Palworld: BEST Base Locations [Top 5]

After playing for 20+ hours, here are the best locations to build your base and survive.

In Palworld, you can construct your base in various locations, but not every place is best. When selecting a spot, it’s essential to weigh multiple factors, including nearby resources, accessibility, and potential defensive benefits.

Key Takeaways
  • Bases are essential for survival and progress in Palworld.
  • Players can construct bases in various locations, considering factors like resources, accessibility, and defense.
  • Bases also serve as hubs for resource gathering, including wood, stone, and ore.
  • Different base locations offer strategic advantages, catering to early-game accessibility, specific resources, or defense.

Best Base Locations In Palworld Summary

Here’s the summary of the best locations to build your base in Palworld:

Starting Base229, -483Abundant Wood, Stones, OreAn ideal early-game location, easily accessible beside a waterfall, surrounded by friendly Pals, and defensible from the north during Raids.
Autumn-Themed9, -529Stones, OresAesthetically pleasing base in the autumn-themed region, featuring unique visuals; however, open landscape exposes it to potential attacks during Raids.
Ore Farm74, -376Abundant OreStrategically located for continuous ore supply, visually stunning with fall leaves; vulnerable to potential attacks from above during Raids.
Waterfall315, -49Abundant OreVirtually raid-proof base on a mountain with a stunning waterfall backdrop; requires an aerial mount for access.
Tree Filled Mountain181, -47Abundant Wood, Stone Pits, and OresSecure base on West Waterfall Mountain with abundant resources; potential threat from the northwest countered by deploying pals skilled in long-range attacks.

Starting Base

Best For Early-Game
Starting Base Locations palworld
Starting Base Location [Image by eXputer]
  • Coordinates: 229, -483

The ideal early-game base location is beside the waterfall northwest of the starting point. I could easily access this spot, which is also surrounded by friendly Pals, and offers abundant essential resources such as Wood and Stones. Additionally, you can mine plenty of ore in the area, making it beneficial for future needs.

Starting Base
Starting Base [Image by eXputer]
Although it’s an open area, the north is the only direction enemies enter your base from during a Raid. They won’t approach the south cliffs, and climbing from the west is also impossible. This makes defense quite manageable, making it an excellent starting point for the game.

  • It’s an ideal location for early-game
  • Accessible and friendly, surrounded by Pals
  • Abundant resources
  • Defensive advantage as enemies approach only from the north
  • Open area vulnerability
  • Raid from the north
  • Manageable defense


Most Aesthetic Base
Autumn-Themed Location
Autumn-Themed Location [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  • Coordinates: 9, -529

Another excellent location I found is the flat area at the center of the autumn-themed region, northwest of the starting point. This region stands out due to its unique autumn aesthetic, featuring a pleasant orange and red color palette. If you appreciate this visual style, it is the best base location for its appearance. Moreover, you’ll find numerous resource nodes like Stones and Ores, along with multiple trees.

Autumn-Themed Base locations palworld
Autumn-Themed Base [Image credit: eXputer]
However, a notable downside is the flat and open landscape during raids, exposing you to potential attacks from enemies at any angle. While it may not offer the same practical advantages as other bases on my list, its distinctive aesthetics are undeniably appealing.

  • Unique autumn aesthetic
  • It has a decent amount of resources
  • Flat Surface
  • Open to enemy attacks
  • Less practical advantages
  • There are not many resources compared to other bases

Ore Farm

Best For Ore Farming
Ore Farm Location
Ore Farm Location [Image by eXputer]
  • Coordinates: 74, -376

This Ore Farm is also not so far away from the Autumn-Themed base. I liked making a base here for its stunning visuals with fall leaves and foliage. What sets it apart is the abundance of naturally spawning ore on the nearby hill. This proximity allows easy access to a continuous ore supply, making it an excellent choice for players who craft high-tier items.

Ore Farm Base locations palworld
Ore Farm Base [Image by eXputer]
However, there is a potential vulnerability as raiders could attack from above, utilizing long-range tactics that might be challenging to counter. To minimize this risk, you should focus on deploying pals specializing in long-range attacks. This defense strategy ensures the base remains secure and the ore-rich environment can be exploited without unnecessary risks.

  • Abundant Ore Supply
  • Stunning Visuals
  • Autumn-Themed Aesthetic
  • Vulnerable to Raids
  • Risk of Long-Range Attacks


Raid-Proof Base
Waterfall Location
Waterfall Location [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  • Coordinates: 315, -49

Placed on a mountain, this base is virtually raid-proof, as raiders consistently spawn below and rarely reach the summit. The breathtaking waterfall backdrop adds to the aesthetics. Moreover, the entire top hill naturally generates ore, ensuring a steady supply for crafting.

Waterfall Base locations palworld
Waterfall Base [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
Despite its potential disadvantage of requiring a flying mount for access, the Waterfall Farm earns its top spot due to overwhelming advantages. While I don’t personally mind the requirement for a flying mount, the advantages far outweigh this inconvenience.

  • High-ground defense advantage
  • Breathtaking Waterfall Aesthetics
  • Natural Ore Resupply
  • Requires Aerial Mount to reach
  • Less area to build on

Tree Filled Mountain

Best For Resource Gathering
Mountain Location
Mountain Location [Image credit: eXputer]
  • Coordinates: 181, -47

Located on the west side of Waterfall, this Mountain is a treasure trove of resources. I find it to be pretty secure, except for a possible threat from the northwest. To counter this, you can station some pals skilled in long-range attacks.

Mountain Base
Mountain Base [Image credit: eXputer]
The location is abundant with trees for wood and has natural stone pits, which will save you the hassle of building a Logging Site or Stone Pit when it runs out. This balance of security and resource availability on West Waterfall Mountain makes it a solid and convenient base in Palworld.

  • Abundant resources of wood, stone pits, and ores
  • Secure location with only a few threats
  • A strategic advantage that can counter threats effectively
  • It’s a big area to build your dream base
  • The potential threat from the northwest
  • Need skilled long-range pals to counter raids

My Thoughts

The best location for building a base is undoubtedly the Tree Filled Mountain. It has space for building your dream base and the resources to fulfill that dream. Moreover, you can build two bases after reaching the level 10 base, so there is no need to worry if you don’t like the current location. 

Now that you have built your base read about fusion pals and breed the most powerful pal for your base. While you are at it, read about the Palworld Katress Location and Boss Fight


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