Palworld: Faleris Location, Capture, Skills, Item Drops

Learn how to find Faleris in Palworld and what is the best strategy to capture this beast in the game & utilize his skills for base & combat.

Having some of the best base pals in Palworld helps you speed up the building process. However, flying mounts such as Faleris are more than just pets to be kept at base. You can bring them with you to your party and destroy bosses, especially water and ice type pals in Palworld. However, for that, you first need to know the location of Faleris, and how to capture this best in Palworld.

Key Takeaways
  • You can find Faleris in Palworld by exploring the northeastern corner, specifically on an isolated island at No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Encounter Faleris at any time, with higher chances during both day and night.
  • Alternatively, challenge the Tower of the PIDF boss ‘Marcus & Faleris’ to get Faleris.
  • Breeding Anubis and Vanwyrm provides a simpler method to acquire Faleris.
  • Capture Faleris by depleting its health to 5-10%.
  • Use Ultra Pal Sphere or Legendary Pal Sphere for better capture chances.
  • Bring the best water-type pals like Relaxaurus and Azurobe, to damage Faleris.
  • You get 2 to 4 Flame Organs as drops regardless of whether you kill or capture Faleris.

Where To Find Faleris

Faleris spawn location in the map of Palworld [Image Credits: eXputer]
Exploration Method: Visit the northeastern corner of Palworld to discover Faleris. Travel to the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary on an island, utilizing a flying Pal for ease. Faleris, a Fire-type Pal, can appear at any time. The image I have attached above shows an isolated island. This is the only place where you can find Faleris in Palworld. You can venture there day or night and there will be higher chances for Faleris to appear. 

Boss Fight Method: Alternatively, challenge the Tower of the PIDF boss ‘Marcus & Faleris’, and defeat this encounter within a tight 10-minute window. Beware, this method, though rewarding, proves challenging, particularly for early-game players. Proper equipment and strategic Plans are essential to overcoming the boss fight.
Breeding Method: If you are good at making cakes and breeding all sorts of Pals in Palworld, consider this simpler approach:

  • Combine Anubis and Vanwyrm to produce a Faleris.

This method will give you direct access to Faleris. You can use the bird in the party or assign it to the base.

How To Capture Faleris

Captured Faleris in your party [Image Credits: eXputer]
In order to capture Faleris in Palworld, you will need to attack him and deplete his health to 5 to 10 percent. Any regular Pal Sphere will have a negligible chance of capturing Faleris since this is one of the endgame pals and a large-sized one as well. 

Important: If you do not have an Ultra Pal Sphere or Legendary Pal Sphere, then the chances of capturing Faleris in Palworld are slim. Using inferior quality Pal Spheres will result in the bird breaking out of it, and will die eventually at lower health.
  • Bring the Best Water Type Pals: To deal substantial damage to Faleris, ensure you have top-notch water-type pals in your arsenal. Have water element companions like Relaxaurus and Azurobe in your party.
  • Upgrade Pals to Level 45: Ensure these Pals are at least level 45, as Faleris is a formidable opponent and requires a strong team.
  • Avoid Fire Weapons: Steer clear of using fire crossbows, fire bows, and similar weapons, as they have minimal impact on Faleris during the encounter.
  • Utilize Industrial Weapons: Opt for industrial-grade weapons like handguns, assault rifles, rifles, or rocket launchers to efficiently reduce Faleris’ health.

I for one used Pengullet’s rocket launcher. If you do not know how to get it, then I suggest you watch this video:

YouTube video

All Faleris Skills

Faleris stats as seen in Paldeck [Image Credits: eXputer]
Upon reaching the required level, this Pal acquires the following skills automatically:

Level Skill Cooldown Power
1 Ignis Blast 2s 30
7 Flare Arrow 10s 55
15 Spirit Fire 7s 45
22 Ignis Breath 15s 70
30 Phoenix Flare 28s 135
40 Ignis Rage 40s 120
50 Fire Ball 55s 150

Faleris Item Drops

Faleris as combat pal in the party [Image Credits: eXputer]
Regardless if you kill or capture Faleris in Palworld, you will get the following drops:

  • 2 to 4 Flame Organs

Breeding Options For Faleris

Parent 1 Parent 2 Child
Beakon Faleris Mammorest
Nitewing Faleris Sweepa
Ice Reptyro Faleris Mammorest
Elizabee Faleris Quivern
Reptyro Faleris Warsect
Cinnamoth Faleris Mossanda
Surfent Faleris Wumpo

This sums up my guide about how to find, capture, and defeat Faleris in Palworld. Before you leave, consider reading an in-game review of Palworld written by our writer Rabiya Rizwan. After that, you should visit pages like How to catch humans and get leather quickly if you want to expand your Palworld game knowledge. 


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