Palworld: 6 BEST Grass Pals [Early & Mid Game]

After spending over 55 hours in Palworld, here is my top 6 list of the best grass pass in early and mid game!

Palworld has 9 different elements pals, and the grass is one of the elements. There are plenty of grass pals in Palworld, so choosing the best one could be difficult in early and mid-game. However, there are some that stand out from the rest, making them a must to have in the party. I have found some great grass-type pals in my early to mid-game journey. 

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Key Takeaways
  • Grass is one of the nine elements in Palworlds.
  • There are 22 grass-type pals, so I have ranked the 6 best ones in the early and mid-game. 
  • In my opinion, Robinquill is the best mid-game grass pal in Palworld.
  • Robinquill can also be used in the late game due to its massive damage.
  • The only cons of Robinquill would be that it’s too difficult to capture.
  • Other than that, Dinossom is the best early-game grass pal.  
  • Dinossom can be used to dominate the early fights.

Best Grass Pals In Palworld Compared

The following are the best grass pals I could find in my over 14 hours of journey in-game:  

PalStrong AgainstWeak AgainstPartner SkillBest For
RobinquillGroundFireHawk EyeThe Best Grass Type Pal For Mid Game
DinossomDark and GroundFire and IceFragrant DragonThe Best Grass Type Pal For Early Game
BristlaGroundFirePrincess GazeThe Best Alternative For Dinossom
FlopieGroundFireHelper BunnyThe Best Grass Pall For The Base.
CinnamothGroundFireMysterious SaclesThe Best Grass Pall For Poisoning Enemies
TanzeeGroundFireCheery RifleThe Best Alternative For Flopie

1. Robinquill

The Best Grass Type Pal For Mid Game.
Robinquill (Capture By Us)

If you are looking for the coolest pal that deals tremendous amounts of damage, then look no further than Robinquill. However, before you go on the journey to acquire him, let me warn you that it is going to be impossible if you aren’t above level 20. Robinquill deals massive damage and will one-shot you and your pals easily. 

  • The damage output is insane.
  • Has a good range to attack.
  • Can solo many enemies.
  • Extremely helpful in the base.
  • Also viable in the late game.
  • Extremely difficult to catch.

Why I Chose This: I chose Robinquill not because he looks extremely cool but due to his massive damage output and ability to solo many fights. 

2. Dinossom

The Best Grass Type Pal For Early Game.

<img class=”wp-image-374529 size-full” src=””

Dinossom is one of the best grass pals for early and mid-game, in my opinion. It has a dragon and a grass element. While that increases its weakness, it also increases its strength. I have found many grass-type pals, but Dinossom still stands due to its massive health bar and damage. 

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  • Deals great damage to the majority of all game enemies.
  • Can also be used in mid-game if properly upgraded.
  • Allows you to mount it for better exploration. 
  • Weak against Fire and Ice elements.

Why I Chose This: I chose Dinossom as the best grass type for the early game as it is pretty helpful in the first boss fight and can dominate fights against most early-game pals. 

3. Bristla

The Best Alternative For Dinossom.
Bristla (Screenshot By Us)

Dinossom spawns right next to your base, so capturing it early can be tough. That is why I would recommend you get Bristla until you get Dinossom. Bristla is actually a pretty decent grass-type pal, and its skills can shred enemies. one of her skills does great elemental damage, making it a great early-game choice.

  • Deals a great amount of elemental damage to opponents. 
  • Increases attack power of other grass-type pals.
  • Helps so much in the base.
  • Pretty weak against the Fire Element.

Why I Chose This: Bristla can be captured pretty early and is a better option to go for until players can get their hands on Dinossom. Except that Bristla does massive damage and can be useful in the base, too.

4. Flopie

The Best Grass Pall For The Base.

<img class=”wp-image-374532 size-full” src=””

Flopie is a pal that can help in combat as well as on the base. If you already have Dinossom or Bristla, I would recommend using Flopie in the base, as it has so many skills. In combat, Flopie simply spams the attacks, which can be helpful. However, its HP is concerning as that is the reason it can’t stay in combat for too long.  

  • Flopie spams the attacks on the battlefield.
  • Helpul on the base. 
  • When in the team, it picks up nearby items.
  • Weak to Fire.
  • Has pretty low HP.

Why I Chose This: I chose Flopie due to its spammable moves on the battlefield and the amount of work it can do in the base.

5. Cinnamoth

The Best Grass Pall For Poisoning Enemies.
Cinnamoth (Image Taken By Us)

If you are looking for a grass pal who can poison the enemy on your command, then Cinnamoth is the best one for that. Its partner skill allows you to poison the enemies by just pressing a single button. While that is helpful, its health is pretty low. Just like Flopie, Cinnamoth can’t stay in combat for too long. 

  • It Poisons enemies in combat.
  • Has a level 2 planting skill. 
  • Low HP.
  • As a grass pal, it is weak to fire.

Why I Chose This: Among many of the best grass pals in Palworld, Cinnamoth stands out due to its unique partner ability. 

6. Tanzee

The Best Alternative For Flopie.
Tanzee (Image Copyright Credit: eXputer)

If you don’t like Flopie, then I would recommend going for Tanzee. It is as helpful as Flopie on the base, so there isn’t much difference. However, I like Tanzee more than Flopie due to its unique Partner Skill. The activated Tanzee will start firing an Assault Rifle on the enemies, a sight to behold. 

  • As helpful as Flopie on the base.
  • The Partner Skill allows Tanzee to use an Assault Rifle. 
  • Not viable in boss fights. 

Why I Chose This: Tanzee is the perfect alternative for Flopie as it can be helped in the base as well as in combat with the help of its Assault Rifle. 

Best Grass Type Pass In Ealry And Mid Game – My Take

I think the best grass-type pal in the mid-game is arguably Robinquill, and for the early game, it is going to be Dinossom.

Robinquill deals massive amounts of damage to the opponent. It also looks extremely cool and shreds the opponent with style. Not only that, but it also has a great range to attack opponents. Other than that, for an early game, I would recommend choosing Dinossom so you could dominate most of the fights easily. 

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That is almost everything you would want to know about the best grass pals for early and mid areas of Palworld. While you are at it, you should also check out the guides on how to get leather and gain Ancient Technology Points. When you are done with that, read the Best Base location and how to get Pal Fluid guides

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