Palworld: How To Get Coal [Location & Farming]

Find out the location of coal and craft high-end items with refined iron ingots by farming it in Palworld.

Coal is a valuable resource mainly used for producing refined iron ingots. These Refined iron ingots are crucial components in crafting firearms like Assault Rifles and Rocket launchers. Therefore, one must know the location of the coal to progress in Palworld.

Key Takeaways
  • Coal is located in the desert biome at the map’s northernmost point.
  • It is primarily used with Refined iron ingots to make Guns and Ammunition.
  • Coal is a valuable resource in Palworld, mainly used to make Refined iron ingots.

Don’t miss the chance to watch eXputer’s video tutorial for finding coal in Palworld:

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Coal Location In Palworld

Location of coal
Location of Coal in the northern part of Palworld Map [image by eXputer]
Coal can rarely spawn around the northern part of the map. However, the location of coal is mainly in the desert biome at the northernmost point of the map in Palworld. You can find other essential resources, such as high-tier Pal oil, also used in crafting guns. Additionally, I found Coal in Sanctuaries, Caves, and Dungeons in Palworld, but the quantity is minimal.

Coal Mine
Coal Mine area in Palworld with tons of coal deposits to extract [image by eXputer]

How To Farm Coal

Combine Coal with regular ore to craft refined Coal. Refined ore is an essential resource that you will need to craft harvesting tools like the Refined Metal Pickaxe, Refined Metal, Ultra Spheres, Assault Rifle, and other critical items. All these tools and items require refined ore for crafting.

Coal resource material item description from the inventory menu in Palworld [image by eXputer]
Here are some Preparations you need to do before you go searching for Coal:

  1. Firstly, you need to craft a Tropical Outfit, which you can unlock at level 9 from the Technology menu.
  2. You may want to craft a heat-resistant armor to protect yourself from the heat of the desert.
  3. There is enough space in the inventory to farm lots of Coal.
  4. Take a metal pickaxe and make sure it is fully repaired.

My Thoughts On Coal In Palworld

Even though there is no need for Coal in the early game, you will eventually need Coal for crafting Guns and Refined iron ingots after some time. That will be the time to farm Coal from the coal mine in the Desert Biome.

Now, you know where the Coal is and how to farm it. Furthermore, if you want to craft strong armor, read about How To Get Leather to craft strong armor, and if you want to defeat or capture the Jetragon, read about Jetragon Location & Boss.


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