Palworld Lovander: Location, Capture, Stats & Breeding Options

Learn how to capture, breed and all skills of Lovander in Palworld for best Medicine Production .

Lovander a pink lizard is no 069 pal on the paldeck in Palworld. It is a Neutral pal and is one of the best pals in Palworld because of its work suitability in so many areas and has the best defense and healing skills. It has strength against no other pal and is weak against all Dark pals.

Key Takeaways
  • Lovander is a neutral pal found only at night in the northern desert region of the map.
  • You require a Mega or Ultra sphere to capture it and use a dark pal against it. 
  • You can also get it by breeding pals like Nitewing with Cremis.
  • It is suitable for four works at the base, making it one of the best pal for base.
  • The partner skill of Lovander helps to restore your health and absorbs damage in fights.
  • It provides breeding options with many pals to get more unique pals.

You can learn more details regarding Lovander and how to find it from eXputer’s video tutorial:

YouTube video

Lovander Location

Location of Lovander at night (Image Captured By Us)

Lovander is a night-exclusive pal and can be found all over the northern desert of the map also you can locate it to the north of the Sealed Realm of Winged Tyrant in the middle island. While roaming around it you must be careful of its sudden attack.

How To Capture Lovander

Captured Lovander At Base (Image Captured By Us)

Lovander is not very difficult to capture like other strong pals but you need to dodge its power bomb attack in which it throws a destructive ball at you. Follow these steps to capture it successfully:

  • Use best Dark pal: As it is a Neutral pal, it is weak against all Dark pals. I used Menasting against it to instantly deplete its health. 
  • Level 20 Pals: Keep at least a level 20 pal in your team to win smoothly against lovander.
  • Mega or Ultra sphere: A Mega sphere will be enough to capture it when it is low on health. 

Apart from capturing, you can also breed it at the base by using the following pal combinations:

Pal 1Pal 2
Jolthog CrystPenking
Incinearm Killamari
Mossanda Vixy

All Lovander Stats

Lovander Stats Showcase in Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

Lovander acquires the following skills after reaching the required level:

1Power Shot4s35600-3000
7Poison Blast2s30500-3000
15Shadow Burst10s550-300
22Acid Rain18s80100-1000
30Power Bomb15s701000-9999
50Pal Blast55s150500-1800

Work Suitability And Partner Skill

It is a very useful pal at the base as it provides Handiwork, Mining, Medicine Production, and Transporting used to move items around the pal. Its medicine production helps craft medicine that is used to cure pals depression. Its partner skill helps to absorb more damage and provides healing when you are low on HP.

Possible Drops

Lovander drops the following items when it is defeated:

  • Flour
  • Mushroom
  • Strange Juice
  • Suspicious Juice 

Breeding Options 

The following are the best breeding options you get with Lovander:

Parent 1Parent 2Child

This is all you need to know about how to capture and make the most use of it at the base and in fights. If you are still here, have a look at the Palworld Review by Rabiya Rizwan, she has provided the perfect details to clear any doubts about buying the game or not. Also, you can head over to Best Palworld Settings by Haider Khan for a peak gaming experience.


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