Palworld: Blazamut Location, Capture, & Breeding Options

Finding Blazamut in Palworld is not easy and even more challenging to either defeat it or capture in the game.

Finding the alpha bosses in the field and fighting them head-on is one of the biggest elements in Palworld. You can either end the fight by defeating the alpha boss or you can capture it if you have come prepared. Blazamut is one of these end-game alpha bosses in Palworld who are all fired up to melt any target that comes close. In this guide, I have discussed all Blazamut’s locations, how to capture, skills, stats, and breeding options to get more powerful pals using this mighty fiery warrior in the game. 

Key Takeaways
  • Blazamut in Palworld is found on the upper southeast side of Palworld’s map, particularly on an island.
  • The Alpha Blazamut on Mount Obsidian respawns, and finding it can be challenging due to its specific habitat in the lava fields.
  • Come equipped with the Hyper Sphere, Ultra, or Legendary Pal Sphere to capture Blazamut successfully.
  • Diminish Blazamut’s health to 5-15% for a higher capture likelihood.
  • Utilize the best Water Element Pals, best weapons, and caution to avoid accidental defeat during capture.
  • Rewards for killing or capturing Blazamut include the following items:
    1. Coal
    2. Flame Organ.

How To Find Blazamut

Blazamut Location in Palworld’s map [Image Credits: eXputer]
Same as Faleris’ location in Palworld, you can find Blazamut on the upper southeast side of the game’s map. 

Blazamut Pal can be found on an island and is home to some of the best endgame pals in Palworld. 

The Alpha Blazamut on Mount Obsidian is one that respawns, along with the wild Blazamut. Locating both can be challenging, particularly when it comes to Blazamut due to its specific habitat in the lava fields on Mount Obsidian. 

Blazamut is exclusively a Fire-type, making Water Pals the preferred choice for this encounter.

  • Proceed west, ascend the mountain: Begin your journey by heading west and climbing the mountain.
  • Keep a vigilant eye on the mountainside: Stay alert and watch the mountainside for key landmarks, especially when the name “Scorching Mineshaft” becomes visible.
  • Look for a wooden gate, torches, and a Paldium Fragment: Keep an eye out for these specific markers marking the entrance. They are more discernible at night when the torches light the path.
  • Follow the coordinates: Locate the entrance at coordinates -433, -532.
  • Enter the mineshaft: Take the plunge and enter the mineshaft.
  • Cross the barrier: Even if it seems blocked, continue moving straight through, and you’ll seamlessly pass through the apparent barrier.
  • Encounter the Alpha Blazamut: Inside the mineshaft, you’ll come face-to-face with the Alpha Blazamut, a level 49 creature boasting 3,635 HP.

How To Capture Blazamut

Blazamut in the party after capturing [Image Credits: eXputer]
If you possess the Hyper Sphere or have obtained an Ultra or Legendary Pal Sphere from chance encounters, the next crucial step is to diminish Blazamut’s health to a critical range of 5 to 15 percent range. Failing to accomplish this significantly diminishes the likelihood of successfully capturing this Pal, causing it to evade the pal sphere you throw at it persistently.

Important: Capturing Blazamut is more suitable for the late-game stages only, requiring players to attain a minimum level of 45. This is due to the necessity of the Legendary Pal Sphere, a vital tool for capturing a Pal of Blazamut’s magnitude, which becomes accessible at level 49.
  • Prepare for a Late-Game Challenge: Ensure you are at least level 40 before attempting to capture Blazamut, a formidable late-game Pal.
  • Utilize Water Element Pals: Optimize your strategy by using water element Pals like Kelpsea and Azurobe to lower Blazamut’s health effectively. Deploy a water-type Pal to weaken Blazamut’s health before initiating the capture with your Pal Sphere.
  • Ranged Weapons for Efficiency: Increase your chances by using long-range weapons such as the Single-Shot Rifle and Assault Rifle to bring down Blazamut’s health.
  • Capture with Ultra or Legendary Pal Sphere: When Blazamut’s health is sufficiently low, seize the opportunity to capture it by using an Ultra or Legendary Pal Sphere.
  • Exercise Caution to Avoid Accidental Defeat: Be cautious not to accidentally defeat Blazamut, as capturing becomes impossible in that scenario.

Blazamut Stats

Blazamut pal stats as seen in Paldeck [Image Credits: eXputer]
Kindling 3
Mining  4
Partner Skill Magma Kaiser
Rideable Yes

Blazamut Skills

Level Element Skill Name Cooldown Power Description
1 Neutral Power Shot 4s 35 Gathers energy for a concentrated blast.
7 Fire Ignis Blast 2s 30 Launches a fireball directly at an enemy.
15 Ground Stone Blast 10s 55 Unleashes a barrage of stones forward.
22 Fire Ignis Breath 15s 70 Releases flames at an enemy, inflicting continuous damage.
30 Fire Ignis Rage 40s 120 Empowers the nearby ground, leading to an explosion after a designated time.
40 Fire Fire Ball 55s 150 Forms a massive ball of flame and propels it at an enemy, causing a wide explosion on impact.
50 Ground Rock Lance 55s 150 Creates a sharp rock spear beneath an enemy.

Blazamut Item Drops

Capturing Bazamut is a much more rewarding experience than killing this pal. However, regardless of what you choose, you will get the following rewards either by killing or catching Blazamut:

  • Coal
  • Flame Organ

Blazamut Breeding Options

Blazamut Pal best breeding options in Palworld [Image Credits: eXputer]
Parent 1 Parent 2 Child
Penking Blazamut Menasting
Incineram Blazamut Mammorest
Mossanda Blazamut Beakon
Elizabee Blazamut Astegon
Cryolinx Blazamut Suzaku
Nitewing Blazamut Beakon
Pyrin Blazamut Helzephyr

This brings me to the end of Blazamut location, how to capture, stats, skills, and breeding options guide in Palworld. While you’re here, I suggest you consider reading Rabiya’s review on Palworld. Also, do not miss out on reading Building an Egg Incubator, Palworld’s best stats to invest in, and All Merchants guides.

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