Palworld: Here Are The Best Planting Pals

After spending over 37 hours in the game, here is my take on the best planting pals to assign at your farm.

The best planting pal in Palworld is handy for planting seeds in different crops like Berries, Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Wheat. Also, you can use the Silo technology to improve the efficiency of these pals in planting. Once you have planted, you will require a watering and gathering pal for harvesting.

Key Takeaways
  • To fulfill the food needs of the pals at the base, you need to use planting pals to sow seeds like Berries, Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Wheat.
  • Planting pals are grass-type and can be easily captured using fire pals against them.
  • The best planting pal is the Lyleen because of its faster speed in planting seeds compared to any other pal in Palworld.
  • However, it is difficult to capture as it is located in the Wildlife Sanctuary 3.

Overview Of Best Planting Pals

The table compares the best planting pals in Palworld:

Peldeck No.Ice PalPlanting LevelBest For
104Lyleen4Fastest planting pal
086Broncherry3The most efficient planting pal
087Petallia3Best late game planting pal
077Verdash2Best mid game pal pal

1. Lyleen

Fastest Planting Pal.
Lyleen Pal in Palworld
Lyleen Stats Showcase In Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

To get this Grass Pal princess, you need to make your way to Wildlife Sanctuary 3, which is located at the northeastern edge of the map. But remember that these sanctuaries contain guards, and you will require a flying mount to reach them. Also, it can be used as a healer in fights because of its Harvest Goddess partner skill.

It is the only pal in Palworld that offers level 4 Planting work suitability making it the fastest to perform this task. Apart from planting, it also helps in handiwork, medicine, and gathering at the base. So, it can both plant seeds and harvest crops, making it a handy pal to handle your farms.   

  • Fastest planting in Palworld.
  • Best pal for your farms at the base.
  • Provide multi-tasking at the base. 
  • Easy to locate.
  • Difficult to capture.
  • Gets distracted by other work at the base.

Why I Chose This: I chose it because of its highest level planting, which is the fastest compared to any other pal in Palworld.

2. Broncherry

The most efficient Planting Pal.
Broncherry Pal In Palworld
Broncherry Stats Showcase In Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

Another grass pal found abundantly in the southeastern part of the map is very easy to capture because it does not deal much damage. It comes with a partner skill of Overaffectionate, which allows you to carry extra supplies, increasing your max carrying capacity.

Broncherry has only work suitable for planting, making it very useful at the base. It is also a setback because, unlike Lyleen, it helps with no additional work at the base, which limits its usage to planting only. 

  • Concentrate only on planting.
  • Can plant seeds efficiently.
  • Easy to locate and capture.
  • Does not help with any other work.

Why I Chose This: I chose this because it can solely be used to plant seeds at the base as it has no other work to take care of.

3. Petallia

Best Late Game Planting Pal.
Petallia Pal In Palworld
Petallia Stats Showcase In Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

To this pal, you must travel to Wildlife Sanctuary 1 in the southeast of the map or defeat the Sealed Realm of Spirits Field Alpha Boss. As it is located in the Wild Life Sanctuary, you need to use a flying mount to reach it and use your best fire pal to capture it. Also, it can restore your HP by using its partner skill, Blessing of the Flower Spirit. 

Like Broncherry, it provides level 3 planting and serves as a base for handiwork, gathering, medicine production, and transporting. This makes it a very handy pal to use at the base, but with so much other work to do, it can concentrate fully on planting, which makes it the third-best planting pal in Palworld. 

  • Available for late-game planting.
  • Provides multi-tasking at the base.
  • Is faster than Verdash.
  • Easy to locate.
  • Difficult to capture.
  • Gets distracted by other work at the base.

Why I Chose This: I chose Petallia because of its multi-tasking and faster planting compared to Verdash.

4. Verdash

Best Mid Game Pal.
Verdash Pal in Palworld
Verdash Stats Showcase In Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

One of the best gathering pals provides the best mid-game planting in Palworld. To find it, head to Wildlife Sanctuary 2, equipped with a handgun and a flying mount for travel. As it is a grass pal, you can go ahead and carry yourself with a fire pal to quickly capture it. It comes with a partner skill of Grassland Speedster, increasing your movement speed during a fight.

Also, it provides level 2 planting with handiwork, lumbering, transporting, and gathering to harvest crops at the base. So, it is a multi-tasking pal just like Petallia and Lyleen, making it a great option to make quick progress at the base. But this will also hinder its concentration from planting at the same time.

  • Available earlier in the game than other best pals.
  • Provides multi-tasking the base.
  • Easy to locate.
  • Difficult to capture.
  • Not very fast in planting.
  • Gets distracted by other work at the base. 

Why I Chose This: I used it for the mid-part of the game, and it is great for multi-tasking and providing planting as well.

Why I Didn’t Go For These

Here are four more planting pals that did not make it into my top 4 list

  • Special Flower Gumoss: Only level 1 planting can’t be used for quick planting.
  • Bristla: It is distracted by so much other work and is better at medicine production.
  • Mammorest: Difficult to capture and has only level 2 planting with other work to do.
  • Elizabee: The suitability of too many other works is slow because of its low planting level. 

Which Planting Pal Do You Use?

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My Opinion

The best planting pal without any second thoughts is Lyleen because of its highest level.

Lyleen provides planting at the fastest rate and can be very useful for planting seeds in large farms to help increase food for the pals. Capturing it is challenging, and numerous other practical tasks at the base often distract them from planting.

The other best option is Broncherry, which only provides planting and can solely work on large farms. This is all about the best planting pal in Palworld. You must read the Best Mining Pals by Arham Abro for more game knowledge. Lastly, head over to the Palworld review by Rabiya Rizwan to better understand why you should or should not buy Palworld.


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