Palworld: Jetragon Location & Boss Fight [Complete Guide]

Learn all about the location and boss fight of Jetragon, one of the most powerful Legendary Pals you can find in Palworld.

Jetragon is a Legendary and one of the best Pals you can get in Palworld, but tracking its location is extremely challenging if you’re still in the early/mid-game phase. Since it’s a Legendary Pal, you can only find him in 1 place throughout the world, so you won’t find him walking around in a biome. On top of that, defeating and/or catching him using a Pal Sphere is even tougher, considering his rarity and Catching chance.

Key Takeaways
  • Paldeck No. 111, also known as Jetragon, is a Level 50 Legendary Dragon-based Pal in Palworld that specializes in Level 3 Gathering.
  • Players can find this Pal in Mount Obsidian, specifically the western portion of the area near the Eternal Pyre Tower.
  • Jetragon is one of the hardest pals to catch as a late-game encounter, so I recommend using AoE-based pals, ranged weapons like Assault Rifles, and Pal Spheres on it when it’s stunned.
  • Jetragon does respawn after you beat him, so in case you couldn’t catch him on the first attempt, you can always try again.
  • Players can also ride Jetragon as a flying mount by crafting a saddle for it.

Location Of Jetragon In Palworld

Jetragon location palworld
Jetragon’s exact location on Mount Obsidian (Image by eXputer)

Players can find Jetragon next to a lava pool on the western edge of Mount Obsidian, which is also the westernmost biome of Palworld.

Initially, or even when you reach Mount Obsidian, you can’t see the beast on the map, so I’ve pinpointed his location in the image above for you to follow. Once you find him, it’ll appear on your map, and you can revisit him anytime.

Important: To make your runback easier in case you die to the Jetragon, I recommend activating the Fast Travel statue in the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre Tower.

How To Beat Jetragon In Palworld

Jetragon fight on Mount Obsidian
Jetragon Boss Fight (Image Captured by eXputer)

Like most endgame Pals, catching Jetragon is extremely tough, even with something like Legendary Pal Sphere. Before fighting him, you’ll definitely need to level up your gear and Pals or you won’t even scratch the thing. In my experience, even when I was Level 27, I usually got a ~1% Catching Rate when using an Ultra Pal Sphere and was constantly dying to his attacks even before getting him to half his HP.

Tackling Jetragon is no easy task, so here are my expert tips for you to follow:

  • AoE-based Pals: Jetragon usually stays mid-air for most of the fight, so besides having a high-Power Pal, make sure your Pal can either fly or has several AoE attacks.
  • Ranged Weapons: Using any grounded weapon like an axe or club will get you killed, so use guns (preferably automatic like an Assault Rifle) with a healthy ammo reserve.
  • Catch When Stunned: Continue putting pressure on Jetragon until it gets to a Staggered state, giving you the perfect opportunity to use a Pal Sphere and hopefully catch it for good.

Once you catch Jetragon, you can craft a saddle and mount it onto the beast, after which you can blitz across the map. However, if you don’t catch it, you can try again after resting at any nearby Fast Travel Point since it can respawn.

boss fight
Jetragon defeated (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
Important: Jetragon is a Level 50 Pal, so you must be at least Level 50 to fully utilize its potential.

That wraps up my brief guide on the location of the Legendary Jetragon in Palworld, along with some tips to get you through its encounter. Again, as I mentioned, this is a late-game pal, so you’ll need to farm and improve your inventory before you can take on this behemoth. Verlisify is one of the first YouTubers to collect all the in-game Pals, so I suggest watching his video if you want to track down other allies.

If you’re struggling to beat Jetragon on your own, be sure to check out Arham Abro’s guide on making a dedicated server in Palworld for a great co-op experience. For more amazing Pals to fight against and catch, look at my guide on Astegon’s location, another Legendary Pal in Mount Obsidian. And while you’re here, consider reading Rabiya’s review on Palworld, where she talks about how the game succeeded and where it could have done so.


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