maximize damage with Water or Dragon-type Pals in your party, such as Relaxaurus, Azurobe, Elphidran Aqua, or Jormuntide.
  • Rewards for capturing or killing Incineram include the following:
    1. Horn
    2. Leather

How To Find Incineram

Incineram habitat and where to find this pal [Image Credits: eXputer]
As seen in the image I attached above, Incineram is only found in the western part of Mount Obsidian. You will find this pal roaming at the far end of this volcanic area, but there could be a few sightings in the middle of this mountain as well. 

This Incineram’s location is synonymous regardless of day or night cycle. However, finding this pal is much easier in day time as compared to night. Even though this is a fire and dark type pal in Palworld, it does not glow like Foxparks in the night. But you will eventually find him at night as he hurls fireballs instantly at his targets, making him stand out from a distance immediately. 

How To Capture Incineram

Captured Incineram pal [Image Credits: eXputer]
Capturing Incineram is not an early game task and you need to be at least level 30 or above to be able to capture this Pal in Palworld. That is because at level 27 you unlock the Hyper Sphere, which is mandatory to capture a pal of this size. 

Important: Assuming you have the Hyper Sphere or if you have got Ultra or Legendary Pal Sphere by opening random chest spawns, the next thing you need to do is deplete Incineram’s health down to 5 to 15 percent. If not, then the chances of capturing this pal will be very low, and it will keep escaping the pal sphere you throw at it.
  • Bring Water or Dragon-type Pal: Maximize your damage output by including Water or Dragon-type Pals in your party, as Incineram is weak against these types. Consider having the best ground pals in Palworld like Relaxaurus, Azurobe, Elphidran Aqua, or Jormuntide for an effective encounter.
  • Ensure Level 30 Pals: The pals accompanying you in the battle should be at least level 30. Most roaming Incineram in the western volcano region are between levels 29 and 33, so having level 30 pals matches the strength of your formidable foe.
  • Equip Best Weapons: Arm yourself with top-notch weapons like assault rifles, shotguns, and grenades for this encounter. These weapons significantly reduce Incineram’s health before attempting to capture it with a Hyper Pal Sphere or higher.
  • Stock Up on Defensive Food: Be ready with food items that boost your defense. Incineram will attack immediately, particularly with fireballs. Consuming cooked food provides extra protection, helping you withstand the fiery assaults.

Incineram Stats For Base

Incineram stats as seen in Paldeck [Image Credits: eXputer]
Work Suitability Level
Kindling 1
Handiwork 2
Transporting 2
Mining 1

All Incineram Skill

Skill Name Level Element Cooldown Power Description
Ignis Blast 1 Fire 2s 30 Fires a direct fiery projectile at the enemy.
Spirit Fire 7 Fire 7s 45 Shoots fireballs at the enemy, exploding into smaller ones on impact.
Flare Arrow 15 Fire 10s 55 Shoots three flaming arrows that home in on the enemy.
Hellfire Claw 22 Fire 10s 70 Exclusive skill of Incineram. Approaches enemies, slashing them into the air and delivering a finishing blow.
Shadow Burst 30 Dark 10s 55 Quickly discharges dark energy, damaging nearby enemies.
Fire Ball 40 Fire 55s 150 Creates a giant flaming ball and hurls it at the enemy, causing a wide explosion.
Ignis Rage 50 Fire 40s 120 Energizes the ground, causing it to explode after a set time.

Incineram Item Drops

Incineram in player’s party [Image Credits: eXputer]
Capturing and killing an Incineram pal gives you the same rewards. However, you can add this pal to your party or your base if you capture it. Otherwise, you get the following rewards:

  • Horn
  • Leather

Breeding Options For Incineram

Parent 1 Parent 2 Child
Incineram Surfent Anubis
Caprity Incineram Foxcicle
Mossanda Incineram Grintale
Penking Incineram Surfent
Incineram Maraith Incineram Noct
Incineram Blazamut Mammorest
Incineram Pyrin Wumpo Botan

This sums up my guide about Incineram location, capture, breeding, and all skills guide in Palworld. Now that you know everything about this pal, I recommend you also go through the review of Palworld written by our writer Rabiya Rizwan. After that, you should read how to catch humans and get leather quickly to expand your Palworld game knowledge. 


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