Palworld: Katress [Location, Boss Fight, Work Suitability]

Learn all about the location and boss fight of Katress, and complete your first dungeon!

Katress in Palworld is a Level 23 Alpha Pal boss. Its element type is dark and its partner skill is Grimoire Collector. You can find Katress fairly easily in the starting; however, the chances of capturing is low.

Key Takeaways
  • Paldeck No. 075, Katress is a Level 23 Alpha Pal boss found in a dungeon known as Sealed Realm of the Invincible.
  • Katress can be found early-game, but capturing it can be quite difficult. 
  • Dodge and evade attacks; Attack when Katress targets your Pal.
  • Some pals you can use while fighting are Foxparks, Rooby, and Eikhtyrdeer.

Katress Location In Palworld

Palworld Katress Location
Katress Location in Palworld [Image by eXputer]
Located in the Sealed Realm of the Invincible at coordinates 241, -332, Katress is a formidable boss. 

How To Defeat Katress

Fighting the Katress in the Sealed Realm of the Invincible can be challenging due to its relentless attacks. To increase your chances of success, focus on dodging and evading when it targets you.

Fighting Katress
Fighting Katress [Image by eXputer]
When Katress shifts its attention to your Pal, take advantage of those moments to unleash your attacks. While this may make the fight feel somewhat slow, it provides a relatively straightforward method to ensure your safety while still working towards defeating Katress.

Pals To Use

When fighting, you will often find that your pals are dealing damage in large numbers.

Defeating Katress
Defeating Katress [Image by eXputer]
Here are some recommended pals to use when fighting Katress:

  • Foxparks: It shoots a fireball from afar making it effective for countering Katress AoE Attacks.
  • Rooby: Just like Foxparks, it also shoots a fireball by evading back from the opponent.
  • Eikthyrdeer: It also fires a projectile from the ground after leaping back from its opponent.

The above-listed pals are very powerful when it comes to fighting. Moreover, if you get lucky and get some really good active and passive skills, the fight will be a child’s play.

Katress Work Suitability

Sealed Realm of the Invincible
Sealed Realm of the Invincible [Image by eXputer]
Knowing the work suitability can help you assign the pals to your base according to your needs. 

Work SuitabilityDescription

Handiwork Lv. 2
Mining skill is employed to extract Stone, Ore, and other pertinent resources from mining nodes and Stone Pits.
Medicine Production Lv. 2Generating Electricity skill is utilized at Power Generators to supply power to machines that rely on electricity.
Transporting Lv. 2 Watering skill is employed for tasks requiring water, such as watering plants or providing power to a water wheel.

My Thoughts On Katress

Katress may not be exceptionally fast on the ground in Palworld, but it exhibits superior jump height compared to my other grounded pals. Additionally, it boasts durability, and its moves are effective for weakening other pals, making it a reliable choice for catching pals.

Now that you know about the Katress, read about the Jetragon, who is a dragon-like pal. Furthermore, get yourself a Lucky Pals, who are shinier and bigger


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