Palworld: 4 Best Dragon Pals [Our Top Picks]

After 50+ hours of Palworld gameplay, I came up with the best Dragon pals to amp your gaming experience

Out of all the types of best pals in Palword, Dragon pals offer both fast traveling and high damage. Their fast traveling helps in transportation at the base. It is necessary to decide the best Dragon pal in Palworld to capture more Dark pals. But you need to avoid an Ice pal when using a Dragon pal as Ice pals have double damage against them.

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Key Takeaways
  • Dragon pals are strong against Dark pals and weak against Ice pals.
  • They are best used as flying mounts to travel faster and dodge your enemies.
  • The best Dragon pal is the Jetragon because of its fast speed and high damage.
  • It can fire missiles while you are mounted providing damage from a range.
  • You can also use Orserk to deal high damage to your enemies and get practical work at the base.

Overview Of Best Dragon Pal Comparison

The table compares the best Dragon pals in Palworld:

Peldeck No.Dark PalBest ForPartner SkillPossible DropBest For
111JetragonFlyingAerial MissilePure Quartz
Carbon Fiber
Best flying mount Dragon pal
106OrserkDealing DamageFerocious Thunder DragonElectric OrganBest Dragon pal to deal damage
080ElphidranGetting ItemsAmicable Holy DragonHigh Quality Pal OilBest Dragon pal to get more items
095QuivernWorking Sky Dragon's AffectionHigh Quality Pal OilBest Dragon pal for work

1. Jetragon 

Best Flying Dragon Mount Pal.
Jetragon Stats showcase in Palworld (Image Capture By Us)

One of the best Pal in general to get is the legendary Jetragon. It can be captured from the southwestern volcanic region of the map. Jetragon is the fastest flying mount and with its ability to deal devastating damage, it can cause havoc on its enemies. But to capture this level 50 beast, I recommend using Frostallion as your pal against it in the fight.

Jetragon comes up with Aerial Missile’s partner skill, which allows it to be ridden as a flying mount and fire rapid missile launchers. It is only suitable for one type of work, which is gathering, which helps in harvesting crops at the farm, which is a setback.   

  • Deals massive damage to enemies.
  • Fastest flying mount.
  • Can fire rapid missiles when mounted.
  • Difficult to capture.
  • One work suitability.

Why I Chose This: I chose the Jetragon because of its fast flying speed and ability to fire missiles at the same time.

2. Orserk

Best Dragon Pal To Deal Damage
Orserk Stats showcase in Palworld (Image Capture By Us)

A pal known for its ferocious damage on its enemies is situated in the extreme north of the map above the desert region. It is very hard to capture, so you must use an ice pal to win the fight. It has lightning attacks that deal a lot of damage to its enemies.

Orserk comes with a partner skill of Ferocious Thunder Dragon which helps to get more item drops from water pals after their defeat in the fight. With all this damage, it also helps with handiwork and transporting at the base with electricity generation as well.

  • Provides good work suitability.
  • Gets you more items from Water Pals.
  • Deals high damage.
  • Strong against both dark and water pals.
  • Easy to locate.
  • Difficult to capture.
  • Weak against both ice and ground pals.

Why I Chose This: I chose Orserk because of its high damage and strength against both water and dark pals.

3. Elphidran 

Best Dragon Pal To Get Items
Elphidran Stats showcase in Palworld (Image Capture By Us)

This dragon can be found in the far Southeast island of the map. It hurls a pair of tornados at its enemies dealing sufficient damage. So it is very easy to capture if you just use a simple ice pal against it and a normal weapon(have a look at the best weapons in Palworld). It lacks work suitability and only offers Lumbering to generate wood and fiber for the base.

Elphidran has a partner skill known as Amicable Holy Dragon which allows it to be ridden as a flying mount and when used against a dark pal in the fight, it makes more items drop from them after the defeat.

  • Can be used as a Flying mount.
  • Makes more items drop when a dark pal is defeated.
  • Easy to capture.
  • Difficult to locate. 
  • Provides only one work suitability. 
  • Deals very little damage.

Why I Chose This: I chose Elphidran to get more useful items from the dark pals and it is also one of the most beautiful pals. 

4. Quivern

Best Dragon Pal For Work
Quivern Stats showcase in Palworld (Image Capture By Us)

A white dragon pal is usually located on the western island. It is quite easy to capture but I would suggest you use your best Ice pal against it in the fight. It comes with the partner skill of Sky Dragon’s Affection that allows it to be ridden as a flying mount and enhances dragon attacks while mounted.

As it can be used as a flying mount, it saves much time traveling through tough terrains. With all these abilities, it is very useful as a worker at the base as it provides handiwork, gathers, mines different stones and ores, and helps move items around the base.  

  • Can be used as a flying mount.
  • Provides extensive work suitability.
  • Easy to locate and capture.
  • Enhance Dragon attacks while mounted. 
  • Deals less damage to its enemies.

Why I Chose This: I chose Quivern because it is great for working at the base and provides progress acceleration.  

My Opinion

The best Dragon Pal is the Jetragon because of its fast flying speed and high damage.

The Jetragon’s ability to fly fast helps travel around the map quickly and dodge enemy attacks in a battle. I love their ability to fire missiles from a range, allowing you to defeat your enemy from a range.

You can also use the Orserk for its high damage and working ability at the base but it has a weakness against two pals which makes it more vulnerable. This is all you need to know to decide the best Dragon pal in Palworld. To get more insights, read the Palworld review written by Rabiya Rizwan.


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